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Live Action Promotional VideoBoA - Mamoritai ~White Wishes~.DVD.x264-UAC.mkvDL35.9 MiB009610
Raw Live Action[TV-Japan][RAW] Iron King - 01 (1972) (480x360 DivX5)DL167.2 MiB019610
Non-English-translated Live ActionGachi Max Final Sub ItaDL619.2 MiBStatus unknown9600
Live Action Promotional Video[Hamlon] Sakamoto Maaya - Triangler [PV][Kanji_Romanji_English_Simple_Karaoke]DL41.6 MiB019600
Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[Pv](2008.02.06)鈴木亜美 joins S.A.(STUDIO APARTMENT)-Bitter…DL143.9 MiB019590
English-translated Live ActionSakura Gakuin Sun Episode 4 HDDL634.5 MiB029551
Raw Live ActionShabekuri 007 2011.05.09 (1280x720 x264).mp4DL490.8 MiB019540
Raw Live ActionHappy Music (ハッピーMusic) BATCHDL44.49 GiB019530
English-translated Live Action[TimeLesSub] Kaze no Garden Episode 03 [2CEFF9BF].aviDL370.9 MiB009520
Raw Live ActionTeppan 3rd WeekDL1.61 GiB019510
English-translated Live Action死刑執行 - Execution of death penalty in Japan -.DL27.3 MiB009480
Raw Live Action探偵神津恭介の殺人推理 #3 ~魔笛に魅せられた女~ (HDリマスター版) [HDTV 1080i].mp4DL2.75 GiB039470
Live Action Promotional Video[RGV Otaku] LiSA - traumerei (848x480 h264 AC3)(Subbed).mkvDL72.8 MiBStatus unknown9460
Live Action Promotional Videoのみこ(Nomico) - Bad Apple!!DL54.1 MiB019460
Live Action Promotional VideoT.M.Revolution - HEART OF SWORD ~yoake mae~.DVD.x264-UAC.mkvDL158 MiB039460
Live Action Promotional Video[PV] Perfume - Kasuka na Kaori (TV ver.) [DVD-Rip h264 FLAC]DL114.3 MiB019450
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第10話DL109.8 MiB019450
Live Action Promotional VideoSKE48 Akagumi - Koe ga Kasureru Kurai.mp4DL120.1 MiB139440
Live Action Promotional VideoBoA - Disturbance (Korean ver.).mp4DL64 MiB029420
Live Action Promotional VideoBoA - Energetic.720p.HDTV.x264-UAC.mkvDL256.5 MiB009420
Live Action Promotional VideoHYDE - HELLO [DVD]DL79.4 MiB009420
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第7話DL82.8 MiB019420
Raw Live Action[TV-JAPAN][RAW] SPIDERMAN 04 (1978) (640x480 XviD 29.97fps).aviDL213.7 MiB019420
English-translated Live ActionHERO 01-06DL4.11 GiBStatus unknown9410
Non-English-translated Live ActionAKB48 Live@SBD - 2011.11.19DL6.06 GiB609400
English-translated Live ActionNana Mizuki LIVE FORMULA at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA DISC1~3][R10][RMVB]DL2.49 GiBStatus unknown9400
English-translated Live Action[eng-sub] The Witch of the West is Dead (h264 DVD upcon 720p).mkvDL1.71 GiB029390
Live Action Promotional VideoAngela Aki - Yume no Owari Ai no Hajimari (SSTV) [720p].mp4DL93.1 MiB309380
Raw Live ActionTiger and Bunny - The LiveDL2.3 GiBStatus unknown9371
Raw Live ActionLucky Star in Budokan -Anata no Tame Dakara- Part 2 (BD 1920x1080 H264 FLAC).mkvDL2.75 GiB119360
Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[Pv](2007.12.27)JAPAN NEW PVS[collection 11.21-08.02.06 all new pv]DL1.6 GiB019360
English-translated Live ActionUmizaru - Limit of Love 2006DL1.1 GiBStatus unknown9360
Raw Live ActionBioman 01 - 10(DVD-RIP)DL2.04 GiB019350
Live Action Promotional VideoRIP SLYME - BAD TIMESDL1.23 GiB019330
