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English-translated Live Action[KANINDO]_K-ON!!_Live_-_Come_With_Me_Patch_SRK_480p.zipDL12 MiB1020106
English-translated Live Action[SkewedS] BECK Live Action Movie (1080p)DL6.47 GiB1023676
English-translated Live Action(2011.09.01) BEGIN Japanology - Traditional Japanese Mathematics (1280x720 x264).mkvDL500.8 MiB105770
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - 01 (1280x720 H264 AAC Blu-ray) [34C7595B].mp4DL573 MiB102800
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - 01 (1920x1080 H264 AAC Blu-ray) [026661EA].mkvDL1.07 GiB103351
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_48v2_[D3518316].mkvDL508.8 MiB1088691
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_47_[CF968EF7].mkvDL534.6 MiB1075810
English-translated Live ActionK-ON!! Live Event - Come With Me (subtitles only) v2DL109.4 KiB10224312
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_46v2_[0F307564].mkvDL564.9 MiB1040540
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_45_[B2286A4A].mkvDL387.2 MiB1055820
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers]Angel_Bank_-_05[HD][DE7598F9].mkvDL927.5 MiB116880
English-translated Live Action[O-T-MCS]_GARO_-_Red_Requiem_[Hi10p][93814E3D].mkvDL970 MiB1065470
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger - 23 (1280x720 H264 AAC) [D9089A69].mp4DL505.4 MiB107630
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_44_[C6177BC0].mkvDL488 MiB1023590
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_43_[0C1A002F].mkvDL401.8 MiB1052800
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Ultraman Retsuden - 03 (1280x720 H264 AAC) [E9FA0BCF].mp4DL301.6 MiB1016980
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Ultraman Retsuden - 03 [404p][5F808BCD].aviDL245.8 MiB108990
English-translated Live Action[SphereHoLic][Sphere_Club][01][BIG5][H264_AAC][720P](23B8482A).mp4DL174.8 MiB104592
English-translated Live Action[TWCP] SCANDAL – Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~DL97.3 MiB1017380
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Pirate_Sentai_Gokaiger_-_21_[5B4FB362].mkvDL408.6 MiB1033410
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Ultraman Retsuden - 02 [404p][6C07510C].aviDL188.3 MiB1019430
English-translated Live Action[jackoneill] Achilles and the Tortoise [DVD]DL1.55 GiB101790
English-translated Live Action[jackoneill] Boku no kanojo wa saibōgu [DVD]DL1.02 GiB102850
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] The Return of Tensou Sentai Goseiger - Last Epic (DVD 720x404 XviD MP3) [195963D3].aviDL276.6 MiB107890
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 10 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL742.1 MiB1013420
English-translated Live ActionSpace Battleship Yamato 2010 BluRay 1080p DTS x264-CHD [Uchuu Senkan Yamato]DL11 GiB11104556
English-translated Live ActionKindaichi Case Files (Live Action) - Season 1DL5.08 GiB1213151
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers]Angel_Bank_-_04[HD][2C0C8S2D].mkvDL927.8 MiB106240
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 09 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL721.5 MiB119850
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers]Angel_Bank_-_03[HD][FF72F17C].mkvDL897.9 MiB105630
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 08 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL800.5 MiB109830
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.Z.S.] Zebraman 2 - Attack on Zebra City (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1)[7B55B2FC].mkvDL2.07 GiB1013950
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Burstosaur Squadron Abaranger! Deluxe! The Abare Summer is Frozen Solid! [480p][XviD][021A6671].aviDL377.4 MiB1016650
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Daikaiju Battle - Ultra Ginga Densetsu The Movie [404p][XviD][45EE9D11].aviDL705.6 MiB1011150
