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Non-English-translated Live Action[YaoiOrden] 15: The MovieDL569 MiB1019370
Non-English-translated Live Action[YakuSub Studio] Gero - BELOVED x SURVIVAL (M-ON! 1280 x720 h264 AAC)DL154 MiB014650
Live Action Promotional Video[xyz][PV][iPod] YUI - Jam (320x240) [07AA1A31].mp4DL18.9 MiB013190
Live Action Promotional Video[xyz][PV] YUI - Jam (640x480 H264 MP3) [D13458B6].mp4DL45.2 MiB019340
Live Action Promotional Video[xyz] YUI - Understand (640x360 H264 MP3) [002BC7FD].mp4DL40 MiB0112700
Live Action Promotional Video[XMS FANSUB] Silent Siren - Filter [1280x720 x264 AAC Hi10P][Eng. Subbed][7E26C67A]DL93.7 MiB0264680
Live Action Promotional Video[Xfsub][Fate-Zero][ED-PV][MEMORIA - 蓝井エイル][GB][x264 1920x1080 AAC]DL93.9 MiB018771
Live Action Promotional Video[X5] Naruto Shippuuden EN - OKAMOTO’S 欲望を叫べ!!!!.mp4DL23.5 MiB021570
Live Action Promotional Video[x-men]Azu_feat._Seamo_-_Jikan_yo_tomare_[H.264_AAC][41A50BF0].mkvDL69.8 MiB004490
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Mayoi_Neko_Overrun!_-_Capitulo_04[HD][X264-AAC][1280x720][Sub_Esp][44E5F866]DL239.8 MiB002650
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Mayoi_Neko_Overrun!_-_Capitulo_03[HD][X264-AAC][1280x720][Sub_Esp][A8F776AB]DL241 MiB002680
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Full_Metal_Alchemist_-_~Brotherhood~_-_(2009)_-_43-47[HD][X264-AAC][848x480][Sub_Esp]DL846 MiB004770
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Fractale_-_Capitulo_05[HD][X264-AAC][1280x720][Sub_Esp].mp4DL239.4 MiB002520
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Arakawa_Under_the_Bridge_-_Capitulo_09[HD][X264-AAC][1280x720][Sub_Esp][561BE441]DL240.2 MiB002000
Non-English-translated Live Action[WZF]Arakawa_Under_the_Bridge_-_Capitulos_02~03[HD][X264-AAC][1280x720][Sub_Esp]DL480.5 MiB002310
English-translated Live Action[] Bambino! 01 - 05DL1.92 GiBStatus unknown810
Live Action Promotional Video[WTF Edition] BiS _ BiSimulaton (Special Edit) Music Video (720p)DL52.2 MiB03138020
English-translated Live Action[WSS]_-_Innocent Steps_-_ Movie _-_ Arabic SubDL470.6 MiBStatus unknown440
English-translated Live Action[WSS]A.Love.To.Kill.E10DL302.4 MiBStatus unknown4800
English-translated Live Action[WSS]A.Love.To.Kill.E09DL301.8 MiBStatus unknown4830
English-translated Live Action[WSS]A.Love.To.Kill.E08.aviDL304.6 MiBStatus unknown4860
English-translated Live Action[WSS]A.Love.To.Kill.E07DL299.1 MiBStatus unknown4840
English-translated Live Action[WSS] Iljimae10-12DL951 MiBStatus unknown320
English-translated Live Action[WSS] Bad Love Ep 6-10DL1.47 GiBStatus unknown4820
English-translated Live Action[WSS] MiBStatus unknown4830
English-translated Live Action[WSS] 11-12-13DL910 MiBStatus unknown4810
English-translated Live Action[WSS] 01-06DL2.53 GiBStatus unknown4880
English-translated Live Action[Wota-Nyan] Kaeru no Ojousama Ep 01 (Oshima Yuko)DL514.6 MiB015100
Raw Live Action[Wolf-Raws] AKB0048 NO NAME FIRST KILALIVE (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL16.49 GiB209532
English-translated Live Action[WinTeam] Vision - 01.mkvDL144 MiBStatus unknown6801
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Time_judged_all_Music_Clip][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](DA8C6EDB).mkvDL62.3 MiB017201
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][OOO_Den-O_All_Rider_Let's_Go_KAMEN_RIDERS_miniMaking][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](7DB82909).mkvDL116.8 MiB0118550
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][OOO_Den-O_All-Rider_Let's_Go_KAMEN RIDERS][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](5266946A).mkvDL639.7 MiB0177760
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Music_Japan_Anisong_SP4][720P][AVC_AAC](01F08C9F).mkvDL633.9 MiB1017762
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet_Ep46_Aniraji&Anison][480P][AVC_AAC](604204B3).mkvDL332.1 MiB032600
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet_Ep44_Hagaren][480P][AVC_AAC](E6DF6BF8).mkvDL521 MiBStatus unknown1830
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet_Ep43_SNS&Anime][480P][AVC_AAC](12E42F7E).mkvDL521 MiBStatus unknown1460
