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Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[Pv](2007.11.21)AGE-OF-EP-冷めない夢DL158.6 MiB003050
English-translated Literatureこはるびより 第01-03巻DL132.7 MiB1056860
Lossless Audioシュラキ・トリニティ/BOX-01 美城暁 (ape+cue+booklet+rr3DL482.3 MiBStatus unknown6380
Lossy AudioChambers Records/シリーズ 第1弾~第3弾DL1.17 GiBStatus unknown7260
Raw AnimeGundam Universal Century SerialsDL52.85 GiBStatus unknown183301
Raw Anime[RAW][G Gundam][01-24][DVDRip]@DMHY.netDL8.92 GiBStatus unknown100420
Raw Anime[RAW][G Gundam][25-49][DVDRip]@DMHY.netDL9.06 GiBStatus unknown31261
Raw Anime[nayuki] BAMBOO BLADE - 10 (RAW)DL198.5 MiB0032620
Raw Anime[VP-Raw]_One_Piece_333_SD_(704x396).aviDL250 MiBStatus unknown920
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA] Hurricane Polymar DVD 3/4 []DL4.2 GiBStatus unknown4220
Raw Anime[RAW] [アニメ] スケッチブック ~full color's~ 第10話 「出会いの先」 (D-TX DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL276 MiBStatus unknown92150
Raw Anime[RAW] [アニメ] バンブーブレード BAMBOO BLADE 第10話 「宮崎都の憂鬱と初大会」 (D-TX DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL283 MiBStatus unknown190160
English-translated Literature(一般コミック) [ヒロユキ] ドージンワーク 第01-04巻(4コマ)DL158.7 MiBStatus unknown208850
Lossy Audio[20071130] [EAC](アルバム) 雪降る歌2~恋する君の冬物語~DL376.3 MiBStatus unknown28030
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP-ITA] Captain Herlock - The Endless Odyssey - Ep 12-13[]DL795.5 MiBStatus unknown5220
Raw Anime[Freelance-Raws] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - 22 (704x396 x264 AAC).[d558jJoPJW].mkvDL121.5 MiB0021300
Raw Anime[DVDISO][070921] ひぐらしのなく頃に解 捜査録 -紡- file.01 初回限定版 (2ISO+2MDS+jpg)DL4.5 GiBStatus unknown51770
English-translated Anime[FHnF] Naruto Shippuuden 36-37DL353 MiB001540
English-translated LiteratureNagasarete Airantou 1-11DL674 MiBStatus unknown412440
Lossless AudioPA CharaCD5-6(tta+cue+booklet+rr3)DL367.3 MiBStatus unknown14570
Raw Anime[Zorim-raws]Jyushin Enbu - HERO TALES - 09(D-TX 1024x576 DivX670)DL305.3 MiB002730
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG DVD 1/6 []DL4.37 GiBStatus unknown10860
Lossy AudioInterpol Live in Milan 2007,AlcatrazDL778 MiBStatus unknown37860
Raw Anime[nayuki] Myself;Yourself - 10 (RAW)DL157.8 MiB0054370
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble b54-57DL11.5 MiB0025590
Raw Anime[HD-Rip JAP SoftSub-ITA] Devil May Cry - Ep 01-06 []DL1.87 GiBStatus unknown8350
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ENG-ITA ]Kiki's Delivery Service []DL4.36 GiBStatus unknown7010
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [300]DL3.8 MiB007410
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [299]DL3.4 MiB007120
Raw AnimeBLUE DROP ~天使達の戯曲~ 第10話 「Cirsium」 (D-KBS XviD1.2 704x396).aviDL194.7 MiB0028760
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Memole Dolce Memole – Ep 21-30 []DL1.65 GiBStatus unknown3940
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Memole Dolce Memole – Ep 31-40 []DL1.65 GiBStatus unknown4270
Raw Anime[Zorim-raws]Shion No U Pack 01-05DL1.18 GiB003100
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Hajime no Ippo 796(lq)DL13.9 MiB0012720
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA-ENG] Star Blazers [Space Cruiser Yamato] - Season 1 - Dvd 3/6 []DL4.23 GiBStatus unknown5690
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Mahou Sensei Negima 197DL13 MiB0060200
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Lupin III - Il mistero delle carte di Hemingway []DL1.09 GiBStatus unknown8110
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Fairy Tail 66(lq)DL4.6 MiB007560
English-translated Anime[ainex]_You're_Under_Arrest_Full_Throttle_-_01_[WS][XVID][FE6E35A7].aviDL175.9 MiB007690
English-translated Literature[MF-DDANF] Mahoraba 16DL8.5 MiB001700
