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Raw Anime[BDMV] ロザリオとバンパイア Capu2DL74.55 GiB047422
English-translated AnimeDetective Conan Part 1 [Ep.1-193]+[All Movies+Speacials+OVAs+Live-Action]DL74.19 GiB0518033
Raw Anime【肥羊-Raws】 Nichijou [日常][BDRip][1080P_x264(8bit)-FLAC][ALL]DL74.16 GiB1224131
Lossless Audio[ANISAB-AUDIO] Touhou electronic musicDL74.05 GiB012611
Raw Anime[Simu] Sailor Moon DVD Complete (美少女戦士セーラームーン)DL74.01 GiB132777929
English-translated Anime[Tenshi][Rinne no Lagrange][01-12][Blu-Ray-Lossless][FLAC]DL73.98 GiBStatus unknown12734
Raw Anime[BDMV] 3x3EYES BOXDL73.82 GiB0622430
GamesNDS.GIGAPACK.0001-3000 (Special Release)DL73.73 GiBStatus unknown29050
Lossless Audio[R8-Audio](C80)(同人音楽)(東方) x 246DL73.57 GiB0610772
Raw Anime[Digimon Tamers][デジモンテイマーズ][DVDISO][TV Vol.01-Vol.12 Fin][R2J]DL73.24 GiB0525394
Raw Anime[Futari wa Precure / Pretty Cure Max Heart][ふたりはプリキュア ー マックスハート][DVDISO][TV Vol.1-Vol.12 Fin][R2J]DL73.23 GiB3136030
Raw Anime[ANISAB-BD] Mahoromatic collectionDL73.21 GiB0213630
Non-English-translated AnimeSakura Card Captor (70/70)+Pelicula 1 y 2 +Ovas 1440x1080p - SOLO Español LatinoDL73.2 GiB52048176
Raw Anime[QTS] The Vision of ESCAFLOWNE TV Blu-ray BOX + Eizou Tokuten + Menu (BD H264 1440x1080 FLAC)DL73.18 GiB01409951
Raw Anime[RAW][アニメDVD9ISO] リボンの騎士 Ribbon no Kishi (1967-68) 01~52 [All 10-DISC Pack][R2J][Complete]DL73.13 GiB01418779
Raw AnimeRanma ½ - 001-054 [BD-rip 960x720 x264 FLAC]DL73.12 GiB067990
English-translated AnimeDigimon Complete Collection (1999-2012)DL73.1 GiBStatus unknown14717
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Dragon Ball Kai (BD 1440x1080 x264 AAC)DL72.86 GiBStatus unknown28021
Raw Animeあらしのよるに ~ひみつのともだち~ 第01-26話 END (TX MPEG2 AAC TS)DL72.82 GiB0211810
Raw Anime[Charizard2008] Dragon Ball Z BDREMUX [1080p] [Smolya_&_Shaman-aka-King] 1-17DL72.57 GiB018281
English-translated Anime[DorianHD] Dragon Ball Z Kai 1080p BluRayDL72.54 GiB1253165310
Raw Anime(劇場版 BD) 名探偵コナン Detective Conan 名侦探柯南 01-15 (1920x1080 AVC-10bpp TrueHD/FLAC Chap)DL72.34 GiB71970643
Raw AnimeCard Captor Sakura [TV+MOVIES]DL72.33 GiBStatus unknown32011
Raw Anime[DVDISO]ドラゴンボールZ DRAGON BALL Z BOX2 Disc.17-26DL72.32 GiB0320204
Non-English-translated AnimeOne_PieceDL72.29 GiBStatus unknown31100
Raw AnimeCandy.Candy.1976.DVDR.NTSC.LATiNODL72.12 GiBStatus unknown8211
Raw AnimeMaison Ikkoku 01-48 [BD-rip 960x720 x264 FLAC]DL72.11 GiB11410491
Non-English-translated Anime[Shichibukai] One Piece 001-350DL72.02 GiB0114341
Raw Anime[DVDISO]ふしぎの海のナディアDL71.97 GiB0331701
Raw Anime[Dr.Slump.Arale-chan][DVDrip-RAW][TV1-243+Movie][640X480]DL71.78 GiB821518978
Raw AnimeGundam 0079DL71.53 GiB0220880
Raw Anime[QTS] TOUCH TV Series Blu-ray BOX1-2 ep 001-101 + Tokuten + Extras (BD H264 960x720 AAC WavPack)DL71.49 GiB0722081
Lossless AudioC78 collection 08-18-2010DL71.45 GiB0233454
English-translated Anime[LelouchCollection] Bleach Episodes Pack [Eng Sub]DL71.17 GiB0126602
Non-English-scanlated Books347 Korean-translated manga '12 autumnDL71.14 GiB01288672
English-translated AnimeBleach ( Complete )DL71.14 GiB0121393928
Raw Anime[BDMV] Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1stDL71.13 GiB0621806
Raw Anime[Salender-Raws] THE iDOLM@STER (BD 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL71.03 GiBStatus unknown31181
