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Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第08話」.mkvDL578.3 MiB015550
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第07話」.mkvDL571.3 MiB005790
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第06話」.mkvDL554.9 MiB015620
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第05話」.mkvDL650.5 MiB005840
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第04話」.mkvDL692.7 MiB005770
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第03話」.mkvDL692.8 MiB105810
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第02話」.mkvDL593.8 MiB106000
Raw Live Action遺留捜査 (Iryu Sosa) 第1シリーズ 「第01話」.mkvDL554.5 MiB006930
Raw Anime遮那丹DL10.93 GiBStatus unknown24750
Raw Anime遥かなる時空の中で ~八葉抄~DL5.83 GiB0213690
Lossy Audio遠藤舞 - baby love(320K/MP3/RAR)(2014.07.30)DL6.1 MiB009110
Lossy Audio遠藤ゆりか - ふたりのクロノスタシス/Yurika Endo - Futari no Chronostasis(320K/MP3/RAR)(2014.08.06)DL36.2 MiB0711110
Raw Anime遙かなる時空の中で/金色のコルダ 「LaLa」04 1-2 全プレDVD フラッシュムービー [34m16s 640x480 DivX505].aviDL206.4 MiB015220
Graphics遙かなる時空の中で 壁紙 (デスクトップアクセサリー集 収録)DL35.6 MiB027920
Raw Anime達急動 isoDL2.7 GiB0090690
Raw Anime遊戯王デュエルモンスターズGX 第160話 「融合する魂!ネオスvsF·G·D」DL225.6 MiBStatus unknown41190
Raw Anime遊戯王ZEXAL(2) #129 TX 720x480.tsDL770.2 MiB2010751
Raw Anime遊戯王ZEXAL(2) #124 「バリアン七皇」紅き世界の戦士!! テレビ東京 720x480.tsDL766.3 MiB1010520
Raw Anime遊戯王ZEXAL II #123 TX 854x480.mp4DL469.2 MiB1011020
Raw Anime遊戯王ZEXAL II #120 (TX 720x480).tsDL807.4 MiB1012552
Raw Anime遊戯王ZEXAL II #119 (TX 720x480).tsDL819.6 MiB109811
Lossy Audio遊助 - あの・・お祭りですケド。(320K MP3 RAR)(2012.05.30)DL42.9 MiBStatus unknown61130
Lossy Audio遊助 - 「あの・・涙があるから愛があるんですケド。」(320K MP3 RAR)(2012.04.04)DL127.8 MiBStatus unknown106890
Lossy Audio遊助 - Baby Baby(320K)(2012.03.07)DL38.3 MiBStatus unknown53350
Raw Literature進撃!巨人中学校 第03巻DL65.1 MiB3031570
Raw Anime進撃の巨人 #18_「巨大樹の森」.tsDL2.75 GiB018040
Raw Literature進撃の巨人01~02DL241 MiB10651981
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 隔絶都市の女王 [Shingeki no kyojin : Kakuzetsu toshi no joo] vol 01DL65.4 MiB12074050
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 第14巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin Vol-14]DL191.7 MiB13185371
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 第14巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin Vol 14]DL196.7 MiB240168452
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 第06巻DL118.1 MiB30340890
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 第01-10巻DL1.02 GiB201536122
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 外伝 悔いなき選択 第02巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden - Kuinaki Sentaku Vol 02]DL156 MiB5133361
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 外伝 悔いなき選択 第01-02巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden - Kuinaki Sentaku Vol 01-02]DL253.4 MiB120116361
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 外伝 悔いなき選択 [Shingeki no Kyojin Gaiden - Kuinaki Sentaku] 第02巻DL156 MiB5043300
Raw Anime進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin - 全9巻+Live+OAD (OVA) 第01-03話 (BD 1280x720 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL16.81 GiB1420446944
Raw Anime進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin - OAD 第03話 (DVD 1024x576 AVC AAC).mp4 [encoded by SEED]DL372.9 MiB351398802
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 Before the fall 第03巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin - Before the Fall Vol 03]DL179.6 MiB2128821
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 Before the fall 第01-03巻 [Shingeki no Kyojin - Before the Fall Vol 01-03]DL357.1 MiB14074141
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 Before the fall (Shingeki no Kyojin – Before the Fall) 第02巻DL146.4 MiB200128840
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 47~50話DL65.2 MiB40423520
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin) 第14巻DL196.7 MiB36088870
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin) (NEW)第13-14巻別スキャン(NEW)DL301.3 MiB14180820
Raw Anime進撃の巨人 #3.25 (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan) OAD 02 (DVDRip 848x480 x264_10bit FLAC).mkvDL536.6 MiB1016560
Raw Literature進撃の巨人 [Shingeki no Kyojin] 第14巻DL196.7 MiB170206701
Raw Anime進?の巨人 001-Shingeki_no_Kyojin_-_01_(MBS_1280x720_x264_AAC).mp4DL447.3 MiB0112960
Raw Literature週間少年ジャンプ2013 3DL105.2 MiB00295910
Lossless Audio週間オリコントップ20 (2009.09.21~2009.09.27)DL209.5 MiB00147340
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 6号DL99.5 MiB00127630
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 8号DL104.3 MiB00120040
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 10号DL113.9 MiB00160200
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 16号DL139.5 MiB0163320
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 15号DL84.6 MiB01110640
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン39号DL109.4 MiB1099530
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年43号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-43]DL116.5 MiB20093040
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年42号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-42]DL107.5 MiB181108080
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年41号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-41]DL114.2 MiB12055240