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet_Ep42_BishoujoGame][480P][AVC_AAC](3607949B).mkvDL521.1 MiB012770
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet_Ep41_Seiyuu_Daikennkyuu][720P][AVC_AAC](A56D9D83).mkvDL251.3 MiB017700
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Magnet][30][TVRIP][AVC_AAC](C3DF0F3D).mkvDL485.8 MiB011520
Live Action Promotional Video[WINDMOE][Let's_Go_RiderKick_2011_Music_Clip][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](88AB9812).mkvDL66.7 MiB0121610
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_W_SP_Hyper_Battle_DVD&GaiaMemory_Daizukan][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC]DL328.5 MiB0122820
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_W_Returns_Kamen_Rider_Enternall][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](A849B6AA).mkvDL967.1 MiBStatus unknown26250
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_W_Forever_AtoZ_Unmei_no_GaiaMemory_DC][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](2FB5745F).mkvDL1000.2 MiB0113930
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_W_Forever_AtoZ_Unmei_no_GaiaMemory][DVDRIP][AVC_AC3](94967307).mkvDL969.1 MiB0089580
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_W_Final_Stage&Cast_Talk_Show][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](58F5972A).mkvDL1.64 GiB0215250
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][10][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](249F16F0).mkvDL298.3 MiB102930
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][09][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](F0B8AD8B).mkvDL297.4 MiB012540
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][08][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](50CC1987).mkvDL298.9 MiBStatus unknown3000
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][06][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](CF9AC05A).mkvDL304.6 MiB013390
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][05][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](F8CB28B9).mkvDL300 MiB013370
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][04][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](4EABCC63).mkvDL297.5 MiB013540
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][03][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](E869ADA3).mkvDL298.9 MiB013920
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][02][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](90192DBA).mkvDL298.8 MiB014290
Non-English-translated Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Ryuki][01][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](5FA437D3).mkvDL298.4 MiB016930
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_OOO_Gokaiger_Movie_SP][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](6159FA9B).mkvDL110.5 MiB1143240
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_OOO_ALL_STARS][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](0D7CB72F).mkvDL442.2 MiB2024480
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Kamen_Rider_Chou_Battle_History][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](9EE8BEF7).mkvDL422.8 MiB0129550
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][KamenRider_KamenRider_OOO&W_feat.Skull_Movie_War_Core_DC_Skull][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](A1327DDF).mkvDL435.1 MiB0214280
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][KamenRider_KamenRider_OOO&W_feat.Skull_Movie_War_Core_DC_Core][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](C90F407E).mkvDL233.5 MiB1024980
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][KamenRider_KamenRider_Fourze&OOO_MovieTaisen_MageMax_SP][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC].mkvDL93 MiB1037370
Live Action Promotional Video[WINDMOE][Hanasakuiroha_ED_Hazy_Music_Video_Clip][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](5D17E8F7).mkvDL65.1 MiB014890
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Gokaiger_Goseiger_Super_Sentai_199_Hero_Great_Battle][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](580F679C).mkvDL795.3 MiB1035640
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Gintama_Harumatsuri][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC]DL700 MiB0117401