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 07 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL819.2 MiB1010410
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Daikaiju Battle - Ultra Ginga Densetsu The Movie [2A3CFEFD].mkvDL3.96 GiB1014940
English-translated Live Action[SHT!] Battle Fever J - 02 - Egos' Monster-Making MethodDL430.9 MiB104001
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 06 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL797.4 MiB1010190
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 05 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL814 MiB109270
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 05 SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL511.2 MiB106300
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_OOO_-_35_[F4C6D64B].mkvDL459.3 MiB1055731
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 04 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL767.7 MiB1010980
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 04 SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL464.8 MiB108870
English-translated Live ActionKamen_Rider_X_Kamen_Rider_Movie_War_Core_[W-Time].mkvDL1.1 GiB1080140
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 03 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL712.1 MiB1010640
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 03 SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL451.8 MiB108460
English-translated Live Action[GotWoot]_Nana_to_Kaoru_(Live_Action_Movie)_[DVD][h264_AAC][565F8BA3].mkvDL602.1 MiB1095824
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers]Angel_Bank_-_02[HD][420687DC].mkvDL897.7 MiB106700
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 02 SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL441.1 MiB109500
English-translated Live Action(2011.03.09) BEGIN Japanology - Sashimono Woodwork (704x396 x264).mkvDL173.5 MiB108790
English-translated Live Action[AmeNoUta] Hakusen Nagashi SP5 - Yume miru.aviDL1.34 GiB102900
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 01 SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL664.7 MiB1011180
English-translated Live ActionBOSS 2 - Episode 01 HD (SARS-Fansubs)DL1 GiB1014780
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Ultraman Zero Vs Darclops Zero: Stage 1&2DL698.3 MiB11226130
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.]Ultraman Mebius Side Story Ghost Reverse Stage I&IIDL701 MiB1023750
English-translated Live Action[AmeNoUta] Hakusen Nagashi SP4 - 25 sai.aviDL1.25 GiB104150
English-translated Live Action[SHT!] Battle Fever J - 01 - Assault!! Run to the BallparkDL406 MiB107181
English-translated Live ActionAzteckaiser (1976) [TSHS] episode 03 [BE5D7E02].mp4DL284 MiB104370
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S]Nao_Nagasawa_-_Nao_N[4F1DABF4].aviDL662 MiB108500
English-translated Live ActionAt Home Dad 2004 Special SD (SARS-Fansubs)DL993.7 MiB1015180
English-translated Live Action(2011.02.09) BEGIN Japanology - Kagura Dances (704x480 x264).mkvDL175.3 MiB1012760
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Goseiger VS Shinkenger HD Softsubs (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 Dolby TrueHD_5.1)DL3.09 GiB1023130
English-translated Live Action[G.U.I.S.] Goseiger VS Shinkenger (SD Hardsubs Blu-Ray 848x480 H264 AAC)DL1.14 GiB1019750
English-translated Live Action(2011.02.02) BEGIN Japanology - Haneda Airpot (704x480 x264).mp4DL175 MiB1015880
English-translated Live Action[Kira-Fansub]_K-ON_Let's_GO_Live_RAW_(BD_Scans)DL96.9 MiB106552
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider X Episode 6.aviDL126.9 MiB106660
English-translated Live Action[gg-Eclipse]_Kimi_ni_Todoke_-_The_Movie_(720p,BD)_[BFF553D0].mkvDL6.5 GiB10237942
English-translated Live Action(2009.09.11) BEGIN Japanology - Spinning Tops (704x396 x264).mp4DL243 MiB1011300
