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Games【PS2】ぷよぷよ通 パーフェクトセット ISODL439.2 MiBStatus unknown19510
Games【PS2】ぷよぷよフィーバー ISODL374.7 MiBStatus unknown17790
Games【PS2】桃太郎電鉄Ⅹばってん 九州編もあるばい ISODL261.4 MiBStatus unknown20630
Games【PS2】桃太郎電鉄 ブラックボンビー出現 ISODL561.8 MiBStatus unknown20240
ApplicationsJapanese Mega Learning PackDL37.02 GiBStatus unknown19484
Games【PS2】かまいたちの夜×3 三日月島事件の真相 ISODL1.25 GiBStatus unknown20671
Games【PS2】かまいたちの夜2 監獄島のわらべ唄 ISODL2.41 GiBStatus unknown19612
Games【PS2】カプコン クラシックス コレクション ISODL2.28 GiBStatus unknown18781
Games[PS3]Infinite Stratos 2 Ignition HeartsDL2.45 GiB3124260
Games【PS2】バイオハザード コードベロニカ ISODL1.51 GiBStatus unknown20211
Games[140227] Deception IV: Blood Ties [JPN][PS3]+[DLC]DL1.87 GiB2021980
GamesクラディウスⅤDL307.6 MiBStatus unknown18621
Games[工画堂]マジカルトワラー・エンジェルラビィ☆傑作選 (Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie)DL648.7 MiB2017491
Games[Fuwanovel] PSP visual novel portsDL1.08 GiB2018627
GamesOreno Imouto ga konnani kawai wakeganaiDL2.79 GiBStatus unknown14221
Gamessd gundam capsule fighter online SEA ver 0.77 installer zipDL2.45 GiBStatus unknown12710
GamesShin.Koihime.Musou.Otome.Taisen.Sangokushi.PC.JPN.Cracked-3DMDL3.4 GiB3154780
Games古剑奇谭:琴心剑魄今何在 v1.7.1DL8.57 GiB04340830
Games[140214] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII + DLC [EU][PS3]DL14.55 GiB1615584
Gamessd gundam capsule fighter online SEA ver 0.77DL2.6 GiBStatus unknown12530
Games[이모저모][PSP]とある魔術と科学の群奏活劇[JPN][ISO]DL833.8 MiB4231862
Games[이모저모][PSP]とある科学の超電磁砲[JPN][ISO]DL947.9 MiB3226942
Games[이모저모][PSP]とある魔術の禁書目録[JPN][ISO]DL435 MiB5027491
GamesI/O revision IIDL3.27 GiB5019705
Games│2D.G.F.│*自炊品 [131220] [La’cryma(ラクリマ)] fortissimo FA//Akkord:nachsten Phase(フォルテシモ フルアクセス アコルト:ネクステン ファーゼ) + マニュアル&レーベルDL4.42 GiB3324634
Games[PS2] 5 games 13th [JPN]DL7 GiB1120757
Games(pc game) Danse Macabre The Last Adagio CollectorDL1.11 GiB0215881
Games[PC] Parasite in City Latest patchDL129.3 MiBStatus unknown17241
GamesIkaruga Incl.Update 1 Cracked - 3DMDL218.4 MiB1020190
Games[PSP] Arabian Doubt [アラビアンズ・ダウト]DL1.16 GiB1027730
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.71-80 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL2.45 GiB1023532
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.61-70 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL1.7 GiB0122952
Games[PS3]Super Heroine Chronicle Chou Heroine SenkiDL4.39 GiB2133334
Games[PC] ウィニングポスト7 2012 DL2.88 GiBStatus unknown30440
Games[PS2] 6 games 12th [JPN]DL5.05 GiB1124805
GamesTouhou Hisouten and Touhou Hisoutensoku w/English translationsDL504.8 MiB4021591
Games[Dream Weavers] USZIOK v1.0 (Polish fanmade VN)DL1.4 GiB1019770
GamesGo! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~DL243.8 MiB3028521
Games[Fuwanovel] Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - The Second Night (English)DL544.5 MiB18026460
Games[PC GAME] フォーチュンサモナーズ ~アルチェの精霊石~ DeluxeDL318.8 MiB3044000
GamesTaiko no tatsujin 411songs nantoka+taikojiroDL749.2 MiB0227821
Games[PS3]Lightning.Returns.Final.Fantasy.XIII.PS3-DUPLEX + DLCDL9.66 GiB91438230
GamesRose Guns Days -Season 3-DL2.11 GiB3027780
Games[PS2] 7 games 11th [JPN]DL6.16 GiB0332657
ApplicationsCrypton MeikoV3 for Vocaloid FE/AE - AlexVox | 05 February 2014 | 1.89 GBDL1.89 GiBStatus unknown27139
Games[C85] Dangerous ☆ Patchouli w/ SuwakoDL544.2 MiB0127270
Games[PS2] Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix English Translation Final-Rev5DL2.83 GiB8027461
Games[PS2] Dragon Quest V English Translation 1.2DL1.68 GiB2125610
Games[PS2]LoveSongs 2gamesDL3.53 GiB0227623
Games[PS2] 6 games 10th [JPN]DL5.54 GiB1230073
