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English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 46 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [F8D803D9].mkvDL264.9 MiB0110210
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 43 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [E8999D12].mkvDL291.7 MiB0110130
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 24 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [8FE9A321].mkvDL264.7 MiB0111330
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 21.5 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [CCDA62A6].mkvDL345.3 MiB0111070
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 12 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [A6A394C7].mkvDL306.8 MiB0114130
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 11.5 (DVD 720x480 H264 AC3) [6D264B53].mkvDL290.6 MiB0110730
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 04 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [39292406].mkvDL391.7 MiB0114860
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 03 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [18FF659B].mkvDL284.6 MiB0115091
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 02 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [F5D46913].mkvDL277.9 MiB0116790
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 01 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [1592E45A].mkvDL314.4 MiB0121630
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - Special Episode (1280x720 h264 AAC) [5D0FCD60].mkvDL995.7 MiBStatus unknown6000
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 11 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [74553172].mkvDL888 MiBStatus unknown3550
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 10 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [73CB5BE2].mkvDL723.9 MiBStatus unknown3590
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 09 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [09C1C3C0].mkvDL526.1 MiBStatus unknown3160
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 08 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [9B9AA7AC].mkvDL601.6 MiBStatus unknown2850
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 07 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [353EC7FF].mkvDL576 MiBStatus unknown3030
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 06 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [B3DFAC98].mkvDL648 MiBStatus unknown3190
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 05 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [92AC3461].mkvDL660.8 MiBStatus unknown3030
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 04 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [EB8262A4].mkvDL588.9 MiBStatus unknown3150
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 03 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [12CD0C45].mkvDL526.4 MiBStatus unknown3580
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 02 (1280x720 h624 AAC) [07443EDA].mkvDL719.9 MiB103650
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends - 01v3 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [EB4E07F1].mkvDL922.8 MiB104380
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280x720 DivX) [9C7F8560].mkvDL1.63 GiBStatus unknown41060
English-translated Live Action[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280x720 DivX) [CB1A3E28].mkvDL1.63 GiBStatus unknown41700
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA 24-47 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3)DL6.93 GiB7039243
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 47 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [77CBD739].mkvDL301.5 MiB1017910
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 45 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [40146BA3].mkvDL319.5 MiB1010580
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 44 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [1FE43A51].mkvDL292.2 MiB1011110
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 42 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [5D5604C8].mkvDL293.3 MiB108350
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 41 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [CAFFDB44].mkvDL290 MiB108670
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 40 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [B1135DA5].mkvDL286.9 MiB107711
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 39 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [0025F85F].mkvDL273.8 MiB109990
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 38 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [125AA4C7].mkvDL307.4 MiB109250
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 37 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [51B31297].mkvDL291.3 MiB107530
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 36.5 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [F6211A89].mkvDL269.3 MiB107901
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 36 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [82519AA6].mkvDL304.7 MiB108001
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 35 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [BD292943].mkvDL260.8 MiB107440
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 34 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [59B037FD].mkvDL255.5 MiB107790
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 33 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [690E6E16].mkvDL272.9 MiB108420
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 32 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [C0B81A18].mkvDL262.7 MiB108400
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 31 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [76CC8765].mkvDL264.9 MiB109000
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 30 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [5A3A47DF].mkvDL292.2 MiB108640