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年40号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-40]DL112.4 MiB3031470
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年40号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-40]DL115.3 MiB5143910
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年40号 Complete (Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-40)DL115.3 MiB9054830
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年39号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-39]DL111.4 MiB41112850
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年38合併号号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-38]DL113 MiB121109670
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年36-37合併号号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-36-37]DL129 MiB101141810
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年35号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-35]DL110.7 MiB7089920
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年35号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-35]DL110.7 MiB2051910
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年34号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-34]DL111.7 MiB2036680
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年33号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-33DL116.1 MiB2029130
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年24合併号 (Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-24)DL126.8 MiB40133220
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年23合併号 (Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-23)DL120.7 MiB150158220
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年11号 CompleteDL220 MiB40165120
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2014年04-05合併号DL258.1 MiB60172470
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン2013 7号DL110.4 MiB00139900
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年46号 [Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-46]DL119.7 MiB43537730
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年31号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-31DL123.8 MiB21101460
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年30号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-30DL113 MiB20107990
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年29号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-29DL115.1 MiB50130020
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年28号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-28DL108.8 MiB70118300
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年28号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-28DL130.7 MiB01548010
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年27号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-27DL114.9 MiB60134110
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年26号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-26DL107.3 MiB60117540
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2014年25号 Weekly Shonen Magazine 2014-25DL122.6 MiB80110780
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 9号DL107.8 MiB0053290
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 21-22合併号DL104.3 MiB10185920
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 20号DL95.6 MiB10176961
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 19号DL100.8 MiB10117990
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 18号DL107.5 MiB10176710
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 17号DL97.1 MiB00173021
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 16号DL96.3 MiB00165010
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 15号DL104.3 MiB00166030
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 14号DL97.8 MiB01146220
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 13号DL121 MiB10157440
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 12号DL101.1 MiB20209750
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2013 11号DL104.6 MiB10164460
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2012年36-37合併号DL149.8 MiB00109300
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジン 2-3号合併DL103.5 MiB0053100
Raw Literature週刊少年マガジンDL147.3 MiB0150710
Raw Literature週刊少年チャンピオン 2014年43号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Champion 2014-43]DL128.4 MiB309670
Raw Literature週刊少年チャンピオン 2014年42号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Champion 2014-42]DL134.6 MiB3111320
Raw Literature週刊少年チャンピオン 2014年40号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Champion 2014-40]DL131.1 MiB3216050
Raw Literature週刊少年チャンピオン 2014年39号 Complete [Weekly Shonen Champion 2014-39]DL236.8 MiB1117510
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Reminder: Any Facebook/Twitter/social media/etc. account that tries to look like an official NyaaTorrents account is fake. NT itself and are the only official communication channels.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[10-23, 21:52] <shaddrag> Oh well
[10-23, 21:48] <Rin2K> I knew this picture would come in handy ––
[10-23, 21:28] <MisterDonut> ouch
[10-23, 21:23] <Prazision> Try not to cut yourself on that edge
[10-23, 21:14] <[TRVE]> Well, it's a given that shiteaters enjoy eating shit.