Non-English-translated AnimeBleach [064-310]DL70.91 GiBStatus unknown1600
English-translated Anime[BDMV][Un-Go][R1]DL70.69 GiB0215800
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Shingeki no Kyojin (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC)DL70.3 GiB73447346919
ApplicationsTouhou Progect v.4.5DL70.02 GiB013690
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Suite Precure (BD 1920x1080 VFR x264 FLAC)DL70.02 GiB0354560
Raw AnimeBLACK★ROCK SHOOTER - ブラック★ロックシューター LIMITED EDITION DISC 1-4 + Bonus CDDL69.92 GiB0627516
Raw Live Actionドラマ ガリレオ (CX MPEG2-AAC TS)DL69.91 GiB0155790
Raw Anime[QTS] CAT'S EYE 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Special BOX 1st season TV 1-36 + 2nd season TV 1-37 + Eizou Tokuten + Illustration (BD H264 960x720 AAC)DL69.9 GiB510348011
English-translated Anime[DBNL] Dragon Ball Z - Dragon Box Z Vol.1-7DL69.88 GiBStatus unknown440711
English-translated AnimeNaruto Season 1-9 (2002) [Dual Audio] [BlueDragon][A-A] [DVDRip] [SD 480p]DL69.88 GiBStatus unknown39260
Raw Anime[Simu] Card Captor Sakura BD (x264 1440X1080 FLAC 6ch)DL69.84 GiBStatus unknown17464
Raw Anime[BDMV]にゃんこい!Vol.1-4DL69.81 GiB037242
Lossless AudioReitasai8 update 11.08DL69.74 GiB013091
Raw Anime[DVDISO]ドラゴンボールZ DRAGON BALL Z BOX1 Disc.9-17DL69.71 GiB0117814
Raw Animeうる星やつら (Urusei Yatsura) 「TVシリーズ 全218話 + 劇場版 全6話 + OVA 10話」.wmvDL69.47 GiB72737300
Lossless Audio[ANISAB-AUDIO](例大祭7)(同人音楽) Reitaisai 7 Batch ~DL69.42 GiB016621
English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuden 1-276 + 5 Movies + Uniqlo OVADL69.21 GiB1533182375
Raw AnimeShoujo Kakumei Utena 1997 - [BD 1440x1080 AVC-yuv420p10 FLAC] - mawen1250DL69.13 GiB3217565
English-translated Anime[Tenshi][Another][Blu-Ray-Lossless][FLAC]DL68.92 GiBStatus unknown15316
English-translated AnimeHoshi wo Ou Kodomo [LimitedEdition]DL68.84 GiB014362
Live Action Promotional VideoK-On!! Live Event ~Come With Me~ Blu-Ray Remux 1080i h264 2xFLACDL68.52 GiB2211009
GamesMy game love part 2DL68.41 GiBStatus unknown11341
Raw Anime[QTS] Various Anime Collection (BD H264 1280x720 AAC-AC3)DL68.25 GiB0227810
Raw Anime[DVDISO]ドラゴンボールZ DRAGON BALL Z BOX1 Disc.18-26DL68.07 GiB0918054
Raw Anime[ReinForce] Fairy Tail 001-096 (BDRip 1280x720 x264 FLAC)DL68.03 GiB1012417577
Raw Live Action牙狼〈GARO〉~闇を照らす者~ 01-25 End (TX MPEG2-AAC TS)DL67.92 GiB5716200
Non-English-translated AnimeOne Piece [HD][]DL67.84 GiB129980
Non-English-translated Anime[224/224][DVD-Rip] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersDL67.83 GiB02239517
Raw Anime[DVDISO] BLOOD+.2005.VOL01-VOL12.DVD9.PALDL67.68 GiBStatus unknown26360
Non-English-translated AnimeBerserk_RemuxDL67.63 GiB013330
Raw Anime[stitchix] Pokemon / Pocket Monsters (001-276) RAWDL67.61 GiB9143949436
Raw AnimeNatsume Yuujinchou SE 1-4+OVA [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL67.58 GiB42522791
Non-English-translated AnimeBleach - 001-366 VOSTFRDL67.52 GiBStatus unknown27601
Raw AnimeBleach`` 01-366DL67.46 GiB0139832
English-translated AnimeDragonball Z Remastered (1-291)DL67.43 GiBStatus unknown14395
Raw Anime(DVDISO) 魔法騎士レイアース (Mahou Kishi Rayearth) (Magic Knight Rayearth) TV R2JDL67.35 GiB0441221
Raw AnimeFairy TailDL67.3 GiB01316251
Raw Anime[DVDISO][ANIME] 十二国記(Story of The Twelve Kingdoms)DL67.29 GiB0118110
