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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG DVD 1/6 []DL4.37 GiBStatus unknown11100
Lossy AudioInterpol Live in Milan 2007,AlcatrazDL778 MiBStatus unknown38120
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble b54-57DL11.5 MiB0025810
Raw Anime[HD-Rip JAP SoftSub-ITA] Devil May Cry - Ep 01-06 []DL1.87 GiBStatus unknown8600
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ENG-ITA ]Kiki's Delivery Service []DL4.36 GiBStatus unknown9580
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [300]DL3.8 MiB007600
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [299]DL3.4 MiB007330
Raw AnimeBLUE DROP ~天使達の戯曲~ 第10話 「Cirsium」 (D-KBS XviD1.2 704x396).aviDL194.7 MiB0028980
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Memole Dolce Memole – Ep 21-30 []DL1.65 GiBStatus unknown4160
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Memole Dolce Memole – Ep 31-40 []DL1.65 GiBStatus unknown4520
Raw Anime[Zorim-raws]Shion No U Pack 01-05DL1.18 GiB003320
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Hajime no Ippo 796(lq)DL13.9 MiB0012960
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA-ENG] Star Blazers [Space Cruiser Yamato] - Season 1 - Dvd 3/6 []DL4.23 GiBStatus unknown5930
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Mahou Sensei Negima 197DL13 MiB0060420
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Lupin III - Il mistero delle carte di Hemingway []DL1.09 GiBStatus unknown8390
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Fairy Tail 66(lq)DL4.6 MiB007770
English-translated Anime[ainex]_You're_Under_Arrest_Full_Throttle_-_01_[WS][XVID][FE6E35A7].aviDL175.9 MiB007930
English-translated Literature[MF-DDANF] Mahoraba 16DL8.5 MiB001940
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji 10 RAW (1280x720 DivX670 D-NTV)DL246 MiB1040000
English-translated LiteratureInuyasha v54 ch533 [Freelance].zipDL4.9 MiB0017940
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [木村太彦] 瀬戸の花嫁 第01-13巻DL698 MiBStatus unknown562760
Raw Anime[Hikikomori] キミキス pure rouge 第08話 「close to you」 (CTC 1280x720 DivX6.61).aviDL220.5 MiB001260
Live Action Promotional VideoANIMELO_SUMMER_LIVE_2007_Generation-A_DISC1DL3.06 GiBStatus unknown1720
Raw Anime[Fiftyseven Angry Badgers] Night Wizard #10DL169.4 MiB007940
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Ghost In The Shell - SAC - Ep 15-18 []DL1.28 GiBStatus unknown7010
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [松林悟] ロリコンフェニックス 第01巻DL42.6 MiBStatus unknown259560
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [ももせたまみ] ももいろシスターズ 第01巻DL50.7 MiBStatus unknown143780
Raw Anime[BF] MiB0019290
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Majutsushi Orphen - Ep 16-20 []DL1.04 GiBStatus unknown9450
Raw Anime[RAW] スカイガールズ SKYGIRLS 第23話 「失われた翼」 (704x396)DL216.8 MiBStatus unknown193740
Raw Anime[RAW] [アニメ] CLANNAD -クラナド- 第07話 「星形の気持ち」 (BS-i DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL298 MiB0045240
Non-English-translated Anime[Mundo-Anime] Kikoushi Enma 02 sub esp [B31D3305]DL350.7 MiB005220
English-translated AnimeBleach 151 English SubsDL170.2 MiBStatus unknown1750
English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuuden 38DL181.5 MiB1057230
Raw Anime[raw][07.12.06~07.12.07]DL2.47 GiBStatus unknown17580
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] D.Gray-Man 140(lq)DL1.1 MiB0013710
Raw Literature[] Bleach 303 RAW LQDL5.1 MiB0020280
Lossless AudioKOTOKO - 覚えてていいよDuDiDuWalalala (wav+cue)DL196.2 MiBStatus unknown13240
English-translated AnimeHeroic Age 11-12DL442.7 MiBStatus unknown6440
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Hunter x Hunter 270(lq)DL5.8 MiB0043980
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Naruto 381(lq)DL2.6 MiB0033410
