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Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140723] TVアニメ「精霊使いの剣舞(Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance)」OPテーマ「共鳴のTrue Force」/原田ひとみ (FLAC+BK)DL173.5 MiB10189190
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140723] TVアニメ「RAIL WARS!」OPテーマ「向かい風に打たれながら」/茅原実里 [アニメ盤] (320K+BK)DL64.6 MiB484607712
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140723] TVアニメ「RAIL WARS!」OPテーマ「向かい風に打たれながら」/茅原実里 [アニメ盤] (FLAC+BK)DL161.8 MiB8091280
Lossless Audio[DHR-Raws][EAC][140625]スフィア「4 colors for you」FLAC+CUE+DVD(LASA-35153~4)(数量限定盤)DL1.09 GiB7022731
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140625] BEATLESS - Give Me the Beat - (320K)DL80.8 MiB7091251
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140625] BEATLESS - Give Me the Beat - (FLAC)DL266 MiB3050060
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Uesaka Sumire 4th Single -Kitare! Akatsuki no Doshi (320K)DL41.6 MiB0024771
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Chata_-_Chata_Works_Best_III_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL132.5 MiB2031630
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Chata_-_Chata_Works_Best_III_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL549.8 MiB8052670
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! [Best Album] CD 1DL143.2 MiB8038280
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! [Best Album] CD 2DL167.5 MiB9135010
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Ayane_-_Luminous_Flux_[MP3].rarDL136.9 MiB5031240
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Ayane_-_Luminous_Flux_[FLAC].rarDL533.7 MiB4052940
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Ashihara_Yuno_starring_yu-yu_-_God_Eater_2_Image_Mini_Album_-_ARIA_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL64.7 MiB1028560
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Ashihara_Yuno_starring_yu-yu_-_God_Eater_2_Image_Mini_Album_-_ARIA_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL264 MiB3048470
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Kousaka HonokaDL110.1 MiB4031250
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Minami KotoriDL99.5 MiB5129470
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Umi SonodaDL94.9 MiB8029740
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Ayase Eri Beloved EllieDL80.4 MiB6127310
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Yazawa NikoDL80.6 MiB4025300
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Nozomi TojoDL82.3 MiB3224410
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Maki NishikinoDL80.5 MiB9028540
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Hoshizora RinDL82.5 MiB4224840
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Love Live! Solo 1st Live! from µ’s Hanayo KoizumiDL83.6 MiB1327150
Lossy AudioNona Reeves - LOVE TOGETHER ~Parappa The Rapper Mix~ 320 kbpsDL46.1 MiB2110350
Lossy AudioToho Eurobeat Vol. 1-9DL867.4 MiB4013910
Lossy AudioSCANDAL - Yoake no Ryuuseigun [2014.07.16] (320k MP3).zipDL51.5 MiB16050621
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Asriel - Resurrection (320K)DL77.3 MiB20088010
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] シャリーのアトリエ~黄昏の海の錬金術士~ オリジナルサウンドトラック(OST) (320K)DL434.5 MiB112420423
Lossy AudioAtelier Shallie Original Soundtrack & Vocal AlbumDL549.1 MiB4114811
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Twilight Ocean シャリーのアトリエ~黄昏の海の錬金術士~ ボーカルアルバム (320K)DL134.5 MiB140220082
Lossy AudioAnime-OSTDL504.21 GiB21449237
Lossy AudioPerfume - Cling Cling [2014.07.16] (320k MP3).zipDL73.8 MiB271103661
Lossy AudioUchuu Kyoudai/Space Brothers || All Openings & Endings @320kbpsDL160.3 MiB2116890
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Kalafina - THE BEST 'Blue' (320K+BK) v2DL200.9 MiB13067442
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Trident - Purest Blue (320K)DL110.9 MiB3129740
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Kalafina - THE BEST 'Red' (320K+BK)DL193.9 MiB3060340