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE][Dngekibunko_Akifuyu_No_Jin_De_Duraralovers_In_Nakano][DVDRIP][AVC_AAC](13AC64FF).mkvDL858.9 MiB0021990
Raw Live Action[WINDMOE]Kamen Rider W Forever AToZ De Bakusho 26 Renpatsu(Atoz ver+SP)(DVDRIP)DL1012 MiB0232850
English-translated Live Action[Wild Fang Project & IDIF]Garouden -La Leggenda Del Lupo Affamato-DL621.7 MiB108401
English-translated Live Action[WHW]_Blood_The_Last_Vampire_(2009).mkvDL9.26 GiB103340
English-translated Live Action[WHW]_Avalon_(2001).mkvDL6.42 GiB116350
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_[720p]DL5.91 GiB2219801
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_08_[720p][64E318D7].mkvDL727.9 MiB4046653
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_07_[720p][2B87C614].mkvDL713.7 MiB2053335
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_06_[720p][98374F51].mkvDL647.9 MiB2127553
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_05_[720p][5F4DB525].mkvDL775 MiB1027883
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_04_[720p][CF3F2361].mkvDL724.2 MiB2028295
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_03_[720p][30EAFB2A].mkvDL785.5 MiB1033043
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_02_[720p][C5576DD6].mkvDL810.1 MiB2036392
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_-_01_[720p][05E8CBAF].mkvDL869.2 MiB3042968
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Kami_no_Tsuki_-_01_[720p][9F8B96D8].mkvDL717.3 MiB2015560
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_Trailer[BC5752B2].mkvDL2 MiB2013361
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 8 - What the Doctor Really Wants [SD] [51AADC70]DL143.4 MiB109200
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 7 - The Girl Who Won't Say Goodbye [SD] [6E897F6E]DL144.7 MiB106901
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 6 - Farewell, Nocturne [SD] [7E7A92A5]DL146.4 MiB004430
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 5 - Between Men And Women [SD] [C799146D]DL146.2 MiB003132
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 4 - The Secret of the Affair [SD] [800174D4]DL146.7 MiB013501
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 3 - The Fox's Lullaby [SD] [CDFA1F07]DL146.4 MiB104642
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 2 - The Faceless Female CEO [SD] [28748A5D]DL146 MiB004063
English-translated Live Action[Warui] Taburakashi - Episode 1 - Stand-In Actress Maki [SD] [3AD91E9F]DL145.6 MiB014342
English-translated Live Action[Warui] GTO 2014 - Episode 1 [SD] [0895EB13]DL209.9 MiB608440
Live Action Promotional Video[Wakaromasenlol-Ocha!] Base Ball Bear - Changes [Toshokan Sensou ED PV]DL83.5 MiB014730
Live Action Promotional Video[Wakarimasenlol-Ocha!]Ashita_no_Machi,_Ashita_no_Machi_-_Takahashi_Hitomi._Toshokan_Sensou_OP.mkvDL74 MiB01660
English-translated Live Action[Wagasubs] Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 in SAPPORO (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC SUB).mkvDL6.53 GiB1017135
English-translated Live Action[Wagasubs] Hatsune Miku - Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39's Giving Day 2010 (BD 960x560 x264 AC3+AAC)DL5.2 GiB1012912
Non-English-translated Live Action[WAF] Naruto Shippuden 153 - SUB ESPDL75.3 MiB009340
English-translated Live Action[W-Time] Kamen Rider W Forever - A to Z The Gaia Memories of Fate (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 Dolby TrueHD 5.1ch 24fps)DL3.49 GiB0823150
English-translated Live Action[Voz]_YUI_-_Again_[1E2A6F05].mkvDL101.6 MiB015741
Non-English-translated Live Action[VOSTFR][V55TOKUFAN]Ranma 1-2 the live..aviDL700 MiB012980
Non-English-translated Live Action[VOSTFR][V55TOKUFAN]O's Den-O All Ridersv2.aviDL1.37 GiB011580
Non-English-translated Live Action[VOSTFR][V55TOKUFAN]Kiba The Dark Knight Gaiden.aviDL1.37 GiB016040
Non-English-translated Live Action[VOSTFR][V55TOKUFAN]Kamen Rider O's 43.aviDL357.4 MiB011080
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[07-31, 15:34] <nozdrum> sayonara nyaa sensei
[07-31, 15:33] <deanzel> TRVE, let us all mourn in peace.
[07-31, 15:33] <yasha_supercow> We all going to die
[07-31, 15:32] <sillybean> @mojo-x do you prefer onemanga or mangapanda?