English-translated Live ActionKamen Rider W Net Movies [W-Time].mkvDL1.04 GiB1157190
English-translated Live Action(2011.01.24) BEGIN Japanology - Watches and Clocks (1024x576 x264).mkvDL344.5 MiB1013710
English-translated Live Action(2011.01.12) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL219 MiB10970
English-translated Live ActionAzteckaiser (1976) [TSHS] episode 02 [2FE450EA].mp4DL285.4 MiB104830
English-translated Live Action(2010.12.22) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL218.3 MiB10910
English-translated Live Action[KiteSeekers-Wasurenai] Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - SP3 [BD 848x480 H264 OGG] [D7CC1197].mkvDL72.4 MiB1015150
English-translated Live Action[AmeNoUta] Miseinen Ep03.aviDL482 MiB105190
English-translated Live ActionSukeban Deka II (1985) [TSHS] episode 02 [B7799267].mp4DL305.1 MiB108101
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers]Angel_Bank_-_01[HD][FCF9F6A2].mkvDL900.8 MiB1015700
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider X Episode 5.aviDL373.5 MiB108480
English-translated Live Action[Order of Zeronos] Kamen Rider X Episode 4.aviDL383.1 MiB108131
English-translated Live ActionKodai Shoujo Dogu-chan 古代少女ドグちゃん ENG Subtitles 720p Full Batch DRAMADL4.23 GiB1011491
English-translated Live Action[SkewedS] SolaninDL834 MiB1052961
English-translated Live Action(2010.11.12) BEGIN Japanology - Hiragana (960x540 x264).mp4DL319.8 MiB1015781
English-translated Live Action(2010.05.14) BEGIN Japanology - Women's Fashion Magazines (960x540 x264).mp4DL312 MiB1113200
English-translated Live Action[AmeNoUta] Hakusen Nagashi SP3 - Tabidachi no uta.aviDL901.9 MiB107080
English-translated Live Action[HaroRangers_&_SOS]Toubousha_-_01-11_finale[SD]DL5.54 GiB1011260
English-translated Live Action[Rollins] Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo Season 1 (704x396 XviD)DL3.99 GiB119890
English-translated Live Action(2010.10.20) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL302.4 MiB101810
English-translated Live Action[AmeNoUta] Miseinen Ep02.aviDL665.3 MiB107570
English-translated Live Action(2010.09.29) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL302.3 MiB101900
English-translated Live ActionKamen Rider W - Hyper Battle Video [W-Time].mkvDL319.5 MiB1030290
English-translated Live ActionExtra Curricular Lesson with Hideaki AnnoDL319 MiB104451
English-translated Live Action(2010.09.22) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL298.6 MiB102040
English-translated Live Action(2010.09.17) BEGIN Japanology - Radio Calisthenics (960x540 x264).mp4DL319.9 MiB1013940
English-translated Live Action(2010.09.15) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 XviD).aviDL302.2 MiB102470
English-translated Live Action(2010.09.08) Japan Biz Cast (640x480 Xvid).aviDL298.2 MiB102180
English-translated Live ActionGreen Style Japan - Agricultural Lifestyle (640x480 XviD).aviDL297.3 MiB105090
English-translated Live Action[WHW]_Blood_The_Last_Vampire_(2009).mkvDL9.26 GiB103840
English-translated Live Action(2010.08.20) BEGIN Japanology - Soybeans (960x540 x264).mp4DL311.7 MiB1012580
English-translated Live Action(2010.08.13) BEGIN Japanology - Silk (960x540 x264).mp4DL321 MiB1013710
English-translated Live ActionGreen Style Japan - Tropical Islands Okinawa (640x480 XviD).aviDL279.4 MiB107880
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-27, 01:18] <zaturama007> ME!ME!ME
[11-26, 23:53] <dilworks> plz share the drugs, I wanna some
[11-26, 23:53] <dilworks> > ME!ME!ME
[11-26, 23:37] <xell17> I agree wholeheartedly.
[11-26, 23:35] <shaddrag> An anime without a giant clock is an anime not worth watching.
[11-26, 23:04] <xell17> I like giant clocks all over the screen.
[11-26, 23:03] <Rin2K> thanks for BSB
[11-26, 22:30] <shaddrag> Hey guys, I heard you like wub wub #625902
[11-26, 22:09] <Rin2K> Isn't she?.
[11-26, 21:46] <Artemix> Shinichi!