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 29 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [1CA7950E].mkvDL279.3 MiB108480
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 28 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [7905A284].mkvDL285.6 MiB109020
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 27 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [96D94CBE].mkvDL291.4 MiB109490
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 26 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [CDD7FA90].mkvDL294.9 MiB1011120
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 25 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [BB60ACF8].mkvDL280 MiB1011830
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA 1-23 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3)DL7.28 GiB4043363
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 23 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [46D2F883].mkvDL262.5 MiB1010470
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 22v2 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [5AF6B94F].mkvDL277.5 MiB109640
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 21 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [775D582E].mkvDL265.7 MiB1012800
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 20 (DVD 720x480 h264) AC3) [DF388D8C].mkvDL292.4 MiB1012340
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 19 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [F9879A2D].mkvDL295.9 MiB1012720
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 18 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [016FBE78].mkvDL305.7 MiB1012000
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 17 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [25701B6E].mkvDL319.8 MiB1012050
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 16 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [4DD8CAB3].mkvDL268.6 MiB1012182
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 15 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [19B07A5E].mkvDL326.9 MiB1011423
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 14 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [F07C4C42].mkvDL276.8 MiB1012310
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 13 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [C13B3ECA].mkvDL297 MiB1013280
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 11 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [5D724C9A].mkvDL302.2 MiB1010721
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 10 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [9533F5F6].mkvDL285.2 MiB1012170
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 09 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [AD03C1CA].mkvDL223.4 MiB1010961
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 08 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [1DF3871E].mkvDL274.8 MiB1014920
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 07 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [4BB70619].mkvDL288.1 MiB1016520
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 06 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [A8DDF130].mkvDL308.2 MiB1015320
English-translated Anime[Jinsei] NANA - 05 (DVD 720x480 h264 AC3) [3802AF0E].mkvDL369.4 MiB1014752
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[12-20, 22:38] <qrazed> @HerbalNekoTea: [TRVE] is absolutely right of course, here's the link for the lazy -> E-D & ACX Versions of Fafner
[12-20, 22:36] <ravenleaf182> I want to get into tenpai not get tips on how to cream pie <_<
[12-20, 22:33] <[TRVE]> Who knows, maybe Google thinks penis enlargement would be the only effective thing in your case.
[12-20, 22:21] <ravenleaf182> GDI google, you had one job. This is why people don't google: how to get better at mahjong>couldn't understand it, googled how to effectively learn>google recommended studies for penis enlargement.
[12-20, 21:32] <[TRVE]> Both are IRC-based.
[12-20, 21:32] <[TRVE]> I repeat: Had you used AniDB, you'd have long since found both Exiled-Destiny and ACX where you'd have gotten your Fafner.
[12-20, 21:23] <HerbalNekoTea> In the past, subber had respect on official translation, nowadays, we all rip and don't give a fuck. XD
[12-20, 21:22] <HerbalNekoTea> @[TRVE] Easy to say but this show's licensed and they removed all the torrent and ddl.
[12-20, 21:17] <Rail-kun> damn phone backspace + enter now I see why hulk is always angry...
[12-20, 21:16] <Rail-kun> a few weeks more and we'll see kuroko s3. uncrowned king
[12-20, 21:12] <NeVe12p4wNeD> Question~ Will they do Alicization?
[12-20, 20:24] <[TRVE]> Had you used AniDB, you'd have long since found both Exiled-Destiny and ACX where you'd have gotten your Fafner.
[12-20, 20:23] <[TRVE]> Have you ever heard of AniDB? It has this great feature called "groups". What it does is displaying the groups that subbed or ripped a certain title.
[12-20, 20:11] <HerbalNekoTea> For those looking to check one of the 1500+ anime on it : #anime-4ever on
[12-20, 20:09] <HerbalNekoTea> I finally found fafner on this XDCC, the only problem's the quality, AVI, still better than wrongly cropped one.
[12-20, 20:08] <HerbalNekoTea> Oh shit man, i just found a XDCC archive paradise. So much old stuff, it's just amazing it still work.
[12-20, 20:01] <Stinky Cheez> HongFire is good for all SORTS of JP media torrents.
[12-20, 19:33] <ravenleaf182> I can't read the pond for shit T.T I really need to learn how to do that, I focus too much trying to get to tenpai, the results are....well that.
[12-20, 19:27] <torchlight> >discarding unsafe tiles
[12-20, 19:02] <ravenleaf182> Well then. that was the most tragic game of mahjong ever. I got beaten like a red-headed step child. I got finished off with This and This is how the whole game went down. I fail so badly at mahjong...
[12-20, 18:53] <RaptorX3> Hi people
[12-20, 18:53] <RaptorX3> Hi people
[12-20, 18:41] <hazardous> its called google ossan MrMojo.