[07-31, 15:32] <jerxou> i still demand sacrifice
[07-31, 15:31] <[TRVE]> Disable the chat. Do it.
[07-31, 15:30] <herkz> ...
[07-31, 15:29] <sillybean> @jarcinas777 i agree about "file sharing" and not "pirate"
[07-31, 15:26] <deanzel> RIP herkz virgin bunghole. Make sure not to drop the soap in the joint. See you back on the other side in a few years.
[07-31, 15:26] <0x99> rip XD
[07-31, 15:24] <UnbornMVs> Nothing is closing for God's sake. I am really enjoying watching all these plebs panicking over nothing.
[07-31, 15:24] <Gargadon> bye bye nyaa
[07-31, 15:23] <herkz> no one will miss you because no one knows who you are
[07-31, 15:21] <Abunja> I will miss all of you guys :'(
[07-31, 15:18] <[TRVE]> chat*
[07-31, 15:18] <[TRVE]> Dear mods, just wipe the whole chap clean. You have deleted messages that had nothing to do with the "omg anti-piracy wat" retardation.
[07-31, 05:10] <Cheesecake Militia> rip nyaa. goodbye all. I'll especially miss herkz and aers
[07-31, 05:09] <MoJo-X> Onemanga is still up you damn troll.
[07-31, 05:08] <garukno> @jarcinas777 100% agree with you :)
[07-31, 05:05] <jpoy> oh,dear,what happened?----> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[07-31, 05:03] <ravenleaf182> Hey guys! did you hear the news? One manga went down
[07-31, 05:00] <jarcinas777> HEHE by the way for me Nyaa is not a pirate site ..we are just doing file sharing
[07-31, 05:00] <BakaYuusha> Torrent sites have been up for years and will continue to be. They aren't going anywhere.
[07-31, 04:58] <Keikan64> I was only concerned and looking for a straight answer. If that means I get trolled so be it.
[07-31, 04:55] <jarcinas777> ALL HAIL NYAA ..
[07-31, 04:53] <MoJo-X> Keikan64, you're going to get trolled if you ask that here.
[07-31, 04:53] <garukno> Sh*t just woke up and read news that japanese goverment will shut down many anime sites and Nyaa is one of them, my heart broken right now :(
[07-31, 04:52] <MoJo-X> Use that imagination. :3
[07-31, 04:51] <Keikan64> So hey guys I don't post here that much, but there's been a lot of hubub around the internet the past few days about japanese new antipircacy manga laws. There are some people out there that think this site will just dissapear tomorrow. There's barely any truth to that right?
[07-31, 04:25] <lifebaka> I don't get it, MoJo-X. That's an eight.
[07-31, 04:15] <al12gamer> I believe in the power of the people. And servers.
[07-31, 04:14] <al12gamer> lel shutting down nyaa would be funny
[07-31, 04:04] <MinnaSubs> Nothing to do here .
[07-31, 03:58] <KeithKurogane> Seriously, Nyaa is shutting down along with sukebei.nyaa
[07-31, 03:34] <anon585> flows30, we know. Check Nyaa's top comment.
[07-31, 03:34] <Hobichan> hurray for good news!
[07-31, 03:21] <al12gamer> need moar batches on batches on batches
[07-31, 03:20] <al12gamer> So I put together a batch of No Game No Life because everyone's a shit. And people actually download it. Why are you all a shit
[07-31, 03:16] <sarachikorita> USUALLY it means sub. Since the icon says sub, I always explicitly state if it actually has a dub but no subs.
[07-31, 03:09] <Yompy> tfw you need to skeet a squirt but there's no booty in sight
[07-31, 03:02] <herkz> it could be either
[07-31, 02:59] <animeofpeace> when a torrent is tagged as english translated anime, does that mean its sub or a dub?
[07-31, 02:59] <MoJo-X> These are the nuts that will be kicked to protect the Scurvy Pirate Code: ---> 8====D
[07-31, 02:57] <lifebaka> Your best bet might be going to Japanese hardware stores, if bolt-kicking doesn't bother you.