Non-English-translated Live Action[WAF] Naruto Shippuden 153 - SUB ESPDL75.3 MiB009320
Live Action Promotional Video[][DVDISO][070627]はっぴぃ・はっぴぃ・すまいる'07 chu→lip☆ARMY in U-PORT[2ISO]DL11.54 GiBStatus unknown9320
Live Action Promotional VideoMami Kawada - masterpiece (H.264).mp4DL91.3 MiB019310
English-translated Live ActionHERO 07-11DL3.37 GiBStatus unknown9310
Raw Live ActionMusic Lovers - 2011.02.13.mp4DL515.6 MiB019300
Live Action Promotional Video[xyz][PV] YUI - Jam (640x480 H264 MP3) [D13458B6].mp4DL45.2 MiB019300
Live Action Promotional VideoSDN48 - GAGAGA.mp4DL180.6 MiB019290
English-translated Live ActionGame Center CX - BombermanDL580.5 MiB109280
Raw Live Actionセーラー服と機関銃DL8.02 GiB019280
Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[Pv](2008.01.16)UVERworld-RootsDL82.4 MiB019280
Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[Pv](2007.12.12)槇原敬之(Makihara Noriyuki)-赤いマフラDL195.4 MiB029280
Live Action Promotional VideoMorning Musume.'14 - Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe (M-ON!) [720p] [2014.04.16].mp4DL252.5 MiB409270
Raw Live Action[111126][BS-Fuji]アドリブアニメ研究所『片岡あづさ』_ヽ(≧∇≦)ノFUTOMOMO!FUTOMOMO!.mp4DL283.3 MiB019270
Live Action Promotional Video[Inmouved-Jap] Koda Kumi - But.mkvDL79.8 MiB019260
English-translated Live Action女子高生ロボット戦争 (2001年 / アメリカ )(日本語吹替版)DL379.4 MiB049260
Non-English-translated Live Action(HKT48) 140312 Ichiban Song Show - Talk + LiveDL314.6 MiB1809210
Raw Live ActionTeppan 4th WeekDL1.71 GiB019210
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第6話DL90.4 MiB019200
Raw Live Action[TV-JAPAN][RAW] SPIDERMAN 08 ( 1978) ( 640x480 XviD 29.97fps )DL213.7 MiB019200
Live Action Promotional VideoEvery Little Thing - Ai ga Aru Album Version.mp4DL176.3 MiB039190
Raw Live ActionYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's 132 (D-TX 1280x720 x264 AAC ASS).mkvDL252.6 MiB009180
Live Action Promotional VideoYUI - GLORIA (1280x720 x264 AAC)-Bakazooka.mp4DL75.9 MiB019180
Live Action Promotional VideoL'Arc~en~Ciel - NEXUS 4.DVD.x264-UAC.mkvDL90.1 MiB009180
Live Action Promotional Video[PV] Olivia - SpidERSpins [DVD-Rip h264 FLAC]DL77.3 MiB109170
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第3話DL97.2 MiB019170
English-translated Live Action[TimeLesSub] Kaze no Garden Episode 04 [310183BB].aviDL376 MiB009170
Live Action Promotional VideoKoda Kumi - ECSTASY (Live Tour 2009 ~Trick~)DL84.2 MiBStatus unknown9160
Raw Live ActionSuper Robot Spirits Concert 99 & 2000DL1.25 GiB419130
English-translated Live Action[SOSG&SOH][Aya_Hirano][Love_Story_2][DVDRip][X264_AAC][864x480]DL894.7 MiB029120
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第4話DL124.4 MiB019110
Live Action Promotional Videono3b - Pedicure day.mp4DL181.4 MiB019091
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 32.aviDL228.6 MiB009090
Live Action Promotional VideoSDN48 Under Girls A - Tengoku no Door wa 3kaime no Bell de Aku.mp4DL83.9 MiB019070
English-translated Live Action[TrF-DVDISO] Kamen Rider Den-O Vol. 11DL4.36 GiB019040
English-translated Live Actionアップル再生・iPodの挑戦-Discovery CHANNEL(Japanese)DL661 MiB019040
