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Games[PSP] Final Fantasy Type-0 [ENG FULL].rarDL1.88 GiB2232060
Games[PS2]12 games 19th [JPN]DL10.33 GiB2224974
Games[PS3] Tacchi, Shiyo! Love Application [BLJM60444]DL3.09 GiB1120960
GamesTouhou project Danmakufu game collection[4.31GB]DL4.32 GiB0421040
GamesTouhou project doujin game collection [90GB]DL90.03 GiBStatus unknown32741
GamesDate a Live Rinne utopia ps3DL2.77 GiB0219641
Games[PS3] Chou Jigen Game Neptune [BLJM60247]DL3.05 GiB1019320
ApplicationsJapanese Learning SuiteDL78.5 MiBStatus unknown17162
Applications[Android] Love Live! PackDL42.4 MiB1226170
Games[Hien] PS3: Mugen Souls Z (Uncensored)DL7.58 GiB1123409
GamesN7E17R11-PCDL4.52 GiB1024051
GamesTouhou Pocket Wars EVODL569.3 MiB0121391
Games[PS2] 8 games 18th [JPN]DL10 GiB1026906
Games[ONS]死神の接吻は別離の味_CNDL332.2 MiB0015770
GamesOre no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Iwake Ganai (English Patched v0.4.2) [JPN-PSP-ISO] Disc 1DL1.4 GiB13132793
GamesFate_Unlimited_Codes_USA_PSP-EMiNENTDL445.3 MiB0025990
Gamesbleach 死神代行篇 1 PSP umd video.ISODL1.59 GiB1224990
Games[Hien] THE IDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL [BLJS10260] Catalog #01DL101.5 MiB6032790
Games[PS2] 10_games_17th [JPN]DL13.92 GiB2327406
GamesKuroyukihime_Snow_Black_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.04 GiB1036534
GamesKuroyukihime_Snow_Black_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.04 GiB0122051
GamesKuroyukihime_Snow_Black_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.04 GiB0422530
GamesFINAL FANTASY VI 1.0.5.ipaDL472.9 MiB6133130
GamesDYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Cracked-3DMDL13.44 GiB51038342
GamesADK Tamashii PS2 DVD NTSC/JDL485 MiB0118410
GamesThe_Idolmaster_One_for_All_JPN_PS3-HRDL5.21 GiB1243053
Games東方全部入り ver1.1 Touhou all in one pack ver1.1DL6.92 GiBStatus unknown67640
GamesDynasty.Warriors.8.Xtreme.Legends-CODEXDL13.68 GiB2361372467810
ApplicationsParappa the Rapper 2 Desktop Accessories CDDL171.3 MiB1017732
GamesLove Hina Digital ToyboxDL644.1 MiB0121212
ApplicationsLove Hina Desktop AccessoriesDL230.2 MiB0120692
ApplicationsLove Hina 0-->14DL623.8 MiB1018622
Games[R11] Touhou 14.3 - Impossible Spell CardDL203.1 MiB430100813
Games(Novel) Gender Bender DNA Twister ExtremeDL304.5 MiB17120771
Games[MAC] Umineko no Naku Koro ni HaneDL360.4 MiB0120090
GamesKoezaru wa Akai HanaDL1.98 GiB1020461
Games[PS3] Harem Tengoku dato Omottara Yandere Jigoku DattaDL3.32 GiB1130642
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Ultimate Vol.21-30 (10games)[JPN]DL5.8 GiB1121922
Games(PC)Umineko Chiru + tweak+ umineko fan made witches and woodlandsDL9.31 GiB0420871
GamesLife is Paradise(deluxe edition)not full (russian translated) with rtp AceDL376.5 MiB0015352
GamesNintendo 3DS ROMs [0001 - 0832] (2014-04-17) - Scene Releases - by gmninjaDL488.61 GiB23162723
GamesJyuzaengi_Engetsu_Sangokuden_2_JPN_PSP-MOEMOEDL1.54 GiB3038991
Games[PS2 ISO] Game ni Natta yo! Dokuro-chan - Kenkō Shindan DaisakusenDL1.39 GiB0222621
Games[PS2 ISO] Kujibiki Unbalance: Kaichou Onegai Smash FightDL1.61 GiB0121461
Gamestouhou mugenDL3.52 GiB0023961
ApplicationsSchool Rumble PS2 - Desktop AccessoriesDL441.5 MiB1019231
Games[PS2] 6_GAME [JPN]DL11.73 GiB0026653