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji 10 RAW (1280x720 DivX670 D-NTV)DL246 MiB1039720
English-translated LiteratureInuyasha v54 ch533 [Freelance].zipDL4.9 MiB0017700
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [木村太彦] 瀬戸の花嫁 第01-13巻DL698 MiBStatus unknown561500
Raw Anime[Hikikomori] キミキス pure rouge 第08話 「close to you」 (CTC 1280x720 DivX6.61).aviDL220.5 MiB001050
Live Action Promotional VideoANIMELO_SUMMER_LIVE_2007_Generation-A_DISC1DL3.06 GiBStatus unknown1450
Raw Anime[Fiftyseven Angry Badgers] Night Wizard #10DL169.4 MiB007710
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Ghost In The Shell - SAC - Ep 15-18 []DL1.28 GiBStatus unknown6740
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [松林悟] ロリコンフェニックス 第01巻DL42.6 MiBStatus unknown258890
Raw Literature(一般コミック) [ももせたまみ] ももいろシスターズ 第01巻DL50.7 MiBStatus unknown143100
Raw Anime[BF] MiB0019080
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Majutsushi Orphen - Ep 16-20 []DL1.04 GiBStatus unknown9170
Raw Anime[RAW] スカイガールズ SKYGIRLS 第23話 「失われた翼」 (704x396)DL216.8 MiBStatus unknown193510
Raw Anime[RAW] [アニメ] CLANNAD -クラナド- 第07話 「星形の気持ち」 (BS-i DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL298 MiB0045030
Non-English-translated Anime[Mundo-Anime] Kikoushi Enma 02 sub esp [B31D3305]DL350.7 MiB005030
English-translated AnimeBleach 151 English SubsDL170.2 MiBStatus unknown1540
Raw Anime[raw][07.12.06~07.12.07]DL2.47 GiBStatus unknown17350
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] D.Gray-Man 140(lq)DL1.1 MiB0013500
Raw Literature[] Bleach 303 RAW LQDL5.1 MiB0020040
Lossless AudioKOTOKO - 覚えてていいよDuDiDuWalalala (wav+cue)DL196.2 MiBStatus unknown12820
English-translated AnimeHeroic Age 11-12DL442.7 MiBStatus unknown6220
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Hunter x Hunter 270(lq)DL5.8 MiB0043720
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Naruto 381(lq)DL2.6 MiB0033160
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 303(lq)DL3.2 MiB0025490
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] One Piece 481(lq)DL3.9 MiB0026810
GamesRadiata_Stories_USA_UNDUB_PS2DVDDL1.86 GiBStatus unknown3461
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] DNA ² - Ep. 04-06 - Pack 2/5 []DL695 MiBStatus unknown7730
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble 253(chn)DL2.1 MiB006180
English-translated Anime[Hauu~] KiB008950
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 303(lq_v2)DL18.7 MiB0021320
Non-English-translated Anime[FWnF] Naruto Shippuuden 38 (sub spanish)DL149.3 MiB006330
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP Jap HardSub-ITA] Suzuka - Ep 01-04 []DL874 MiBStatus unknown3690
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Eyeshield21 261(lq)DL25.1 MiB0019200
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-RIP ITA] Lupin Sansei: Russia yori Ai wo Komete []DL807.5 MiBStatus unknown8130
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP-ITA] Alexander Senki - Ep 01-07 []DL2.39 GiBStatus unknown5610
English-translated Literature[]Bleach_303_ENG_MQ_by_MSDL3.2 MiB0018750
English-translated Anime[DVDrip]風のスティグマ/「07~08+特典」(848x480 x264 24f CQ18 AC3)DL556.8 MiBStatus unknown6840
English-translated Literature[Himiko] School Rumble 252DL1.7 MiB004540
English-translated Literature[NegimaVN] Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol 04 - VietnameseDL56.2 MiB002670
Lossy Audio[QYQ][Animelo_Summer_Live_2007_Generation-A][DVDRIP]DL5.96 GiBStatus unknown14480
English-translated Anime[HD 720p ITA-JAP AC3] Paprika []DL2.43 GiBStatus unknown10390
Raw AnimeMobile_Suit_GUNDAM-00_HD_10_RAW (1280x720 DivX611 24f ).aviDL447 MiB0039640
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP SoftSub-ITA] GITS SAC 2nd GIG Special - Tachikomatic Days - Ep 01-05 []DL95.5 MiBStatus unknown9900