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider Decade Episode 20.aviDL228.5 MiB019030
Live Action Promotional VideoMusic Lovers - 2011.02.27.mp4DL510.5 MiB019020
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider X Episode 3.aviDL297.7 MiB109020
Raw Live ActionSilent Siren Live Tour 2013~巻きおこせ!サイサイサイクロン♪ ピンクの花咲くサイサイツアーStart→♡~@東京 SHIBUYA-AX - 2013_05_03 19-00Start - Nico LiveDL613.7 MiBStatus unknown9000
English-translated Live ActionKamen Rider Faiz / Masked Rider 555 Movie - Paradise Lost (Director's Cut) subtitlesDL66.9 KiB108980
Non-English-translated Live Action20th Century Boys - Capitulo 2 The Last Hope [Sub Esp][704x480 - H264-AAC][D492A6F6]DL2 GiB028980
Live Action Promotional Video[Shini-subs] FictionJunction - stone cold (1280x720 h264 AAC) [B8A6B7A4].mkvDL226.6 MiB018961
Non-English-translated Live Action[Jagob48FS] AKB48 130420 MECHAIKE SP (Thai Hard-sub)DL1.63 GiB018950
Live Action Promotional Video[Bakazooka] SCANDAL - Shunkan Sentimental [720p][TH][35355B43].mp4DL125.5 MiB028950
Raw Live Action[RAW] Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: 10 Years AfterDL911.1 MiBStatus unknown8940
Raw Live Action(RAW) Kamen Rider Kiva - 41 (1440x812i)DL628 MiB018940
Live Action Promotional Videostereopony - Namida no Mukou.DVD.x264-UAC.mkvDL89.8 MiB018930
English-translated Live ActionSF映画の原点にして頂点に立つ名作「メトロポリス」DL405.8 MiB0118930
English-translated Live Action[DVDISO]椿山課長の七日間.isoDL4.26 GiB018921
Live Action Promotional VideoLuna Sea - Eclipse I+IIDL4.36 GiBStatus unknown8920
English-translated Live Action【TV】MAG・ネットβDL541.5 MiB018910
Live Action Promotional Video[JR-F] L'Arc~en~Ciel - MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM [Chronicle 4] [DVD] [Dual Audio]DL135.7 MiB1138900
Non-English-translated Live Action[P.R.I.G.] Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Greek Dub CompleteDL6.24 GiB018900
Live Action Promotional Video[PV] Perfume - Voice [DVDRip h264 FLAC]DL132.3 MiB018880
Raw Live Action(RAW) Engine Sentai Go-Onger - Grand Prix 16 (DivX5.02 QB95 704x396 24fps)DL336 MiB008880
Live Action Promotional Video】[LIVE]栗林みな実 - LIVE TOUR 2008 dream link LIVE[Live+特典+PV][DVDRip][X264] [DL2.62 GiB028870
Live Action Promotional VideoGACKT - Juunigatsu no Love song.DVD.x264-UAC.mkvDL200.9 MiB018860
English-translated Live Action不思議少女 加藤うらら 第5話DL100.4 MiB018860
Live Action Promotional VideoEXILE - Each Other's Way ~Tabi no Tochuu~.mp4DL257.2 MiB018840
English-translated Live Action[TimeLesSub] Kaze no Garden Episode 05 [C5ADA0D6].aviDL379.4 MiB008840
Live Action Promotional VideoLuna Sea - Lunatic Tokyo ConcertDL7.84 GiBStatus unknown8840
Raw Live Action[raw-drama] 81diver - 06 (1280x720 DivX)DL1.18 GiB018840
Live Action Promotional VideoMorning Musume. - Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai Close-up Ver..mp4DL58.1 MiB028830
Non-English-translated Live ActionFairy_Tail_-_ 72 [848x480] [RAW]DL276.5 MiBStatus unknown8823
Live Action Promotional VideoMinami Takahashi - Yabureta Hane.mp4DL37.6 MiB108801
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-21, 02:17 UTC] <LekiHayasaki> @OneDeed What Manga/Doujin is that?
