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Category DLSizeSELEDLsMsg
Raw AnimeBlue Submarine No.6DL54.48 GiB013980
Raw Anime[DVDISO]らんま1/2 Disc33-40DL54.47 GiB028430
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] Soul Eater - Complete Collection - DVD5 (BLINX01)DL54.41 GiB018801
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan Anime series HD (newest = 662)DL54.34 GiB1018123
Raw Anime[Yousei-raws] Kimi ni Todoke 1st & 2nd Season [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL54.33 GiB4267950
Raw Animeソードアート・オンライン Sword Art Online 第01-25話 完 (MX MPEG2-TS AAC)DL54.33 GiB1446830
English-translated AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters [DVDRip] [SD 480p]DL54.32 GiBStatus unknown5394
Raw AnimeShigurui_Death Frenzy.12.Blu-ray.REMUX.H264.1080P.DD51.DL54.24 GiBStatus unknown3811
Raw Anime[DVDISO] ひぐらしのなく頃に (iso+mds+scans)DL54.15 GiB0128920
Raw Anime[DVDISO]るろうに剣心 DISC 1-7DL54.14 GiB0533034
Raw AnimeLupin III TV2 [DVD-rip 640x480 xvid]DL54.13 GiB16270561
Non-English-translated Literature277 한국 번역 만화 '12 여름DL54.12 GiB01153920
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Musekinin Kanchou Tylor (BD 1440x1080 x264 FLAC)DL54.09 GiB0122430
Non-English-translated Anime[fansub][12kokuki][BluRayBox][1080P]DL54.07 GiB019100
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Kara_no_Kyoukai_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)DL54.05 GiB100949010
Raw Anime[DVDISO]るろうに剣心 DISC 8-14DL54.02 GiB0521041
ApplicationsTouhou Progect v.3.0+TRANCE REMIXSDL53.98 GiB013370
Raw Anime[DVDISO][アニメ] 灼眼のシャナ 第一期+α(iso+mds) & ジャケトとレーベルDL53.96 GiB0224430
Raw Anime(DVDISO)爆走兄弟 GJC编 DVD-5 DISK01-13DL53.89 GiBStatus unknown4450
Raw Anime[Yousei-raws] Hayate no Gotoku!! [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL53.88 GiBStatus unknown12880
Raw Anime[DVDISO]らんま1/2 Disc1-8DL53.87 GiB0114130
Raw Anime(DVDISO)爆走兄弟 WGP编DL53.87 GiBStatus unknown4651
Raw AnimeRanma [DVD-rip 640x480 xvid]DL53.83 GiB0134070
Raw Anime[BDMV] Mobile Police Patlabor TV Blu-ray BOX2 [USA Ver.]DL53.82 GiB2019980
Raw Anime【肥羊-Raws】 しろくまカフェ [Shirokuma Cafe][BDRip][1080P_x264(8bit)-FLAC][ALL]DL53.81 GiB018520
Raw Live Action[DHR-Raws][Animelo Summer Live 2012-INFINITY∞-][Full Disc][BDRip][1080P][AVC_Hi10P_FLAC]DL53.78 GiB5727950
Non-English-translated AnimeFairy Tail (Backbeard) [Reshare]DL53.76 GiB2722541
Non-English-translated Anime[CASO][Kara_no_Kyoukai]DL53.6 GiB30888690
Raw Anime[Yousei-raws] Macross Frontier [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL53.55 GiB02162712
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Gosick (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL53.53 GiB1736270
Raw AnimeKimi ni Todoke 1st and 2nd SeasonDL53.52 GiB0135066
Raw AnimeDVDISO 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS 全巻DL53.42 GiB1464130
Raw Anime銀魂(第3期) (TX MPEG2 AAC TS)DL53.4 GiB1038210
Raw Anime[Liuyun&VCB-Studio&ANK-Raws] Kill la Kill/キルラキル 10bit 1080p BDRip [Fin] (CDs+Scans+SPs)DL53.37 GiB213335090
Raw Anime[漏勺rip] Saint Seiya 1986 [BDrip X264 AAC 720P]DL53.31 GiB3219913
Raw Anime[DVDISO]らんま1/2 Disc17-24DL53.3 GiB018810
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Hanasaku_Iroha_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)DL53.27 GiB1193739413
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (BDRip 990x720 x264 FLAC)DL53.25 GiB1960878