[07-31, 02:56] <lifebaka> I think you might find that a little difficult, AChannelSideB. From what I understand about Japan, they don't eat a lot of nuts there. And I especially doubt that all that many people carry nuts around with them, as well, so the number of nuts you'll find to be kicked is probably gonna' be pretty small.
[07-31, 02:52] <shirokiri> rip nyaa
[07-31, 02:45] <JacobSwaggedUp> RIP Underwater
[07-31, 02:34] <takamachi> Why can't I stop listening?
[07-31, 02:20] <CrunchyRips> The music in that was ripped right from Civ IV. heh
[07-31, 02:10] <AChannelSideB> If this site goes down I am going to cry, then go to Japan and kick them in the nuts. Not one Japanese person, but them all.
[07-31, 01:59] <Yompy> Nyaa if you go down I will personally post everyone in this chatbox a steaming pile of shit so they don't feel like they've missed out on the latest anime
[07-31, 01:57] <Yompy> Day 31, I have gained the moeblob's trust, they still do not realize I am am a seinen
[07-31, 01:54] <al12gamer> No tears, only anime now
[07-31, 01:48] <jerxou> manG
[07-31, 01:28] <SneakiestNEG> Don't worry nyaa admins I will send you one of those Amnesty International cards when you are in prison ;)
[07-31, 01:14] <BakaYuusha> See... Troll bait.
[07-31, 01:11] <SparkingThunder> isnt Nyaa getting shutdown next month?
[07-31, 01:00] <BakaYuusha> Nah nothing is gonna happen. It's basically troll bait that's been thrown out by the Japanese government and everyone's biting.
[07-31, 00:35] <Abunja> Mr. Nyaa, whats with the flying lawn mower?
[07-31, 00:29] <kyou19> will really be fine on Aug.1? this is the best torrent site i've ever see
[07-31, 00:16] <herkz> anime studios actually use worse methods to upscale stuff to 1080p than we can use (i.e. we can use nnedi3_rpow2 and they generally use bilinear/bicubic resizers)
[07-31, 00:07] <Muzs_NY> is nyaa panicking or not minding the regulation thing..
[07-30, 23:51] <MoJo-X> RobbyLob: Agreed. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's definitely fits the character's personality better.
[07-30, 23:51] <MoJo-X> * for shows that were digitally remastered in HD. Gundam Seed comes into mind at the top of my head.
[07-30, 23:47] <MoJo-X> No, the 1080p version for some shows are actually done poorly by some studios, thus making it look like shit. Even if the 1080p version is a "little" better than the 720p, it's still not worth it. This is why some fansub groups don't even bother with a 1080p version.
[07-30, 23:43] <xell17> look*
[07-30, 23:42] <xell17> Or do you mean the 720p and 1080p versions looks just as shitty?
[07-30, 23:41] <xell17> How can it look like ass compared to 720p if the upscaling is done by the studio? I assume it would at best look the same if the downscaling is done properly.
[07-30, 23:40] <RobbyLob> MoJo-X: Heh, coincidentally I prefer those same shows in English. Particularly GitS with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.
[07-30, 23:38] <MoJo-X> I have to agree with boredatwork. Some 1080p upscales look like ass, and I just get the 720p version.
[07-30, 23:36] <MoJo-X> RobbyLob: I have to admit that some of the English VA's outclass the JA's for certain shows. DBZ is a prime example of this. The dialog in Japanese is better but the voices are so much better in English to me. People may give Funimation shit for licensing everything, but I will give them credit where credit due with what they did with DBZ. Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghost in the Shell SAC, and Cowboy Bebop also have really good English VA casts, and strangely enough, I prefer them over the Japanese VA's. Anyway I take pride in being a scurvy pirate (I don't pirate my games though lol).
[07-30, 23:34] <Krissen94> Thanks Mojo :)
[07-30, 23:33] <boredatwork> and some people just don't need upscales that don't look any better then 720p
[07-30, 23:33] <Krissen94> haha, I didn't even notice xP
[07-30, 23:31] <RobbyLob> Krissen: Apparently I have bad English because I can't spell "you" correctly, lol.
