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GraphicsAnime Summer 2014 Icon Pack.zipDL2.4 MiB906760
Graphics「ご注文はうさぎですか?」画集 Café du Lapin (jpeg+rr5)DL1.16 GiB8217872
Graphics(画集) 「ご注文はうさぎですか?」画集 Cafe du LapinDL205.2 MiB30030581
Graphics2次画像詰め合わせDL1.77 GiBStatus unknown13490
Graphics(画集) [矢吹健太郎] To LOVEる —とらぶる— ダークネス画集 VenusDL1.23 GiB16238190
Graphics(画集) [TYPE-MOON] Fate EXTRA CCC EXTRA GardenDL569.7 MiB14325161
Graphics[okama] Okamarble.zipDL146.8 MiB5013180
GraphicsFunny anime Picture Collection V 4.1DL72.6 MiB317791
Graphics(画集) 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 公式ガイドブック you are not aloneDL215 MiB7027360
Graphics(画集) [メディアワークス] もっとおとなの萌王DL952.6 MiB15636370
Graphics(画集) [メディアワークス] すごいおとなの萌王DL914.3 MiB8634350
Graphics(画集) [狗神煌] 狗神煌Artworks 猫毒HOLICDL471.2 MiB6218700
Graphics(画集) [安彦良和] 機動戦士ガンダム ジ オリジン 画集DL244.8 MiB7129420
Graphics(画集) [メディアワークス] おとなの萌王 ふぇてぃっしゅDL968.6 MiB11332630
GraphicsKuroko no Basket[Manga Ita cbr]vol. 26[TNT Village]DL65.4 MiB105480
Graphics(画集) [堀部秀郎] Yours 堀部秀郎 ART WORKSDL369.6 MiB10218250
Graphics(画集) にょたいか!!世界の将軍列伝~20世紀編~DL69 MiB6019180
Graphics(画集) 片桐雛太画集 絢爛雛絵蒔DL365.6 MiB6321360
Graphics(画集) R20 ロックマン&ロックマンX オフィシャルコンプリートワークスDL466.5 MiB2216801
Graphics[ぽよよんろっく] ぽぽたん ろっくちゃんのひみつの絵本 (ぽぽたん).zipDL166.9 MiB6024390
Graphics(COMIC1☆8) [70年式悠久機関 (おはぎさん)] 桜の艦隊 (艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-).zipDL154.5 MiB10121852
Graphicsプリミティブリンク 初回特典 特製ビジュアルブック.zipDL124.3 MiB5216420
Graphics(C85) [Tinkerbell (Tinkle)] Etoile Recette~Cafe ou ter~.zipDL67 MiB6014600
Graphicsびじゅあるロウきゅーぶ!.zipDL201.6 MiB7025540
Graphics絵師100人展 04.zipDL738.9 MiB20426290
Graphics[岡崎武士] void.zipDL295.5 MiB6220830
GraphicsAnime Icons - Summer Season Update V2 2014DL99.1 MiB11112200
Graphics(画集) ラブプラス ビジュアル&設定集 マナカのもとDL714.8 MiB6328031
Graphics(画集) シャイニング・ハーツ ビジュアル設定資料集DL276.1 MiB5127881
Graphics(画集) 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS 原画集 上巻DL272.3 MiB4022310
Graphics(画集) 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS 原画集 下巻DL194.8 MiB6022000
Graphics[雨細工(白森ゆせ)] Prismatic World *総集編*DL128.7 MiB4121220
Graphics(画集) [いとうのいぢ] いとうのいぢ画集 II 華焔DL75.6 MiB7028150
Graphics(一般ゲームCG集) [PS3] [140626] [Compile Heart] デート・ア・ライブ 或守インストール -- (CGrip) Date A Live: Arusu InstallDL197.7 MiB5030658
Graphics(画集) 渡辺明夫アニメーションデザインワークスDL285.2 MiB8331380
Graphics(画集) 出渕裕 メカニカルデザインワークス ⅠDL327.2 MiB7131180
Graphics[エンドカード] 輪るピングドラム/[Endcard] Mawaru PenguindrumDL27.8 MiB4015660
Graphics[CG][やはりゲームでも俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。]/[CG][Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru]DL11.3 MiB11125481
Graphics[アイキャッチ] 鋼の錬金術師/[Eyecatch] Fullmetal Alchemist BrotherhoodDL198.2 MiB3112360
Graphics(SUPER23) [Pesce Rosso (ずっき)] my memory, your days (Free!).zipDL140.2 MiB1010290