English-translated AnimeBleach 1-242 [HQ][Dual-Audio] + Movies 1-4 [720p][DD5.1][Dual-AudioDL67.14 GiBStatus unknown335929
Lossless Audio[ANISAB-AUDIO] C71 Batch (2007)DL67.11 GiB014140
Raw Anime( dvdiso) the jungle book 1990DL67.02 GiB0011660
Raw Anime( dvdiso) the jungle book 1990DL67.02 GiBStatus unknown9732
Raw Anime(DVDISO) アンデルセン物語 (Andersen Monogatari) R2JDL66.96 GiB1111181
Raw AnimeMusekinin Kanchou Tylor TV+OVA [BD-rip 1440x1080 x264 FLAC] reseedDL66.93 GiB0228371
Raw Anime新世界より 第01-25話+特番 完 (CS-EX MPEG2-TS AAC)DL66.86 GiB0627981
Raw Animeこち亀DL66.77 GiB0217554
GamesOSU! full map-pack.DL66.75 GiB0233678
English-translated AnimeSamurai Girls Complete Collection RA-US (2010) AVC 1080pDL66.75 GiB013373
Raw AnimeMusekinin Kanchou Tylor TV+OVA [BD-rip 1440x1080 x264 FLAC]DL66.54 GiB07192210
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_(960x720_Blu-ray_FLAC)DL66.36 GiB2629103189
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Heroic_Age_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)DL66.21 GiB2273313
English-translated Anime[Coalgirls]_Ao_no_Exorcist_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)DL66.19 GiB97445814
English-translated AnimeBlackSouthernCross's massive anime collectionDL66.05 GiB0186314
English-translated AnimeSpice and Wolf Season 1 (2008) AVC 1080pDL66.04 GiB0140711
Raw Anime[ANK-Raws] Fate Zero BD-BOX (BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC Hi10P SUPx2)DL65.63 GiB1021904334
English-translated Anime[Bunny Hat]Super Dimension Fortress Macross (BD) (1080p, 10-bit x264, aac)DL65.54 GiB14717791
Raw AnimeRanma ½ TV (series 001-018) [BD-rip 1440x1080 x264 FLAC]DL65.53 GiB016748
English-translated AnimeBleach CollectionDL65.21 GiB01280920
Raw AnimeSlayers Evolution-RDL65.19 GiB014744
Lossless Audio例大祭9 Reitaisai 9 CollectionDL65.03 GiB38107120
Lossy AudioTouhou lossy music collection v.03 (V0-MP3)DL64.78 GiB0110905
Raw Anime[QTS] Mai HiME + Otome + Zwei + S.ifr (BDRip 1080p complete batch)DL64.71 GiB4131764510
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[04-19, 07:53 UTC] <RBX> So I was thinking I should download a batch myself, and here the torrent by DeadFish seems to be one with highest seed count.
[04-19, 07:52 UTC] <RBX> I got Soul Eater from my friend, which is ~15 GB in size. I wanted to seed it, but it looks like he downloaded from a bunch of places.
[04-19, 07:50 UTC] <Ghhumor> wat
[04-19, 07:45 UTC] <RBX> How good is quality of releases by DeadFish group?
[04-19, 07:37 UTC] <[TRVE]> Like with any other movie, once the BD is sold, this place will be flooded with raws. Just wait, you impatient fuck.
[04-19, 07:17 UTC] <desudesusu> I was talking about the movie, do you know something about it?
[04-19, 06:47 UTC] <Grimone> no new chapter of wagatsuma-san ;w;
[04-19, 06:45 UTC] <browneyes23> desudesusu, Nyaa's search box works just fine
[04-19, 06:43 UTC] <browneyes23> Sakasama no Patema, #346813
[04-19, 06:34 UTC] <Ashura7z> .....
[04-19, 06:24 UTC] <desudesusu> Sakasama no Patema plz
[04-19, 06:12 UTC] <isw0723> :3 Thanks for the service I always use this site and it's great
[04-19, 06:11 UTC] <isw0723> Hey~ people~
[04-19, 06:11 UTC] <Abunja> Try Underwater's website, or sometimes on their own torrents here.
[04-19, 06:09 UTC] <therapi> hmm
[04-19, 06:06 UTC] <BIGMayck7> hm?