[07-30, 23:31] <MoJo-X> Krissen94, there are multiple reasons for people wanting 720p over 1080p. 1) Some people don't want to wait longer to download 1080p releases since the file sizes are larger. 2) Some people have ISPs that put bandwidth caps on their connections, so this kind of ties in with point 1. 3) Some people don't have computers with hardware that is good enough for smooth playback with 1080p releases. 4) Some people don't have the harddrive space for 1080p since their files sizes are larger than 720p releases.
[07-30, 23:31] <Krissen94> Thanks :)
[07-30, 23:30] <RobbyLob> MoJo-X: Nah you're not being a jerk. I agree that fansubs more often explain cultural notes, which I enjoy a lot. I very much disagree re. the VA aspect, but that's just personal opinion. It's not like it stops us from enjoying shows :)
[07-30, 23:29] <mouchan> 720, 1080...the difference is negligable, and as such, interchangable. One would need must postulate as to the veracity of one over the other without prior knowledge.
[07-30, 23:29] <mongolhorde> are you going to do gundam seed destiny box 4?
[07-30, 23:27] <RobbyLob> Krissen: Your don't have bad English :)
[07-30, 23:27] <MoJo-X> I agree with what you said. I understand fansubs are immune to mistakes, actually quite most of them makes mistakes all the time, however, I'd still rather prefer them because they go into detail at trying to explain certain cultural phrases or terms; the official subs don't. The swearing in fansubs maybe exaggerated, and honestly sometimes that pisses me off, especially since most of the times it's just plain out wrong, but I'd rather have that than nothing or "dumbed-down". For your third point, I meant that the English VA's aren't nearly good as the Japanese VA's are. The Japanese VA's do a significantly better job at expressing emotion than their English VA counterparts do. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but I'm just explaining my logic.
[07-30, 23:27] <JohnVaughan> Are we done being idiots yet? It's been an entire afternoon. Surely we're done.
[07-30, 23:25] <Krissen94> Thanks Robby :) I was just wondering, cause I thought 1080p was better than 720p, but whenever I'm about to download another anime, I allways see people who want 720p instead of 1080p, and sry about the bad english
[07-30, 23:23] <RobbyLob> Krissen: I have a crappy video card on my computer, which is a number of years old, and anything that's 1080p will not play without skipping so badly that it's unwatchable. I' m sure that puts me in the minority, but I prefer 720p for that reason.
[07-30, 23:21] <Krissen94> Why does people want 720p instead of 1080p? :P
[07-30, 23:15] <RobbyLob> MoJo-X: Thanks for the thoughtful reply. A few things I'd like to mention, and I apoligize if you already know this or it souds redundant. One, fansubs are not immune to mistake; they're often amateurs, not professionals. Two, swearing is fansubs is grossly overaggerated. And three, dub dialog is much more different than subs since it has to match existing animation; unless you meant you have a problem with English VA's voices, and that's an opinion I'm certainly not going to criticize even though I like many of them.
[07-30, 23:14] <nanaone> OMG MUH ANIMUS, RIP IN PIECES NYAA ;___;
[07-30, 23:05] <MoJo-X> RobbyLob, I'll admit that I can't speak or write Japanese, but even I can make out certain phrases. After comparing them to fansubs, the official subtitles sometimes miss the mark completely. Also the swearing is almost never accurately translated, or just sugar coated. Certain cultural terms are never translated also. To me, it's just the way the original dialog is supposed to be. Don't get me started on the dubbing... tldr: fansubs > offcial subs
[07-30, 23:00] <SneakiestNEG> So all is not lost if the unthinkable happens. THE CENTRE WILL HOLD
[07-30, 22:58] <SneakiestNEG> This will be down voted but piratebay has anime too. I found some dead fish there.
[07-30, 22:58] <Artemix> So.. did something happen then?
[07-30, 22:56] <RobbyLob> MoJo-X: Why do you think the subtitles are generally bad? I hear that complaint a lot and frankly it doesn't make much sense to me.
[07-30, 22:56] <HerbalNekoTea> I guest like 90% of the time, the team of Nyaa are all trolling. XD Kinda more real than an april fool. D:
[07-30, 22:55] <MoJo-X> Region locking shit is stupid anyway. Crap like that is another reason why I pirate shit too.
[07-30, 22:54] <Thelight52> Man, no way ;-;
[07-30, 22:53] <SneakiestNEG> Hell even Americans use a VPN to access netflix lol but for different reasons.