Graphics(NON-H)[海鮮帝国 (さかさな)] めくりめく春のうた (咲-Saki-) [OTK汉化]DL22.9 MiB4010620
Graphics[Type-Moon] Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Official Artwork Compilation.zipDL108 MiB13033151
Graphics[Type-Moon] Crossover Official Artwork Compilation.zipDL219.6 MiB14032120
GraphicsWallpapers o' Plenty.zipDL42.59 GiB0610254
Graphics[Type-Moon] Fate Series Official Artwork CompilationDL1.56 GiB25334942
Graphics[Type-Moon] Kara no Kyoukai Official Artwork (空の境界)DL231.6 MiB14037230
GraphicsEmblem Wallpapers Various Resolutions (1024x768~3840x2400)DL63.3 MiB1112320
Graphics(画集) [ムック] TVアニメ 鋼の錬金術師 ART BOOK (300dpi jpg)DL395.6 MiB5225091
Graphics(画集) [KSS] エルフ版 下級生 あなただけを見つめて・・・DL33.1 MiB4028520
GraphicsThe Art of The Sacred BlacksmithDL207.7 MiB3022570
Graphics[大張正己]Robot魂/[Oobari Masami]Robot SoulDL925.2 MiB4223910
GraphicsValkyrie Profile Material Collection Book 1DL180.1 MiB9023340
Graphics[TYPE-MOON] Fate/タイガーころしあむアッパー設定資料集/[TYPE-MOON] Fate/Tiger Colosseum UPPER Art WorksDL87.5 MiB6027930
GraphicsTouhou project image collection [13.9GB]DL13.98 GiBStatus unknown12411
Graphics荒川弘イラスト集- Full Metal Alchemist/Hiromu Arakawa Illustration Collection - Full Metal AlchemistDL108.8 MiB6033340
Graphics[TYPE-MOON] Fate/タイガーころしあむ設定資料集/[TYPE-MOON] Fate/TigerColosseum Art WorksDL43 MiB6028160
Graphicsクイーンズブレイド プレミアムビジュアルブック 雌/Queen's Blade Premium Visual Book ShiDL186.5 MiB11059920
Graphics[Namaniku ATK] What If, Chaika [English]DL35.3 MiB7015480
Graphics(C85) [5pb.] メモリーズオフ コンプリートイラストレーションズ 2011-2013 (メモリーズオフ)/(C85) [5pb.] Memories Off Complete Illustrations 2011-2013 (Memories Off)DL65.3 MiB2025920
GraphicsArpeggio Special Book 2009-2011DL68.7 MiB5023810
Graphicsドラッグ オン ドラグーン3 設定資料集+ザ・コンプリートガイド/Drag-on Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3) [Setting Materials + The Complete Guide]DL397.8 MiB8135230
Graphics[EndCard] Sakura TrickDL29.4 MiB6021630
Graphics(C85)[pixel phantom(榎宮祐)]ノーワーク・ノーライフ2/(C85) [pixel phantom (Kamiya Yuu)] No Work No Life2 (various) [Updated]DL48.6 MiB17131931
GraphicsFINAL FANTASY零式 公式設定資料集 朱ノ秘史/Final Fantasy Type-0 Offical Artbook Shu No HishiDL110.7 MiB12039121
Graphics(C85)[pixel phantom(榎宮祐)]ノーワーク・ノーライフ2/(C85) [pixel phantom (Kamiya Yuu)] No Work No Life2 (various)DL29.3 MiB11027490
Graphicsソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・フラグメント-/[Bandai Namco Games][PSVita] Sword Art Online: Hollow FragmentDL18.5 MiB13039201
Graphics『変態王子と笑わない猫。 カントク アートワークス』/Hentai ouji to warawanai neko - Kantoku ArtworksDL467.5 MiB17164063
GraphicsRance IX: Helman Kakumei GuidebookDL166.6 MiB5126890
Graphics[菊池政治] まよチキ! Illustrations ~菊池政治 art works~DL99.9 MiB13044750
Graphics[EndCard] NisekoiDL59.6 MiB12025440
