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Raw Live Action[Raw] High School D×D 日笠陽子の声優ハイスクール 全6回 (BDrip 1920x1080i x264 AAC)DL1.85 GiB1131771
Raw Live Action[RAW] Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider - Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai.aviDL1.73 GiBStatus unknown21921
Raw Live Action[Raw] GJ部 「グッジョぶの音楽祭」 (BD 1920x1080 x264 AAC 10bit)DL2.29 GiB4023281
Raw Live Action[RAW] GARO: Soukoku no MaryuDL1.65 GiB0126990
Raw Live Action[RAW] Detective Conan Live Action Drama 2011 - Episode 5 (720p).mp4DL453 MiB025470
Raw Live Action[RAW] Detective Conan Live Action Drama 2011 - Episode 4 [1280x720].mp4DL448.3 MiB026330
Raw Live Action[RAW] AKB48 x Natsukawa Rimi - Nada Sousou (1280x720 DivX MPEG L3)DL385.8 MiB0146700
Raw Live Action[Raws-4U] Kamen Rider Kiva (EX 1280x720 H.264 AAC)DL22.21 GiB0264532
Live Action Promotional Video[Raws-4U] BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - BACK ON MY FEET (DVD 720x480 H.264 Vorbis).mkvDL71.9 MiB018830
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Yokuwakaru! JGSDF [DVD 480p x264 Hi10P AACx2][C0DD7CBE].mkvDL737.5 MiB105560
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Hatsune Miku Live Party 2013 in Kansai [BD 720p Hi444PP AACx2]DL13.48 GiB1410252
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.25 - Part 2 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][B94F9C12].mkvDL5.04 GiB5019820
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.25 - Part 1 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][8389715A].mkvDL3.88 GiB2223120
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.24 - Part 2 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][F4B8125B].mkvDL5.71 GiB4221110
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.24 - Part 1 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][900CFF22].mkvDL5.87 GiB3120461
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.23 - Part 2 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][EB7527D8].mkvDL5.07 GiB5022371
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.23 - Part 1 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][258E0FA9].mkvDL5.54 GiB5125483
Live Action Promotional Video[rawdiks] T.M.Revolution x Mizuki Nana - Preserved Roses [Limited Edtion DVD ISO]DL436.8 MiB4044840
Raw Live Action[]ArachnidDL545 MiB0016370
Raw Live Action[raw-KnT]Kimi ni Todoke – The Movie ( 720*480 )DL896 MiB014802
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 11 (1280x720 DivX)DL1016.6 MiB015150
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 10 (1280x720 DivX)DL979.7 MiB014860
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 09 (1280x720 DivX)DL951 MiB015620
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 08 (1280x720 DivX)DL1.05 GiB014810
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 07 (1280x720 DivX)DL938 MiB016250
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 06 (1280x720 DivX)DL1.18 GiB019350
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 05 (1280x720 DivX)DL1 GiB0112530
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 04 (1280x720 DivX)DL905 MiB0111420
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 03 (1280x720 DivX)DL941 MiB0112190
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 02 (1280x720 DivX)DL1006 MiB0110960
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 01 (1280x720 DivX)DL1.11 GiB0112210
Live Action Promotional Video[raw IV] Hirano Aya - Love Story DVD (864x480 XviD)DL699 MiB0129050
English-translated Live Action[RAW / Eng Sub] Mega Monster Battle - Ultra Galaxy Legend The MovieDL2.15 GiB1017041
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_The_Sketchbook_-_Clover_[DVD][h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL58.5 MiB018690
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_The_Bravery_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL431.4 MiB2010300
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_No.525300887039_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL362.9 MiB009730
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_My_Dearest_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL351 MiB1010921
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_Kokuhaku_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL312.5 MiB1210050
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_Hakushu_Kassai_Utaawase_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL433.9 MiB009740
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_Giniro_Hikousen_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL286.6 MiB059490
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_supercell_-_Bokura_no_Ashiato_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL377.2 MiB128570
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_LiSA_-_Rising_Hope_[DVD][h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL83.6 MiB0016751
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_Hamasaki_Ayumi_-_XOXO_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].mkvDL730 MiB029640
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_Flower_-_Taiyou_to_Himawari_[DVD]h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL173.8 MiB019180
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_Flower_-_let_go_again_feat.VERBAL(m-flo)_[DVD]h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL293.2 MiB059980