Games[140410] Dream C Club Gogo [PS3][JPN]DL4.99 GiB0133680
GamesShin Sangokumusou 7 Benchmark JP - 3DMDL156.6 MiB0018840
Games[PS3] SRWz3-1DL2.75 GiB2031502
Games[PS2] 12 games 16th [JPN]DL9.9 GiB1229627
Games[PS2] 7_GAME [JPN]DL15.24 GiB0123494
Games【PS2】A列車で行こう6 ISODL385.5 MiB0322191
GamesBleach M.U.G.E.N (2010).rarDL358.5 MiBStatus unknown20810
GamesPS1 (rar 80本)DL23.15 GiBStatus unknown66221
GamesWinning Post 8 20th Anniversary Premium Edition ISO JPN -3DMDL5.46 GiB7083950
Games【PS2】ハングリィ ゴースト ISODL4.29 GiB0218481
Games【PS2】ルナティックドーン テンペスト ISODL2.81 GiB0021041
Games【PS2】キングスフィールドIV ISODL3.42 GiB0122262
Games【PS2】マーセナリーズ2 ワールドインフレームス ISODL3.33 GiB0118711
Games【PS2】マーセナリーズ ISODL4.12 GiB0318501
Games【PS2】ストリートファイターZERO ファイターズジェネレーション ISODL1.57 GiB0422060
Games【PS3】天外魔境3 ISODL3.02 GiB0623980
Games【PS2】天外魔境2DL1.61 GiB0519911
Games【PS2】テイルズ オブ ジ アビス ISODL3.44 GiB0431521
Games【PS2】絶体絶命都市2 -凍てついた記憶たち- ISODL1.33 GiB0329521
Games【PS2】チェインダイブ ISODL1.2 GiB0116611
Games【PS2】無双OROCHI 魔王再臨 ISODL2.23 GiB0120810
GamesNew_Love_Plus_Plus_JPN_3DS-KirinDL1.64 GiB1226781
Games[140327] Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd [JPN][PS3]DL4.81 GiB82602310
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Honkaku Shikou (6games) & Simple2000 Hello Kitty (2games)[JPN]DL1.43 GiB1017404
ApplicationsWESTSIDE お楽しみCD1-97 (Otanoshimi)DL833.9 MiB3031076
GamesYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos YUGI CHAOS REBORN 1000 Card by mAxTuToS enHDDL148.5 MiB0114961
Games[Moon-Trad]Mahou Tsukai no Yoru : Patch 5.0 (Patch uniquement)DL1.15 GiB0014941
GamesMahou Tsukai no Yoru : Patch 5.0 (Jeu complet)DL4.72 GiB1115231
Games[PS3]Motto! SoniComiDL2.52 GiB0027732
Games[140220] Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen Sangokushi Engi [JPN][PS3]DL6.38 GiB1126624
GamesTouhou-Project 1-14 all in oneDL6.01 GiB1125420
Games[140227] Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts [JPN][PS3]DL2.44 GiB0226866
Games[140319] J-Stars Victory Vs [JPN][PS3]DL2.77 GiB2246366
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.91-100 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL6.32 GiB0117573
Gamesrockman x jap ps1 ps2DL4.07 GiBStatus unknown18321
Games[PS2] Simple2000 Vol.81-90 (ReUP_10games)[JPN]DL2.42 GiB0118942
Games【PS2】クロックタワー3 ISODL3.77 GiB0121831
Games【PSP】ファミコン エミュレーター NesterJDL115.9 MiB0432201
Games【PS2】ロマンシングサガ ミンストレルソング ISODL2.63 GiBStatus unknown46120
Games【PS2】歸らずの森 ISODL2 GiB0118712
Games【PS2】ファンタジーゾーン コンプリートコレクション ISODL142.1 MiB0321290
Gamesファミコン【Emu】約1200本 タイトル日本語 一括ダウンロード.zipDL134.6 MiB019153290
GamesYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos GX : Jaden The Fusion (MOD) (PC)DL506 MiBStatus unknown22032
GamesBusou Shinki Battle Masters Mk2 v101+DLCDL4.62 GiB1429372
GamesDeep Blue Series PC [JPN]DL1011 MiB0123980
Games【PS2】Robocop ISODL570 MiB0016340
Games【PS2】Chulip.ISODL751 MiB0016891
Games[Fuwanovel]I/O‐revisionⅡDL3.53 GiB8116750
Games【PS2】R-TYPE FINAL ISODL2.58 GiB0124241
Games[140206] Super Heroine Chronicles [JPN][PS3]DL3.79 GiB2025440
Games【PS2】ソニック ジェムズ コレクション ISODL1.48 GiB0016770
Games[140206] Puyo Puyo Tetris [JPN][PS3]DL946.3 MiB1131243
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[09-19, 09:08] <chuckk> i'm really hard right now
[09-19, 06:59] <zhesha23> that is.four.iphone.could is iphone.and ipad...