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Toyosaki Aki 11th Single – Kanae Tamae (320K)DL31.9 MiB0024420
Lossy Audio[IEgg] The Movie K MISSING KINGS Theme Song - Different colors (angela) (320K)DL40.9 MiB2030180
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Iguchi Yuka 1st Album - Hafa Adai (320K)DL109.4 MiB0227601
Lossy AudioSaitama Saisyu Heiki (S.S.H.) little compilationDL395.3 MiB108530
Lossless Audio(2005) Side Steps - Alive II [FLAC]DL412.8 MiB109320
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Kalafina - THE BEST “Blue” (TVアニメ「ALDNOAH.ZERO」OPテーマ「heavenly blue」収録) (320K+BK)DL201.8 MiB8051142212
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Kalafina - THE BEST “Blue” (TVアニメ「ALDNOAH.ZERO」OPテーマ「heavenly blue」収録) (FLAC+BK)DL534 MiB411262632
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Kalafina - THE BEST “Red” (320K+BK)DL194.5 MiB373322610
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140716] Kalafina - THE BEST “Red” (FLAC+BK)DL518 MiB190120240
Lossy Audio[ASL]_NICO_Touches_the_Walls_-_Haikyuu_ED_-_Tenchigaeshi_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL32.4 MiB7034700
Lossless Audio[ASL]_NICO_Touches_the_Walls_-_Haikyuu_ED_-_Tenchigaeshi_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL235.3 MiB3051250
Lossless AudioDragon Ball-Z-Kai-GT-Movies Music Collection [45DISC][FLAC}[ZIP]DL13.18 GiB2116241
Lossy Audio[Shin-Ra.Net] Shihoko Hirata - Shadow World (Persona 4 The Golden Animation OP) TV-Rip [320k]DL3.5 MiB1013620
Lossy AudioGag Manga Biyori OST 320 kbps+scansDL68.3 MiB2010540
Lossy Audio乙 cro-magnon × Hyouge Mono 320 kbpsDL117.3 MiB028400
Lossy AudioSA Sorted Lossy Touhou Music Collections 1-23DL17.12 GiB2110070
Lossy AudioJojo's Bizarre Adventure Complete Arcade SoundtrackDL204.8 MiB2014590
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140709] TVアニメ「ノラガミ(Noragami)」キャラクターソングCD (320K+BK)DL68.4 MiB50143320
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_Mikakunin_de_Shinkoukei_Vol_3_Character_Song_CD_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL33.7 MiB2025430
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_Mikakunin_de_Shinkoukei_Vol_3_Character_Song_CD_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL232.4 MiB5148040
Lossy Audio[ASL]_765PRO_ALLSTARS_-_THE_IDOLMASTER_MOVIE_Kagayaki_no_Mukougawa_e_Insert_Song_-_Ramune-iro_Seishun_[MP3].rarDL112.2 MiB9037240
Lossless Audio[ASL]_765PRO_ALLSTARS_-_THE_IDOLMASTER_MOVIE_Kagayaki_no_Mukougawa_e_Insert_Song_-_Ramune-iro_Seishun_[FLAC].rarDL667.1 MiB5052270
Lossy Audio[ASL]_us_-_Love_Live_S2_Insert_Song_-_KiRa-KiRa_Sensation_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL45 MiB5031660
Lossless Audio[ASL]_us_-_Love_Live_S2_Insert_Song_-_KiRa-KiRa_Sensation_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL223.1 MiB2048920
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [140709] TVアニメ「悪魔のリドル(Akuma no Riddle)」キャラクターエンディングテーマ集 黒組曲・急/10年黒組 (FLAC)DL227.3 MiB100218660
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140709] 井口裕香 1stアルバム「Hafa Adai」(320K)DL111 MiB200168772
Lossless Audio[MGRT][ALAC][SVWC-70009]残響のテロル Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack with ScanDL407.5 MiB8023350
Lossy Audio[KyoAudio] Yukari Tamura - W-Wonder tale Single [MP3]DL31.9 MiB0010111
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] K MISSING KINGS - Different colors - angelaDL41 MiB2015220
Lossy Audio[Audio-4U] 志方あきこ — Akiko Shikata 1.0 (vorbis)DL3.67 GiB5033860
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] 志方あきこ — Akiko Shikata 1.0 (flac)DL10.04 GiB5044650
Lossless Audio[1997.09.19] Kenta Nagata - Mario Kart 64 Original Soundtrack [flac]DL262.3 MiB009670
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140712] 劇場版「K MISSING KINGS」主題歌「Different colors」/angela (320K)DL41.5 MiB231248081
Lossy Audio[1997.09.19] Kenta Nagata - Mario Kart 64 Original Soundtrack [320 kbps mp3]DL125.9 MiB009070
Lossless Audio[AirMoon] Angela Aki - Home (FLAC)DL400.5 MiB4015790