[12-20, 18:15] <[TRVE]> It called "Google", MrMojo. Ever heard of it?
[12-20, 17:46] <Rail-kun> oh deadfish my deadfish where art thou deadfish~
[12-20, 17:27] <MrMojo> Hard to find a site to replace D-Addicts who stopped allowing torrents on JP shows!!
[12-20, 17:26] <MrMojo> Please post the rest of the "Dear.Sister.EP0x.720p.HDTV.x264.AAC-DoA" episodes.
[12-20, 16:35] <myonaka> yama no susume s3 ?
[12-20, 16:06] <DrkStr> i read it was released the 18th
[12-20, 16:05] <DrkStr> anyone know where i can get the 3rd ova of sinbad no bouken?
[12-20, 15:43] <ravenleaf182> everyone was just going to be drunk anyway cus of st patrick's day
[12-20, 15:37] <Yaelin> First season of DRRR wasn't great though... don't know what to expect for DRRR x2
[12-20, 15:32] <hazardous> GREAT NEWS! Starting next year we will start celebrating New Year TWICE! 1st New Year on 1st Jan and 2nd New Year on March 17 cuz its the Celestial New Year. d(*⌒▽⌒*)b
[12-20, 15:07] <Rail-kun> I guess I'll have fun w/ my waifu pillow again. screw real girl
[12-20, 15:04] <Rail-kun> it's not even snowing here yet it is cold... maybe it's a sickness. A sickness called "#foreveralone"  ̄へ ̄
[12-20, 15:02] <Rail-kun> ┐(´д`)┌ it's a white christmas...
[12-20, 14:59] <kbj5572> O-o
[12-20, 14:55] <鬼语> .。。。。。。
[12-20, 14:51] <yaongp1214> what can i do
[12-20, 14:37] <MiT> @yaongp1214 ru-ru wo yominayo.
[12-20, 14:32] <n0xiety> yay Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno 1080p is out
[12-20, 14:31] <SenketsuSubs> I ♥ Ohys! :-*
[12-20, 14:08] <xell17> I like sex! 's very nice!
[12-20, 13:07] <MiT> I like you!
[12-20, 12:20] <Ohys> ;
[12-20, 12:15] <hazardous> ( ͡3 ͜ʖ ͡3)>\■-■/
[12-20, 10:40] <JacobSwaggedUp>
[12-20, 10:40] <JacobSwaggedUp> finally set up the irc, i do not know how to add it to my wordpress tho
[12-20, 10:29] <hazardous> Death Parade, Durarara x2 and fafner exodus are some good animus next season to absorb yourself into.
[12-20, 10:28] <ravenleaf182> I mean, if you wanna say anime is like a turd, than the actual world is like a huge heaping pile of steaming elephant dung
[12-20, 10:27] <ravenleaf182> TRVE, look at reality. look at anime. look at the news. look at anime. Can you honestly blame people for wanting to deal with the shit in the world?
[12-20, 10:15] <[TRVE]> Plenty. Though I can't imagine how you can willingly dive headfirst into shit.
[12-20, 10:05] <james-wang> panicking, what anime is there left to absorb myself into
[12-20, 08:31] <ravenleaf182> its over 200 crap? thats a lot of BS there
[12-20, 08:24] <Atlus> (´◔౪◔)
[12-20, 08:03] <vivan> and raws... I'm still trying to get your #490627
[12-20, 07:51] <sarachikorita> Detective Conan has a lot of crappy fansubs (especially between 126-467) too
[12-20, 07:31] <Zed100> cm punk can have my children.
[12-20, 06:25] <jesus11> Apology accepted.
[12-20, 04:51] <TheRogueX> I did hover over the icons, and I wasn't 100% sure I understood. Pardon me for deciding to ask for clarification.
[12-20, 04:40] <MasterRoshi> SAO 2 is the best anime this season and the most recent story arc is the best sofar
[12-20, 02:53] <xell17> the mystery of the mist.
[12-20, 02:40] <Artemix> Detective Conan is really good. If you want to cry blood from your eyes and lower your IQ.