Non-English-translated Anime[空の境界][Kara_no_Kyoukai][空之境界][BDRIP][1080p][简中外挂][日英内封]DL53.22 GiB0112950
Raw Anime[DVDISO]らんま1/2 Disc25-32DL53.18 GiB028290
Non-English-translated Anime[Fushigi_no_Umi_no_Nadia][DISK_1-7][1-39+sp][BDRip][1080P]DL53.16 GiB2311012
English-translated AnimeGintama_1-265+OVAs_(480-720p_XviD+H264) Unofficial batchDL53.16 GiB28502052019
Raw Anime[DVDISO]らんま1/2 Disc9-16DL53.16 GiB019320
Raw Animeたいむとらぶる トンデケマン! Time Travel TondekemanDL53.13 GiB0216754
Non-English-translated Anime[FLsnow][Kara_no_Kyoukai][BDRIP][1080p][CHS_JPN_ENG]DL53.12 GiB014900
English-translated AnimeUrusei Yatsura 001 - 021 [BD.1080p] [Iznjie Biznjie]DL53.08 GiB71173136
Non-English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuden 1-380 Mon Sub DubDL53.01 GiB509400
Non-English-translated Anime[Titans-Team]_Hunter_X_Hunter_01-59_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)DL52.98 GiB009490
Raw Anime[ANK-Raws] Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of Sinners (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC 2.1ch+5.1ch)DL52.96 GiB1139567
Raw AnimeGundam Universal Century SerialsDL52.85 GiBStatus unknown183781
Raw AnimeRanma TV 001-054 (BDRip 960x720 x264 FLAC)DL52.82 GiB1011643
Raw Anime[Simu] Mai HiME+Otome+Zwei+Sifl (x264 1080p AC3)DL52.8 GiB0123180
English-translated Anime[philosophy-raws][Angel Beats!][BDRIP][10bit][Master Collection]DL52.77 GiB1425997
Raw Anime[ANK-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster Blu-ray BOX (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC Hi10P)DL52.67 GiB8113923212
English-translated Anime[HorribleSubs] Fairy Tail 1-175 [720p]DL52.66 GiB29414593335
English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuden 1-226 + 4 Movies + Uniqlo OVADL52.57 GiB13242905
Non-English-translated Live ActionAKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~ [ MKV / Blu-Ray ]DL52.56 GiB4059801
Non-English-translated AnimeFairy Tail - 001-175 VOSTFRDL52.55 GiB1212372
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] NARUTO Shippuuden 1-211DL52.52 GiB24238142
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] NARUTO Shippuuden 1-211DL52.52 GiBStatus unknown12683
Non-English-translated Live Action[Vmoe]Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-[BDRip][1280x720p][AVC_YUV420p10_FLAC_Chapter][GB_BIG5_JP][简繁日內掛字幕][SCAN+購入者限定特典映像附]DL52.48 GiB41121191
GamesCollection of PS2 J rare games (105 games)DL52.43 GiB0540752
Lossless Audio[ANISAB-AUDIO] (C78)(同人音楽) Сomiket Music 2010 (tta+cue) v5.2 FINALDL52.43 GiB016442
Raw Anime[Simu] Mobile Police Patlabor BD Complete (機動警察パトレイバー)DL52.42 GiB51166598
Non-English-translated Anime[SA] One Piece 001 - 605DL52.41 GiB027120
Raw Live ActionCode Blue Season 1 + SP + Season 2.Bluray.1080p.10bit.x264 + OST Complete BatchDL52.39 GiB116250
Raw Live Action[FLsnow Fans Fantasy][Animelo Summer Live 2012 Infinity][BDRIP][1080P]DL52.38 GiB3219442 rip 2011-2012DL52.24 GiB0037351
Raw Anime[BDMV] 舞-乙HiME Zwei & 0~S.ifr~DL52.21 GiB0322600
Raw Live ActionDVD Tokusatsus Robson Daniel isoDL52.16 GiB0034990
Raw Anime[BDMV]サクラ大戦 帝国華撃団OVA BD-BOX [Blu-ray] (DISC2-3 「サクラ大戦~轟華絢爛~」)DL52.16 GiB0529500
Raw AnimeAkagi (DVD ISO R2J)DL52.14 GiB108092
English-translated AnimeDragon Ball Z BOX1-2-3 [BD][Dual][Subs][HD][1080p]BrRipDL52.09 GiB23669410
Raw Anime[BDRIP] To LOVEる―とらぶる― REVDL52.07 GiB4438142
Non-English-translated Anime[NF] Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam 01-50 BDripDL51.97 GiB219200
