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English-translated Anime[V-F]Inukami!_The_Movie[XVID][AC3_5.1][83BA78FF].aviDL253.3 MiBStatus unknown3800
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Bleach 295(chn)DL3.9 MiBStatus unknown1520
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] One Piece 474(chn)DL6.8 MiBStatus unknown1540
Raw Anime[アニメ] ご愁傷さま二ノ宮くん 第02話 「キスしちゃえよ」 (D-TVS DivX6.6 704x396 120fps[ED60]).aviDL231.2 MiB0018440
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Sketchbook ~full color'S~ 02 RAW (1280x720 DivX651 D-TVO)DL280.5 MiB0011140
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Prince of Tennis 361(lq)DL19.2 MiBStatus unknown1650
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] ToLoveRu 72(chn)DL6.3 MiBStatus unknown3890
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] NARUTO Shippuuden 029 - 030 RAW [640x480 h264+AAC D-TX].mkvDL362 MiB004920
Raw Anime[DVD9 ITA-JAP-GER] Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth []DL7.83 GiBStatus unknown21310
Raw Anime[DVD9 ITA-JAP-GER] Neon Genesis Evangelion: The end of Evangelion []DL7.84 GiBStatus unknown20480
Raw AnimeOne Piece 326 RAWDL350 MiBStatus unknown1900
Raw Anime[share] Hayate the Combat Butler 29 RAW [marriage meeting] (D-TX DivX6.6 704x396 120fps mp3)[YS2YSUOe1cLtf].aviDL188.2 MiB0012760
Raw Anime[share] Shakugan no Shana II -Second- 02 RAW [prologue of the whole event] (704x396 WMV9 QL93 24fps)[okidokeiTL].aviDL219 MiB0011990
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji 01 RAW (1280x720 DivX670 D-NTV)DL264 MiB1038862
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Les Miserables -Shoujo Cosette- 41 RAW (1280x720 DivX6.61)DL216.3 MiB005650
Games[PS2][JAP] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni MatsuriDL4.37 GiBStatus unknown9460
Raw Anime[moyism] BAMBOO BLADE - 03 (RAW)DL163.7 MiB0056880
English-translated Anime[ainex]_Night_Wizard_-_01v2_[XVID][D4E1AAAA].aviDL176.5 MiBStatus unknown1720
English-translated Anime[ainex]_Night_Wizard_-_02_[XVID][E99CB696].aviDL174.8 MiBStatus unknown1490
English-translated Anime[Order]_Tengen_Toppa_Gurren_Lagann_-_17_[5D25DFE4].aviDL232.3 MiB00120770
Raw Anime[share] Shion no Ou 01 RAW [Way of Shion] (704x396 DivX651)[92JeyRfcya].aviDL156.3 MiB0014840
English-translated Anime[KousenKarasu]_Shugo_Chara!_-_02_[XVID][975006AD].aviDL176.5 MiBStatus unknown1790
Raw Anime[TV-JAPAN][DVDRip] GUNDAM WING 03 [24m00s 640x480 DivX502+MP3].aviDL233.2 MiB005800
Raw Anime[moyism] Suteki Tantei Labyrinth - 03 (RAW)DL160.2 MiB0013010
English-translated LiteratureFMA_76_TMI-ScansDL6.8 MiB0013180
Graphics[JimBond007] Rinsin Artbook (2001)DL23.7 MiBStatus unknown6250
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-Rip JAP Hardsub-ITA] Hellsing - Ep 09-11[]DL532 MiBStatus unknown5130
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA - AC3.DTS - Subtitles English] TOKYO GODFATHERS []DL4.33 GiBStatus unknown8080
English-translated Anime[ainex-SpdSub]_Shinkyoku_Soukai_Polyphonica_-_09_[XVID][E2184EF4].aviDL175.7 MiBStatus unknown1620
Raw Anime灼眼のシャナ 1期 1-24(Complete)[RAW]DL3.04 GiBStatus unknown31270
English-translated LiteratureSuzuka Manga v1-18 CompleteDL975 MiB1035090