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_Flower_-_Koibito_ga_Santa_Claus_[DVD][h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL154.5 MiB019510
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_EGOIST_-_Namae_No_Nai_Kaibutsu_[h264-480p].mkvDL157.9 MiB209840
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_E-girls_-_THE_NEVER_ENDING_STORY_~Kimi_ni_Himitsu_wo_Oshieyou~_[DVD][h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL269.1 MiB0111270
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo]_E-girls_-_JUST_IN_LOVE_[DVD][h264-576p_AC3].mkvDL147.3 MiB0011800
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] °C-ute - The Power (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL239.4 MiB1011280
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] °C-ute - Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version) (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL144.5 MiB0110640
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Zushi San Kyoudai - Ai Nan Desuka Jou Desuka (MTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL136.1 MiB016560
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] ZIGZO - FOREVER YOUNG (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL86.3 MiB107530
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Yusuke - Sunshine (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL162.7 MiB017300
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] YuiKaori - Intro Situation (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL175 MiB3212950
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Yazawa Yoko - Lady No.5 (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL105.6 MiB046220
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] yanaginagi - Tokohana (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL110.2 MiB107600
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] X21 - Koisuru Natsu! (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL243.9 MiB017120
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Watanabe Mayu - Rappa Renshuuchuu (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL165.1 MiB108700
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] VALSHE - TRANSFORM (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL86 MiB007720
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] UVERworld - THE OVER (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL120 MiB4010060
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Uesaka Sumire - Kitare! Akatsuki no Doushi (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL287.1 MiB008570
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Uema Ayano - Hanakotoba (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL65 MiB016980
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Trident - Purest Blue (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL131.2 MiB0211800
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Toyama Mirei - Fallin' Out / I Wanna NO feat. SHUN (MTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL121.6 MiB018530
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Tomita Shiori - HAPPY AND HAPPY (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL134.6 MiB017890
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Tomatsu Haruka - Yume no Sekai (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL86.3 MiB0011401
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] TK from Ling tosite Sigure - unravel (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL146.9 MiB1011340
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Split Milk (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL194.1 MiB107980
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Mirror (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL104.8 MiB107790
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Michi (MUSIC BOX 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL176.1 MiB108170
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Message (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL138.4 MiB208320
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Colors (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL152.8 MiB107780
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Sketchbook - Ashita e (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL161.2 MiB208010
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] THE CRO-MAGNONS - Kiss Made Ikeru (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL94.9 MiB017050
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] The Challenge - My Girl (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL129.5 MiB026920
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] the brilliant green - A Little World (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL71.5 MiB108820
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] THE BAWDIES - COME ON (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL370.7 MiB017980
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Tamura Yukari feat.motsu from m.o.v.e - Party wa Owaranai (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL204.4 MiB009670
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Taketatsu Ayana - Wonderful World (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL119.3 MiB009990
