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English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_46v2_[0F307564].mkvDL564.9 MiB1040540
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_45_[B2286A4A].mkvDL387.2 MiB1055820
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_44_[C6177BC0].mkvDL488 MiB1023590
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_43_[0C1A002F].mkvDL401.8 MiB1052800
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_42_[45E68127].mkvDL439.2 MiB0171200
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_41_[391D638D].mkvDL339.9 MiB0053340
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_40v2_[3C80309E].mkvDL391.4 MiB0126490
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_39v2_[A54B0673].mkvDL396.5 MiB0163360
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_38_[84347A21].mkvDL301.6 MiB0057480
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_37v2_[2F17DB81].mkvDL345.7 MiB0129540
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_36_[D3126360].mkvDL459.1 MiB0128010
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_36SD_[DD0C80DB].mp4DL238 MiB017231
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_35_[F4C6D64B].mkvDL459.3 MiB1055731
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_34_[2F692246].mkvDL539.9 MiB0166780
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_33_[0F1F9C15].mkvDL501.3 MiB0169400
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_32_[2478CC4B].mkvDL395.3 MiB0165290
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_31_[B6366C50].mkvDL387.4 MiB0163230
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_30_[C807BEE9].mkvDL392.3 MiB0145050
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_29_[0D250F6D].mkvDL376.8 MiB0144940
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_28_[3A9396DF].mkvDL503 MiB0042890
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_27_[94FF62F5].mkvDL444.4 MiB0147990
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_26_[AC9FA61E].mkvDL366.2 MiB0139120
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_25_[8041B91A].mkvDL369.1 MiB0150630
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_24_[D6103B07].mkvDL387.4 MiB0141890
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_23_[FA4A841B].mkvDL404.9 MiB0143990
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_22_[EBC9E398].mkvDL482.1 MiB0049340
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_21_[38CA47F2].mkvDL396.7 MiB0053430
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_20v2_[2BC89318].mkvDL414.6 MiB0029420
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_19v2_[5F864FEA].mkvDL431.9 MiB0033860
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_18_[4708A20B].mkvDL468.8 MiB0151221
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_17_[3B906D0C].mkvDL436.2 MiB0058270
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_16_[D1564109].mkvDL413 MiB0148540
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_15_[B50A452A].mkvDL440.6 MiB0048970
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_14_[4569DA42].mkvDL454.8 MiB0049670
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_13_[C9FE1975].mkvDL424.9 MiB0049810
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_12v2_[4A43BFE3].mkvDL411.1 MiB0026950
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_11_[50473C4C].mkvDL423.5 MiB0048140
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_10v2_[0C74A911].mkvDL365.7 MiB0117620
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_09_[0D91EA7A].mkvDL503.4 MiB0044370
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_08_[2727A014].mkvDL449.5 MiB0137870
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_07_[B53995EB].mkvDL427.7 MiB0139360
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_07SD_[637C5426].aviDL233.8 MiB001800
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_06_[80779814].mkvDL381.6 MiB0028050
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_05_[161E197C].mkvDL410.1 MiB0136430
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_04_[64CC59B8].mkvDL398.3 MiB0138240
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_03_[8F2CA5D7].mkvDL412.9 MiB0132520
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_02_[2FF75641].mkvDL371 MiB0145080
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_01v2_[F85F0293].mkvDL384.5 MiB0127410
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_The_Movie_-_Everybody_It's_Space_Time!_[720p][E9033E61].mkvDL2.1 GiB50132911
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_The_Movie_-_Everybody_It's_Space_Time!_[480p][2EE0EBA8].mp4DL1.44 GiB1099380
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_The_Movie_-_Everybody_It's_Space_Time!_[1080p][9A614DA9].mkvDL3.89 GiB4099970
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_SDDL12.94 GiB1167280
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_FourzeDL15.69 GiB76108510
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Gokaiger_Goseiger_-_Super_Sentai_199_Hero_Grand_Battle_[BDSD][0D392B24].mp4DL1.44 GiB0123461
