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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-10, 12:58] <[TRVE]> Ping Pong was a coincidence. I got that one recommended, read it, liked it, and then they announced the anime.
[07-10, 12:55] <[TRVE]> Actually, I don't read much manga, but there is something called preview charts. That's where I get most of the information from. Google "atxpieces", "neregate" or Anichart.
[07-10, 12:54] <NotSoYans> Well, yeah.. I'm pretty noobish concerning watching anime, but even I fell pretty underwhelmed
[07-10, 12:53] <Abunja> that maybe true, in my case though, i never know that such manga (or any form where the animation is adapted from) exist. you must be quite an avid reader then
[07-10, 12:51] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @[TRVE] Ping Pong was awesome indeed.
[07-10, 12:48] <[TRVE]> It was. As I said multiple times, the only worthwhile titles were Ping Pong and Mushishi.
[07-10, 12:46] <NotSoYans> The last season must of been pretty meh for you then TRVE.
[07-10, 12:46] <hazardous> [TRVE] you nailed it XD
[07-10, 12:45] <[TRVE]> Of course. But I read the manga not that long ago, so I didn't watch the anime in order to not become bored.
[07-10, 12:43] <Abunja> pretty much of an SOP, eh? but say for example, do you find ping pong interesting?
[07-10, 12:43] <[TRVE]> This is not "at a glance" - but it never should be.
[07-10, 12:43] <[TRVE]> And finally, let your preferences decide. I personally am not fond of teenage romance, for example, so I tend to not watch that.
[07-10, 12:42] <HeroineKawaii> TRVE absolutely true
[07-10, 12:41] <[TRVE]> Now take a look a the art. Is there something that looks gay? Dispose of it.
[07-10, 12:40] <HeroineKawaii> everything talk about shit lol
[07-10, 12:39] <[TRVE]> After that, look at the description. See something like "just an ordinary high school student" or is it a sudden magical girlfried appearance or cute girls doing cute shit (also, funky clubs that don't do any club activities)? That goes into the garbage bin as well.
[07-10, 12:38] <oyatsufs> "VNs and LNs are shit on their own..." Awesome biased statement there.
[07-10, 12:35] <[TRVE]> Then, take a look at the staff list. See Mari Okada or Urobuchi on there? Throw that shit as far away as possible.
[07-10, 12:34] <[TRVE]> Also, throw out any idol shit or TCG shit immediately.
[07-10, 12:33] <[TRVE]> First, look at the source. VNs and LNs are shit on their own, an adaption won't improve it. Game adaptions always have been shit, so no need to hope for a sudden change.
[07-10, 12:25] <Abunja> but how can you tell apart which is good and bad in a glance?
[07-10, 12:21] <Hobichan> I SAY FRYYYYIIIIAAAA
[07-10, 12:05] <[TRVE]> No, we're not. I have always been aware that I was watching shit for 14-year-olds. Now I don't even watch it anymore.
[07-10, 12:01] <Senfu> NoSoYans, actually, they can
[07-10, 11:51] <Abunja> if thats the case, we are on the same boat
[07-10, 11:32] <[TRVE]> Obviously no.
[07-10, 11:26] <Abunja> thats rude, TRVE. or you pertaining to someone else?
[07-10, 11:23] <[TRVE]> Because you watch shit for 14-year-olds.
[07-10, 11:22] <pky> cuz boobies.
[07-10, 11:22] <Abunja> the small ones even, do they really need to put emphasis of it being charming?
[07-10, 11:22] <MisterDonut> because they are very rare
[07-10, 11:17] <Abunja> why do japs are so obsessed with gigan-tits?
[07-10, 11:14] <MisterDonut> Fizhbone24 BD
[07-10, 10:52] <[TRVE]> Or rather start thinking.
[07-10, 10:52] <[TRVE]> Fizhbone24, look up what "OVA" means and then think again.
[07-10, 10:50] <aers> ballsy? lol
[07-10, 10:42] <adaw31> Pfft, what are you talking about HeroineKawaii? Momokyun was born from a peach and gets her clothes torn off. That right there deserves a AOTS title for how ballsy the directors were in making it.
[07-10, 10:33] <Fizhbone24> Anyone knows, which raw did [Erabe] use for Noucome OVA? Is it BD?
[07-10, 10:31] <Fizhbone24> Hi!
[07-10, 10:27] <HeroineKawaii> There are still other animes that is better than Momokyun, I've already watched the 1st episode and the story wasn't great
[07-10, 10:19] <adaw31> Who else thinks Momokyun sword should be AOTS?
[07-10, 10:13] <HeroineKawaii> Still, the ending of black bullet are truly the best ending of the season
[07-10, 09:46] <Yaelin> Actually more hyped for the anime this season as to last season lel.
[07-10, 09:29] <[TRVE]> Yet another xDev bump: #488386
[07-10, 09:29] <NotSoYans> Battle lolis and ED by Yanagni Nagi can't fix lousy storytelling.
[07-10, 09:28] <[TRVE]> No problem.