[09-19, 06:39] <Varshnyar> just delete your torrent and reupload it
[09-19, 05:48] <kitsune0> Ah damn where's NewDragon when we need him.
[09-19, 05:38] <DarkHollow Subs> Could a mod please delete my comment on #599333 - IRC chan is invite only
[09-19, 03:16] <Yarukinasu> They see me rollin'
[09-19, 01:44] <hyron89> awesome!!
[09-19, 01:06] <WZ1> #488386 It's still alive!
[09-19, 00:53] <qrazed> @shelia18: Steins;Gate [BD 1280x720 Hi10P AAC Dual Audio. This features WhyNot's video and subs but with the english audio muxed in. So you will be getting probably the best torrent because the WhyNot BD version is A+ and this guy used that.
[09-19, 00:53] <qashairy> Need more seed on #204823
[09-18, 23:32] <jesus11> @DrkStr It's not necessary to watch Psycho-Pass Extended, if you've already seen the original.
[09-18, 21:57] <[TRVE]> The one that suits your needs.
[09-18, 21:42] <shelia18> Which is the best Steins;Gate dual audio torrent?
[09-18, 21:18] <HyakuPercent> Which happens to be AT-X most of the time. Can't speak much for other groups as some of them don't care.
[09-18, 21:17] <HyakuPercent> @DrkStr In the case of boobs, Hiryuu will always use the best uncensored source available
[09-18, 20:45] <DrkStr> i never watched Psycho Pass Extended but i loved the original, should i watch the extended before i start 2 which isnt for a lil over a month
[09-18, 20:44] <DrkStr> are ANY of the sub groups sources from Uncescored broadcasts like ATX often does or will i need to wait for the BDs?
[09-18, 20:02] <Kawaii!!> Both the opening and ending song previewed in the new Psycho Pass 2 PV are so fuc**** good.
[09-18, 19:02] <[TRVE]> Hello, person who manages the "NyaaCommentstxt" twitter. Thanks for keeping me updated even if I can't browse NT myself.
[09-18, 18:20] <Mill.Rar> or because why not?
[09-18, 18:20] <Mill.Rar> could just be a blood moon... or dust in the atmosphere... much sand!
[09-18, 17:39] <artistic_master>
[09-18, 17:29] <Artemix> Why is the moon red in Naruto?, what makes it red? the ten tails?.
[09-18, 17:21] <zeroj> fuck off pussy niggas
[09-18, 15:20] <meh301> Trains.
[09-18, 15:19] <dntjr8540> hi
[09-18, 14:29] <hazardous> i'll pretend all the plebs are asleepz
[09-18, 13:29] <BoozerX> no manga this week?
[09-18, 10:10] <dika46> plain nyaa looks good to me.
[09-18, 06:45] <jofs> Horribleshrubs takeover
[09-18, 05:53] <DigitalLust> So many HS. Still thank you.
[09-18, 05:19] <sarachikorita> Making up for lost time, I presume.