[10-23, 20:37] <shaddrag> Amen.
[10-23, 20:20] <Yuyu> thx jesus
[10-23, 19:53] <jesus11> @MisterDonut: NS=Naruto Shippuden
[10-23, 19:52] <shaddrag> Nardo Shoepudamn, and no, it's not shit to those who follow and enjoy it.
[10-23, 19:25] <MisterDonut> i hope it isnt shit
[10-23, 19:25] <MisterDonut> what is NS?
[10-23, 19:11] <shaddrag> NS coming soon, Senfu ;D Uploading to seedbox currently.
[10-23, 18:23] <[TRVE]> Reread the first sentence.
[10-23, 18:14] <Kips> i dont see a reason to use adblock on any site ever outside of ones you trust, theres some scummy shit you can get from ads alone
[10-23, 18:09] <paulo27ms> Who doesn't use ad block nowadays?
[10-23, 17:57] <[TRVE]> Read that, Nyaa? Let him in on the profits ASAP.
[10-23, 17:48] <Senzura> In turn, the site gets ad revenue. Its thanks to ,e that nyaa exists
[10-23, 17:47] <Senfu> Shaddrag any ETA on NS? °C°
[10-23, 17:47] <Senzura> posts likr mine are the kind that keep you coming here rather than setting up an RSS feed
[10-23, 17:40] <[TRVE]> Have fun being recognised everywhere as an idiot.
[10-23, 17:39] <Senzura> stay mad vanillaposter
[10-23, 17:37] <[TRVE]> That's not something to be proud of.
[10-23, 17:37] <Senzura> scratch that 5 times I am the meme master
[10-23, 17:33] <Senzura> Ive only made like 5 comments and Ive been featured twice step it up
[10-23, 17:27] <c933103> question: anyone know is there a place on internet streaming MBS now?
[10-23, 17:11] <riko_eh> Hi
[10-23, 16:21] <[TRVE]> Not herkz, but yes, it does.
[10-23, 15:58] <Abunja> BTW herkz, does comments also apply on torrent comments?
[10-23, 15:30] <nataku411> These chinese cartoons are pretty rad
[10-23, 15:30] <vivan> it's your right hand
[10-23, 15:29] <Jigoku> What's a gf?
[10-23, 15:24] <hazardous> it means when your gf slams a book in your face.
[10-23, 15:19] <Jigoku> What's a facebook?
[10-23, 15:05] <nitekatt> I don't have a Twitter page, but I do care much for twats.
[10-23, 14:56] <shaddrag> I have a Twitter page, but I don't care much for twits.
[10-23, 14:33] <Abunja> Good for you, shaddrag. It probably feels good to be trending even without a Twitter page.
[10-23, 14:32] <paulo27ms> Not sure if that's bad or good.
[10-23, 14:32] <paulo27ms> >tfw never saw my comment on NyaaComments.txt
[10-23, 14:29] <supernut64> sometimes i put sugar on my nuts and finger my cat XD
[10-23, 14:28] <shaddrag> I'm famous!
[10-23, 14:26] <Abunja> Oh, so its a good thing. Has my comment ever went there?
[10-23, 14:24] <herkz> it exists to shame bad commenters into no longer commenting. in theory.
[10-23, 14:23] <Abunja> But what is NyaaComments.txt on Twitter?
