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English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_(15-25)_[1280x720][Batch]DL2.44 GiB008182
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_23_[1280x720][618082B5].mkvDL247.3 MiB10123467
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_20_[1280x720][7913F5A1].mkvDL236.9 MiB10121688
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_21_[1280x720][CCE77C36].mkvDL235.2 MiB01124439
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_24_[1280x720][9544BDD4].mkvDL230.4 MiB01122417
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_22_[1280x720][10B9038F].mkvDL228.3 MiB001256810
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_19_[1280x720][6A4990BB].mkvDL206.2 MiB01122546
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_25_[1280x720][9115832C].mkvDL187.5 MiB10136438
English-translated Anime[Mezawari] Bakuman - 16 (1280x720).mkvDL172 MiB01979714
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_15v2_[1280x720][8C096582].mkvDL165.4 MiB004030
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_17_[1280x720][A2515A0D].mkvDL158.7 MiB101089012
English-translated Anime[Mezawari]_Bakuman_-_18_[1280x720][DE031B99].mkvDL144.2 MiB01109116
English-scanlated BooksSilver_Spoon_ch001_[Mangawari].rarDL14.2 MiB014980
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[Sticky] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our piracy and smuggling efforts right here after you've introduced yourself via IRC. See you in the 'verse!
[04-17, 05:53 UTC] <Puyero> Hola amigos...
[04-17, 05:34 UTC] <Desbreko> This can't end well.
[04-17, 05:31 UTC] <Shinsekai Fansub> well hello
[04-17, 04:50 UTC] <Mooks> \chat is back/
[04-17, 03:59 UTC] <fgghjjkll> yo, sup guys!
[04-17, 02:13 UTC] <HorribleScans> Oh boy the shitposting box is back.
[04-17, 01:55 UTC] <astrum> Oh, thank goodness. I need a magician to help seed a long dead torrent for me.
[04-17, 00:50 UTC] <Seizhan> eee? messaging is back. ._.
[04-17, 00:22 UTC] <Yuyu> oh my
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <Commie> Is this where I download anime?
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <Eroyume> So I heard the messaging is back...
[04-16, 22:07 UTC] <DameDesuYo> (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻ go away message board
[04-16, 22:06 UTC] <DameDesuYo> back? What happened?
[04-16, 22:04 UTC] <lae> Magic happened.
[04-16, 21:51 UTC] <dac-subs> lol wut?
[04-16, 21:44 UTC] <DmonHiro> The messeging is back? What happened?