Raw AnimeIdol Densetsu Eriko - 01-38 [BD-rip 1440x1080 x264 FLAC]DL51.95 GiB0210121
Non-English-translated Anime[UraharaShop] Yu-Gi-Oh 5D 001-154 + OVA ENDDL51.95 GiB017670
Raw Anime[BDRIP] ソードアート・オンラインDL51.89 GiB1245870
Raw AnimeCardcaptor SakuraDL51.83 GiB65264262
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL51.81 GiB21180246
English-translated Anime[FFF] Aquarion EVOL [BD][1080p-FLAC]DL51.79 GiB45383684
English-translated Anime[Kagura] NOIR [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC]DL51.77 GiB56135554
Raw Anime[DVDISO]スクライドDL51.73 GiB0130410
English-translated Live Action[Jiang Hu] Three Kingdoms [Chapters 1-95 Complete][English Subtitled][Romance of the Three Kingdoms][Sangokushi][三國演義][2010]DL51.72 GiB192515722
Raw Anime[Kagura] Macross 7 Complete Fire 1 [BDRip 1440x1080 x264 Hi10P FLAC]DL51.71 GiB0022964
Raw Anime[BDRIP] 絶園のテンペストDL51.7 GiB1524064
Non-English-translated Anime[Seisenshi] The Prince of Tennis 001-178DL51.67 GiB14430643
Raw AnimeDragon Ball 龙珠 [01-153][DVDRip][1024x576][AVC_AC3][MKV]DL51.63 GiBStatus unknown26184
Non-English-translated Anime[BB] Fairy Tail [001-175]DL51.63 GiB0110591
Raw Anime[BDMV][120628]ドットハック セカイの向こうに+Versus Hybrid Pack THE WORLDエディション[ISO]DL51.54 GiB0136791
Raw Anime[BDMV] TORADORA DISC 1-2DL51.44 GiB1048282
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Kara no Kyoukai (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL51.44 GiB3321950
Non-English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuden 1-373 + MovieDL51.34 GiB52535871
Raw Anime[E-HARO Raws] Monogatari Series 2nd Season [BD1080 x264 FLAC]DL51.33 GiB2410582
Raw AnimeCowboy Bebop (TVA 1998 BDrip x264 1080p 5.1ch DTS-HD MA + 2ch FLAC Chapters)-SvMDL51.17 GiB0214231
Raw Anime[Yousei-raws] Soul Eater [BDrip 1280x720 x264 FLAC]DL51.11 GiB0129550
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] Home Tutor Hitman Reborn - Season 1 (BLINX01)DL51.07 GiB0116212
Raw Animeちびまる子ちゃん Chibi Maruko-chanDL51.05 GiB2547205
Raw Live Action[RAW]「名探偵コナン 工藤新一への挑戦状」(Detective Conan Drama) - 03-13 (ntv MPEG2-TS 1440x1080)DL51.05 GiB0424131
Games(PSP) Release Roms (5)DL51.05 GiB012206711
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-24, 05:39] <anas48> any chance to get english subtitles for Pokemon season 1? (no timing needed)
[11-24, 04:04] <zaturama007> somebody said japan + tentacles + fashion? was I surfing in sukebei?
[11-24, 02:16] <penguin-fever> japanese media typically contains some non-trivial amount of molestation, and often in tenticular fashion
[11-24, 02:08] <Phillip D. Knox> is there a difference between italian and japanese blurays?...I heard one of em is less molesting.
[11-24, 01:59] <Raishin> hmm ok :D wanted to try the eng or french version of it XD
[11-24, 01:55] <penguin-fever> I think all this talk of upscaling vs downscaling is peripheral to the issue here. You guys should be sidescaling. Quality is better that way.
[11-24, 01:49] <Abunja> The torrent on the HS site has an additional tracker AFAIK. And please, don't make fun of DUWANG, people.
[11-24, 01:32] <smaddeus> well, the Bladeworks looks better...kinda watching it to remember how it was in a refreshing action, story, and effects.
[11-24, 01:32] <Rin2K> ......................
[11-24, 01:30] <Denkoko> what life?
[11-24, 01:26] <(⌐■_■)> this sucks! fate/stay night unlimited blade works is just a retelling! >.< gimme my life back!!