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Gokaiger_Goseiger_-_Super_Sentai_199_Hero_Grand_Battle_[720_AAC][CBDD8F6A].mkvDL2.53 GiB4134390
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Gokaiger_Goseiger_-_Super_Sentai_199_Hero_Grand_Battle_[2D7F70D9].mkvDL1.35 GiB3069060
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Gokaiger_Goseiger_-_Super_Sentai_199_Hero_Grand_Battle_[1080_WV][0C571540].mkvDL5.37 GiB0024090
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_18_[35BA623B].mkvDL261.1 MiB8011280
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_17_[D4C61D0E].mkvDL254.1 MiB2018400
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_16_[00475D41].mkvDL243.6 MiB4021981
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_15_[3C87A2BB].mkvDL250.2 MiB1019100
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_14_[649FCC5D].mkvDL287.2 MiB1217330
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_13_[E88F472C].mkvDL264.1 MiB2012500
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_12_[FFA81B36].mkvDL251.1 MiB3034740
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_11_[A5A5AE30].mkvDL269.7 MiB0015090
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_10_[CA5F9FE2].mkvDL216.4 MiB1053310
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_09_[77905DA2].mkvDL283.8 MiB3052950
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_08_[BF9DA9F0].mkvDL271.9 MiB1060800
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Future_Sentai_Timeranger_-_07_[0D8B188C].mkvDL148.8 MiB3041640
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_25SD_[1478F57D].mkvDL327.2 MiBStatus unknown31640
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_22-24DL680 MiBStatus unknown33141
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_21SD_[368BE045].mkvDL248.6 MiB015440
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_20SD_[9DA44CD7].mkvDL245.7 MiB016720
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_19SD_[E7FE1557].mkvDL210 MiB0011210
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_18SD_[CC016E72].mkvDL215.9 MiB0111820
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_17SD_[80EE54AF].mkvDL299.8 MiB006070
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_16SD_[2B624252].mkvDL228.2 MiB014910
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_15SD_[C3FE337E].mkvDL296.6 MiB014270
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_14SD_[07354337].mkvDL219.8 MiB014540
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Daimajin_Kanon_-_14-26SDDL3.18 GiB0329732
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood [BD-720]DL2.37 GiB3013900
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood [BD-480]DL1.73 GiB0010771
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood [BD-1080]DL4.22 GiB7013310
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood - SDDL1.29 GiB2016750
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood - HDDL1.89 GiB3028240
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie - The Chompachomp of Music [DVD][C4034AA3].mkvDL761.1 MiB7082160
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie - The Chompachomp of Music [BD-720] [0BD21037].mkvDL1.67 GiB0033371
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie - The Chompachomp of Music [BD-480] [A714A634].mp4DL607.9 MiB1030030
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie - The Chompachomp of Music [BD-1080] [18675D25].mkvDL2.62 GiB1336140
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger Returns - 100 Years After [SD][643490B3].mp4DL677.8 MiB9128140
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger Returns - 100 Years After [720][54B21F34].mkvDL1.14 GiB8045230
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger Returns - 100 Years After [1080][29C81144].mkvDL1.97 GiB6040170
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger 25-48SDDL6.8 GiB2021150
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger 25-48 HDDL10.59 GiB5233310
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger 01-24SDDL6.91 GiB3123020
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger 01-24DL10.6 GiB4343380
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters [BDSD][72FD6261].mp4DL1.02 GiB3033300
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters [720][84180DC4].mkvDL1.83 GiB10040660
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger VS Go-Busters [1080][FBB1107E].mkvDL3.6 GiB5039700
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger SDDL2.6 GiB1148480
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-23, 18:41] <herkz> your torrents confuse and enrage me
[11-23, 18:38] <[TRVE]> And now in proper English, please.
[11-23, 18:36] <kotuwa> the reason to the loop is ALIAS to each other.... 1080p to 720p one and 720p to 1080 one... so they loop... I did not know how alias work... :(
[11-23, 18:35] <kotuwa> MisterDonut... hello that torrent is not fake... and sample and screenshots are true ones... you can check the validity... any way to re-upload it!?
[11-23, 18:34] <HerbalNekoTea> HS database was based on nyaa server before the DDoS back in september.