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Takahashi Yu - Fukuwarai (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL279.3 MiB108250
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Tadokoro Azusa - Hello My Revolution (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL205.5 MiB108690
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Suzu - LOVE TO YOU -by CUPS- (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL194.5 MiB016480
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] SUNDAYS - Marui Tongari (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL374 MiB016690
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Sukima Switch - Ah Yeah!! (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL167.7 MiB019030
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Sugie Yurika - spyder (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL266.6 MiB016330
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Splash Revolution - Meippai Hashaija Yeah!! (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL176.7 MiB106130
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] SPICY CHOCOLATE - Ureshinamida feat. CHE'NELLE & MACO (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL80 MiB138140
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] sphere - Pride on Everyday (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL85.2 MiB0110890
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] sphere - Planet Freedom (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL152 MiB019900
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] sphere - Non stop road (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL296.4 MiB0111211
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] sphere - GENESIS ARIA (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL128 MiB0110750
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Sotte Bosse - Haru no Haruka (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL128.9 MiB017000
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Sonar Pocket - Saishuu Densha ~missing you~ (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL58.1 MiB107740
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] SKE48 - Bukiyou Taiyou (Short Ver.) (SSTV 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL60.6 MiB008710
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Silent Siren - Lucky Girl (SSTV 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL184.2 MiB019110
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Silent Siren - BANG!BANG!BANG! (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL202.5 MiB0111220
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] SHUN - Never Change feat.Lyu Lyu (M-ON! 1280x720 Hi10P AAC).mkvDL110.9 MiB106980
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Shonenki - GAZELLEBABEL (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL144.9 MiB026550
Live Action Promotional Video[rapopo] Sheena Ringo - NIPPON (M-ON! 1280x720 h264 AAC).mp4DL142.7 MiB1011180
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-26, 15:00] <hazardous> great! \o/
[11-26, 14:33] <Artemix> 2 Parasyte episodes today!, cool.
[11-26, 14:32] <sarachikorita> "Rad" ? That word was dated 20 years ago.
[11-26, 14:18] <ginzabeth> TeddyLoid is bloody rad.
[11-26, 14:01] <nataku411> I know right? I can't wait for it to get uploaded, hopefully without the extra sound effects
[11-26, 13:54] <reldas> that ME!ME!ME! vid was awesome. i could watch it all day long
[11-26, 13:36] <nataku411> I'm gonna wait patiently for the ME!ME!ME! lossless upload D:
[11-26, 12:56] <nedahoong> Is there not any torrents of Ryuugajou vol.4~6?
[11-26, 11:55] <Mayobe> It's Ghibli and Titan.
[11-26, 11:53] <hazardous> @Unitail: Attack On Bahumut and Parasyte XD
[11-26, 11:51] <hazardous> they all want access to higher dimensions for dark reasons. dirty fuckers. well we can access higher dimensions too if we do that astral oobe thingy. me interested oobe and animu most. rest can fuck itself :D
[11-26, 11:49] <Unitail> What is the AOTY ?
[11-26, 11:40] <Mayobe> Fucking Bush, pumping all the oil through the stargate to goddamned aliens!
[11-26, 11:39] <hazardous> stargates are fucking real so real that US invaded iraq for that very reason lol
[11-26, 11:36] <Mayobe> Trinity 7 - You know these people are serious because they have a fucking stargate in the basement.
[11-26, 11:35] <OnDeed> Zura is on standby.
[11-26, 11:34] <shaddrag> ~Zura
[11-26, 10:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Keepo
[11-26, 09:31] <Memories.> Kappa
[11-26, 08:06] <hazardous> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-26, 07:58] <xDev> lol
[11-26, 07:03] <frostyon420> why would anyone wanna be like deadfish lmfao
[11-26, 06:46] <torchlight> No.
[11-26, 06:31] <JacobSwaggedUp> Im trying to start something similar to DeadFish
[11-26, 06:27] <JacobSwaggedUp> Hey anyone wanna join my group?
[11-26, 05:03] <Denkoko> Did Anime-Koi drop Kokkuri-san?
[11-26, 03:59] <tatomcmlxxx> Not include English dub, only english sub.
[11-26, 03:30] <John_Rhogan_TRUE> How do I report a user for using someone's name wrongly? My name is John Rhogan, and there some user who is abusing my name.
[11-26, 03:21] <Raishin> Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de?? no fansubbing?
