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English-translated Anime[Crescent&Lucky-FS] FORTUNE ARTERIAL - Promotion Movie [H264-Vorbis-TH][57FB3523]DL30 MiB001580
Raw AnimeShakugan_no_SHANA_Second 16「つきせぬ想い」 (1280x720 DivX6.8 24fps)DL286.3 MiB002750
Raw AnimeGHOST_HOUND_HD_13「For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.」 (1280×720 DivX611 120fps).aviDL270.3 MiB001300
Raw Anime[]_Naruto_Shippuuden_-_Episode_45_RAWDL237 MiBStatus unknown930
English-translated Anime[SOSG][CLANNAD][01~13][GB][X264_AAC][PSP][WS][HDTV]DL503.5 MiBStatus unknown1350
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] GHOST HOUND - 12 RAW (D-WOWOW x264 1280x720 AAC 5.1ch vfr[ED60fps]).mp4DL368 MiB006510
Raw Anime(DVDISO)[080130][アニメ]CLAYMORE Limited Edition Sequence.4 Chapter.6(iso+mds+rr)DL4.67 GiBStatus unknown11660
English-translated LiteratureNaruto 386 by Franky HouseDL4 MiB0020460
Raw Anime[raw][08.01.31~08.02.01]DL1.87 GiBStatus unknown17440
Lossless Audioそれは舞い散る桜のようにサウンドトラック「MakeShift」DL872.8 MiBStatus unknown41140
English-translated Anime[Underwater] Ryofuko-chan 01 (H.264+Vorbis)DL169 MiB00127000
English-translated Anime[Underwater] Ryofuko-chan 02 (H.264+Vorbis)DL178.8 MiB00114370
Lossless Audio[EAC][ゲームサントラ] 魔界戦記ディスガイア3 魔界主題歌コレクション Devil label + OST (3ape+cue)DL616.7 MiBStatus unknown99940
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] D.Gray 146(lq)DL1.1 MiB0010370
Lossless Audio[EAC](アルバム)スカイガールズ/キャラクターベストアルバム (ape+cue+booklet+rr3)DL350.3 MiBStatus unknown18800
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ 05 (CTC 1280x720 XviD1.1.3 qt3.5 24fps).aviDL282 MiB0027360
Lossy Audio[Mp3-320] Savage Garden - Savage Garden[]DL102.5 MiBStatus unknown18440
English-translated Anime][Arashi][Naruto_shippuden][Ep-45][Msoms-Anime][DL218.8 MiBStatus unknown2580
English-translated Literature[ems]Sakura_Tsuushin_V12_C124.zipDL3.2 MiB0011940
English-translated Literature[Franky House] Naruto 387DL3.2 MiB0063240
English-translated Anime[Exiled-Destiny]_Dirty_Pair_TV_Fansub_Ep07v3_(D586C57F).mkvDL232 MiB004860
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Naruto 387(lq+jpn)DL16.5 MiB0034010
Non-English-translated Anime[DM]_Naruto_Shippuuden_-_Episode_45_VOSTFR_DL193.8 MiBStatus unknown1200
English-translated Anime[WHS]CLANNAD 13DL239.9 MiB001600
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 45 (H.264, AAC)DL194.5 MiB003600
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] One Piece 487(lq+jpn)DL19.7 MiB0035950
English-translated LiteratureGamon the Demolition Man 003 by meeteub05 - FHDL14.2 MiB002890
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Mahou Sensei Negima 202(lq)DL12.5 MiB00129090
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Mx0 85 - ToLoveRu 86 - Hatsukoi Limited 17DL24.8 MiB0068920
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 308(lq_v2)DL18.1 MiB0023890
English-translated Literature[Franky House] One Piece 487DL4.8 MiB007030
English-translated Literature[Franky House] One Piece 487 v2DL4.8 MiB0027030
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] GTO - Ep 04 []DL319 MiBStatus unknown3710
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Excel Saga - Ep 09-10 []DL611 MiBStatus unknown3240
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP HardSub-ITA] Gravitation Ep 01-03[]DL481.5 MiBStatus unknown3710
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP HardSub-ITA] Strait Jacket - Ep 01 []DL217.5 MiBStatus unknown3000
English-translated LiteratureBleach_308_Franky-House_v2DL4.3 MiB0030240
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Eyeshield21 267(lq)DL19 MiB0016580
Raw Anime(DVDISO)[080130][アニメ]CLAYMORE Limited Edition Sequence.4 Chapter.7(iso+mds+rr)DL4.62 GiBStatus unknown10830
Non-English-translated Anime[Nekotachi] Clannad - 16DL167.1 MiB008050
English-translated Literature[Franky House] Eyeshield21 267th DownDL3.9 MiB0011470
Non-English-translated Literature[DASP]Naruto 387 [spanish]DL4.6 MiB006840
Lossy AudioOblivion Dust - albumsDL642 MiBStatus unknown11860
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-ENG] Star Blazers [Space Cruiser Yamato] - Season 1 - Dvd 5/6 []DL4.23 GiBStatus unknown4480
Games「修正」(PS2)[080131]涼宮ハルヒの戸惑 予約特典DISC 宇宙初!フルCG「踊るSOS団」DL282 MiB1037030
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP]​ Full Metal Panic! - フルメタル・パニック!- DVD 2/6 []DL4.37 GiBStatus unknown9210
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP ITA-JAP] Sousei no Aquarion - Ep. 1-4 []DL1.34 GiBStatus unknown12450
Raw Anime[TV-JAPAN] Naruto Shippuuden 45 RAW [640x480 h264+AAC D-TX]DL179 MiB008650
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.01~08.02.02]DL611 MiB0016020