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP SoftSub-ENG] GITS SAC 2nd GIG Special - Tachikomatic Days - Ep 06-10 []DL54.3 MiBStatus unknown8930
Lossless Audio[EAC] [071205] 新垣結衣 - そら (tta+cue+jpg)DL289.8 MiBStatus unknown62900
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA] Hurricane Polymar DVD 4/4 []DL4.2 GiBStatus unknown4220
Lossless Audio[EAC] [061122] [Chambers Records] ~scene:X'mas~ (tta+cue+jpg rr5)DL419 MiBStatus unknown15450
English-translated Anime[DVDrip ITA] Hurricane Polymar OAV - Holy Blood []DL700.4 MiBStatus unknown19720
Raw Anime[DVDmux ITA-JAP] Dokidoki Densetsu: Mahoujin Guruguru - Magic Circle Guru Guru 2 - Ep. 01-05 []DL1.12 GiBStatus unknown1630
Raw Anime[raw][07.12.07~07.12.08]DL1.35 GiBStatus unknown9100
Lossless Audio[FLAC] Minori ChiharaDL1.43 GiBStatus unknown64970
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] GHOST HOUND - 08 RAW (1280x720 x264 AAC 5.1ch vfr[ED60fps])DL363.5 MiB006560
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 35DL174.5 MiB001370
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 36-37DL348 MiB001270
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 38DL178.3 MiB001580
Non-English-translated Anime[Nekotachi] Clannad - 10.aviDL167 MiB001400
English-translated LiteratureKannagi vol.01 ch.01-06 [TEA-Scans]DL29.6 MiB1036950
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Kidou Senshi GUNDAM 00 - 10 RAW (1280x720 x264+AAC D-MBS)DL447.5 MiB0022320
Raw Anime[RAW] ULTRASEVEN X Episode10 「MEMORIES」 (1280x720)DL335.7 MiBStatus unknown48440
Lossless Audio[EAC](シングル)ナイトウィザード The ANIMATION/Characters Vol.1~Vol.3 (tta+cue+booklet+rr3)DL383 MiBStatus unknown10700
Lossless Audio[EAC](シングル)Myself;Yourself/キャラクターソングVol.4~Vol.6 (tta+cue+booklet+rr3)DL324.5 MiBStatus unknown14010
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <un1qu3> It was a good run while it lasted. It's all over now. Thank you all for your support.
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-20, 16:32] <hazardous> who is subbing Magi - Sinbad no Bouken? #565016
[08-20, 16:26] <OneCrazyRussian> of the only thing worth watching now - Konan, ofc
[08-20, 16:25] <zf117> yagami11, maybe you can make my ignorance less amazing?
[08-20, 16:19] <Dat Size> Of what lol
[08-20, 15:45] <kiryu-kun> I guess I'll wait for the memeless version...
[08-20, 15:37] <lifebaka> Don't worry, zf117. It's only the end of the world. Nothing major.
[08-20, 15:34] <Yagami11> zf117, your ignorance is amazing
[08-20, 14:46] <herkz> we'll just have to wait and see
[08-20, 14:44] <zf117> ....oh come on, can I get a straight answer? Nyaa is my favorite site and I'm getting paranoid.
[08-20, 14:42] <herkz> you never know
[08-20, 14:41] <zf117> What are the sticky messages referring to? "rip nt, it's all over". Nyaa isnt closing down is it?
[08-20, 12:35] <Dat Size> I'm using CCCP+Madvr with my own settings, it's that fine? Mostly of the settings are the same as that guide and has the recommended things that my machine can handle I guess. (Not max settings, but middle-high.)
[08-20, 12:21] <Nyaa> ...and of course it doesn't help when that thing has cancer written all over it.
[08-20, 12:19] <Nyaa> Perhaps it does, but a modular approach where you actually know exactly what you did to the setup and can replace parts independently is always better than some lazy codec pack.
[08-20, 12:13] <Dragons4life> also,does't KCP do the same thing as the guide you recommended him?
[08-20, 12:11] <Dragons4life> I wonder why people don't use PotPlayer more, but i guess MPC-HC is better.
[08-20, 11:56] <Nyaa> If you want something even better quality-wise, I'll need hardware details.
[08-20, 11:54] <Nyaa> Uninstall everything and use the guide at the top of this chatbox instead.
[08-20, 11:52] <SneakiestNEG> I installed the kawaii codec pack for MPC. Are there any other codecs or shaders I need?