GraphicsStudio Ghibli Wallpapers/Stitches/Screencaps 1080p+ (UPDATE 2)DL201.6 MiB2218060
GraphicsFunny anime Picture Collection V 3.0DL55.8 MiB6118651
GraphicsChinese DrawingDL9.9 MiB0214900
GraphicsShingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) [Art, Wallpapers, Gifs, Scans, Sketches]DL1.64 GiB1322531
GraphicsTouhou Pictures.zipDL303.6 MiB4022951
Graphicsよめせんっ!7DL87.4 MiB1020230
GraphicsArtist - Plum.zipDL37.5 MiB0121540
GraphicsFolder Icon Strike TheBloodDL1.2 MiBStatus unknown18360
GraphicsCardCaptor Sakura WallpapersDL54 MiB2319431
GraphicsNagi no asukara - Twitter icons and wallpapersDL79.8 MiB3120380
GraphicsAnime Mega Folder Icon Pack - Spring 2014(All Titles!)DL83.5 MiBStatus unknown19880
GraphicsAnime Icons - Spring Season Update V2.1 2014DL98.5 MiB7032520
GraphicsWallie Pack for 30" monitors (28 wallpapers)DL36.9 MiBStatus unknown17490
GraphicsNanoha Innocent Card Set 03-2014.zipDL428.7 MiB5226650
GraphicsMegami #168DL33.9 MiB2028040
GraphicsButa-Kaku × Super Pochaco - Wallpapers.7zDL2 MiB0315560
GraphicsPochaComi - Wallpapers.7zDL1.6 MiB0014920
GraphicsQun-chan - Wallpapers.7zDL966.9 KiB2014130
GraphicsKoe no Katachi - pixiv packDL10.8 MiB0219390
Graphics東方DL37.1 MiBStatus unknown17620
Graphicsけいおん K-ON!! Wallpaper Pack (+400 HQ images)DL346 MiBStatus unknown28611
Graphics[Test0795] Tokyo Ravens BD ArtWorkDL525.9 KiB01420980
Graphics[denpa] Kyoukai no Kanata Blu-Ray Vol.3 ScansDL782 MiB1024490
GraphicsMegami #167DL41.6 MiB2033340
GraphicsKara no Kyoukai [Art, Wallpapers, Scans, Sketches]DL1.25 GiB7046201
GraphicsStudio Ghibli Wallpapers/Stitches/Screencaps 1080p+ (UPDATE)DL309.8 MiB4229790
GraphicsMegami #[092-103] #Year 2008DL732 MiB0544481
GraphicsMegami #[104-115] #Year 2009DL842 MiB0931030
Graphics舰娘COSPLAYDL1.6 GiB1034860
Graphics[denpa] Kyoukai no Kanata Blu-Ray Vol.2 ScansDL809 MiB3054183
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[07-30, 08:58] <Kseniasolo> Support the industry by buying dakis of your waifu.
[07-30, 08:16] <sarachikorita> I hear you. Japanese companies trying to sell in the US market try to push their wares at Japanese prices, and naturally, Americans, who are used to their own material selling much cheaper, balk.
[07-30, 08:15] <jofs> I've spent a alot of money on anime, and it's all thanks to fansubs that i found those shows in the first place.
[07-30, 08:03] <jofs> I would love to support the industry more. But I can't afford these ridiculously prized blu-ray boxes.
[07-30, 08:02] <OniichanDaisuki> yep they remove styling too, for the crappy low res limitations, like 324p lol
[07-30, 08:00] <sarachikorita> The Subs is whatever all these stupid streaming sites carry, and usually, they suck. You're more likely to find reputable fansubs (for what that's worth) here.