Lossy Audio[AirMoon] Angela Aki - Home (MP3)DL114.4 MiB3055340
Lossy Audio【清蓝Animation@Share】【MP3(128K)+歌詞】【HIMAWARINO_YAKUSOKU(3DCG`スタンド·バイ·ミー·ドラえもん·主題曲)】DL3.7 MiB3012000
Lossless Audio【清蓝Animation@Share】【FLAC+歌詞】【HIMAWARINO_YAKUSOKU(3DCG`スタンド·バイ·ミー·ドラえもん·主題曲)】DL63.4 MiB0411950
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] Hiromi The Trio Project — ALIVE [UCCT-9029] (flac+booklet)DL437 MiB3037040
Lossy AudioZankyou no Terror (OP & ED theme)DL5.5 MiB12070020
Lossless Audioキングクリームソーダ 「ゲラゲラポーのうた」DL166 MiB1041610
Lossless Audio(1998) Side Steps - Alive [FLAC]DL475.5 MiB1010780
Lossy Audio[Funime-Forunesia] Akuma no Riddle - ED Thema Song Collection 2DL72.8 MiB0111210
Lossy AudioOST Naruto Shippuden Full MusicDL805 MiB01218853
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140709] TVアニメ「悪魔のリドル(Akuma no Riddle)」キャラクターエンディングテーマ集 黒組曲・急/10年黒組 (320K)DL74.8 MiB150358460
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Akuma no Riddle Character ED Thema Song -Kurogumi Kyoku Kyu (10Nen Kurogumi) (320K)DL72.9 MiB1032632
Lossy Audio[Netoge] TVアニメ「東京喰種 (Tokyo Ghoul)」OPテーマ「unravel」/TK from 凛として時雨 (TK from Ling tosite sigure) [320K]DL9.6 MiB190110280
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140709] 豊崎愛生 11thシングル「叶えたまえ」(320K)DL32.2 MiB41197591
Lossy Audio[140709] Toyosaki Aki - 叶えたまえ (MP3 320Kbps)DL31.9 MiB0118751
Lossless Audio[140709] Toyosaki Aki - 叶えたまえ (FLAC)DL100.2 MiB0117920
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140312] TVアニメ「生徒会役員共*(Seitokai Yakuindomo 2)」オリジナルサウンドトラック(OST) (320K+BK)DL117.9 MiB11479190
Lossy Audio[140709] 英雄伝説 碧の軌跡 Evolution OPテーマ「碧き願い」/ファルコム・サウンド・チーム・JDK, 佐坂めぐみ (320K)DL11.1 MiB140301770
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140702] TVアニメ「星刻の竜騎士(Seikoku no Dragonar)」キャラクターソングCD(エーコ) (320K)DL18.4 MiB6088081
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Character Song Album [Various].zipDL130.4 MiB4044761
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Character Song Album (FLAC) [Various].zipDL380.7 MiB3152020
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Love Live! S2 Insert Song Single 3 - KiRa-KiRa Sensation! [μ's].zipDL64.6 MiB8070050
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Love Live! S2 Insert Song Single 3 - KiRa-KiRa Sensation! (FLAC) [μ's].zipDL224.4 MiB9057940
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka Special CD Vol.1 - Cocoa [Sakura Ayane].zipDL108.6 MiB7048130
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka Special CD Vol.1 - Cocoa (FLAC) [Sakura Ayane].zipDL128.4 MiB3052670
Lossy AudioNogizaka46 - Natsu no Free & Easy [2014.07.09] (320k MP3).zipDL120.8 MiB11149390
Lossy AudioIkimono-gakari - Love Song wa Tomaranai yo [2014.07.09] (320k MP3).zipDL46.5 MiB5154520
Lossy AudioKill la Kill English dubDL117 MiB0112663
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [140625] PS3ソフト「神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ」EDテーマ「Rose on the breast」/原由実 (320K)DL64.8 MiB62108313
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[10-25, 16:42] <paulo27ms> mœ
[10-25, 16:35] <MisterDonut> bad
[10-25, 16:11] <haseo> @Lunarfang7789 prolly tomorrow
[10-25, 16:05] <shaddrag> BakedFish focuses on HS-only, DeadFish re-encodes new fansubs and other shows they'd previously been doing HS for.
[10-25, 16:03] <magatsukami> mendokuse
[10-25, 15:48] <Senzura> I've been lied to
[10-25, 15:47] <Senzura> >claps aren't actually in extra magic hour
[10-25, 15:38] <Robert Franklin> OH SHIT paul I just vomited.
[10-25, 15:36] <Robert Franklin> The kind that doesn't make me admit illegal activity online.
[10-25, 15:35] <paulo27ms>
[10-25, 15:34] <hazardous> what sort of pipe u use?
[10-25, 15:33] <Robert Franklin> i think bakedfish is a reference to smoking.
[10-25, 15:32] <OneCrazyRussian> I prefer my fish smoked
[10-25, 15:29] <MisterDonut> Lunarfang7789, yes. just check the user that uploads it.
[10-25, 15:28] <Robert Franklin> I don't disagree raven. pky's screenshots show them censoring pant legs and totally random stuff.
