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English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 11 [720p] [AF7F47AF]DL304.6 MiB0111430
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 11 [480p] [D7BBDD9B]DL198.8 MiB005130
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 11 [720p] [277F3A51]DL275.6 MiB0017382
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 11 [480p] [68087727]DL148.5 MiB006391
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 10 [720p] [28B3C4B7]DL359 MiB0115302
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 10 [480p] [7F6E17B6]DL153.8 MiB005030
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Kore wa Zombie Desuka? (Vol 3) [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL3.75 GiB013670
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 10 [480p] [448924B4]DL169.3 MiB018123
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 10 [720p] [F3F3C6C2]DL276.5 MiB0010360
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Lucky ☆ Star - 05 [1080p] [01EDBE90] [JPN+ENG audio]DL1.26 GiB005080
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Lucky ☆ Star - 04 [1080p] [3BE7B22F] [JPN+ENG audio]DL1.26 GiB015050
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Lucky ☆ Star - 03 [1080p] [6186BEF6] [JPN+ENG Audio]DL1.27 GiB005070
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 09 [480p] [A5EF434F]DL203.6 MiB004560
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 09 [720p] [4F248C92]DL293.6 MiB018691
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 09 [480p] [2746CE07]DL167.3 MiB005810
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 09 [720p] [A3ED998C]DL307.7 MiB0012120
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 08 [480p] [C10866F8]DL196.3 MiB004220
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 08 [720p] [AEADF5B0]DL271.8 MiB006730
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Gosick Vol.2 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL3.55 GiB013851
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 07 [720p] [7FEB2F52]DL362.6 MiB017860
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 07 [480p] [F19A4EE2]DL257.5 MiB004300
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Lucky ☆ Star - 02 [1080p] [2C76D0B8] [JPN+ENG audio]DL1.27 GiB017562
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 08 [480p] [97A37BB5]DL176.1 MiB005330
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 08 [720p] [7AD25817]DL324.5 MiB0012940
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Lucky ☆ Star - 01 [1080p] [337FF308] [JPN+ENG audio]DL1.26 GiB019901
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 06 [480p] [F244109F]DL307.8 MiB003905
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 06 [720p] [C3452901]DL297.6 MiB016710
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi] Softenni - 05 [480p] [C05AA851]DL354.6 MiB013810
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi] Softenni - 05 [720p] [8A07FC5B]DL362.8 MiB005890
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 04 [720p] [11DB5D76]DL336.9 MiB005430
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 04 [480p] [E5D1F526]DL329.4 MiB003511
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 03 [480p] [7630A85A]DL336.6 MiB003030
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 03 [720p] [5E5821E0]DL344.2 MiB004740
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 02 [480p][643038A3]DL272.4 MiB003030
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni - 02 [720p][00AEF360]DL279.7 MiB004840
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni 01 [480p]DL184.8 MiB003600
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Softenni 01 [720p]DL286.9 MiB005520
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Shakugan no Shana:S Vol.4 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL2.48 GiB013930
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Shakugan no Shana:S Vol.3 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL1.82 GiB014170
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi] Astarotte no Omocha! - 07 [720p]DL307.5 MiB0010690
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi] Astarotte no Omocha! - 07 [480p]DL167.7 MiB004530
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Shakugan no Shana:S Vol.2 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL1.95 GiB014030
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Shakugan no Shana:S Vol.1 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL1.49 GiB014400
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi] Gosick Vol.1 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL3.89 GiB012970
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Vol.2 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL4.33 GiB013030
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Vol.1 [1920x1080 x264 FLAC]DL4.39 GiB013261
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 06v2 [720p]DL308.4 MiB0010952
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 06v2 [480p]DL169.1 MiB004810
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 06 [720p]DL276 MiB003682
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 06 [480p]DL148.6 MiB002482
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 05 [720p]DL275.9 MiB009041
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 05 [480p]DL148.5 MiB004131
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 04 [720p]DL275.8 MiB006431
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 04 [480p]DL148.9 MiB003091
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 03 [480p]DL148.3 MiB002871
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 03 [720p]DL275.6 MiB006051
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 02 [720p]DL276.5 MiB006241
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 02 [480p]DL148.9 MiB002441
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Mitsudomoe OVAv2 [720p]DL336.1 MiB0116754
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Mitsudomoe OVAv2 [1080p]DL688.2 MiB0110380
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 01 [480p]DL148.9 MiB002141
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Astarotte no Omocha! - 01 [720p]DL276.2 MiB006811
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Mitsudomoe OVA [480p]DL449.3 MiB013890
English-translated Anime[Ayakashi]Mitsudomoe OVA [720p]DL336.1 MiB0016464
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <un1qu3> It was a good run while it lasted. It's all over now. Thank you all for your support.