[11-26, 03:16] <vivan> 4:1:1 might be that reason
[11-26, 02:46] <penguin-fever> This is because four is death. Everything begins with death. It's obvious when you think through it with the logics.
[11-26, 01:49] <sarachikorita> The standard is to use 4 for the first number, for some reason.
[11-26, 01:40] <Artemix> Isn't 4:2:0 the same as 2:1:0?.
[11-26, 01:12] <vivan> #488386
[11-26, 00:46] <Kocmar Laslone> The King and the Clown
[11-25, 20:51] <xell17> Yeah, but with low priority.
[11-25, 20:31] <Dat Size> Is Vivid doing Expelled from Paradise?
[11-25, 19:45] <nataku411> Mekaku? I'm pretty sure it was only one scene, a flashback that was drastically altered from this weird CGI style.
[11-25, 19:41] <Sheetsuji> hello ferguson here
[11-25, 18:48] <hazardous> oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-25, 18:43] <Mill.Rar> hello, i proclaim my love for cheesecake
[11-25, 17:34] <Rin2K> wait, what? has ever existed something like that to begin with?.
[11-25, 17:30] <ravenleaf182> The kickstarter is to bring the entire trilogy west, and is working with the actual japanese producers <_<
[11-25, 17:05] <Senfu> Seems like SAO fansub died
[11-25, 15:22] <fibre> mekaku
[11-25, 15:17] <Rin2K> please no.
[11-25, 13:16] <DN Nimxz> I heard there was a remake of Mekakucity Actors Episode 9.... Ayano's Theory of Happiness.. Is there a download link yet??
[11-25, 09:50] <WastedMeerkat> @CTRL FEAR, That's the best I could do since Kawaii Corner, the original scanlator, no longer maintains their website, and you have to be an admin approved member to download their releases. Pretty great system.
[11-25, 09:14] <junh1024> sometimes, you get horribad 1080p chroma artefacts due to 420 CS. 3.84K downscaled may remedy this.
[11-25, 08:51] <CTRL FEAR> crap no one is seeding an english manga version of "another" >.< anyone wanna put one up?
[11-25, 07:47] <vivan> junh1024, and?
[11-25, 07:20] <junh1024> With genuine 3.84K at 4:2:0, you get 1080p of Chroma, unlike 540p of chroma for 1080p 4:2:0
[11-25, 05:52] <chuckk> oh you were just pretending to be retarded, gotcha
[11-25, 05:51] <herkz> no. do you?
[11-25, 05:51] <chuckk> i said grisaia was shit, not good. do you lack reading comprehension on a preschooler level?
[11-25, 05:49] <herkz> chuckk why do you have such bad taste
[11-25, 05:29] <Hamartia> Also, if it gets enough money, it's supposed to pay for the translation of the as of yet untranslated sequel games.
[11-25, 05:26] <chuckk> the kickstarter is to hire someone to make a grisaia game that isn't shit
[11-25, 05:19] <Denkoko> dark and edgy like my soul
[11-25, 05:18] <eternia> WHAT COLOR?
[11-25, 05:15] <herkz> ??
[11-25, 05:13] <nataku411> A kickstarter for Grisaia? I can't imagine what it's for.
[11-25, 05:03] <herkz> dunno
[11-25, 04:50] <Hamartia> Herkz, when is the kickstarter for Grisaia coming online?
[11-25, 04:46] <shimada_m> It has slight difference
[11-25, 02:56] <Stinky Cheez> Artemix, 4K is vastly overrated, UNLESS your display is pretty damn massive (40"-50"+, say). Below that, 1080p works just fine.
[11-25, 02:23] <zaturama007> What color is your HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE?
[11-25, 02:11] <[TRVE]> Marketing? No. Production in a declining economy.
[11-25, 02:05] <Gyentwo> is AG any good for reconguista? HS rips have cancer audio
[11-25, 02:02] <Robert Franklin> trve still best girl
[11-25, 01:59] <nicky_008> Nice, there isn't only me who still haven't forgot the Kazuki's route in the 'me yet.