[10-25, 15:23] <Lunarfang7789> And is [Bakedfish] affiliated with [Deadfish]?
[10-25, 15:22] <ravenleaf182> Bob, they censor it because otherwise they can't get DVD's to move. They didn't have a problem with limbs and gore for decades, now that people have no reason to buy BD/DVD, they censor. Its marketing, it has nothing to do with morals
[10-25, 15:21] <Lunarfang7789> Does Anyone know how long before the next episode of PriPara will be out? feels like been forever :(
[10-25, 15:21] <Koby> *shouldn't
[10-25, 15:21] <Koby> So their 720p shouln't be labeled remake either even though it's a 're-encode'?
[10-25, 15:19] <herkz> I mean, they're stupid, but it has to be the same kind of torrent to be a remake.
[10-25, 15:19] <herkz> No, because subbed anime and raw anime are different categories.
[10-25, 15:16] <Koby> One group is doing this for their 1080p releases, but re-encoding the video for their 720p. Their 720p should definitely be labeled remake; not only is it re-encoded from a compressed source, but it's done so badly (banding everywhere).
[10-25, 15:13] <Koby> If someone uses one of the 'raw' encodes and muxes subs to it from a fansub group; should the release be tagged 'remake'?
[10-25, 15:06] <cyatek> sasuga pierrot
[10-25, 14:56] <hazardous> yes
[10-25, 14:51] <haseo> lolwhat
[10-25, 14:43] <Robert Franklin> They're just censoring their awful, awful art. It's a great idea: throw black stripes and lens flares everywhere in your anime to obscure shitty drawings. Meanwhile, edgy kids will cum themselves because they're assuming everything is extremely gory.
[10-25, 14:31] <haseo> is it me or LH2 has shown bleeding for the very first time in its series
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or she is retarded and you do anything Meliodas does in Seven Deadly Sins
[10-25, 14:28] <shaddrag> Beware she might be a fallen angel.
[10-25, 14:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Or you put sth on the ground before her and she falls down on you
[10-25, 14:22] <xell17> Or you walk in on her while she is changing.
[10-25, 14:21] <xell17> Or you topple over and grab her breasts.
[10-25, 14:17] <xell17> Only if you bump into her while she has a toast in her mouth and then you see her pantsu
[10-25, 14:14] <Senzura> So I have a date with a qt asian thursday, is my life an anime now?
[10-25, 14:01] <Abunja> oh, i thought you are still talking about terraformars. gomen
[10-25, 13:59] <Bobezlol> They censor things like that because severed limbs are a bigger deal in japan
[10-25, 13:56] <shaddrag> Abunja, pky is referring to the BDs. The black boxes are mostly gone but there's still some signs of censorship, and I suppose it gets to me too if those screenshots with black blobs still on them are the BD version, I just think he was being a little unreasonable expecting every gory scene to have new angles and frames.
[10-25, 13:44] <itachi_1s_alive> @pky, They know something you don't. Don't be that hard on yourself, kid.
[10-25, 13:35] <MCR75> Does anyone know of a good batch torrent of Valvrave the Liberator, preferably in 1080p with both seasons?
[10-25, 13:33] <Abunja> remember, we are watching the TV version. expect it of that, especially japan. even their porn is censored.
[10-25, 13:31] <Abunja> buy the BDs then if you want to watch it that badly
[10-25, 13:21] <Senzura> Because I would rather watch anime as opposed to black boxes
[10-25, 13:21] <Senzura> >why are you people so bothered by censorship
[10-25, 12:56] <shaddrag> *spits*
[10-25, 12:55] <shaddrag> Lol. What I did see of the Nisekoi BD had one scene in normal colour when the TV one had been inverted, I was like, what? Sure, changing shit can be done, but you shouldn't come to expect it.
[10-25, 12:55] <pky> I feel like I'm having a conversation with a llama or something. The point is that the censors weren't necessary and were only put there for people to buy the BDs. What's so wrong about this leg that it needed to be censored? Or this one? What was wrong with this black ball (or this one) that they needed to be further censored? (oh wait, you said they removed the black bars?) What's wrong with an eye? What's wrong with this head in the bottom? What's so wrong with this face?
[10-25, 12:51] <xell17> unheard-of
[10-25, 12:51] <xell17> Changing shit completely is not unheard of. See Shaft.
[10-25, 12:48] <shaddrag> Removing black bars and shadows is what's expected of a BD, which TG did. Changing shots and reanimating is asking way too much, you're basically expecting them to do the episode twice.
[10-25, 12:46] <pky> @Abunja and that's fine for the TV version. But when the BD version has almost the same level of censorship, that's when things are not good.
