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English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave [DVD 720x480]DL14.98 GiB431696110
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 41-42 [720x480]DL601 MiB014793
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 39-40 [720x480]DL601 MiB015120
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 37-38 [720x480]DL601 MiB005590
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 35-36 [720x480]DL601 MiB015610
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 33-34 [720x480]DL601 MiB015860
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 31-32 [720x480]DL601 MiB004870
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 29-30 [720x480]DL601 MiB013560
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 27-28 [720x480]DL601 MiB013951
English-translated Anime[A4P] Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 5 - Blood Prison (PSP)DL341.2 MiB017440
English-translated Anime[A4P] Bleach (PSP)DL31.31 GiB0113110
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 25-26 [720x480]DL601 MiB107685
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 23-24 [720x480]DL601 MiB015440
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 21-22 [720x480]DL601 MiB016960
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 19-20 [720x480]DL601 MiB017650
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 17-18 [720x480]DL601 MiB016761
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 15-16 [720x480]DL601 MiB018491
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 13-14 [720x480]DL601 MiB018031
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 11-12 [720x480]DL601 MiB017601
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 09-10 [720x480]DL601 MiB018120
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 07-08 [720x480]DL601 MiB018672
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 05-06 [720x480]DL601 MiB016500
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 03-04 [720x480]DL601 MiB0110380
English-translated AnimeGroove Adventure Rave - 01-02 [720x480]DL601 MiB0112522
English-translated Anime[A4P] Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail (PSP)DL432 MiB016130
English-translated Anime[A4P] Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (PSP)DL836 MiB015290
English-translated Anime[A4P] Black Lagoon (PSP)DL798 MiB015540
English-translated Anime[A4P] Initial D Fourth Stage (PSP)DL1.98 GiB019920
English-translated Anime[A4P] Initial D Second Stage (PSP)DL899 MiB028150
English-translated Anime[A4P] Initial D First Stage (PSP)DL2.3 GiB017500
English-translated Anime[A4P] Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (PSP)DL1.55 GiB014442
English-translated Anime[A4P] Ghost Hound (PSP)DL1.39 GiB013202
English-translated Anime[A4P] Minami-ke Okaeri (PSP)DL684 MiB015323
English-translated Anime[A4P] Minami-ke Okawari (PSP)DL924 MiB025490
English-translated Anime[A4P] Minami-ke (PSP)DL954 MiB0211060
English-translated Anime[A4P] Hidamari Sketch x Hoshi Mittsu (PSP)DL849 MiB023711
English-translated Anime[A4P] Hidamari Sketch x 365 (PSP)DL1001 MiB023870
English-translated Anime[A4P] Kurokami (PSP)DL1.58 GiB013520
English-translated Anime[A4P] Hidamari Sketch (PSP)DL780 MiB013340
English-translated Anime[A4P] Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (PSP)DL1.16 GiB018120
English-translated Anime[A4P] Shinryaku!? Ika Musume (PSP)DL961 MiB013170
English-translated Anime[A4P] Kimi to Boku (PSP)DL722 MiB012780
English-translated Anime[A4P] Maken-Ki! (PSP)DL1022 MiB014030
English-translated Anime[A4P] Fruits Basket (PSP)DL2.07 GiB015541
English-translated Anime[A4P] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (PSP)DL952 MiB015362
English-translated Anime[A4P] Tamayura ~hitotose~ (PSP)DL826 MiB013220
English-translated Anime[A4P] UN-GO (PSP)DL787 MiB013381
English-translated Anime[A4P] Mashiroiro Symphony (PSP)DL951 MiB014970
English-translated Anime[A4P] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (PSP)DL1.03 GiB0211630
English-translated Anime[A4P] Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 (PSP)DL736 MiB012720
English-translated Anime[A4P] C Cube (PSP)DL856 MiB013600
English-translated Anime[A4P] Ben-to (PSP)DL959 MiB014810
English-translated Anime[A4P] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S2 (PSP)DL2.32 GiB015150
English-translated Anime[A4P] Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (PSP)DL2.11 GiB015460
English-translated Anime[A4P] Escaflowne (PSP)DL2.16 GiB013291
English-translated Anime[A4P] Air (PSP)DL1.15 GiB014171
English-translated Anime[A4P] Ao no Exorcist (PSP)DL1.94 GiB014180
English-translated Anime[A4P] Prince of Tennis (PSP)DL14.94 GiB023981
English-translated Anime[A4P] Kamisama no Memochou (PSP)DL792 MiB013931
English-translated Anime[A4P] Kamisama Dolls (PSP)DL902 MiB013870
English-translated Anime[A4P] Usagi Drop (PSP)DL631 MiB012920
English-translated Anime[A4P] Nekogami Yaoyorozu (PSP)DL823 MiB013000
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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[11-27, 12:58] <Squiggy> I'll finish STrick yes
[11-27, 11:53] <TerrificSubs> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-27, 11:34] <hazardous> 1412 < i wonder what it means. giant clocks are obelisks undercover :P
[11-27, 11:14] <qashairy> Is there any fansubs that would like to finish Sakura Trick BD's?