Raw Anime[Kotoba] Suzumiya Haruhi CG Ending Hare Hare Yukai Dance (x264+AAC) [454E4DF1].mkvDL13.6 MiB1056200
English-translated LiteratureTaniKamen v1 ch3DL2.3 MiB002330
English-translated LiteratureTaniKamen v1 ch5DL1.8 MiB001950
English-translated LiteratureTaniKamen v1 ch4DL1.8 MiB001950
Raw Anime[moyism] Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - 05 (RAW)DL170.5 MiB0023670
English-translated LiteratureKashimashi 027 by Franky HouseDL5.5 MiB004610
English-translated Literature[Franky House] DGM 146DL5.4 MiB005680
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] PERSONA -Trinity Soul- 05 (D-MXTV DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL352.5 MiB1035290
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] GHOST HOUND - 13 RAW (D-WOWOW x264 1280x720 AAC 5.1ch vfr[ED60fps])DL396 MiB007610
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de - 04 RAW [1280x720 h264+AAC D-MX]DL186.5 MiB0022390
Non-English-translated Anime[FWnF] Naruto Shippuuden 45 (sub spanish)DL222 MiB008920
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 剣風伝奇ベルセルクDL7.54 GiB0069370
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 機甲戦記ドラグナー 第01-26話DL8.97 GiB0090340
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 機甲戦記ドラグナー 第27-48話DL8.5 GiB0079850
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 戦闘妖精雪風DL1.67 GiB002860
Raw Animetrue tears - 05 RAW (D-tvk DivX6.6 704x396 120fps[ED60]).aviDL193.8 MiB001690
Raw AnimeKimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de - 05 RAW (D-tvk DivX6.6 704x396).aviDL229.7 MiB003480
Raw LiteratureSket_dance27_chapters1-7_cleaned_rawDL1.3 MiBStatus unknown2490
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Dainiki S2 05 (D-tvk DivX6.6 704x396 120fps).aviDL170.5 MiB0020760
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Hatenkou Yuugi 05 (D-KBS_704x396 24fps DivX6.7).aviDL209.5 MiB0019630
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Shigofumi 05 (CTC 704x396 Divx670).aviDL219.8 MiB0012600
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Shigofumi 05 (D-CTC 1024x576 DivX6.8).aviDL199.3 MiB0020340
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Hatenkou Yuugi 05 (D-KBS x264 High@4 1280x720 AAC).mp4DL212.2 MiB0010340
Non-English-translated Anime[AnX]_Ookami_to_Koshinryu_01_[1280x720_-_ACC]DL166 MiB005780
Lossless Audio】[EAC]灼眼のシャナII オリジナルサウンドトラック (ape+cue+jpg)DL362.3 MiBStatus unknown148830
Non-English-translated Anime[WZF]They_are_my_noble_Masters_-_Capitulo_03[HD][X264-AAC][848x480][Sub_Esp].mp4DL170.2 MiB009020
Non-English-translated Anime[WZF]Kidou_Senshi_Gundam_-_Capitulo_04[DVDRip][H264-AAC][784x576][Sub_Esp].mp4DL166 MiB001400
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.02~08.02.03]DL2.41 GiB0015840
Non-English-translated Anime[AknF] Naruto Shippuuden 045 Subs Spanish [Xvid 640x480]DL169.5 MiB0033040
Live Action Promotional Video【JPFans.COM】[PV](2008.02.27)Superfly-愛をこめて花束を(TBS系ドラマ「エジソンの母」主題歌)DL197.4 MiB0025910
Raw AnimeazulDL4.39 GiBStatus unknown890
English-translated Anime秘境探検ファム&イーリー Fam & Ihrlie RUIN・EXPLORERDL1.23 GiBStatus unknown4600
English-translated LiteraturePOT 375 by Franky House v1DL5 MiB002130
Raw Anime[moyism] Hayate the Combat Butler - 44 (RAW)DL213.7 MiB0021690
Raw Anime[moyism] Hayate the Combat Butler - 44 (RAW).[HQ]DL365 MiB0025870
Raw Anime[Gintoki-RAWS]家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 第68話 「ハッピー?ウェディング」(640x480 DivX680).aviDL164.3 MiBStatus unknown10300
English-translated Anime超時空世紀オーガス Super Dimension Century OrgussDL6.57 GiBStatus unknown5752
English-translated Anime[C-R]Shakugan no Shana II 15DL397 MiB00720
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Hayate no Gotoku v14DL48.4 MiB0066410
Raw Anime[GFX-BETA]AIR TV 02 [まち ~town~] [BD 1920x1080][x264][AAC][RAW]DL378.5 MiB008670
Non-English-translated Anime[ainex]Majin_Tantei_Nougami_Neuro_-_08_[XVID][96662ACF].aviDL176 MiB0061320
Raw Anime[moyism] Rental Magica - 17 (RAW)DL212 MiB0041940
English-translated Anime[RAW] Mnemosyne OP (1280x720 Up-conv).aviDL22.7 MiB007160
English-translated Literature[Franky House] Hatsukoi Limited 17DL4.2 MiB0019590
English-translated LiteratureTo-Love-Ru_ch.85DL5.1 MiB0024000
English-translated LiteraturePenguin Revolution 022 by Franky HouseDL8 MiB002640
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble 258-259(chn)DL4 MiB005830
Raw Anime[RAW] Minami-ke ~Okawari~ 05 (D-TX DivX6.6 1280x720 120fps[ED60])DL359 MiB009400
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.03~08.02.04]DL779 MiBStatus unknown13630
Lossless Audio[EAC][ゲームサントラ] FINAL FANTASY IV Original Soundtrack SQEX-10105~7 (ape+cue+iso)DL2.14 GiBStatus unknown21371
Raw Anime[Kotoba] Spice and Wolf RAW 01-04DL820 MiB006420
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