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 303(lq)DL3.2 MiB0025700
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] One Piece 481(lq)DL3.9 MiB0027050
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [宮野ともちか] ゆびさきミルクティー 第01-07巻DL335.5 MiB00162520
GamesRadiata_Stories_USA_UNDUB_PS2DVDDL1.86 GiBStatus unknown4001
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] DNA ² - Ep. 04-06 - Pack 2/5 []DL695 MiBStatus unknown7970
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble 253(chn)DL2.1 MiB006420
English-translated Anime[Hauu~] KiB009170
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 303(lq_v2)DL18.7 MiB0021530
Non-English-translated Anime[FWnF] Naruto Shippuuden 38 (sub spanish)DL149.3 MiB006520
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP Jap HardSub-ITA] Suzuka - Ep 01-04 []DL874 MiBStatus unknown3940
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Eyeshield21 261(lq)DL25.1 MiB0019420
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-RIP ITA] Lupin Sansei: Russia yori Ai wo Komete []DL807.5 MiBStatus unknown8330
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP-ITA] Alexander Senki - Ep 01-07 []DL2.39 GiBStatus unknown5920
English-translated Literature[]Bleach_303_ENG_MQ_by_MSDL3.2 MiB0018970
English-translated Anime[DVDrip]風のスティグマ/「07~08+特典」(848x480 x264 24f CQ18 AC3)DL556.8 MiBStatus unknown7080
English-translated Literature[Himiko] School Rumble 252DL1.7 MiB004760
English-translated Literature[NegimaVN] Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol 04 - VietnameseDL56.2 MiB002880
Lossy Audio[QYQ][Animelo_Summer_Live_2007_Generation-A][DVDRIP]DL5.96 GiBStatus unknown15040
English-translated Anime[HD 720p ITA-JAP AC3] Paprika []DL2.43 GiBStatus unknown10650
Raw AnimeMobile_Suit_GUNDAM-00_HD_10_RAW (1280x720 DivX611 24f ).aviDL447 MiB0039860
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP SoftSub-ITA] GITS SAC 2nd GIG Special - Tachikomatic Days - Ep 01-05 []DL95.5 MiBStatus unknown10230
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP SoftSub-ENG] GITS SAC 2nd GIG Special - Tachikomatic Days - Ep 06-10 []DL54.3 MiBStatus unknown9410
Lossless Audio[EAC] [071205] 新垣結衣 - そら (tta+cue+jpg)DL289.8 MiBStatus unknown63660
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA] Hurricane Polymar DVD 4/4 []DL4.2 GiBStatus unknown4440
Lossless Audio[EAC] [061122] [Chambers Records] ~scene:X'mas~ (tta+cue+jpg rr5)DL419 MiBStatus unknown15920
English-translated Anime[DVDrip ITA] Hurricane Polymar OAV - Holy Blood []DL700.4 MiBStatus unknown19970
Raw Anime[DVDmux ITA-JAP] Dokidoki Densetsu: Mahoujin Guruguru - Magic Circle Guru Guru 2 - Ep. 01-05 []DL1.12 GiBStatus unknown1950
Raw Anime[raw][07.12.07~07.12.08]DL1.35 GiBStatus unknown9310
Lossless Audio[FLAC] Minori ChiharaDL1.43 GiBStatus unknown65970
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] GHOST HOUND - 08 RAW (1280x720 x264 AAC 5.1ch vfr[ED60fps])DL363.5 MiB006770
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 35DL174.5 MiB001610
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 36-37DL348 MiB001490
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 38DL178.3 MiB001800
Non-English-translated Anime[Nekotachi] Clannad - 10.aviDL167 MiB001600
English-translated LiteratureKannagi vol.01 ch.01-06 [TEA-Scans]DL29.6 MiB1037300
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Kidou Senshi GUNDAM 00 - 10 RAW (1280x720 x264+AAC D-MBS)DL447.5 MiB0022550
Raw Anime[RAW] ULTRASEVEN X Episode10 「MEMORIES」 (1280x720)DL335.7 MiBStatus unknown48690
Lossless Audio[EAC](シングル)ナイトウィザード The ANIMATION/Characters Vol.1~Vol.3 (tta+cue+booklet+rr3)DL383 MiBStatus unknown10980
Lossless Audio[EAC](シングル)Myself;Yourself/キャラクターソングVol.4~Vol.6 (tta+cue+booklet+rr3)DL324.5 MiBStatus unknown14250