[09-18, 05:01] <RinzImpulse> the hell happen with HS, spamming front page?
[09-18, 04:44] <Kittenpotpie> thatched roof cottages!!
[09-18, 04:44] <junh1024> Inb4 to don'ts
[09-18, 04:43] <junh1024> On my todo lists, i use #person to mean I should call <person>
[09-18, 00:55] <nataku411> And the Trogdor comes in the night?
[09-18, 00:50] <zhesha23> idon't...
[09-18, 00:11] <JacobSwaggedUp> First Blu-Ray box
[09-18, 00:06] <butthurtautist> oh shit, Nyaa is back!
[09-18, 00:04] <jmd> woohoo nyaa is back
[09-17, 23:23] <SneakiestNEG> And I call for some opium incense to cool the atmosphere.
[09-17, 22:55] <Artemix> So, I was reading that Deadman Wonderland would probably never have a second season.. is that confirmed?, if so, then I wouldn't watch the season 1 either :p
[09-17, 21:41] <OneCrazyRussian> I CALL FOR AN OMNICAT
[09-17, 21:07] <NeVe12p4wNeD> @nitekatt We don't care, if you got it wrong here then you've got it wrong. :P
[09-17, 20:46] <nitekatt> they work different in different places, somewhere its < somewhere its [
[09-17, 20:29] <OneCrazyRussian> bbcodes, goddamit
[09-17, 19:55] <nitekatt> <b>kitsune0</b>, u mad, bro?
[09-17, 19:18] <kitsune0> wow! someone's really tryin' hard to be as much asshole as possible, sounds like an epic loser to me
[09-17, 19:14] <SneakiestNEG> Will disable adblock on nyaa ofcourse. nyaa is the only one though.
[09-17, 19:12] <SneakiestNEG> Back from the Mediterranean and I find out that pale moon for mobile is out. Joy! Finally adblock edge on my smartphone.
[09-17, 18:09] <nitekatt> wow! to remember the exact time you got banned someplace, sounds like an epic masochist to me
[09-17, 17:48] <HerbalNekoTea> @OneCrazyRussian : Don't worry, i also was banned Saturday at 1am EST and i got unban in the last 36h. They unban people in wave after sometime as passed.
[09-17, 15:58] <shaddrag> Yes
[09-17, 15:36] <Dangalang> there were multiple Kiras, there is possibly multiple Death Guns?
[09-17, 15:27] <Dangalang> sounds similar except light needed a name and face
[09-17, 15:26] <Dangalang> obsessed with power and judgement
[09-17, 15:24] <Dangalang> yes. He kills with heart attacks, he needs a name and address
[09-17, 15:20] <hazardous> from Death Note?
[09-17, 14:43] <Dangalang> Death Gun was Kira
[09-17, 13:23] <MisterDonut> it is.
[09-17, 13:19] <ramensama92> why horrible subs rokujouma no shinryakusha ep. 10 is not uploaded here yet?? @.@
[09-17, 12:58] <kitsune0> @OneCrazyRussian Maybe 'cause of your nickname?
[09-17, 12:18] <OneCrazyRussian> fukubei: learn bbcodes and chatbox, m8: #241958
[09-17, 12:17] <OneCrazyRussian> I once got to the #HS irc channel. And was banned 10 minutes in. Don't even talk to them, m8
[09-17, 11:52] <fukubei> You call yourself an Aegisub guru? Def could use your help: tid=241958
[09-17, 11:39] <ravenleaf182> that said, its not like they have an announcement or explain it either way on horrible's site either
[09-17, 11:39] <ravenleaf182> I don't care about horrible subs itself though, I asked about if they were going to upload the episodes to nyaa, they have no intention of doing so, question solved. In truth, I'll admit I didn't check their site first, mainly because again I had it beat over my head they do everything though nyaa
[09-17, 11:33] <morwanneg> It's because you didn't check their site first, like any normal person would do.
[09-17, 11:14] <Nyaa> :effort: Add &magnet=1 to the links if you actually care.