[10-25, 12:40] <pky> hyperlink fail...
[10-25, 12:39] <pky> [url=]This shot[/ur] looks way better with that leg or whatever placed in front of the (I guess) cut off hand.
[10-25, 12:39] <Abunja> seriously, why are you people so bothered with censorship? they placed that there since it may be a bit disturbing to other audiences. idk the case of terraformars but if the censorship became more like an obstruction to cause the show lose valuable details, i can say that it is right to just remove the censorship.
[10-25, 12:38] <pky> Yeah, that shot I linked earlier certainly looked best in video form with that column right where the cut part should be. Please, you're making me laugh.
[10-25, 12:31] <shaddrag> Now that's just being pky. I liked a certain full-body artwork of Naruto in one of the Manga chapters, and when it was made into Anime, it didn't show the full-shot, not because his dick was showing, but because that's how it looked best in video form, or the person who did the frame selection or whatever's decision. If you call that censoring too, it's going a little too far.
[10-25, 12:22] <pky> (fucking enter...) can't see the place where the head is cut off is still censoring it.
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Placing the camera angle so that you can
[10-25, 12:21] <pky> Example: censoring
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> It's still censoring, m8. Black screen is not the only type of censorship.
[10-25, 12:20] <pky> >it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:11] <shaddrag> Yeah, I see that and I have checked the BDs myself, but it's shadows and lighting, it's not censoring.
[10-25, 12:08] <Bobezlol>
[10-25, 12:00] <Bobezlol> a few things are still censored, looks like to reduce production costs of having to draw details
[10-25, 11:51] <shaddrag> Oh, are the TG BD's censored to some degree too? Some person was saying that and I really have no hope for the human race then.
[10-25, 11:49] <shaddrag> Agreed, but then why turn around and suddenly advertise the uncensored? They probably got a lot of complaints, and rightly so.
[10-25, 11:48] <cyatek> and some censor to hide the fact that there is no gore at all ahah, sad
[10-25, 11:45] <Crowmando> I also read the argument that if they censor the anime now, it might help the Blu-ray/DVD sales since people will want to watch it uncensored
[10-25, 11:25] <cyatek> well then there would be no tv broadcast
[10-25, 11:23] <shaddrag> They make it sound like it comes censored and they have to work to uncensor it. Which begs the question, why show a censored version in the first place if they're just gonna stream an uncensored one later? Why would the studios do that?
[10-25, 11:20] <cyatek> meh thought they were planning to have the uncensored version every week..
[10-25, 11:16] <shaddrag> HS, v2 pls
[10-25, 11:15] <hazardous> TERRAFORMARS Uncensored 24 hours Starting Saturday 6pm PT
[10-25, 11:12] <shaddrag> Raw only released as I left for work :'( Had to delay it until tomorrow I'm afraid, or very late tonight. CR video was watchable until the last 5 minutes where it became total shit.
[10-25, 10:47] <ThirdWorld> shaddrag make with the FT
[10-25, 10:11] <cyatek> hs..
[10-25, 09:35] <shaddrag> Currently? Doubt it.
[10-25, 09:33] <Crowmando> Anyone planning on re releasing the first 3 episodes of Terraformars since CR is airing uncensored versions of them
[10-25, 06:23] <eraser> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> that sure looks fucked up
[10-25, 05:41] <lae> ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ ƪ(΄◞ิ◟ิ‵)ʃ
[10-25, 04:35] <fredgido> wow tritical is a god, such good scripts
[10-25, 04:32] <herkz>
[10-25, 04:32] <fredgido> thanks <3
[10-25, 04:06] <vivan> fredgido, ivtc, tdecimate
[10-25, 03:52] <RinzImpulse> @fredgido : by re-encode it
[10-25, 03:26] <fredgido> how do people put it back to 24fps?
[10-25, 03:25] <fredgido> some shows repeat frames when converting from 23.976 to 30 by inserting repeated frames
[10-25, 02:41] <Senzura> Glasslip then, its like evangelion but more realistic
[10-25, 02:11] <Artemix> that joke is already too old.
[10-25, 01:44] <Robert Franklin> it's got some shonen in it
[10-25, 01:43] <Robert Franklin> boku no pico
[10-25, 01:37] <Artemix> Recommend me an anime, I saw/see most mainstream ones. Something with a little shonen would be better.
[10-25, 01:10] <spotnya> 'ㅅ'
[10-25, 00:58] <external_sd> ㅇㅅㅇ
[10-25, 00:44] <meow> wtf! fuck my 100kbps internet speed!
[10-24, 23:46] <shaddrag> Fuck you guys xD