[07-30, 07:59] <sarachikorita> I mean streaming sites that carry the first version of a sub to be released. I'm not referring to fansubbers' own sites - for example, my groups are both 100% ad-free because my friend and I have no problem affording the infrastructure and we don't believe in making money off fansubbing.
[07-30, 07:57] <OniichanDaisuki> streaming, such as gogoanime are bloated with ads and there is true
[07-30, 07:56] <OniichanDaisuki> I dont think they make any cent from ads on fansubs groups sites, if is that you are talking about?
[07-30, 07:54] <sarachikorita> Sites which carry The Subs are profiting off piracy with all their ad banners and junk.
[07-30, 07:53] <sarachikorita> Have to agree that sites which carry The Subs are a bigger problem. I only visit such sites if I'm curious as to which translation they've got, or if I'm looking for an obscure old crappy sub that's been long replaced by better.
[07-30, 07:52] <OniichanDaisuki> they should be glad sites like this were ever created, I wouldn't have gotten into anime otherwise
[07-30, 07:50] <OniichanDaisuki> pff less relevant? this season most of the stuff I wanted to watch at cr was region restricted... LOL
[07-30, 07:41] <gotarai> The virus file is a file of capacity less than usual
[07-30, 07:32] <LigerNyan> That's where the nope button appears.
[07-30, 07:32] <LateralusManga> Also, thanks to those options, fansubbing is less and less relevant now, since all comes from those options: fans watch anime there, fans buy anime (if they're available in the fan's country of origin), everyone happy.
[07-30, 07:31] <LigerNyan> ''On August 1, the government will start simultaneously sending requests to delete illegal anime and manga contents to the operators of the 580 foreign pirate sites which they have found.''
[07-30, 07:30] <LateralusManga> Respecting the rest you're saying, it's something that an anime fan would do: buy what the fan like. Also, piracy is effectively fought by legal options like Netflix, Spotify and CR. For example, I seldom use my downloaded mp3s, since almost everything I like I listen through Spotify, FREE and LEGAL. One legal problem less.
[07-30, 07:29] <DrkStr> yeah i would wager baka and nyaa are on the top of japans list
[07-30, 07:27] <LateralusManga> DrkStr, look the stats of in Alexa. 40% of traffic comes from Japan, 20% from United States.
[07-30, 07:25] <LateralusManga> Yeah, you will say "VPN and proxys solve all", but it'll be a form of saying "Japanese, the downloaders are out of our site, You can solve the problem with them".
[07-30, 07:24] <DrkStr> wow damn that was long. sorry!
[07-30, 07:24] <DrkStr> secondly, i dont see how the japanese can come after people downloading anime illegally who arent in japan, or sites hosted that arent in japan. i mean look at how well its workin for hollywood, they been making all kinds of threats like this but it hasnt been hard to get anything, at the very least they cant stop XDCC. it sucks but i get that they wanna get as much money as possible but if they stopped all anime pirating i doubt theyd see much a large increase in income like they think they would. i grab a lot of movies and theres NO WAY id ever watch those otherwise, i still go to the theater to watch/support the ones i would have before pirating. also i learn bout movies/anime i wouldnt have from sites like these that may move me to buying the BDs. sure everyone isnt like me but i support the stuff i like but i also grab a lot of stuff i find i dont like much later. but i wouldnt have spent the money to see it anyways. so...yeah
[07-30, 07:24] <LateralusManga> But NT is in the spotlight, so it's dangerous for all the scene. If I were Nyaa, I would consider trashing the 40% JP traffic in order to stay as safe as possible.
[07-30, 07:22] <LateralusManga> The main problem here is not the fansub scene (not relevant considering CR), but the streaming sites that they're making money with fansubs/official streams.
[07-30, 07:22] <LigerNyan> Let's see how this banning animus and mangos site plays out, I'm already laughing tbh
[07-30, 07:19] <DrkStr> it wont stop shit. the funny thing is if it werent for sites like these i wouldnt get introduced to anime i like and i wouldnt purchase the BDs of the ones i like so in essence they;re making more money (at least from me) having such sites available.
[07-30, 07:17] <LateralusManga> Well, that's all. Thank you for your attention.