[09-17, 11:09] <hazardous> nyaa needs to mold a new button for magnets
[09-17, 11:02] <yanaro> i see some ppl getting magnet links instead of torrent files, is there anyway for me to get magnet links instead as well?
[09-17, 10:46] <kitsune0> I don't see any whinin' at all, just normal questions. ravenleaf182 has a point.
[09-17, 10:46] <ravenleaf182> I didn't actually whine. I didn't ask for a solution. I actually make a point to be rather courteous. Did I ask for a solution? Did I even ask for horrible subs to *do* anything? no. I asked a question related to Nyaa and them. Period. You guys went all condescending over magnets. Don't go preaching to me about gratitude when you don't know me from Jack. The answer in regards to nyaa was "no" and I would have left it at that, plain and simple.
[09-17, 10:40] <nitekatt> cuz you whine as if anyone (hs) owes you something. you can take all of these not-available-here episodes and make torrents for them here on nyaa by yourself, and if they turn into lively seeds it will mean you actually managed to do some good for the humanity
[09-17, 10:34] <ravenleaf182> Why does everyone have to act like a badass fuck tard on here just because there is a screen? between us. Man everyone here likes to take their douche pills
[09-17, 10:32] <ravenleaf182> okay, I was going to stay quiet, but they spend so much time associating with nyaa, I forgot they had their own site. They literally beat you over the head "go nyaa or irc" so its not like I don't know magnets, I asked a question if they were going to ignore them on nyaa. the answer is "yes" thats all that was needed
[09-17, 10:28] <nitekatt> if you cant use magnets for some reason (no brain etc) all of horriblesubs releases you call "missing" are also availabe on extratorrent
[09-17, 10:18] <vivan> ravenleaf182, they have magnets for them on their site
[09-17, 10:17] <MisterDonut> you can always use the magnet links on their site.
[09-17, 10:16] <MisterDonut> boohoo
[09-17, 10:08] <ravenleaf182> Does anyone know if horriblesubs is going to upload the week that went missing episodes at some point or are they going to keep plodding on like those episodes don't exist on nyaa? I hate the idea of getting irc just for that
[09-17, 09:32] <kitsune0> Wait, I thought that it's 'cause humans just lazy and don't want to learn what's not absolutely necessary?
[09-17, 09:29] <hazardous> ofc its cuz' of dumb education system and everything else.
[09-17, 09:28] <hazardous> that would be 99% that does not naturally have a brain.
[09-17, 09:24] <kitsune0> braaainsh~*
[09-17, 09:15] <nitekatt> not everyone does naturally have a brain
[09-17, 08:58] <hazardous> THC or alcohol are very useless and are for idiots. smart ones go for dmt :p dmt is not a real drug btw, its something everyones brain naturally creates ;)
[09-17, 08:51] <nitekatt> of course i do! the answer is boobs
[09-17, 08:43] <txtsd> >implying you have an objective knowledge of what every single person on the Internet needs and cares for
[09-17, 08:39] <nitekatt> internets these days are sooooo lacking websites that no one ever needs and cares for
[09-17, 08:36] <txtsd> Also, if there isn't a proper one, I wish to make a website for that purpose myself.
[09-17, 08:36] <[TRVE]> So you're pointing out your own stupidity now? OK... I'm anti-drugs, btw.
[09-17, 08:35] <txtsd> @[TRVE] I meant something along the lines of, whose content is both lacking, and all over the place.
[09-17, 08:30] <Stinky Cheez> Sorry, TRVE, but you need to realx a bit. Perhaps a bit of THC or alcohol would do you some good =3 . And I'd already said I hadn't bothered to check, so your "observation" is worth exactly nil - lol. Nor is my estimation of the similarity of the 2 series at all about the animation styles, it's about the whiny, useless "heros" involved. So, yes, nitpick fail. Care to whine at me more about it?.
[09-17, 08:13] <[TRVE]> Google, as well as
[09-17, 08:06] <txtsd> Hello. Is there a website where I can compare TV vs DVD vs BD, as well as different fansubs?
[09-17, 08:00] <[TRVE]> gg ceased to exist once koda got a life.
[09-17, 07:43] <yaska> seed pls #521555