[11-23, 18:33] <kotuwa> Hello <Raishin> I have entered "Alias" to ther torrent yopu mentioned... and the Alias to this... tso that is why it was loop simpe edit needed.... i nebver thought ALIAS work like this.. I thot it was like if download ep1, then ep2 etc... you can get it from other ites... tokyo, kat, tpb etc... hash: 88F39B7BC9820481536321DF65F60D546FAD8692
[11-23, 18:19] <Artemix> So, the tracker used for hosting the torrent is the same, I guess the seeds too, so there is no difference at all then.
[11-23, 17:51] <shaddrag> Few minutes delay between this site and HS'.
[11-23, 17:50] <Artemix> What did I just read.
[11-23, 17:49] <OneCrazyRussian> This _is_ a HS site, don't you know it?
[11-23, 17:46] <MisterDonut> what
[11-23, 17:41] <Artemix> is there any difference between downloading anime from this site or from HS one?. (in terms of speed, release, etc)
[11-23, 17:09] <OnDeed> whew, that is a humongous torrent description. Guess I don't need to feel bad about filling an UHD monitor with screencaps, if we ever up something again
[11-23, 17:06] <Sparklez> Woooo Akame!
[11-23, 17:03] <MisterDonut> it's 1.48GB for 1 video and 12 audio tracks. cant be good. but then again it has a dedicated meme folder.
[11-23, 16:59] <xell17> Why would you even download that shit, Raishin? There are a lot of better Mononoke releases on nyaa.
[11-23, 16:59] <MisterDonut> just go to a certain link in the description.
[11-23, 16:57] <MisterDonut> weeee
[11-23, 16:48] <Raishin> someone can fix this #626445?? the torrent file cannot be downloaded it loops wiz no end for the file
[11-23, 15:55] <NoobSubs> Is it your torrent?
[11-23, 15:43] <archzzz0z> can anyone kind enough to help me seed this? xD #510032
[11-23, 14:44] <Yukina Himeragi> Lol go to Amagi Brilliant Park new torrent :D
[11-23, 12:54] <commieis4niggers> next gen technology
[11-23, 12:49] <yno> hey pky sorry for being rude i think ur a pretty cool guy
[11-23, 12:24] <fibre> Good job for doing thing.
[11-23, 06:54] <Pat9110> I fixed it 4 myself (was using the wrong input file and thought there was a way where I could use another mkv file instead of the original one)
[11-23, 06:53] <Pat9110> Dont worry
[11-23, 06:19] <Pat9110> Can you help me
[11-23, 06:19] <Pat9110> I am still confused
[11-23, 05:59] <eraser>
[11-23, 05:22] <Pat9110> ????????
[11-23, 05:22] <Pat9110> For the new psycho pass 2 episode english dubeed
[11-23, 05:21] <Pat9110> How do you get xdelta files to work
[11-23, 05:16] <Blusub> ⊙▽⊙Wei guan
[11-23, 04:11] <Abunja> you mean 00fanboy, penguin? he already dieded *sob*
[11-23, 03:51] <(⌐■_■)> Gundam G is the greatest! The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be. ^ ^v
[11-23, 03:38] <zamotakool> Hell Yeah! Gundam SEED! You're not trolling are you?
[11-23, 02:00] <penguin-fever> Darn. I thought that would lure out our favorite denizen of the Gundam fankingdoms. I was wrong, and I am sorry.
[11-23, 01:53] <penguin-fever> Gundam SEED is the greatest show in this universe and all others, from UC to CE to AE to AD to BC
[11-23, 01:44] <HerbalNekoTea> Seem the ETA did not change in 10 day for the movie on Whynot website. XD
[11-23, 01:30] <addityo> @herbal check whynot website
[11-23, 00:48] <anti_moeraws> Thanks subtitles
[11-23, 00:46] <Ohys> SenketsuSubs, subtitles thanks
[11-23, 00:29] <SenketsuSubs> Hey Ohys, I love you too! Thanks for the RAW's ;-)
[11-22, 22:52] <shaddrag> WhyNot apparently is.
[11-22, 22:40] <HerbalNekoTea> So, anyone doing sub for Miniskirt Space Pirate Movie ? What about commie, herkz ?
