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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-28, 12:41] <titannobaka> Like gundumb is any better.
[12-28, 12:41] <MisterDonut> oh boy
[12-28, 12:35] <xDev> (Pass: DDiT) Am I late? Is this the first episode of KanColle?
[12-28, 12:26] <derpi> stop being tsundere 00 fanboy
[12-28, 12:26] <hazardous> /loveange
[12-28, 12:17] <NAF_ita> /fuckseed
[12-28, 11:53] <p0midor> oh wow lol
[12-28, 11:39] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Nyaa
[12-28, 10:43] <NutsuruSama> anyone playing Star Citizen ?
[12-28, 10:18] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Is 00 fanboy back to his senses again?
[12-28, 10:15] <xell17> Yeah, weak bait. You can do better than that, 00 fanboy.
[12-28, 10:11] <ThirdWorld> that was a bad attempt at trolling
[12-28, 09:58] <shaddrag> Hello 00 fagboy
[12-28, 09:33] <00 fanboy> It brings a smile to my face that cross angie isn't airing this week. Anyone that seriously likes that garbage deserves a bullet in the head. What a stupid show.
[12-28, 09:08] <hazardous> is doremi really going to step in and do Rakuen Tsuihou? ☜(˚▽˚)☞
[12-28, 09:02] <Raishin> any good songs?? recommended
[12-28, 08:48] <shaddrag> Grammar Nazi's in 3...2...1...
[12-28, 08:40] <Yuyu> what's an torchlight
[12-28, 06:42] <torchlight> Zergslayer, learn how to sync the dub audio yourself. There already are decent single-audio encodes floating around.
[12-28, 06:03] <ravenleaf182> freaking amiami kills me on shipping T.T
[12-28, 05:03] <melderz> i wished santa and jesus for good jprgs for vita pls for the coming year pls
[12-28, 04:48] <OdinYggd> Ring Ring. So much anime.
[12-28, 02:09] <ricvazquez> I need muh Unlimited Budget Works ASAP
[12-28, 02:01] <EeveeA_> Fate incoming.
[12-28, 02:01] <Sdawg> Uuuuurrrrrggghhhhh SAO II Vol.3 Bonus CD OST :/
[12-28, 01:24] <OnDeed> @junh1024: hahaha, I itched to post that too, but it felt like nobody would get it :>
[12-28, 01:19] <Onionion> also, waiting for Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! dvd release. It says mid february on AmiAmi.. darn it
[12-28, 01:16] <Onionion> no shit. Though it gets uploaded to internet in some time of its existence. ベイマックス is not an anime and it just got from cinema, so I didn't really expected to find it anywhere. But... what if!
[12-28, 00:34] <junh1024> Also, some stuff is only available on DVD
[12-28, 00:34] <junh1024> SAO = Sample Adaptive Offset, a technology used in HEVC/H265
[12-28, 00:11] <[TRVE]> That's not a streaming site, just a ripper.
[12-28, 00:04] <EeveeA_> Would you guys normally moderate file names? Just pointing it out, don't want to get myself into anything. lol
[12-27, 23:33] <Onionion> Does anybody know if there is a japanese release of Big hero 6 that is available for download? (ベイマックス)
[12-27, 22:45] <x265> @[TVRE] I'm so used to read and write x264, that I forget h264 xD
[12-27, 22:38] <[TRVE]> I would just run away with the money, MisterDonut. Licensing things is already tedious enough and too much work, licensing a studio master for public release is an unimaginable effort doomed to fail.
[12-27, 22:35] <[TRVE]> Technically, x265, it's "into H.264". That's the name of the compression standard. "x264" is just a tool you compress with.
[12-27, 22:30] <MisterDonut> yuki☆彡 either wait or use xdcc
[12-27, 22:29] <MisterDonut> [TRVE] make a kickstarter accepting bitcoins to release the studio master
[12-27, 22:29] <yuki☆彡> I apologize nyaa sama <(_ _)> i obey this rules please help me see #497013 #499177 !!
[12-27, 22:20] <x265> @Zergslayer when you say "into mkv" I guess that includes "into x264". If you only want to change the container, that should be easy and quick to do
[12-27, 22:18] <[TRVE]> In his case DVD is the only source, herkz.
[12-27, 22:04] <herkz> >dual audio >dvd >2014
[12-27, 22:02] <MisterDonut> maybe cornbreadman
[12-27, 22:02] <Zergslayer> any1 know any encoding groups willing to take a job encoding dual audio dvd .vob's into mkv?