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-23, 19:00] <SenketsuSubs> Cats, Omnicats, Kittens so some Epic cat videos for you! ;-)
[08-23, 18:19] <ajlexahgp0> Nice
[08-23, 18:17] <herkz> it's 24 and split cour, i believe
[08-23, 18:13] <ajlexahgp0> ANN says 12, but hope u r right
[08-23, 18:03] <hiper> Actually is going to be 24 eps of Aldnoah.
[08-23, 18:02] <EzioAltair14> aldnoahs saving grace for me is its amazing music..
[08-23, 18:00] <ajlexahgp0> Aldnoah is only 12 eps....shit...give us at least 26, damn!
[08-23, 17:44] <[TRVE]> Why should we? Who are you? And why didn't you just remux them?
[08-23, 17:39] <stinky> Megalove Megalove! Ready to fight!!! Anyone enjoy my Koi Koi 7 r2 DVD's?
[08-23, 17:25] <shaddrag> therapist = the rapist
[08-23, 17:20] <[TRVE]> Not in your area, no. Check the Yellow Pages.
[08-23, 17:16] <slurxz> @TRVE, Do you know any female therapist?
[08-23, 17:14] <slurxz> I actually marked my calendar, but I marked it at 22. The information I saw was wrong then. No wonder.
[08-23, 17:03] <slurxz> Which one should I worship then? Hydrate or herkz?
[08-23, 16:54] <froznkamui> The saviour.
[08-23, 16:51] <Loli Uiharu> Omnicat? what is that?
[08-23, 16:49] <lifebaka> Don't be silly, guys. That isn't a "yes" or a "no". It's an OMNICAT.
[08-23, 16:41] <jofs> lol
[08-23, 16:41] <Røckageek> I'm listening to the full ost album of noragami and they're freaking good to my ears
[08-23, 16:41] <EzioAltair14> and be sure to drink plenty of water.. HAIL HYDRATE !
[08-23, 16:40] <EzioAltair14> that being said.. dude, mark your calendar.. only three more days of crying.. =P
[08-23, 16:33] <herkz> the nozaki-kun op and ed come out on the 27th
[08-23, 16:28] <[TRVE]> You should go see a therapist. Crying because of impatience is not healthy.
[08-23, 16:25] <slurxz> Gekkan shoujo full Opening song where and when? I'm literally crying right now...
[08-23, 16:18] <Loli Uiharu> WHAT A CUTE CAT
[08-23, 16:17] <keep> ???
[08-23, 16:15] <herkz> it's a maybe
[08-23, 16:14] <Røckageek> I think yes
[08-23, 16:07] <[TRVE]> Is that a "no"?
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>       /ヽ__/ヽ
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>     /       \
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>    / _ノ  ヽ_   ヽ
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>    | ●   ●    |
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>    |  (_人_)    /
[08-23, 16:03] <Nyaa>     \        /
[08-23, 16:00] <[TRVE]> Nyaa, do you have any other guides except "played back", "browsed web" and "chatted net"?
[08-23, 15:57] <lifebaka> Cut the man some slack, Abunja. It's really hard to find stuff that you're too lazy to have started looking for yet. I mean, sure, we've all done it, but that doesn't mean it's easy.
[08-23, 15:53] <Abunja> One day, I will link a 'shouter' if some lazy ass dares to ask for a torrent link.
[08-23, 15:51] <Abunja> You like been spoonfed, do you Nebster173? There is a search function on the upper right part of the site.
[08-23, 15:49] <Laho> #561975 ? Nebster
[08-23, 15:48] <[TRVE]> Are you too lazy to search?
[08-23, 15:46] <Nebster173> Can anyone link me the subbed Berserk. Not the movie or anything. Or spinoffs or whatnot.
[08-23, 15:46] <Nebster173> Hello
[08-23, 15:45] <OneCrazyRussian> I guess I'll just wait for russian translation by RSC to complete, it does seem active
[08-23, 15:42] <Laho> I feel your pain OneCrazyRussian... It annoys me to no end how there are no decent scans of the last 350 or so chapters of the Dragon Ball manga to be found on the net, although the licensed manga is high quality and has been out for years.
[08-23, 15:41] <[TRVE]> You could also request it at Madokami.
[08-23, 15:40] <Abunja> Scanlation groups usually stop scanlating if the manga they are working is being licensed. You could try online readers, probably it had the complete series.
[08-23, 15:36] <Abunja> Well, you could wait. The groups who sub the broadcast episodes would usually do the BDs.
[08-23, 15:35] <OneCrazyRussian> It says the volumes are all out, but the scans are nowhere to find. The japanese raws are a thing, but the english ones are non-existent. It was translated by s2 until the middle of 15th volume, but seems that they stopped a month ago or just dropped it. I dunno why americans can't scan this shit how they do with comics. Seconds by Brian Lee O'Mailey was out in the net days after it was released, so why not scan the licensed manga?
[08-23, 15:30] <Laho> Magi: Kingdom of Magic vol. 1 BD: "Release DateJanuary 22, 2014"
[08-23, 15:27] <Abunja> Check google. IDK if its already out yet.