[11-24, 01:07] <xell17> the same way you オナニ
[11-24, 00:50] <Rin2K> Why would you?
[11-24, 00:30] <al12gamer> how do I 二ちゃん
[11-24, 00:28] <Jonnyzul> Hey guys! First Time here!
[11-24, 00:22] <Dozo> torchlight pls. where did you go?
[11-24, 00:11] <Lucius_Vorenus> yeah yeah, keep waiting...
[11-23, 23:58] <voomin> still waiting for GOOD subs for amagi 08
[11-23, 23:54] <shaddrag> I feel my IQ rising reading the chatbox.
[11-23, 23:16] <NoobSubs> Perfect size. Always download upscales or 480p files to then upscale them yourself. Upscale = increased quality every time yo.
[11-23, 22:53] <herkz> of course
[11-23, 22:50] <Lucius_Vorenus> NoobSubs, around 80mb/eps is enough, right?
[11-23, 22:37] <NoobSubs> You should download the 480p version then upscale it to 1080p to get the same quality as the blu-ray.
[11-23, 22:27] <Rin2K> that must be hard.
[11-23, 22:15] <kotuwa> Armin Shuichi, if the SIZE is considered, then CRF 21 is not what you need!.. Try around 25. Just extract a small clip of 2 or 3 minutes as a sample, then encode it in different settings ans compare them
[11-23, 21:55] <>>=2> don't ever do it, Armin, last time i tried my pc went crazy and attacked me, i am so glad i had a stun gun nearby
[11-23, 21:38] <Armin Shuichi> so what happens when an upscaled video is downscaled again ? i asked because i think some of you guys must have tried it
[11-23, 21:35] <Armin Shuichi> yes ... when compressing any file ... the unnecessary data is thrown away ... that's y the file gets compressed
[11-23, 21:24] <shaddrag> > "throw Data"
[11-23, 21:12] <MisterDonut> of course it will look worse
[11-23, 21:09] <Armin Shuichi> Guys ! I am not low on space, I want to Keep both 1080p + 720p and I am asking that will the quality of The 1080p BD (Upscaled) .....will get Reduced because when converting lossy codec to lossy will throw Data !!!
[11-23, 20:54] <tommo1982> Sałatka
[11-23, 20:17] <OneCrazyRussian> That's like the whole point when an upscaled DVD suits your preference more than the "BD", takes up less space and is suitable for toasters
[11-23, 19:35] <boredatwork> cause BD's are never upscales...makes sense
[11-23, 19:33] <kotuwa> okay... Armin Shuichi, why you downloading upscaled ones, while there are pleanty of BluRay 1080p rips !?... download one of them and downscale that one :)
[11-23, 19:24] <torchlight> Word salad isn't English.
[11-23, 19:24] <torchlight> "Basic guidelines to keep in mind here are: English only."
[11-23, 19:21] <Artemix> I liked the "true ones" part, like, "The True One". sounds cool.
[11-23, 19:19] <Armin Shuichi> Suppose I want to Keep Both 1080p and 720p as well then, will it be okay to Downscale the Upscaled one as I want to Both it will be better to download the Higher one and keep it and then, Downscale it to 720p.Then I will get the 1080p as well as 720p !!!
[11-23, 19:18] <Rin2K> Dear diary, today the chat box was dumber than ever.
[11-23, 19:18] <MisterDonut> my IQ just dropped
[11-23, 19:12] <Armin Shuichi> What
[11-23, 19:10] <herkz> please just stop talking
[11-23, 18:54] <Armin Shuichi> and Suppose If i download Steins Gate 1080p (which is an Upscaled version) and Then i encode into 720p ... Will it be Okay ! (Because I want the High Resolution) !!
[11-23, 18:52] <MisterDonut> a+ b8 m8
[11-23, 18:51] <Armin Shuichi> Guys ! If I Encode any 720p (x264) into 720p (x265) ...With CRF 21 !!! Will it Degrade too Much Quality ???
[11-23, 18:51] <Rin2K> :o
[11-23, 18:41] <herkz> your torrents confuse and enrage me
[11-23, 18:38] <[TRVE]> And now in proper English, please.
[11-23, 18:34] <HerbalNekoTea> HS database was based on nyaa server before the DDoS back in september.
[11-23, 18:19] <Artemix> So, the tracker used for hosting the torrent is the same, I guess the seeds too, so there is no difference at all then.