[07-30, 07:17] <LateralusManga> IT'S FUCKING OBVIOUS that they're talking about you. So, consider a massive IP-ban and a voluntary takedown of all torrents from Google or any searchpages or consider the shut down (and the appearance of another one).
[07-30, 07:15] <LateralusManga> > In the ranking by an information distribution survey site, for example, a popular piracy site is ranked 156th in Japan and 1391th in the world, which is similar rank with major listed companies on a stock firm in Japan.
[07-30, 07:14] <LateralusManga> Public Service Announcement: is in the spotlight of the Japanese government. You have two options: 1. IP-block all Japanese, Chinese or Koreans 2. Shut down
[07-30, 06:50] <yongki> h**p://
[07-30, 06:50] <yongki> what....
[07-30, 06:39] <sarachikorita> And yes, every time a company makes a shit product, and it bombs, they blame it on piracy, or anything to deflect blame from themselves and the fact that their product sucks.
[07-30, 06:37] <sarachikorita> Every time one of these sites is taken down, at least one more will pop up to take its place.
[07-30, 06:07] <xell17> I read a book once. It had a great loli named Tyrion.
[07-30, 06:05] <lifebaka> We'd have to, like, read books or something for entertainment. Books, people. BOOKS. The horror.
[07-30, 06:04] <lifebaka> And we should all the thanking the gods for protecting our precious cartoon wiminz, Prazision. For where would we be without cartoon wiminz?
[07-30, 05:47] <hazardous> any plans stopping anti piracy just in case? maybe stop buying anything until gov pull back? or do we need to put Tom Cruise on mission?
[07-30, 05:47] <nicky_008> Same phenomenon like the current (bad taste) trend of the Hollywood movies.
[07-30, 05:44] <hazardous> i am sure more money lost on making bad anime than losing it to piracy.
[07-30, 05:38] <Prazision> Yes, it's real, and fuck all is going to happen because of it. Your precious girl cartoons are safe, for the time being.
[07-30, 05:37] <Koahku> It is, nyaa is going to close and the bittorrent network too. It's over, get a Funi account or kill yourself if you don't want to suffer.
[07-30, 05:35] <nicky_008> Political is bullshit since the beginning of the civilization... They have tried to do many things they said but no any profits for them. Finally they stopped and did not get shit about it for a long time until they felt stupidly to do it again. Who cares... (eg; blasted Megaupload -> Mega, lolz)
[07-30, 04:59] <eukira12> Japanese Government to Start Anti-Anime/Manga Piracy Operation Next Month, please tell me this is not real.. -_-
[07-30, 04:29] <Koahku> No.
[07-30, 03:53] <Ghfuj123> So is Nyaa going to get shut down? Due to the new JP law and all?
[07-30, 03:28] <xell17> I hope Last Mission is not as shitty as the first one.
[07-30, 02:54] <LigerNyan> So who's gonna sub the Last Mission, or perhaps someone did it already?
[07-30, 02:48] <SneakiestNEG> Short of sending shinobi after me I doubt they could stop me. You can actually download the piratebay if you want, it is an actual torrent.
[07-30, 02:47] <LigerNyan> Not curious enough to spoil yourself
[07-30, 02:46] <LigerNyan> The new arc is his and Leorio's.
[07-30, 02:46] <Artemix> I'm not that curious.
[07-30, 02:45] <LigerNyan> Read the manga if you're curious.
[07-30, 02:36] <Artemix> I want to see Kurapika in action!... I'm curious about where/what is he doing right now...
[07-30, 01:55] <Puska 35.M> Oh god.
[07-30, 01:55] <dilworks> > US is pretty crazy about censoring anything that remotely resembles sex <= FTFY
[07-30, 01:54] <LigerNyan> Leorio be like sugoiiness
[07-30, 00:28] <iceaco> Both the US and JP are pretty crazy about censoring loli stuff.. I wonder if that reduces or increases the number of lolicons..
[07-30, 00:08] <Dark_Pride> If Japan plans on taking out our little girl cartoons from the net, then we'll show them our "Little Boy".