[07-10, 09:27] <Abunja> sorry TRVE if I worded it wrongly, im even got confused when i read it again lol
[07-10, 09:24] <Senfu> Black Bullet kicks ass cuz Ending by Yanagi Nagi. Also, best lolis
[07-10, 09:21] <znote> Fairy Tail has to be enjoyed in batches. Wait for an arc to finish then watch it, and wait until next arc finishes. Last time I read the manga (couple months ago) it was pretty decent. Not as good as ratings say tho
[07-10, 09:20] <[TRVE]> That is irrelevant. He/she/it wants MC-kuns dick.
[07-10, 09:18] <Profuse> TRVE how do you know the supporting character doesn't have a dick? Third gender bro
[07-10, 09:18] <NotSoYans> Oh, yeah.. Have yet to watch Sidonia no Kishi.
[07-10, 09:17] <[TRVE]> Sidonia isn't quite remarkable. Sure, it had a somewhat decent start, but became boring soon, especially when it turned into a race for MC's dick.
[07-10, 09:16] <Yaelin> Never heard of that shit.
[07-10, 09:16] <Hobichan> I used to enjoy FT then just got bored of it. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
[07-10, 09:15] <Hobichan> What? No Knights of Sidonia? smh
[07-10, 09:13] <NotSoYans> I saw the first ep of FT and then straight up forgot it was airing.
[07-10, 09:09] <[TRVE]> The same as watching what Yaelin listed, I mean.
[07-10, 09:09] <HeroineKawaii> Yaelin, Black bullet is not that good, Date A Live 2 and Fairy Tail becomes boring.
[07-10, 09:08] <[TRVE]> You might as well eat feces, it would be the same.
[07-10, 09:08] <NotSoYans> Did not watch Mushishi because have yet to see the first season. But yeah.. Ping Pong felt like the best show of last season for me.
[07-10, 09:06] <Yaelin> Then has anyone watched Black Bullet, Haikyuu, Date A Live II or even Fairy Tail... or are those just super overrated/
[07-10, 09:05] <[TRVE]> You mean Ping Pong and Mushishi.
[07-10, 09:04] <znote> [TRVE]: Arigatou gozaimasu!
[07-10, 09:02] <NotSoYans> Ping Pong, Isshukan Friends, NGNL, Bokura wa Minna kawaisou. Cap. Boomerang and Mahouka are watchable.
[07-10, 09:02] <[TRVE]> znote: #247038
[07-10, 09:01] <talebo> lol
[07-10, 09:00] <Yaelin> What spring anime was actually decent though?
[07-10, 09:00] <[TRVE]> ...Oh.
[07-10, 09:00] <znote> I can't seem to find it here?
[07-10, 08:59] <NotSoYans> He was talking about Ping Pong. Though honestly that one was not really about the sport ether.
[07-10, 08:59] <znote> I am looking for english subbed anime (Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror):
[07-10, 08:57] <[TRVE]> >One-week Friends >sports anime - What?
[07-10, 08:55] <Yaelin> probs.
[07-10, 08:44] <talebo> Lol just me that laughed?
[07-10, 08:44] <talebo>
[07-10, 08:44] <talebo>
[07-10, 08:44] <talebo>
[07-10, 08:38] <misszerry> アウターゾーン ミザリィ
[07-10, 08:34] <Abunja> maybe ill give it a shot, thanks jofs
[07-10, 08:23] <jofs> @Abunja: I'm not into sports anime either for the most part, but "Ping Pong" was a big suprise. I really liked it
[07-10, 08:18] <Abunja> somehow*
[07-10, 08:17] <Abunja> unless i find it to be something interesting, i may pick it up
[07-10, 08:17] <Abunja> i already watched isshuukan friends jofs. however, im not into sports anime that i have no interest with
[07-10, 08:15] <Abunja> well, i would mind even its weird like that. at least theyre trying not to use anything thats too mainstream. but i admit it, it is just too weird
[07-10, 08:14] <jofs> @Abunja: Isshuukan Friends and Ping Pong were both good
[07-10, 08:01] <Profuse> The Aliens are sensitive to the sticks
[07-10, 08:01] <Profuse> Knights of Sidonia is not bad, however, for the the first part of the anime the weapon of choice is like the weird stick used in American Gladiator.
[07-10, 07:58] <Res> man why the hell image bbcode is disabled? i know in the chatbox would be in the spam, but trying to do one on comments!
[07-10, 07:52] <pky> Like a boss.
[07-10, 07:44] <Abunja> knights of sidonia good?
[07-10, 07:42] <Res> @profuse, quit being Tsundere!
[07-10, 07:42] <Profuse> There was nothing good last season other than no game no life.
[07-10, 07:38] <Abunja> im looking for anything that i didnt watched last season, just tell me your honest opinions about the show lol
[07-10, 07:36] <Abunja> how about mahouka?
[07-10, 07:35] <Imouto6969> Lol M3 is boring af
[07-10, 07:33] <Abunja> btw, is M3 good?
[07-10, 07:32] <Abunja> @profuse, coz they love treins
[07-10, 07:30] <Profuse> Okay I can't take this garbage anymore someone REMOVE this anime. WHY WAS IT SO HYPED UP??? DEAR GOD