[04-21, 02:00 UTC] <OJ-VICE> YELLO
[04-21, 01:41 UTC] <agentice> Give this a gander -
[04-21, 01:36 UTC] <deanzel> OnDeed you are a gentleman and a scholar
[04-21, 01:34 UTC] <OnDeed> So to improve the culture, here is:
[04-21, 01:33 UTC] <OnDeed> the chatbox isn't supposed to be a deep/relevant/serious place. As you can see, it is mostly for people dumping in random, offensive, weird or dumb (and in the best case meaningless) spam...
[04-21, 01:24 UTC] <Zeta-Nu> 2014 = Year of the Yuri, Loli and Mecha
[04-21, 01:07 UTC] <Dontoon> *breathes heavily*
[04-21, 01:00 UTC] <Adhiesc> ^,^ Sorry, but I'm just down for a minor critic for nyaa. Chatbox without notification/tagging users who is being responded and the limitation of history is pretty useless I think.. :) So it will be great if the feature is added, maybe..
[04-21, 00:53 UTC] <xDev> kek
[04-21, 00:50 UTC] <stinky> Hey Dontune you moron. Go talk smack in some chat room you degenerate, then the cops can arrest you and you can get all the sick love you deserve in jail. Some of us use the chatbox to communicate intelligently, Dipwads like you will get it shut down again. PS- I wont be looking at your response.
[04-21, 00:50 UTC] <Dontoon> h-hai!
[04-21, 00:50 UTC] <[FALSE]> Dontoon Cyberbullying's Not Real Hahaha Like Close Your Eyes Hahaha Walk Away From Nyaa
[04-21, 00:46 UTC] <Koahku> Shut the fuck up you fucking kissless virgin nerd. No one will ever like you.
[04-21, 00:44 UTC] <Leeu> agentice pls go away
[04-21, 00:18 UTC] <Dontoon> somebody bully me
[04-20, 23:47 UTC] <Dontoon> insult me more mirlo
[04-20, 23:42 UTC] <agentice> Just watched the first episode of Haiyore! Nyaruko. It's terrible.
[04-20, 23:33 UTC] <[FALSE]> How Can Anime Be Real If Our Mirrors Aren't Real
[04-20, 22:53 UTC] <Mirlo> Shut up nerd.
[04-20, 22:46 UTC] <Dontoon> why can't anime be real
[04-20, 22:08 UTC] <agentice> Dist: Roger~ . | As far as Dragonar goes, reading the synopsis struck me as exactly Tsukaima, as well the base plot line of half a dozen other animus.
[04-20, 22:07 UTC] <choconeko> and i thought seki kun was done it has released it's 16th episode? such wow
[04-20, 21:55 UTC] <choconeko> still no sight of dragonar lmao :|
[04-20, 21:43 UTC] <Tafs> is dragonar a reversed Zero no Tsukaima?
[04-20, 21:35 UTC] <[FALSE]> #Dosukoi
[04-20, 21:11 UTC] <Dist> agentice: Just google '' anime sub comparison '' and you'll see reviews/comparisons between subbers.
[04-20, 21:06 UTC] <Dontoon> i just fapped to anya from dragonar
[04-20, 21:02 UTC] <magatsukami> eh?