[11-27, 08:52] <Res> Any mods on right now, can u delete this comment. They're spoiling it
[11-27, 07:26] <sarachikorita> Ah, the remake of the first 1/4 of Detective Conan 219. =P
[11-27, 06:45] <MCR75> Don't know if this counts cause it was only one episode, but Magic Kaito 1412 had a giant clock.
[11-27, 06:32] <anikaxe> -_-
[11-27, 02:29] <Aomidori> Artemix, D-Grey man has a giant grandfather clock character, it was fuckin' weird.
[11-27, 02:29] <Aomidori> artemix:
[11-27, 02:03] <Rin2K> dbz, zatch bell, doraemon. Pretty sure every animu that airs early in the morning.
[11-27, 02:00] <Artemix> What animes have giant clocks?, only FMA comes to mind.
[11-27, 01:18] <zaturama007> ME!ME!ME
[11-26, 23:53] <dilworks> plz share the drugs, I wanna some
[11-26, 23:53] <dilworks> > ME!ME!ME
[11-26, 23:37] <xell17> I agree wholeheartedly.
[11-26, 23:35] <shaddrag> An anime without a giant clock is an anime not worth watching.
[11-26, 23:04] <xell17> I like giant clocks all over the screen.
[11-26, 23:03] <Rin2K> thanks for BSB
[11-26, 22:30] <shaddrag> Hey guys, I heard you like wub wub #625902
[11-26, 22:09] <Rin2K> Isn't she?.
[11-26, 21:46] <Artemix> Shinichi!
[11-26, 21:26] <Senfu> That guy sounds German
[11-26, 21:01] <shaddrag> Die Antwoord is from my country ^^ Cool that you guys know of them.
[11-26, 21:00] <xell17> he means this song
[11-26, 20:49] <Rin2K> meme?
[11-26, 20:32] <Senfu> I need the song
[11-26, 20:30] <hazardous> it was trippy.
[11-26, 20:22] <Unitail> YUSS
[11-26, 19:55] <xell17> It's also just as weird and awesome.
[11-26, 19:54] <xell17> That ME!ME!ME! song sounds a lot like Die Antwoord.
[11-26, 19:20] <bbhq> great parasyte 8, 9 just got here
[11-26, 19:03] <Artemix> #Kappism
[11-26, 18:44] <xell17> Kappa
[11-26, 18:41] <hazardous> #nazism
[11-26, 18:26] <shaddrag> #countryism
[11-26, 18:23] <Artemix> #racism
[11-26, 18:16] <MisterDonut> some countries are not allowed to upload torrents.
[11-26, 18:08] <Daduxing> are some countries banned from this tracker?
[11-26, 18:06] <Artemix> Just saw the trailer. If only Japanese actors weren't trash...
[11-26, 18:04] <Daduxing> hi
[11-26, 18:02] <Artemix> Parasyte live action movie?.
[11-26, 17:57] <anon585> to celebrate the live action movie releasing this weekend
[11-26, 17:43] <Sparklez> why 2?
[11-26, 15:00] <hazardous> great! \o/
[11-26, 14:33] <Artemix> 2 Parasyte episodes today!, cool.
[11-26, 14:32] <sarachikorita> "Rad" ? That word was dated 20 years ago.
[11-26, 14:18] <ginzabeth> TeddyLoid is bloody rad.
[11-26, 14:01] <nataku411> I know right? I can't wait for it to get uploaded, hopefully without the extra sound effects
[11-26, 13:54] <reldas> that ME!ME!ME! vid was awesome. i could watch it all day long
[11-26, 13:36] <nataku411> I'm gonna wait patiently for the ME!ME!ME! lossless upload D:
[11-26, 12:56] <nedahoong> Is there not any torrents of Ryuugajou vol.4~6?