[10-23, 14:13] <hazardous> we got one kitten at home. he often goes hyper when playing XD
[10-23, 13:56] <MiT> DAISUKI
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>       /ヽ__/ヽ
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>     /       \
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>    / _ノ  ヽ_   ヽ
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>    | ●   ●    |
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>    |  (_人_)    /
[10-23, 13:35] <Nyaa>     \        /
[10-23, 13:29] <Ponylover> Do you like cats, Nyaa?
[10-23, 13:07] <Senfu> Nyaa get twitter ya scrub
[10-23, 12:56] <hazardous> MAG vs Pirates. does that mean more ddos>
[10-23, 12:43] <paulo27ms> That picture is so cancerous, holy shit.
[10-23, 11:44] <SneakiestNEG> An American once told me piracy is stealing and stealing is wrong. I am sure the Cherokee agree.
[10-23, 11:24] <MisterDonut> do you need memes?
[10-23, 11:18] <souleaterfan95> Is any mod here?
[10-23, 11:06] <MisterDonut> tophue
[10-23, 10:56] <Senzura>
[10-23, 10:56] <Senzura> Its over nyaa is finished
[10-23, 10:15] <Adhiesc> Oh, so that's why when I take a peek at what @Ponylover posted below, it is gray.. :p
[10-23, 09:29] <jofs> All cats are grey
[10-23, 09:26] <shaddrag> Hidden.
[10-23, 09:24] <>>=2> it means your torrent contains inappropriate content and it was censored
[10-23, 09:21] <Adhiesc> gray
[10-23, 09:20] <Adhiesc> Excuse me, what is the meaning of grey torrents?
[10-23, 07:29] <Loli Uiharu> Hi~
[10-23, 07:05] <Denkoko> yeah eraser has the quickest best subs for bahamamut
[10-23, 07:04] <lae> caex a shit
[10-23, 06:21] <Ponylover> #488386
[10-23, 06:20] <Denkoko> I like this new chatbox I like it a lot
[10-23, 06:19] <(・‿・)> when will eraser get ayy+ for bahamut?
[10-23, 05:58] <eraser> c'mere and gimme a hug <(・‿・)>
[10-23, 05:50] <(・‿・)> tfw I can't /ignore CaeX on this
[10-23, 05:19] <HerbalNekoTea> For those wondering, i am a catnibal. XD
[10-23, 05:04] <HerbalNekoTea> We should do some cat on beer can cooked on a bbq with your kitten. I saw that recipe online and it look good.
[10-23, 05:03] <OneCrazyRussian> Don't bully caex or it'll start killing the kittens
[10-23, 04:42] <ShotaSexual> caex a shit
[10-23, 04:35] <chuckk> why is caex a fuck
[10-23, 04:20] <rcombs> >caex
[10-23, 04:11] <HerbalNekoTea> Are you not the database admin ? So you have full power over everything on nyaa, CaeX ?
[10-23, 04:01] <OneCrazyRussian> STAHP CLEARING THE CHATBOX
[10-23, 03:46] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> i dont think that was what you were asking but i just felt like writing that
[10-23, 03:45] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> my favorite being some certain other moderators would be severely butthurt if i was
[10-23, 03:45] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> im not a mod because of many reasons
[10-23, 03:45] <Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥❄♥ ☆ CaeX ☆ ♥❄♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ> huh
[10-23, 03:36] <Tysonblast> it happens
[10-23, 03:29] <sarachikorita> o.o? I read translated Parasyte manga back in the late 90s.
[10-23, 01:34] <HerbalNekoTea> I guest CAEX forbid modo, nyaa and trusted to post here anymore. Black users supremacy now ?
[10-23, 01:06] <paulo27ms> should we call someone?
[10-23, 01:01] <fibre> it is a mystery
[10-23, 00:06] <parata> is it ded ?
[10-23, 00:01] <desudesusu> ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
[10-22, 23:54] <Senzura> huh, so thats where that image was from
[10-22, 23:37] <lotusgg> #resekt
[10-22, 23:30] <Rin2K> (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
[10-22, 23:28] <paulo27ms>