English-translated Anime[DVDrip]神曲奏界ポリフォニカ/「11~12」(848x480 x264 VFR CQ18 AC3)DL515.5 MiBStatus unknown5410
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Black Lagoon - Ep 01 []DL182.7 MiBStatus unknown19510
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-RIP ITA] Captain Tsubasa J – Holly & Benji - Ep 12-15 []DL702 MiBStatus unknown8080
Raw Anime[raw][07.12.08~07.12.09]DL1.02 GiBStatus unknown10030
Raw Anime[FromShare] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 10 RAW (D-TBS DivX6.6 704x396)[YS2YSUOe1cLtf].aviDL336.5 MiB009260
Raw Anime[FromShare] Hayate the Combat Butler 37 RAW (D-TX DivX6.6 704x396 120fps)[YS2YSUOe1cLtf].aviDL172.8 MiB0018210
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [荒川弘] 鋼の錬金術師 第01-17巻DL725 MiBStatus unknown481820
English-translated Animeshugo chara 10 subs .assDL32 KiBStatus unknown1050
Non-English-translated Anime[DVDRip Jap HardSub-ITA] Basilisk – Ep 15-18 []DL743.5 MiBStatus unknown4060
English-translated Anime[Mundo-Anime]_Saiyuki_RELOAD_GUNLOCK_18_sub_esp_[FB964279].mp4DL170.5 MiB0013160
Lossy Audio)Chambers RecordsDL132 MiBStatus unknown1060
Live Action Promotional Video[QYQ][Hirano_Aya-Love_Letter][DVDRIP]DL772.5 MiBStatus unknown7960
Non-English-translated Anime[WZF]Ayashi_no_Ceres_-_11_[Xvid][Sub_Esp].aviDL143.5 MiB002070
Non-English-translated Anime[WZF]Ayashi_no_Ceres_-_12_[Xvid][Sub_Esp].aviDL144 MiB001950
English-translated Anime[Sunflowersubs] Kamichama Karin 20DL179.5 MiB0032150
English-translated Anime[TV-Japan] JIN-ROH 人狼 (Blu-ray 1824x992 x264 AAC Dual Jap+Eng)DL3.59 GiB4075631
English-translated Anime[STAR] Blue Dragon 20DL172.5 MiB0040270
Non-English-translated Anime[HFS]Maple Story Ep 01 - ¡Al y sus amigos! - (XviD Mp3 Sub Esp)DL173.3 MiBStatus unknown1430
Non-English-translated Anime[HFS]Maple Story Ep 02 - Al y Nina - (XviD Mp3 Sub Esp)DL173 MiBStatus unknown1370
English-translated Anime[S.S.S] Kodomo no Jikan 09DL174.5 MiB00178470
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-19, 13:07] <StormVanguard> test
[12-19, 12:58] <qrazed> @kayllin: This is what you wanted, Old Pirate Bay
[12-19, 12:38] <hazardous> wait till someone creates new internet and p2p modem functioning like torrent network on hardware level and eliminates isps and governments. until then RIP Pirate Bay!!! ( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡°)っ由
[12-19, 12:30] <kayllin> missed a " in the bbcode, just highlight the code and right click web address to go to it, or copy and paste in browser.
[12-19, 12:29] <hazardous> Winter List. Death Parade, Fafner Exodus, Durarara!!x2, some good shit is coming. \( ˚ ▽ ˚ )/
[12-19, 12:29] <kayllin> Pirate Bay isn't dead they created a new web address after having the previous one shut down... ---> [url="]PIRATE BAY[/url]
[12-19, 12:22] <Dark_Pride> RIP The Pirate Bay
[12-19, 12:04] <(⌐■_■)> Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Zoku is upon us!! unfortunately, there is some bad news....ヽ(´□`。)ノ
[12-19, 11:31] <drrrokiez> parashit
[12-19, 11:19] <00 fanboy> seed is shit
[12-19, 11:03] <dika46> so quite lately
[12-19, 09:50] <n0xiety> This happened while people were talking about piratebay too. So someone says something that shouldn't be said and chat gets erased? Or is that just a coincidence?
[12-19, 09:48] <Gintamanota1> Is Rurouni Kenshin the first live action movie on the site? I only see the second movie, maybe i missed it?
[12-19, 09:39] <ravenleaf182> drunk guy flooded chat to holy hell
[12-19, 09:15] <Allons-y> shiroku shiroku masshirona chat ga~
[12-19, 09:00] <Diumlol> kongou class battleships are best
[12-19, 08:35] <Abunja> What shit you ppl did again?
[12-19, 08:27] <RinzImpulse> so white (again)
[12-19, 08:27] <eraser> tabula rasa
[12-19, 08:24] <Denkoko> awoo