[11-25, 01:46] <Zurl> Johj
[11-25, 01:28] <ravenleaf182> Yes, this shit again. because numb nut can't understand a qualifier and wants to argue marketing now.
[11-25, 01:22] <Rin2K> not this shit again.
[11-25, 01:06] <[TRVE]> And you don't seem to grasp the concept behind financing niche-within-a-niche stuff. Literally everybody seeks to minimize risk and one way to do it is to only invest money for 1 cour. That's what sponsors do. Another way to minimize risk is planning for worst case and that's what the creative team does. Now if up
[11-25, 00:11] <herkz> except only makina's route (and amane's flashback) are relevant to the sequels, so yeah they could easily do that.
[11-25, 00:04] <boredatwork> if they make a whole season just about 1 girl you'd only see a huge shitstorm from all the LN fans who like one of the other girls more.
[11-25, 00:01] <WastedMeerkat> Holy CRAP, Grisaia episode 6 was rushed. The content should've been spread out over 2 episodes AT LEAST. Jesus.
[11-24, 23:59] <ravenleaf182> most of the stuff on here is in japanese, why would you want japanese subs?
[11-24, 23:55] <Breitt> Guys, any one has any good slice of life/simple dialog animes with jp subs to reccomend? I was trying to find Chi's sweet home with jp subs but couldn't find it to download. :\
[11-24, 23:49] <ravenleaf182> if it flops, then they don't produce anymore, and its no sweat off anyone's back. It was just another 13 run series to take up a time slot for the week
[11-24, 23:47] <ravenleaf182> you missed the qualifier: IF it was successful; they could produce more. Let me make it more simple for you since you seem to be not following that. the idea is, they make a season well. it gardeners popularity, and makes the producers money. Fans are happy fan base grows. The producers now can keep true to the story without doing BS naruto/fairy tail arcs while they milk it, since the next story is the same world/characters but different events.
[11-24, 21:21] <shaddrag> TRVE best route
[11-24, 20:52] <NoobSubs> Anime is for the weeboo.
[11-24, 20:24] <[TRVE]> Nobody in their right mind would fund several cours for such a shaky franchise.
[11-24, 20:22] <ravenleaf182> grisaria could have just been focused on one girl and been done quite well, even more so, if it was successful following seasons could be different girls. Such an easy way to make the fans happy and milk the money out of it, but no. Can't be that simple.
[11-24, 20:11] <Artemix> What is it with Gintama and Dragon Quest.. stop with the references already, I never played that game, it annoys me.
[11-24, 19:07] <HerbalNekoTea> I think there's 80% chance of getting another shitty original ending, yes i am butthurt about the anime.
[11-24, 19:06] <HerbalNekoTea> So, next week of Grisaia, will he pull or not the trigger or are we getting an original ending ?
[11-24, 19:01] <Artemix> So 4k games wont be possible in the current iteration of consoles.. damn. PC master race.
[11-24, 18:55] <pky> Download 1080p, it looks better anyway.
[11-24, 17:58] <HerbalNekoTea> Lol * Damn, that typo look really weird. XD
[11-24, 17:57] <HerbalNekoTea> Low, i tried to answer it myself with doing a skip of multiple 60sec, did not even got one full minute. XD
[11-24, 17:56] <ayu17> Yeah, Bahamut 720p is corrupted after 1 min.
[11-24, 17:54] <HerbalNekoTea> What happened to the torrent of rage of bahamut from HS in 720p ? Was it corrupted ? Do i need to flush it ?
[11-24, 17:44] <Basjohn> You have to ask 3 times man, almost there.
[11-24, 17:28] <Robot003> need seeds #620423
[11-24, 17:23] <Zurl> Johj
[11-24, 16:42] <fpdlfl4769> hey guys i want animelo 2014 part 3 where is it