[12-27, 21:59] <ricvazquez> FSN is late...
[12-27, 21:51] <x265> @MisterDonut I know, weird. But I could not find it here, so I looked for it for hours until I found a decent CDRip with cue, tagging 269 songs has been hard -.-
[12-27, 21:47] <MisterDonut> no one uploaded that here until now? it's already 3 weeks old kek
[12-27, 21:23] <x265> hoenn fans, check my last torrent :3
[12-27, 21:13] <xell17> NO
[12-27, 20:58] <shaddrag> Me me
[12-27, 20:57] <ASSauLTxMasTER> Yoooo, who's ready for that last BD volume of Tokyo Ghoul?
[12-27, 20:19] <snowden> Hi
[12-27, 20:09] <kotuwa> is he here? how to find him... i searched Soldado.. here and no results...
[12-27, 20:05] <shaddrag> Have you asked Soldado?
[12-27, 20:05] <kotuwa> hey does anyone have "Hakuouki - Shinsengumi Kitan [Soldado]" release!?!??
[12-27, 19:41] <cyatek> ur w8 (8=elcome)
[12-27, 19:32] <[TRVE]> "theight feight news"?
[12-27, 19:31] <shaddrag> Thanks m8 for th8 f8 news
[12-27, 19:19] <cyatek>
[12-27, 19:18] <[TRVE]> No, just wrong.
[12-27, 19:15] <hazardous> HS Fate/hype 12 delayed?
[12-27, 18:55] <x265> is it* (shame on me)
[12-27, 18:55] <x265> @[TRVE] Oh please, grammar master, teach me your secrets... English is not my native language. Anyway, I just didn't want to write perfect, it is really so annoying?
[12-27, 18:44] <3rdPGray> breaking and correcting
[12-27, 18:40] <[TRVE]> "Long time no see" means somebody has returned after a long absence.
[12-27, 18:40] <[TRVE]> Also, it's "haven't seen Nyaa chatting here lately".
[12-27, 18:37] <[TRVE]> Don't confuse Nyaa with Nyaatorrents.
[12-27, 18:29] <shaddrag> Just talk about something technical and Omnicat will appear.
[12-27, 18:27] <Abunja> *users
[12-27, 18:26] <Abunja> Must be fun looking up for Nyaa user since the beginning of time.
[12-27, 18:25] <3rdPGray> whenever you wanna see Nyaa, just look above
[12-27, 18:20] <x265> btw, long time no see Nyaa chatting here
[12-27, 18:20] <x265> @shaddrag but it has all torrents, being a site
[12-27, 18:19] <x265> Negative values in "user" will lead to the same profile, wtf
[12-27, 18:18] <shaddrag> Nyaa has no torrents, how ironic.
[12-27, 18:15] <3rdPGray> what the hell?
[12-27, 18:14] <paulo27ms>
[12-27, 18:04] <shaddrag> Who's this?
[12-27, 18:02] <usernaame> 2rgrergve
[12-27, 17:57] <AnimeHunter27> , and this?
[12-27, 17:51] <herkz> your mom
[12-27, 17:50] <AnimeHunter27> , who's this?
[12-27, 17:44] <3rdPGray> that depends on the mood, really
[12-27, 17:40] <AnimeHunter27> Great dickheads are here
[12-27, 17:24] <shaddrag> GN Anon
[12-27, 17:22] <3rdPGray> must be at a meeting or something
[12-27, 17:16] <hazardous> grammer nazis in 3...2...1...
[12-27, 17:14] <3rdPGray> whoa grammar
[12-27, 17:13] <3rdPGray> 2mb/s. well, maybe one and a half minus a some kbs
[12-27, 17:12] <shaddrag> So you usually get 3mb/s?
[12-27, 17:10] <3rdPGray> I was getting like 30kbps for three hours... and it slowed my browser too
[12-27, 17:09] <shaddrag> Maybe it heard you talking bad about it.
[12-27, 17:09] <shaddrag> Well, I'm not using it currently, so no, I'm not having any problems.
[12-27, 17:08] <3rdPGray> it went 100x faster right after I posted that. very funny
[12-27, 17:07] <3rdPGray> anyone have problems using uTorrent?
[12-27, 17:04] <3rdPGray> that thing you do after you fap
[12-27, 17:03] <shaddrag> What's a break?
[12-27, 17:03] <3rdPGray> that came out harsher than I thought...
[12-27, 17:02] <Tatuzka> Shddrag you do understand that SAO is on the break?