[12-20, 02:37] <AtlantidaAnimes> Detective Conan is good. I recomend it. The mistery is very exciting.
[12-20, 01:43] <MCR75> Is Detective Conan actually good, or is it just like every other ridiculously long anime?
[12-20, 01:28] <kanbaru> san dimas high school football rules!
[12-20, 01:16] <ravenleaf182> you like that? you really like that? why did you code it that way, you could get more questions :O see, I just gave you two more, I can haz a cookie? (oooo, 3.)
[12-20, 01:06] <fatass420> CM PUNK WILL BE THE NEXT UFC CHAMP
[12-20, 01:00] <Nyaa> I like how some people ask questions like that instead of clicking on a category to see what's what (or hovering over the icons).
[12-20, 00:55] <xell17> Green: Non-English Purple: English
[12-20, 00:54] <TheRogueX> What's the actual difference between the green "Anime Sub" and the purple "Anime Sub"?
[12-20, 00:35] <newbsrus22> It wasn't a good anime and the dub probably won't be good but I want to see the dub for the ambition of oda nobuna
[12-20, 00:04] <ravenleaf182> its a bit redundant, but its unknown cus its unknown, the only way to see if it will work is to try. You won't lose anything by trying
[12-20, 00:02] <TheRogueX> Ok, so I can go ahead and try to download it?
[12-19, 23:55] <[TRVE]> Not necessarily.
[12-19, 23:46] <TheRogueX> Curious, I'm new here (Hi everbuddy!).. a status unknown torrent I guess is dead?
[12-19, 23:36] <Nyaa> The comments on that torrent's page suggest the file is somewhat broken.
[12-19, 23:34] <Nyaa> Load the torrent belonging to that file and recheck it there.
[12-19, 23:34] <Nyaa> Well, duh. You need to install HashCheck to have that. Not that it matters when the file name doesn't have a hash anyway.
[12-19, 23:31] <Artemix> This is the file: [HorribleSubs] Gintama - 209 [720p]
[12-19, 23:31] <Artemix> I don't have that tab in my file properties.
[12-19, 23:12] <Nyaa> Verify the CRC32 hash that you might have in the file name using something like this. Also, yes, stop using VLC.
[12-19, 23:09] <spess> well vlc being shit is normal, but the file might be corrupt or incomplete
[12-19, 23:09] <Tenkuu> Don't use VLC.
[12-19, 23:07] <ravenleaf182> everyone is all freaking out about delays and seeds, I'm just sitting here eating my cheese shell pasta.
[12-19, 23:06] <Artemix> Do anyone know why sometimes an anime episode is like 40+ mins long but the extra 15 mins is a lie and when I click there the VLC crashes or something?
[12-19, 22:59] <Sparklez> terra formars delay, Nooooooo
[12-19, 21:58] <OnDeed> works at least on Z3740 in transformer t100ta
[12-19, 21:58] <OnDeed> @vivan - dunno if that happens with evr... but you can also use madvr, actually - just set the scaling to dxva mode
[12-19, 21:52] <Soran-Ibrahim> xdcc bot
[12-19, 21:49] <fruiteaterz> @ibrahim what do you mean by bot? how do i do that?
[12-19, 21:45] <Soran-Ibrahim> Ask Deadfish and stop spamming. Or check Deadfish's bot.
[12-19, 21:23] <King_saud> hello
[12-19, 21:21] <xell17> fuck off
[12-19, 21:07] <vivan> libass is awesome too. I'm wondering if it could be possible to port xysubfilter to windows phone...
[12-19, 20:59] <jofs> Decent. Need sleep. Like NOW! :p
[12-19, 20:58] <jofs> Decene
[12-19, 20:58] <jofs> [TRVE]: Decenet price.Will check it out. Thanks for the tip :)
[12-19, 20:55] <vivan> I'm fucking anoyed by how terrible android video renderers are on 4.6" screen... Stuttering everywhere, harcoded bt.601, shitload of banding. I don't even want to try a tablet.