[11-23, 17:51] <shaddrag> Few minutes delay between this site and HS'.
[11-23, 17:50] <Artemix> What did I just read.
[11-23, 17:49] <OneCrazyRussian> This _is_ a HS site, don't you know it?
[11-23, 17:46] <MisterDonut> what
[11-23, 17:41] <Artemix> is there any difference between downloading anime from this site or from HS one?. (in terms of speed, release, etc)
[11-23, 17:09] <OnDeed> whew, that is a humongous torrent description. Guess I don't need to feel bad about filling an UHD monitor with screencaps, if we ever up something again
[11-23, 17:06] <Sparklez> Woooo Akame!
[11-23, 17:03] <MisterDonut> it's 1.48GB for 1 video and 12 audio tracks. cant be good. but then again it has a dedicated meme folder.
[11-23, 16:59] <xell17> Why would you even download that shit, Raishin? There are a lot of better Mononoke releases on nyaa.
[11-23, 16:59] <MisterDonut> just go to a certain link in the description.
[11-23, 16:57] <MisterDonut> weeee
[11-23, 16:48] <Raishin> someone can fix this #626445?? the torrent file cannot be downloaded it loops wiz no end for the file
[11-23, 15:55] <NoobSubs> Is it your torrent?
[11-23, 15:43] <archzzz0z> can anyone kind enough to help me seed this? xD #510032
[11-23, 14:44] <Yukina Himeragi> Lol go to Amagi Brilliant Park new torrent :D
[11-23, 12:54] <commieis4niggers> next gen technology
[11-23, 12:49] <yno> hey pky sorry for being rude i think ur a pretty cool guy
[11-23, 12:24] <fibre> Good job for doing thing.
[11-23, 06:54] <Pat9110> I fixed it 4 myself (was using the wrong input file and thought there was a way where I could use another mkv file instead of the original one)
[11-23, 06:53] <Pat9110> Dont worry
[11-23, 06:19] <Pat9110> Can you help me
[11-23, 06:19] <Pat9110> I am still confused
[11-23, 05:59] <eraser>
[11-23, 05:22] <Pat9110> ????????
[11-23, 05:22] <Pat9110> For the new psycho pass 2 episode english dubeed
[11-23, 05:21] <Pat9110> How do you get xdelta files to work
[11-23, 05:16] <Blusub> ⊙▽⊙Wei guan
[11-23, 04:11] <Abunja> you mean 00fanboy, penguin? he already dieded *sob*
[11-23, 03:51] <(⌐■_■)> Gundam G is the greatest! The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be. ^ ^v
[11-23, 03:38] <zamotakool> Hell Yeah! Gundam SEED! You're not trolling are you?
[11-23, 02:00] <penguin-fever> Darn. I thought that would lure out our favorite denizen of the Gundam fankingdoms. I was wrong, and I am sorry.
[11-23, 01:53] <penguin-fever> Gundam SEED is the greatest show in this universe and all others, from UC to CE to AE to AD to BC
[11-23, 01:44] <HerbalNekoTea> Seem the ETA did not change in 10 day for the movie on Whynot website. XD
[11-23, 01:30] <addityo> @herbal check whynot website
[11-23, 00:48] <anti_moeraws> Thanks subtitles
[11-23, 00:46] <Ohys> SenketsuSubs, subtitles thanks
[11-23, 00:29] <SenketsuSubs> Hey Ohys, I love you too! Thanks for the RAW's ;-)
[11-22, 22:52] <shaddrag> WhyNot apparently is.
[11-22, 22:40] <HerbalNekoTea> So, anyone doing sub for Miniskirt Space Pirate Movie ? What about commie, herkz ?
[11-22, 22:21] <Dark_Pride> Who knows in the next 3 or 4 years, we'll have Chinese moeshit.
[11-22, 21:10] <chuckk> those don't exist
[11-22, 19:58] <xell17> ,_,
[11-22, 19:42] <[TRVE]> He asked for good sites.
[11-22, 19:39] <Ponylover> sankaku.
[11-22, 19:24] <jesus11> Anyone know of a good site that compares Blu Ray and TV broadcasts?
[11-22, 19:17] <lae> >truecrypt
[11-22, 18:59] <NeVe12p4wNeD> NoobSubs Someone just did.
[11-22, 18:36] <NoobSubs> WHY! How can you have 46GB of pictures?!