[04-20, 20:54 UTC] <Shankies> do you really need me to explain? you see this in most of the new's pretty generic.
[04-20, 20:53 UTC] <agentice> Do people mind me asking about subbing groups in here when looking at different releases and trying to figure out which one to grab? Which ones are peoples favorite/ones they hate?
[04-20, 20:52 UTC] <Destinyshihn> what
[04-20, 20:51 UTC] <Shankies> dragonar have a good theme but it's too obvious
[04-20, 20:48 UTC] <NeVe12p4wNeD> why so big?
[04-20, 20:46 UTC] <NeVe12p4wNeD> So, chatbox... I don't see any good use from it... At all...
[04-20, 20:45 UTC] <Dontoon> ecobutt
[04-20, 20:43 UTC] <Dist> What's so good about that dragonar crap anyway? Dl'ed first episode, skimmed thru it repeadetly, and deleted it. Maybe I missed something but seemed extremely generic crap with the '' twist '' of dragons
[04-20, 20:36 UTC] <[TRVE]> You better finish those sick fucks off before they even get to that point.
[04-20, 20:20 UTC] <kenshinsama>
[04-20, 20:08 UTC] <()blivion> Therefore, I *AM* the most important person.
[04-20, 20:08 UTC] <Komandos> yea, I better be nice to those sick fucks in case they decide to kill everyone around them ... you never know who's next.
[04-20, 20:08 UTC] <()blivion> This statement is true.
[04-20, 20:08 UTC] <()blivion> The previous statement is true.
[04-20, 20:07 UTC] <()blivion> I'm the most important person to me.
[04-20, 20:01 UTC] <kenshinsama> Watching anime alone is enough to make a lot of us sick as fuck.
[04-20, 20:01 UTC] <Dontoon> shut up
[04-20, 20:00 UTC] <jerxou> yeah sick fuck.
[04-20, 19:59 UTC] <Dontoon> do you have something against being a sick fuck or something?
[04-20, 19:58 UTC] <Komandos> there's fap section here for all you horny teens ... go there and don't come back :-)
[04-20, 19:51 UTC] <no_good_name> could totally fap to that.
[04-20, 19:50 UTC] <no_good_name> I wanted eco to be violated by that dragon zombie, could have had some tenticle fun.
[04-20, 19:49 UTC] <astrum> You sick fucks.
[04-20, 19:47 UTC] <Dontoon> anyone want eco from dragonar to fart on their face?
[04-20, 19:36 UTC] <kenshinsama> If you're looking for an experience similar to S;G, you're better off reading C;H.
[04-20, 19:35 UTC] <kenshinsama> Well, from what I understand, the R;N visual novel wasn't done by the same people who made C;H and S;G, and didn't have nearly as good of a reception as either of those two. And, of course, we all know shit the adaption for C;H was.
[04-20, 19:32 UTC] <nash_makineta> OMG... I just ended watching Robotics;Notes. It's definitely a series of the heap... Steins;Gate was a damn masterpiece, so somehow gave me high hopes... T_T
[04-20, 19:30 UTC] <stinky> Yes FFF is ATX for seikoku! Site says please stop asking us about that.
[04-20, 19:25 UTC] <stinky> Isn't FFF seikoku no Dragonar the uncensored version? The first ep had the on top scene, and the next ep had quite a bit or erudity.
[04-20, 19:20 UTC] <kenshinsama> I think I'm gonna start watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure today. That anime looks really fun.
[04-20, 19:06 UTC] <no_good_name> That's great, i guess i've found a new fansub group to use
[04-20, 18:54 UTC] <Dist> Indeed it would... Well I will be mostly ignoring the chatbox.. Sooner or later it'll be gone anyways once Nyaa gets fed up with the stupidity of people on this site once again .. For what, fourth time?