English-translated Anime[ainex-SpdSub]_Shinkyoku_Soukai_Polyphonica_-_10_[XVID][F9D1E343].aviDL175.7 MiBStatus unknown1560
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Eyeshield21 254(lq) - D.Gray-Man 133(lq)DL36.1 MiBStatus unknown1840
English-translated Anime[ainex]_Night_Wizard_-_03_[XVID][88EAB72A].aviDL176 MiBStatus unknown1550
English-translated Literature[NegimaVN] Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol 02 - VietnameseDL58.8 MiB003710
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Claymore v13.zipDL53.6 MiBStatus unknown2080
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-Rip JAP Hardsub-ITA] Hellsing - Ep 12-13 + Special[]DL474.5 MiBStatus unknown5430
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Macross - Robotech I - Dvd 1/9 + OST []DL5.11 GiBStatus unknown20021
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-RIP ITA] Nino Il Mio Amico Ninja Ep. 1-10 []DL1.25 GiBStatus unknown2820
Raw AnimeTurn A Gundam 1-50 + SP DVDripDL14.7 GiBStatus unknown250640
English-translated Anime[SubsAnon]_Mokke-02_[B76F355D]DL175.5 MiBStatus unknown1570
Raw Anime[DVD-Rip ENG-JAP-ITA] Fatal Fury - OAV 1 - Legend of the Hungry Wolf []DL742 MiBStatus unknown14250
Raw Anime[DVD-Rip ENG-JAP-ITA] Fatal Fury 2 - The New Battle – OAV 02 []DL764 MiBStatus unknown32900
Non-English-translated Anime[FWnF] Naruto Shippuuden 31 (sub spanish)DL171 MiB0031520
Raw Anime[Hikikomori] キミキス pure rouge 第03話 「book mark」 (D-MBS_1280x720 24fps DivX6.5.1).aviDL181.5 MiB001790
English-translated Anime[ainex-SpdSub]_Shinkyoku_Soukai_Polyphonica_-_11_[XVID][38E0501A].aviDL175 MiBStatus unknown1440
Live Action Promotional Video[J-R&B] Masaya Wada - GoneDL53 MiBStatus unknown3161
Raw Anime[share] Dennou Coil 21 RAW [Black Automaton] (704x396 DivX651)[92JeyRfcya].aviDL210.5 MiB0021340
English-translated Anime[ainex-SpdSub]_Shinkyoku_Soukai_Polyphonica_-_12_[XVID][A6438F56].aviDL176.8 MiBStatus unknown1430
Raw Anime[moyism] Rental Magica - 03 (RAW)DL186.8 MiB0045800
Non-English-translated Anime[DVDRip HardSub-ITA] Naruto - OAV 2[]DL347.9 MiBStatus unknown4640
Non-English-translated Anime [DVDRip HardSub-ITA] Naruto - OAV 3[]DL361.1 MiBStatus unknown9740
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Dennou Coil 21 RAW (1440x1080 x264 AAC 24fps)DL601 MiB0010630
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Negima Neo 13-14DL28.1 MiBStatus unknown8500
Raw Anime[RAW] Seirei_No_Moribito_24_(960x540)(divx521-51aac)(24fps).aviDL362.5 MiB004420
English-translated Live Action[DVD9 ITA-JAP] Casshern []DL7.81 GiBStatus unknown7630
Raw Anime[Hikikomori] ナイトウィザード The ANIMATION 第04話 「「キリヒト」~月面の出逢い~」 (D-MXTV DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL367 MiB001520
Lossy Audio【アニソン】 ef - a tale of memories.(OP - euphoric field/ELISA) 320k mp3鮭同梱DL34.9 MiB3088090
English-translated AnimeAnime Op Ed -Update 6-DL550.3 MiBStatus unknown1490
Lossy Audio[Mp3 320 kbps] OST NANA 707 []DL163 MiBStatus unknown15590
Lossless Audio[LonE]_Makino_Yui_-_Sketchbook_-full_colors-_ED_Single_-_Sketchbook_wo_Motta_mama_[w_scans]_(FLAC).rarDL117.6 MiB002760
Lossless Audio[EAC] (アルバム) 茅原実里「Contact」(ape+cue+jpg)DL529.3 MiBStatus unknown374560