[04-19, 06:04 UTC] <Denkoko> Hi where can I speak to Daiz
[04-19, 06:03 UTC] <Abunja> Spam all you want on the Fap section, since there's almost nobody there. And nobody will complain I guess
[04-19, 06:03 UTC] <randy1925> l
[04-19, 05:57 UTC] <freeosiris> :o I didn't notice this chat. :P
[04-19, 05:49 UTC] <dac-subs> OMG
[04-19, 05:42 UTC] <MoeRaws> WHO IMPERSONATED ME! OMG
[04-19, 05:41 UTC] <Zatheyll> Breaking News: VA's do more than one role. Famous VA's do dozens or even hundreds.
[04-19, 05:36 UTC] <butanuki> Transmission says: "Tracker returned an error: access denied, torrents limit reached" What can I do?
[04-19, 05:33 UTC] <TheM4gicMan> Did anyone else notice that the Tippy rabbit in Gochuumon is voiced by the same guy that voiced Fuyutsuki in NGE?
[04-19, 05:31 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Oyasuminasai minna
[04-19, 05:29 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Names are no matter, story matters. there are many people in the U.S. with the name John Smith ,don't mean it can't be used in a film
[04-19, 05:29 UTC] <thai6070> i need crayon shin chan movie 9 eng sub
[04-19, 05:26 UTC] <Adhiesc> For some reason, Toradora & Dragon Crisis shares same CV Kugimiya Rie and male protagonist Ryuuji.. :( Even in Shakugan no Shana nearly similar name of male protagonist Yuuji.. :p Why did it looked like no creativity in male protagonist name, I think. XD
[04-19, 05:25 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Gosick , Maria-sama ga Miteru , Makin-ke, K-On
[04-19, 05:24 UTC] <YotsubAnon> it was a bad idea to give everyone access to this
[04-19, 05:23 UTC] <YotsubAnon> oh man
[04-19, 05:23 UTC] <Eroyume> Welp, that's it for reverse harems. I know you'll have the urge to fap furiously to these, but self-control, mang.
[04-19, 05:22 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Toradora released here by Coalgirls was a real good encode and the sound was good too
[04-19, 05:20 UTC] <akiranyo> Suggestion: any anime series made by the studio SHAFT. You cannot go wrong with them.
[04-19, 05:20 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Toradora
[04-19, 05:19 UTC] <MohamedKun> ;\
[04-19, 05:19 UTC] <Jazzkatt> A must have for any Anime fan is Toadora . Taiga is just plain awe-some
[04-19, 05:17 UTC] <ryouki> waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhp
[04-19, 05:17 UTC] <Jazzkatt> This season it is too early to tell what is good but, Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai season 1 and 2 was alot of fun to watch and Dog Days S1 and S2 also
[04-19, 05:14 UTC] <Jazzkatt> You have to find your own groove though. Dam the bandwith caps download them all . I have over 700 titles spanded across 10 terabytes of drive space and it is time to buy more hard drives
[04-19, 05:13 UTC] <akiranyo> And how the hell should we know what your tastes are. For example everybody tells me how great Ghibli stuff is, but I get shivers each time I see one.
[04-19, 05:11 UTC] <jiewell> 18
[04-19, 05:11 UTC] <Jazzkatt> The full Macross series is a classic can't go wrong there . Last Exile is good
[04-19, 05:09 UTC] <Jazzkatt> jiewell ,,how old are you ?
[04-19, 05:04 UTC] <jiewell> guys can you suggest a good anime please.
[04-19, 05:02 UTC] <therapi> lol
[04-19, 04:55 UTC] <Jazzkatt> Glad to see the chat window back. I wonder how long it will take for the idiots to abuse it ,and have it turned off again ? Thanks NYAA
[04-19, 04:49 UTC] <jiyuuni> (´・ω・`)
[04-19, 04:47 UTC] <B Boy Rock> Pokemon
[04-19, 04:46 UTC] <Chewi105> Boku no Pico
[04-19, 04:33 UTC] <Denkoko> whats your favoritw anime? :)
[04-19, 04:19 UTC] <Memories.> very meta, [FALSE] :-)
[04-19, 04:15 UTC] <[FALSE]> It was only a matter of time until cancer appeared in the chatbox.
[04-19, 04:14 UTC] <kenshinsama> English only. It's a rule.
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ソーリー
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <kayllin> rya stop spamming chatbox.
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <Zatheyll> rya pls
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:13 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:12 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <Cpt.ClownPorn> Too bad only english is allowed, bro.
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:11 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:10 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■
[04-19, 04:10 UTC] <rya> ◀■■██■YAHUMI( ・´つ・`)■██■萌え声バスターズ██████■██■