[07-30, 00:07] <Imouto6969> Its like lithium and water, sure it fizzles but thats about it.
[07-30, 00:06] <Dark_Pride> It seems that two nukes weren't enough.
[07-30, 00:02] <FaiT> What law is it we're worried about now? In which country?
[07-30, 00:02] <Imouto6969> LOL you do realize that megaupload and torrent websites are completely different right?
[07-30, 00:00] <amtcubus> oh, so funky land japan is trying again to somehow "control" the internet. i wish you luck, japan. and, nice boat!
[07-30, 00:00] <FaiT> Wow, Berserk is really good
[07-29, 23:54] <Dark_Pride> b-but m-muh Sadpanda...
[07-29, 23:25] <dilworks> ...and guess what? They're available! Good luck spending a day in line in a gub'mint bank to pay the registry fee (yes' we're that ass-backwards)
[07-29, 23:23] <HorribleSubs> ARIGATO
[07-29, 23:22] <dilworks> I suggest buying "nyaa.(com|net|org).ve", just in case :D
[07-29, 23:19] <herkz> dont worry, if they could do that to this website, they would've done so long ago
[07-29, 23:16] <dilworks> Not if $COUNTRY pulls a MAFIAA and causes yet another Megaupload. They abided to DMCAs, yet the FBI killed it scaringly easy
[07-29, 23:13] <herkz> i have no idea why you guys think it will do anything. you realize people can just ignore their requests to take stuff down, right?
[07-29, 23:13] <sephirotic> Hey, at least your IDH is not as pathetic as the IDH of my country, Brazil, The so famous "6th economy of the world" Were you get robbed with over 70% of taxes for every single eletronic goods.
[07-29, 22:59] <dilworks> In the meanwhile I still live at Soviet Venezuela. We don't have milk, oil, tires, flat-screen TVs or laundry detergent, but we at least have Socialist Internet(tm) with license to fuck licenses (as long as you don't fuck with "das regime")
[07-29, 22:32] <Dark_Pride> Any archival efforts on BakaBT?
[07-29, 22:13] <UnbornMVs> I hope it won't affect nyaa though, it's my life.
[07-29, 22:09] <opabato9000> they can also try to make way less shitty anime
[07-29, 22:09] <opabato9000> meh japan can try
[07-29, 22:02] <OneCrazyRussian> >The apocalypse will begin on August 1, 2014. Oh, so Russia is not the only country who made some stupid-ass internet laws which go into action this friday?
[07-29, 21:40] <Faggot> such as porn games
[07-29, 21:40] <Faggot> About time people stopped watching silly cartoons and moved onto more mature and refined hobbies
[07-29, 21:26] <Artemix> So.. no more anime?.. time to move to Japan I guess.
[07-29, 20:49] <tAtoBa> more like hadeNOPE
[07-29, 20:44] <herkz> it will do nothing
[07-29, 20:27] <OniichanDaisuki> jokes aside, it won't affect much
[07-29, 20:25] <OniichanDaisuki> hadena?
[07-29, 20:25] <AndyAlex> I mean how will this actually affect us?
[07-29, 20:18] <AndyAlex> so will this affect us ??
[07-29, 20:08] <OniichanDaisuki> yep I heard that's when hadena comes back
[07-29, 19:37] <BlackScience> The apocalypse will begin on August 1, 2014.
[07-29, 19:12] <DmonHiro> You're a few days late. We've known about this for a while.
[07-29, 19:11] <Lunarfang7789> Anyone see the message on Crunch roll? bout the Japan Gov goin to start Anti anime manga piracy thing..? does that mean no more videos soon?
[07-29, 19:05] <SneakiestNEG> My dad died from a heart attack after playing sports. Not gonna go to the gym.
[07-29, 18:43] <[TRVE]> Read this.
[07-29, 18:43] <MisterDonut> Profuse, watch oni chi chi
[07-29, 18:21] <xell17> Watch Evangelion and suffer with Shinji.
[07-29, 18:13] <Imouto6969> Its ok no one needs dads
[07-29, 18:09] <Profuse> my relationship with my dad is damaged beyond repair now. Please suggest me an anime to watch in this situation