Graphics[T2 ART WORKS] Collection Of Visual Materials [Shining Wind] - 光明之风插画资料设定集 -DL52.1 MiB1095770
Lossless Audio[EAC][071024] 焔~ホムラ/澪~ミオ アルトネリコ2ヒュムノスコンサート サイド 紅/蒼 + PREMIUM BOOK (2tta+cue+jpg)DL823.2 MiBStatus unknown42360
Raw AnimeNanoha StrikerS Vol.4 DVDripDL1.22 GiBStatus unknown93950
Lossless Audioef - a tale of memories./OPENING THEME&ENDING THEMEDL212.8 MiBStatus unknown91480
Raw AnimeTales of sinfonia 03rawDL581.7 MiBStatus unknown44100
Raw AnimeUmisho DVDrip Vol.2DL453.5 MiBStatus unknown38340
English-translated LiteratureKodomo no Jikan v5 ch31DL9.1 MiB0021330
English-translated LiteratureInuyasha_v53_ch527_[Freelance].zipDL5.8 MiB0014110
English-translated Anime[DVDRIP-ITA] Lupin III - Episodio 0 - First Contact []DL672.3 MiBStatus unknown19940
Lossy Audio2007.10 Animation OP&EDDL257 MiBStatus unknown2340
Raw AnimeGUNDAM 00 DVDISODL3.34 GiBStatus unknown2920
Raw Anime[TV-JAPAN][RAW] Full Color's 04 (1024x576 DivX6.7).aviDL194 MiB005530
Raw Anime[HDTV JAP SoftSub ITA] Special - Death Note Directors Cut Final Conclusion []DL1.61 GiBStatus unknown8490
Raw Anime[l33t-raws]Mai-Otome_1-26_CompleteDL6.59 GiBStatus unknown3710
Raw Anime[RAW] Galaxy Express 999 001-025DL7.9 GiBStatus unknown3831
Raw Anime[RAW] Galaxy Express 999 026-050DL7.25 GiBStatus unknown2801
Raw Anime[RAW] Galaxy Express 999 051-075DL8.21 GiBStatus unknown3561
Raw Anime[RAW] Galaxy Express 999 076-100DL7.96 GiBStatus unknown2791
Raw Anime[RAW] Galaxy Express 999 101-113 [END]DL2.89 GiBStatus unknown2721
Raw Anime[RAW] こどものじかん 第03話 「すくすくそだて」 (704x396).aviDL288.2 MiBStatus unknown115590
Raw Anime[RAW] スカイガールズ SKYGIRLS 第17話 「南の島のスカイガールズ」 (704x396)DL219.5 MiBStatus unknown197240
Raw Anime[l33t-raws]Tokimeki_Memorial_Only_Love_00-06DL1.08 GiBStatus unknown5290
Raw Anime[l33t-raws]Tokimeki_Memorial_Only_Love_07-12DL1018 MiBStatus unknown4440
Raw Anime[l33t-raws]Tokimeki_Memorial_Only_Love_13-18DL1.02 GiBStatus unknown4510
Raw Anime[l33t-raws]Tokimeki_Memorial_Only_Love_19-25_ENDDL1.2 GiBStatus unknown4300
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [294]DL3.5 MiB007640
Non-English-translated Literature[BleachSP] Bleach Manga Spanish [295]DL3.3 MiB005740
Raw Anime20071025-26raw AnimationDL345.5 MiBStatus unknown32000
Raw Anime071025-26raw AnimationDL1.94 GiBStatus unknown61920
Raw Anime[アニメ] CLANNAD -クラナド- 第01話 「桜舞い散る坂道で」 (BS-i DivX6.6 1280x720).aviDL321 MiBStatus unknown182500
English-translated Anime[DVDrip]Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA Vol.3 (848x480 x264 24f CQ18 AC3)DL640.3 MiBStatus unknown49831
Non-English-translated Anime[DVDRip HardSub-ITA] Basilisk – Ep 01-03 []DL629.2 MiBStatus unknown7130
Lossless AudioCLANNAD Animation OP&ED(ape+cue+booklet+rr3)DL220.7 MiBStatus unknown148930
Lossless AudioCLANNAD Animation OP&ED (ape+cue)DL225.1 MiBStatus unknown50140
Lossy AudioRoot after and another Drama CDDL89 MiBStatus unknown13760
English-translated AnimeLucky Star DVDrip Vol.5DL1.04 GiBStatus unknown63950
Raw Anime[RAW JAP SoftSub-ITA] Naruto Shippuuden - Ep 31[]DL158.5 MiBStatus unknown14380
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] D.Gray-Man 134(lq)DL1.1 MiBStatus unknown1520
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