Games[PS2] Strawberry Panic! Girls' School in Fullbloom[JPN]DL1.16 GiB0027333
Games(一般ゲーム)(091105)(工画堂) ソルフェージュ ~La finale~ Solfege (StarForcePro mdf+mds)+NoDVDDL3.88 GiB0038491
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Ultimate Vol.11-20 (10games)[JPN]DL2.67 GiB1031114
Games[TECH GIAN付録] アマガミ ちょっとおまけ劇場DL1.43 GiBStatus unknown45510
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Ultimate Vol.1-10 (10games)[JPN]DL4.45 GiB1031514
GamesMapleStory.rarDL4.47 GiB0426184
Games[PSP]Corpse Party Book of Shadows (US) FixedDL1.04 GiB1134920
GamesougonDL2.03 GiB0227890
Games[PS3]BLJM61063-戦国BASARA4 DL16.7 GiBStatus unknown47531
Games[PS2] Slotter Up Core 3&4&5 [JPN]DL160.5 MiB2132382
GamesThe_Last_of_Us_ASiA_MULTi3_PS3-KirinDL25.53 GiB0234670
GamesTalkman_Euro_CHT_PSP-iNDDL851.5 MiB1032240
GamesTalkman_CHT_PSP-iNDDL632.5 MiB0432050
Games[PS3]Devil May Cry HD CollectionDL10.08 GiBStatus unknown38490
GamesSuzumiya_Haruhi_no_Tomadoi_JPN_PS2DVD-CaravanDL2 GiB2233401
GamesLittle_Big_Planet_ASiA_MULTi3_READNFO_PSP-NRPDL1.23 GiB2033460
GamesUmineko_no_Naku_Koro_ni_Majo_to_Suiri_no_Rondo_JPN_JB_PS3-CaravanDL6.64 GiB3233340
Games[PS2] Simple2000 2gamesDL1.37 GiB1132722
GamesMotto_Nuga_Cel_JPN_PSP-CaravanDL333.1 MiB1057570
Games[PS2] Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim [PAL]DL1.98 GiB0036800
GamesSweet_Fuse_At_Your_Side_USA_PSP-ZER0DL667.1 MiB2032161
Games[PS2] 7 games 9th [JPN]DL13.41 GiB1335775
GamesSweet_Fuse_At_Your_Side_USA_PSP-ZER0DL667.1 MiB1030112
GamesPS3用 THE iDOLM@STER 2 (+ Korean Booklet Scans)DL5.22 GiB0635430
Games[C85] アスタブリード (ASTEBREED) - Edelweiss [PC][ISO]DL649 MiB8071023
GamesJewelic_Nightmare_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.13 GiB3151101
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.51-60 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL2.76 GiB0134523
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.41-50 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL2.91 GiB0234143
GamesBlade And Soul Korean OBTDL8.08 GiBStatus unknown26450
Games[PS2] 5 games 8th [JPN]DL10.42 GiB4437348
GamesYu-Gi-Oh Power Of Chaos - Joey the Passion + All Cards Pc Game (Eng&Jpn)DL281.5 MiB2039994
Games(C85)(同人ゲーム) [苺坊主] 東方玄夢妖譚 ~ the Nightmare of RebellionDL4.36 GiB7192762
ApplicationsManga Downloader v1.0.0.4DL4 MiB5039274
GamesTears_to_Tiara_II_Haou_no_Matsuei_JPN_PS3-HR ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラⅡ 覇王の末裔DL3.63 GiB1141990
Games[] Suzumiya Haruhi no GekitouDL127.7 MiB0132604
GamesYu-Gi-Oh: Power Of Chaos - Kaiba the Revenge 2014 + new cards Pc GameDL291.5 MiB2136650
Games[PS2] 6 games 7th [JPN]DL10.73 GiB2435325
GamesGetsuei_no_Kusari_Kyouran_Moratorium_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL349.2 MiB1047111
GamesTaishou_Kitan_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.09 GiB2045620
GamesOSU! full map-pack.DL66.75 GiB1033748
Games[PS2] 6_Games [JPN]DL9.77 GiBStatus unknown36722
Games[PS2] 10_Games [JPN]DL16.51 GiBStatus unknown36133
Games[PS2] 12 games 6th (ReUp&more!)[JPN]DL10.88 GiB1237475
Applicationse_V5.1_XiaZaiBaDL102.2 MiBStatus unknown27400
Games[PSP](3DS)Shingeki no Kyojin: Jinrui Saigo no Tsubasa [進撃の巨人~人類最後の翼~]DL2 GiB5170125
GamesSummon_Night_4_JAP_PS2DVD-GANTDL2.16 GiB1032781
GamesSummon_Night_EX_Thesis_Yoaku_no_Tsubasa_JAP_PS2DVD-GANTDL1.15 GiB1033141
GamesBlack_Matrix_2_JAP_PS2-ORGASMDL205.9 MiB0031270
Games[131218]Hatsune Miku - Project Mirai 2 [JPN][3DS]DL4.01 GiB3140020
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.21-30 (ReUP 10games)[JPN]DL2.21 GiB0133952
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
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