[08-23, 15:25] <Laho> am I incredibly stupid or is a brrip of Magi S2 nowhere to be found?
[08-23, 15:24] <Abunja> Yeah, I guess he is looking for raws.
[08-23, 15:23] <[TRVE]> Probably because it's licensed. Scans of licensed manga are usually rare.
[08-23, 15:21] <[TRVE]> If it really is what he's looking for, then vol. 16 isn't translated yet.
[08-23, 15:18] <Abunja> Is this is what you looking for? You could go visit other scanlation groups' site if there is anything to download.
[08-23, 15:15] <[TRVE]> A quick solution would be to rip it from online readers.
[08-23, 15:07] <OneCrazyRussian> Also I went to bakabt once. It told me my beta build of µtorrent is not allowed there. What a bunch of faggots
[08-23, 14:58] <OneCrazyRussian> Hey, guys guys guys. Where the hell can I find all the Kuro Kami manga to download? Especially volumes 16-19 in english? Some russian team is halfway translating the 16th volume from Japanese, but I need it right naow.
[08-23, 14:11] <Blackpac21> Hi all
[08-23, 12:54] <Nyaa> It's an omnicat.
[08-23, 12:20] <Komandos> Is that a ...Nyaboron ?
[08-23, 10:57] <meow> nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :3
[08-23, 10:22] <OneCrazyRussian> YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG
[08-23, 10:12] <Kanavid> Stop making me moist Nyaa.
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>       /ヽ__/ヽ
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>     /       \
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>    / _ノ  ヽ_   ヽ
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>    | ●   ●    |
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>    |  (_人_)    /
[08-23, 09:49] <Nyaa>     \        /
[08-23, 09:23] <OneCrazyRussian> Anyway they are a russian fansub group with shitton of releases on Rutracker
[08-23, 07:46] <qrazed> Well, at least they are the encoders. I hope I'm not wrong.
[08-23, 07:44] <qrazed> In other words, R-G is RG Genshiken.
[08-23, 07:43] <qrazed> @OneCrazyRussian: Check the R-G releases, they say RG Genshiken on them. See for yourself.
[08-23, 07:26] <OneCrazyRussian> >[RG Genshiken] Gintama >Aren't those a Russian subgroup? And you should not confuse them with R-G
[08-23, 06:51] <jofs>, because, why not?
[08-23, 05:46] <lifebaka> would be a stupid domain. Still, I'd tap it (to produce colorless mana).
[08-23, 05:23] <PxAlterx> My PD don't have TS of Naruto Shippuden after the 269. Please, help me to confirms.
[08-23, 05:20] <PxAlterx> Hullo.
[08-23, 03:43] <Artemix> My bad, there was a .ass file there, I thought it was included in the same file.
[08-23, 03:40] <Imouto6969> Nyaa should get a .moe domain
[08-23, 03:39] <Artemix> Damn, that one didn't have subs.. or maybe VLC is not able to reproduce it?.. weird
[08-23, 03:38] <qrazed> That's the R-G ones that I'm talking about, Artemix. It's really up to you if you prefer better quality over better subs. Both are watchable.
[08-23, 03:34] <Artemix> any good?
[08-23, 03:34] <Artemix> I see, cool, this is the one I downloaded: [RG Genshiken] Gintama - 001 [DVDRip 704x528 x264 AAC]
[08-23, 03:18] <qrazed> Oh you said it before me Stinky Cheez.
[08-23, 03:17] <qrazed> Also. I think both Rumbel's ones and the R-G DVDrips are on bakabt.
[08-23, 03:17] <Stinky Cheez> The main reason I suggest BakaBT is that it WILL be well-seeded, as that was the main issue he was seeing
[08-23, 03:16] <Stinky Cheez> BakaBT has, among other versions, the Rumbel release ^^ .
[08-23, 03:15] <qrazed> Here are the R-G DVDrips if you wanted those: R-G Gintama DVDrips
[08-23, 03:15] <Stinky Cheez> Well, OK, nearly all of it shows in the Googled search. Apparently some Google results are censored =p . W/e, just head over and check it out.
[08-23, 03:14] <qrazed> @Artemix: Rumbel were the best for Gintama, those are on IRC as well as torrents. Although they hardsubbed. If you want the best quality, then you might go for the R-G DVDrips which had CR subs.
[08-23, 03:13] <Stinky Cheez> You have to be a member to use the search funtion directly at BakaBT, btw)
[08-23, 03:12] <Stinky Cheez> BakaBT has ALL of Gintama, including all of the movies and extras and etc. All are well-seeded (as just baout everything at BakaBT is - lol). This Google search will find them all for you, or simply search BakaBT for "Gintama", if you're a member. BakaBT's not a private tracker, so you will NOT have to join, if you don't care to; just use the Google link, if so.