[08-20, 11:49] <SneakiestNEG> I like deadfish because he provides an option. Also hardsubs are fine because my Japanese is not good enough for Ergo Proxy. Re-encoding is a pain.
[08-20, 11:11] <nozdrum> Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha BD already completed: #590131 will believe in Anime-Koi for this release
[08-20, 11:09] <qrazed> Just before that everyone was discussing hardsubs vs softsubs actually.
[08-20, 11:02] <nitekatt> So I open this chatbox and all I can see is Commie and Hanamonogatari. I mean - no usual s**t topics at all, like nobody is discussing horriblesubs, nobody is discussing hardsubs vs softsubs, nobody is discussing herkz. Cant believe that.
[08-20, 09:41] <nozdrum> ok and ty
[08-20, 09:24] <Nyaa> nozdrum, their XDCC bot listing also serves as direct download links: Here is the patch.
[08-20, 08:59] <nozdrum> @Commie do you have an alternative download link for #247007 v2 patch?
[08-20, 08:58] <nozdrum> 有中国人,他们只是不说话非常多。写英文,请。Write in English: rules
[08-20, 08:31] <jofs> The Commie translation of "Hanamonogatari" was really nice. Good flow, good wording for the most part.
[08-20, 07:34] <NFG004> bearded* Kaiki
[08-20, 07:33] <[TRVE]> You wish you had what?
[08-20, 07:19] <NFG004> I wish I had beareded Kaiki as my uncle.
[08-20, 07:17] <NFG004> So I didn't realize that Commie had combined all 5 episodes of Hanamonogatari into 1 video. I've now sat down and watched the entire series of an anime that I had planned to watch an episode once a day. Thanks Obama.
[08-20, 07:10] <Cloudef> I lol'd at the comments of commie's hanamonogatari
[08-20, 06:55] <[TRVE]> There's also a gay pedophile in HxH.
[08-20, 06:52] <Akaneon> Hunter X Hunter confirmed for 300 filler episodes and a bunch of video games
[08-20, 05:54] <Sekai1ban> Kak kek kok kik kak kuk kuk
[08-20, 05:48] <sarachikorita> Top kek. Well, I start some of my projects that way, if they're TV subs... (I mean, subs from US TV)
[08-20, 05:35] <SenketsuSubs> "<sarachikorita> DeadFish just takes MKVs and hardsubs them, that's all" And SenketsuSubs takes hardsubbed MKVs and softsubs them! lol :-P
[08-20, 05:07] <Yarukinasu> Feels good to see people asking for subs on raw releases ( ¬‿¬)
[08-20, 04:53] <Abunja> As for my experience, I have hard time watching monogatari series since every now and then there are scenes that I need to pause to. I'm not a fast reader actually.
[08-20, 04:34] <WideIsLove> Nyaa should give Commie a new im@s for their 300 fans in Hanamonogatari
[08-20, 03:34] <PerfectProsecutor> Based Commie saves the day. Hanamonogatari time!
[08-20, 03:25] <kanbaru> it's nice to be worshipped once in a while
[08-20, 03:08] <sarachikorita> DeadFish just takes MKVs and hardsubs them, that's all
[08-20, 03:08] <Mayobe> Ah, I didn't notice it was mp4. Was trying to figure out if it was 10bit v 8bit or different fonts or something.
[08-20, 03:03] <herkz> deadfish is a hardsubbed re-encode
[08-20, 02:46] <Mayobe> What's the difference between the DF and Commie releases of Hana?
[08-20, 02:42] <BakaYuusha> Everyone quickly post your comments and hate on the Deadfish and MystVortex copies of Hanamonogatari before the moderators remember to lock those comments also! :P
[08-20, 02:37] <sarachikorita> The best translation manages to convey the meaning in as similar a way as possible to the original, without being either excessively stiff or being excessively loose. But some liberties need to be taken.
[08-20, 02:30] <Dragons4life> Ohayo
[08-20, 02:15] <ramensama92> holy fucking hanamonogatari by commie, oh yeah :D
[08-20, 02:10] <Reijssss> Commie thank you so much
[08-20, 02:10] <Stinky Cheez> Of course, too liberal a translation start to lose too much of the original meaning, and that's also bad. But that's where the art of translation lies: Finding the balance between comlete literalism and conferring what the original author meant.
[08-20, 01:56] <sarachikorita> Well, I've seen Steve Simmons' translations of Dragon Ball Z... they're stiff as a board.
[08-20, 01:40] <Abunja> I guess any Nyaa user who take a look on Commie's Hanamono will be an instant fan.