[04-20, 18:26 UTC] <jerxou> Oyatsu <3
[04-20, 18:12 UTC] <oyatsufs> no_good_name: That's the plan. :)
[04-20, 18:12 UTC] <stinky> I dropped Akuma no Riddle, guess all I like is endgame bedplay by lesbians. Not yuri jealous murdering lezzes.
[04-20, 18:01 UTC] <no_good_name> Thanks, are Oyatsu going to be subbing it weekly? (never heard of them before)
[04-20, 17:37 UTC] <Komandos> #545311 - seikoku no dragonar ep3 uncensored ...
[04-20, 16:59 UTC] <Tetsu> Any idea where to find ts for fairy tail from chapter 1 to 2 S2?
[04-20, 16:29 UTC] <no_good_name> The lack of nipples has been disturbing.
[04-20, 16:28 UTC] <no_good_name> What sub group is releasing uncensored seikoku?
[04-20, 16:18 UTC] <Abunja> Hello Dist, glad to see you here still. If thw other guys were here, this place will be shittier than ever lol
[04-20, 16:01 UTC] <paperinikiss> @shnisaka: both series ended.
[04-20, 16:00 UTC] <fruiteaterz> so yeah
[04-20, 15:58 UTC] <shnisaka> does anybody know what is going on with kuroko's basketball and hajime no ippo? they stopped releasing them in april!
[04-20, 15:48 UTC] <Raishin> Otaku club yeahhhh
[04-20, 15:31 UTC] <Chihara> i'll still waiting love live! S2 03 xD
[04-20, 15:30 UTC] <Chihara> tes
[04-20, 14:47 UTC] <DemandredDarklight> ...that I know of, anyway.
[04-20, 14:46 UTC] <choconeko> @bakmi44 yes it is but im waiting for FFF's
[04-20, 14:46 UTC] <DemandredDarklight> @bakmi44, yes, at-x's seikoku is uncensored, but nobody's dropped a subbed at-x version yet.
[04-20, 14:42 UTC] <bakmi44> @choconeko i thought at-x's seikoku is uncensored?
[04-20, 14:42 UTC] <LeaflameSD> Not really sure about this.
[04-20, 14:41 UTC] <LeaflameSD> So this is the chatbox...?
[04-20, 14:38 UTC] <Dist> I'm here but I'm not happy about the return of the chat box, and would much rather prefer to stay quiet than somehow get mixed up in useless arguments with some of the other '' old usuals '', wherever they may be ..
[04-20, 14:33 UTC] <wswcloud121> hiya i downloaded a torrent game but im not sure what program i need to run it, the default mounted program is adobe flash player but that doesnt work
[04-20, 13:57 UTC] <Abunja> Where are the old usuals here? Dist, Black Ace, that guy and company? Also the Latino guy who always whine how his new HDD suck.
[04-20, 13:46 UTC] <Ardi Boy> wew...It's been long time to see chatbox in nyaa again ^_^
[04-20, 13:44 UTC] <mangarar> hk
[04-20, 13:11 UTC] <choconeko> V same
[04-20, 13:11 UTC] <chargedodger> Too many torrents to DL during Sundays >_<
[04-20, 13:11 UTC] <choconeko> I need my DAL II and Seikoku no dragonar uncensored version T^T
[04-20, 13:10 UTC] <chargedodger> Hi people :D
[04-20, 13:08 UTC] <choconeko> sup :D
[04-20, 13:08 UTC] <jesujej> hi
[04-20, 13:08 UTC] <choconeko> goodevening chat box :D
[04-20, 12:00 UTC] <therapi> oh?
[04-20, 11:57 UTC] <volao> i need a person to listen to a song i'm making
[04-20, 11:54 UTC] <drgnfirejb1> hmm i guess i cant posy here yet
[04-20, 11:54 UTC] <drgnfirejb1> i can post here now
[04-20, 11:44 UTC] <Дядюшка Хоттабыч> Hi