[11-26, 11:55] <Mayobe> It's Ghibli and Titan.
[11-26, 11:53] <hazardous> @Unitail: Attack On Bahumut and Parasyte XD
[11-26, 11:51] <hazardous> they all want access to higher dimensions for dark reasons. dirty fuckers. well we can access higher dimensions too if we do that astral oobe thingy. me interested oobe and animu most. rest can fuck itself :D
[11-26, 11:49] <Unitail> What is the AOTY ?
[11-26, 11:40] <Mayobe> Fucking Bush, pumping all the oil through the stargate to goddamned aliens!
[11-26, 11:39] <hazardous> stargates are fucking real so real that US invaded iraq for that very reason lol
[11-26, 11:36] <Mayobe> Trinity 7 - You know these people are serious because they have a fucking stargate in the basement.
[11-26, 11:35] <OnDeed> Zura is on standby.
[11-26, 11:34] <shaddrag> ~Zura
[11-26, 10:28] <OneCrazyRussian> Keepo
[11-26, 09:31] <Memories.> Kappa
[11-26, 08:06] <hazardous> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-26, 07:58] <xDev> lol
[11-26, 07:03] <frostyon420> why would anyone wanna be like deadfish lmfao
[11-26, 06:46] <torchlight> No.
[11-26, 06:31] <JacobSwaggedUp> Im trying to start something similar to DeadFish
[11-26, 06:27] <JacobSwaggedUp> Hey anyone wanna join my group?
[11-26, 05:03] <Denkoko> Did Anime-Koi drop Kokkuri-san?
[11-26, 03:59] <tatomcmlxxx> Not include English dub, only english sub.
[11-26, 03:30] <John_Rhogan_TRUE> How do I report a user for using someone's name wrongly? My name is John Rhogan, and there some user who is abusing my name.
[11-26, 03:21] <Raishin> Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de?? no fansubbing?
[11-26, 03:16] <vivan> 4:1:1 might be that reason
[11-26, 02:46] <penguin-fever> This is because four is death. Everything begins with death. It's obvious when you think through it with the logics.
[11-26, 01:49] <sarachikorita> The standard is to use 4 for the first number, for some reason.
[11-26, 01:40] <Artemix> Isn't 4:2:0 the same as 2:1:0?.
[11-26, 01:12] <vivan> #488386
[11-26, 00:46] <Kocmar Laslone> The King and the Clown
[11-25, 20:51] <xell17> Yeah, but with low priority.
[11-25, 20:31] <Dat Size> Is Vivid doing Expelled from Paradise?
[11-25, 19:45] <nataku411> Mekaku? I'm pretty sure it was only one scene, a flashback that was drastically altered from this weird CGI style.
[11-25, 19:41] <Sheetsuji> hello ferguson here
[11-25, 18:48] <hazardous> oh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[11-25, 18:43] <Mill.Rar> hello, i proclaim my love for cheesecake
[11-25, 17:34] <Rin2K> wait, what? has ever existed something like that to begin with?.
[11-25, 17:30] <ravenleaf182> The kickstarter is to bring the entire trilogy west, and is working with the actual japanese producers <_<
[11-25, 17:05] <Senfu> Seems like SAO fansub died
[11-25, 15:22] <fibre> mekaku
[11-25, 15:17] <Rin2K> please no.
[11-25, 13:16] <DN Nimxz> I heard there was a remake of Mekakucity Actors Episode 9.... Ayano's Theory of Happiness.. Is there a download link yet??
[11-25, 09:50] <WastedMeerkat> @CTRL FEAR, That's the best I could do since Kawaii Corner, the original scanlator, no longer maintains their website, and you have to be an admin approved member to download their releases. Pretty great system.
[11-25, 09:14] <junh1024> sometimes, you get horribad 1080p chroma artefacts due to 420 CS. 3.84K downscaled may remedy this.
[11-25, 08:51] <CTRL FEAR> crap no one is seeding an english manga version of "another" >.< anyone wanna put one up?
[11-25, 07:47] <vivan> junh1024, and?
[11-25, 07:20] <junh1024> With genuine 3.84K at 4:2:0, you get 1080p of Chroma, unlike 540p of chroma for 1080p 4:2:0
[11-25, 05:52] <chuckk> oh you were just pretending to be retarded, gotcha
[11-25, 05:51] <herkz> no. do you?
[11-25, 05:51] <chuckk> i said grisaia was shit, not good. do you lack reading comprehension on a preschooler level?