[11-22, 22:21] <Dark_Pride> Who knows in the next 3 or 4 years, we'll have Chinese moeshit.
[11-22, 21:10] <chuckk> those don't exist
[11-22, 19:58] <xell17> ,_,
[11-22, 19:42] <[TRVE]> He asked for good sites.
[11-22, 19:39] <Ponylover> sankaku.
[11-22, 19:24] <jesus11> Anyone know of a good site that compares Blu Ray and TV broadcasts?
[11-22, 19:17] <lae> >truecrypt
[11-22, 18:59] <NeVe12p4wNeD> NoobSubs Someone just did.
[11-22, 18:36] <NoobSubs> WHY! How can you have 46GB of pictures?!
[11-22, 17:50] <anas48> didn't expect that people would really download this #625358
[11-22, 17:34] <cyatek> too bad they speak ping pong
[11-22, 17:07] <4tomic> Dark_Pride: I made an account just to tell you how shit that looks.
[11-22, 17:04] <shaddrag> TRVE is the old guy from UP
[11-22, 17:02] <blureis2015> TRVE always sounds angry.
[11-22, 17:01] <Artemix> That looks not so bad.
[11-22, 16:36] <Dark_Pride> This is the day when "chinese cartoons" will stop as a meme:
[11-22, 16:32] <Groom> @shaddrag: i pass u !
[11-22, 16:24] <shaddrag> Groom sounds like he went to the same English class as user:kill la kill...
[11-22, 16:20] <MisterDonut> *on
[11-22, 16:20] <MisterDonut> ask no IRC
[11-22, 16:15] <Groom> I Have question for moderator . way remove comment user:kill la kill??!!
[11-22, 15:50] <Tysonblast> nice b8 m8
[11-22, 15:30] <MisterDonut> b8
[11-22, 15:24] <shaddrag> wat
[11-22, 15:09] <SuperOctopus> I would pay vivid to have w
[11-22, 15:08] <shaddrag> Will there be a meme about the delay?
[11-22, 14:37] <flows30> Amagi delayed until tomorrow, said Xythar
[11-22, 13:53] <Mayobe> I think the answer is no.
[11-22, 13:48] <anas48> "full rip"
[11-22, 13:47] <shaddrag> anime90 already does Manga releases. And anyone with DomDomSoft can download it.
[11-22, 13:43] <anas48> would anyone be interested in MangaFox rip?
[11-22, 13:40] <shaddrag> Same place Jinsei 13 is.
[11-22, 13:00] <spotnya> where is amagi brilliant park 8 eng sub? (■_■)
[11-22, 12:11] <Atlus> (⌐■_■)
[11-22, 12:11] <Krudda> its on tv over in japan. go watch it there or wait patiently until someone is nice enough to add subtitles
[11-22, 12:08] <Rin2K> dead.
[11-22, 12:01] <voomin> where is amagi brilliant park 8?
[11-22, 11:56] <Krudda> Probably not. Oh well, let me bask in the warmth of my excessive moe catgirls in peace 8)
[11-22, 11:55] <Dragon16611> hahaha
[11-22, 11:55] <Rin2K> Was any good to begin with?
[11-22, 11:53] <Krudda> Man, anime itself isn't as good as it used to be!
[11-22, 11:51] <Dragon16611> man, LogHorizon isn't as good as it used to be
[11-22, 11:36] <Krudda> Oh noez, somebody is waiting! Waiting is evul.
[11-22, 11:35] <shaddrag> Making new memes to use.
[11-22, 11:32] <Dragon16611> WHERE IS VIVID T_T
[11-22, 11:32] <Dragon16611> naw man subbed
[11-22, 11:26] <pky> @grognakbabarian Here.
[11-22, 11:08] <grognakbabarian> Where the fuck is Amagi ep 8
[11-22, 10:50] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai>
[11-22, 10:48] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai>
[11-22, 10:48] <Fedh'Or Van Khamai> @ Iviih ... |
[11-22, 10:29] <kokobreezy> I can't connect to the tracker for some reason> Anyone else having the same issue?
[11-22, 10:10] <yakumofuji> I see. Thanks for the reply and link. @vivan