[11-26, 21:26] <Senfu> That guy sounds German
[11-26, 21:01] <shaddrag> Die Antwoord is from my country ^^ Cool that you guys know of them.
[11-26, 21:00] <xell17> he means this song
[11-26, 20:49] <Rin2K> meme?
[11-26, 20:32] <Senfu> I need the song
[11-26, 20:30] <hazardous> it was trippy.
[11-26, 20:22] <Unitail> YUSS
[11-26, 19:55] <xell17> It's also just as weird and awesome.
[11-26, 19:54] <xell17> That ME!ME!ME! song sounds a lot like Die Antwoord.
[11-26, 19:20] <bbhq> great parasyte 8, 9 just got here
[11-26, 19:03] <Artemix> #Kappism
[11-26, 18:44] <xell17> Kappa
[11-26, 18:41] <hazardous> #nazism
[11-26, 18:26] <shaddrag> #countryism
[11-26, 18:23] <Artemix> #racism
[11-26, 18:16] <MisterDonut> some countries are not allowed to upload torrents.
[11-26, 18:08] <Daduxing> are some countries banned from this tracker?
[11-26, 18:06] <Artemix> Just saw the trailer. If only Japanese actors weren't trash...
[11-26, 18:04] <Daduxing> hi
[11-26, 18:02] <Artemix> Parasyte live action movie?.
[11-26, 17:57] <anon585> to celebrate the live action movie releasing this weekend
[11-26, 17:43] <Sparklez> why 2?
[11-26, 15:00] <hazardous> great! \o/
[11-26, 14:33] <Artemix> 2 Parasyte episodes today!, cool.
[11-26, 14:32] <sarachikorita> "Rad" ? That word was dated 20 years ago.
[11-26, 14:18] <ginzabeth> TeddyLoid is bloody rad.
[11-26, 14:01] <nataku411> I know right? I can't wait for it to get uploaded, hopefully without the extra sound effects
[11-26, 13:54] <reldas> that ME!ME!ME! vid was awesome. i could watch it all day long
[11-26, 13:36] <nataku411> I'm gonna wait patiently for the ME!ME!ME! lossless upload D:
[11-26, 12:56] <nedahoong> Is there not any torrents of Ryuugajou vol.4~6?
[11-26, 11:55] <Mayobe> It's Ghibli and Titan.
[11-26, 11:53] <hazardous> @Unitail: Attack On Bahumut and Parasyte XD
[11-26, 11:51] <hazardous> they all want access to higher dimensions for dark reasons. dirty fuckers. well we can access higher dimensions too if we do that astral oobe thingy. me interested oobe and animu most. rest can fuck itself :D
[11-26, 11:49] <Unitail> What is the AOTY ?
[11-26, 11:40] <Mayobe> Fucking Bush, pumping all the oil through the stargate to goddamned aliens!
[11-26, 11:39] <hazardous> stargates are fucking real so real that US invaded iraq for that very reason lol
[11-26, 11:36] <Mayobe> Trinity 7 - You know these people are serious because they have a fucking stargate in the basement.
[11-26, 11:35] <OnDeed> Zura is on standby.
[11-26, 11:34] <shaddrag> ~Zura
[11-26, 10:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Keepo
[11-26, 09:31] <Memories.> Kappa
[11-26, 08:06] <hazardous> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-26, 07:58] <xDev> lol
[11-26, 07:03] <frostyon420> why would anyone wanna be like deadfish lmfao
[11-26, 06:46] <torchlight> No.
[11-26, 06:31] <JacobSwaggedUp> Im trying to start something similar to DeadFish
[11-26, 06:27] <JacobSwaggedUp> Hey anyone wanna join my group?
[11-26, 05:03] <Denkoko> Did Anime-Koi drop Kokkuri-san?
[11-26, 03:59] <tatomcmlxxx> Not include English dub, only english sub.