[08-20, 01:17] <Stinky Cheez> I dare anyone to watch/read a truly literal translation of ANY anime or manga. Your eyes will kick your ass for making them read that tortured crap!.
[08-20, 01:11] <kanbaru> It's my time to shine, bitches.
[08-20, 01:02] <BakaYuusha> The moderators probably clicked "You can become a fan too!" over and over.
[08-20, 00:59] <Røckageek> Their torrent have so much fans
[08-19, 23:41] <Hamartia> The stickies are because people thought that Nyaa was going to go down because the japanese government decided to get "tough on piracy" and send cease and desist letters. The Nyaa mods decided to make a joke off their idiocy and say that Nyaa torrents was "all over".
[08-19, 23:34] <jerxou> everything
[08-19, 23:28] <Onichan> What are the stickies about? Whats over?
[08-19, 23:20] <sarachikorita> Thanks, couldn't remember the exact details
[08-19, 23:19] <Puto> I changed it to 'we can fit Conan-kun between us like a sandwich'
[08-19, 23:18] <Puto> it was 'if we fit Conan-kun in between us, we'll look like the kawa kanji'
[08-19, 23:18] <Puto> [08-19, 22:52] <sarachikorita> or something like that, I'd have to look it up. it definitely was something about the kawa kanji, and we translated it as being sandwiched
[08-19, 23:04] <herkz> perhaps the few changes we do make are to exclusively add memes... not sure. will have to refine this theory
[08-19, 23:04] <Artemix> Sain Seyia: Lost Canvas
[08-19, 23:04] <herkz> that's funny because people like to accuse us of not editing CR enough, Hamartia
[08-19, 23:04] <allelujahhaptism> @NFG004 commie only does tv releases in 720, so they never label because it's always the same.
[08-19, 22:55] <Hamartia> It makes sense without context. It's a japanese expression that makes jack shit worth of sense to someone who doesn't know japanese. Retards complained that you choose an english equivalent.
[08-19, 22:54] <NFG004> #589892 thee is no info about this torrent at all. What resolution is this?
[08-19, 22:52] <sarachikorita> makes sense in context.
[08-19, 22:52] <sarachikorita> or something like that, I'd have to look it up. it definitely was something about the kawa kanji, and we translated it as being sandwiched
[08-19, 22:51] <sarachikorita> We had people complain once that we translated a phrase as "like a sandwich" instead of "like the middle stroke of the 'kawa' kanji"
[08-19, 22:49] <Hamartia> Holy shit, people think commie translates literally? Have you seen any of their CR edits? Commie is the group known for huge liberalizations when translating. Their original translations have been good and they didn't ignore grammar like the DDY release.
[08-19, 22:46] <yuyukos> we censorship now.
[08-19, 22:46] <Nyaa> Chris Roberts's middle name is "Motherfucking", just FYI.
[08-19, 22:45] <opabato9000> whats SS:LC
[08-19, 22:39] <Artemix> I know this is old news but.. 1) do anyone know if the reason of SS: LC cancellation was actually low rating and 2) is it possible for it to come back, sometime?
[08-19, 22:37] <NFG004> mfw people think Star CItizen is going to be a promising game
[08-19, 22:37] <sarachikorita> [08-19, 21:47] <gravediggernalk> >complaining about commie translations It's like you people think that a word-for-word translation is a good thing, when it's actually a pretty shit way to translate anything between any langauges <-- Actually, a lot of people DO prefer their anime subs to be like that, even when the result is nonsense
[08-19, 22:36] <opabato9000> which subs? definitely not commie
[08-19, 22:26] <Roxasbain> Commie is god.
[08-19, 22:25] <KoyomiKami> Which subs to choose for Hanamonogatari?
[08-19, 22:14] <Dat Size> B-but Commie made my day, it was my birthday, and they gave me a present.
[08-19, 22:12] <Tenkuu> #BasedCommie
[08-19, 22:08] <Dat Size> HorribleSubs ftw
[08-19, 22:02] <Clockwise> Glorious Commie
[08-19, 21:58] <jerxou> >A+ ....xD
[08-19, 21:58] <HorribleSubs> commie stinx. Better dead than red!
[08-19, 21:53] <Urizithar> Immediate defense stance on Hanamono xd Someone feels pressure from criticism ;p
[08-19, 21:47] <chuckk> cakes a shit
[08-19, 21:47] <gravediggernalk> >complaining about commie translations It's like you people think that a word-for-word translation is a good thing, when it's actually a pretty shit way to translate anything between any langauges
[08-19, 21:45] <SubDESU-H> ID 589892 easy A+