[11-26, 03:30] <John_Rhogan_TRUE> How do I report a user for using someone's name wrongly? My name is John Rhogan, and there some user who is abusing my name.
[11-26, 03:21] <Raishin> Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de?? no fansubbing?
[11-26, 03:16] <vivan> 4:1:1 might be that reason
[11-26, 02:46] <penguin-fever> This is because four is death. Everything begins with death. It's obvious when you think through it with the logics.
[11-26, 01:49] <sarachikorita> The standard is to use 4 for the first number, for some reason.
[11-26, 01:40] <Artemix> Isn't 4:2:0 the same as 2:1:0?.
[11-26, 01:12] <vivan> #488386
[11-26, 00:46] <Kocmar Laslone> The King and the Clown
[11-25, 20:51] <xell17> Yeah, but with low priority.
[11-25, 20:31] <Dat Size> Is Vivid doing Expelled from Paradise?
[11-25, 19:45] <nataku411> Mekaku? I'm pretty sure it was only one scene, a flashback that was drastically altered from this weird CGI style.
[11-25, 19:41] <Sheetsuji> hello ferguson here
[11-25, 18:48] <hazardous> oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-25, 18:43] <Mill.Rar> hello, i proclaim my love for cheesecake
[11-25, 17:34] <Rin2K> wait, what? has ever existed something like that to begin with?.
[11-25, 17:30] <ravenleaf182> The kickstarter is to bring the entire trilogy west, and is working with the actual japanese producers <_<
[11-25, 17:05] <Senfu> Seems like SAO fansub died
[11-25, 15:22] <fibre> mekaku
[11-25, 15:17] <Rin2K> please no.
[11-25, 13:16] <DN Nimxz> I heard there was a remake of Mekakucity Actors Episode 9.... Ayano's Theory of Happiness.. Is there a download link yet??
[11-25, 09:50] <WastedMeerkat> @CTRL FEAR, That's the best I could do since Kawaii Corner, the original scanlator, no longer maintains their website, and you have to be an admin approved member to download their releases. Pretty great system.
[11-25, 09:14] <junh1024> sometimes, you get horribad 1080p chroma artefacts due to 420 CS. 3.84K downscaled may remedy this.
[11-25, 08:51] <CTRL FEAR> crap no one is seeding an english manga version of "another" >.< anyone wanna put one up?
[11-25, 07:47] <vivan> junh1024, and?
[11-25, 07:20] <junh1024> With genuine 3.84K at 4:2:0, you get 1080p of Chroma, unlike 540p of chroma for 1080p 4:2:0
[11-25, 05:52] <chuckk> oh you were just pretending to be retarded, gotcha
[11-25, 05:51] <herkz> no. do you?
[11-25, 05:51] <chuckk> i said grisaia was shit, not good. do you lack reading comprehension on a preschooler level?
[11-25, 05:49] <herkz> chuckk why do you have such bad taste
[11-25, 05:29] <Hamartia> Also, if it gets enough money, it's supposed to pay for the translation of the as of yet untranslated sequel games.
[11-25, 05:26] <chuckk> the kickstarter is to hire someone to make a grisaia game that isn't shit
[11-25, 05:19] <Denkoko> dark and edgy like my soul
[11-25, 05:18] <eternia> WHAT COLOR?
[11-25, 05:15] <herkz> ??
[11-25, 05:13] <nataku411> A kickstarter for Grisaia? I can't imagine what it's for.
[11-25, 05:03] <herkz> dunno
[11-25, 04:50] <Hamartia> Herkz, when is the kickstarter for Grisaia coming online?
[11-25, 04:46] <shimada_m> It has slight difference
[11-25, 02:56] <Stinky Cheez> Artemix, 4K is vastly overrated, UNLESS your display is pretty damn massive (40"-50"+, say). Below that, 1080p works just fine.
[11-25, 02:23] <zaturama007> What color is your HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE?