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Lossy AudioTouhou Game Soundtracks 1-14 (MP3)DL3.63 GiB23465520
Lossless AudioTouhou Game Soundtracks 1-14 (FLAC+CUE)DL13.23 GiB20329662
Lossless Audioprismatic infinity caratDL1.61 GiB0125230
Lossless Audio超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ 守護女神 Vol.4 ブランxホワイトハート (cv. 阿澄佳奈)DL147.3 MiB0052272
Lossless Audio超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ 守護女神 Vol.3 ベールxグリーンハート (cv. 佐藤利奈)DL123.9 MiB1050290
Lossless Audio超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ 守護女神 Vol.2 ノワールxブラックハート (cv. 今井麻美)DL146 MiB1151110
Lossless Audio超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ 守護女神 Vol.1 ネプテューヌxパープルハート (cv. 田中理恵)DL137.5 MiB1051020
Lossless Audio幻想遊戯館 -Fantastic Casino-DL282 MiB0120240
Lossless Audio幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park-DL382 MiB0120460
Lossless AudioAuxiliary BrightnessDL479.5 MiB0123840
Lossless AudioFrenzy FrenzyDL460.5 MiB0129100
Lossless AudioピグマリオンDL231.8 MiB1139940
Lossless Audio幻想遊歌抄 -Fantastic Live-DL236.5 MiB1035560
Lossless Audio辿/誘DL480.5 MiB0138310
Lossless AudioFAR EAST OF EAST VIIIDL366 MiB1030250
Lossless AudioNureta Kami ni Furerareta TokiDL229 MiB1028010
Lossless AudioSeated With LiquorDL258.5 MiB0125780
Lossless AudioKami Jigen! Fortune MaterialDL187.3 MiB1028650
Lossless AudioFAR EAST OF EAST VIIDL268.5 MiB0148270
Lossy Audioxi-on - Touhou Shisou (MP3)DL848 MiB2035680
Lossless Audioxi-on - Touhou ShisouDL2.58 GiB4040310
Lossy AudioHalozy (MP3)DL1.94 GiB1026791
Lossless AudioHalozyDL6.2 GiB10176011
Lossless AudioUtakata, Ai no MahorobaDL164.3 MiB1021680
Lossless AudioShiawase no KuniDL308 MiB0132600
Lossless AudioSky CruiseDL213 MiB0129250
Lossless AudioSweetsongsDL350.5 MiB0142410
Lossless AudioMeruru no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3~ Original SoundtrackDL1.27 GiB1056132
Lossless Audio*** PassionateDL1.68 GiB0154711
Lossless AudioAtelier Vocal Historia 1997~2009DL1.37 GiB0317661
Lossless AudioLittle Busters!DL199 MiB1036620
Lossless AudiofilamentDL648 MiB1015510
Lossless AudioDead END/Soukyuu no HikariDL719 MiB0115630
Lossless AudioHoshikuzu no Kizuna/Tasogare SoraDL240.3 MiB0111200
Lossless AudioNoora to Toki no Koubou Kiri no Mori no Majo Original SoundtrackDL770 MiB0119910
Lossless AudioEach And Every Word Leaves Me Here AloneDL270.5 MiB013050
Lossless AudioRokutousei no YoruDL95.4 MiB012620
Lossless AudioHeaven is a Place on EarthDL1.13 GiB013420
Lossless AudioBlood tellerDL436.5 MiB012811
Lossless AudioKuusou MesorogiiDL400 MiB013381
Lossless AudioTotori no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2~ Original SoundtrackDL739 MiB0121900
Lossless AudioRorona no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi~ Original Sound TrackDL837 MiB0112813
Lossless AudioRorona no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi~ Visual Art Book ~Die Musikkiste des atelier~DL247.8 MiB019980
Lossy AudioTouhou Game Soundtracks 1-13 (MP3)DL3.35 GiB121120783
Lossless AudioForeverDL131.5 MiB012000
Lossless AudioChou Jigen Game Neptune BGMDL1.14 GiB015630
Lossless AudioAtelier Series Vocal Collection VolksliedDL263 MiB027560
Lossless AudioTouhou Game Soundtracks 1-13DL12.34 GiB0127416
Lossless AudioAtelier Series & Mana-Khemia Vocal Collection Volkslied 2DL402 MiB015870
Lossless AudioAtelier Series Vocal Collection Volkslied 3DL482.5 MiB017680
Lossless AudioA.R./Star-CrossedDL229.8 MiB014730
Lossless AudioHoshizora no SakamichiDL120 MiB013030
Lossless AudioTears Will Become Melodies TonightDL251 MiB014870
Lossless AudioWishes Hidden In The Foreground NoisesDL270 MiB013630
Lossless AudioMissing, Loving... and Suffering EPDL155.5 MiB013131
Lossless AudioSkyclad no KansokushaDL139.5 MiB104230
Lossless AudioTatsh MUSIC COLLECTION -J-DL582 MiB014560
Lossless AudioTatsh MUSIC COLLECTION -I-DL466 MiB015320
Lossless AudioComic SonicDL270 MiB002540
Raw Anime君に届けスペシャル ミニ届劇場「白雪ウメ」.mkvDL303.9 MiB0027650
Lossless AudioLIMIT BLACK CDDL224.5 MiB002590
Lossless AudioWHITE MUTATIONDL248.8 MiB012780
Lossless AudioSUZUNO=MIYA Ar tonelico III hymmnos concert side.RedDL401.5 MiB028420
Lossless AudioSAKIYA=RUMEI Ar tonelico III hymmnos concert side.BlueDL326.5 MiB018300
Lossless AudioAr tonelico 3 Sekai Shuuen no Hikigane wa Shoujo no Uta ga Hiku Original SoundtrackDL784 MiB018200
Raw Anime君に届けスペシャル ミニ届劇場「ウメデレラ」.mkvDL218.4 MiB0134280
Lossless AudioBLUE TOPAZDL297.5 MiB013480
Lossless AudioCross OverDL208.6 MiB013200
Lossless AudioSHINING☆STARDL222.7 MiB014460
Lossless AudioMagiaDL248.8 MiB106310
Lossless AudioConnectDL191 MiB013990
Lossless AudioKnee High EgoistDL164.6 MiB013050
Lossless AudioRyuusei no BifrostDL132.6 MiB014154
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[10-22, 23:20] <Senzura> I should say is the parasyte anime following the manga
[10-22, 23:12] <Senzura> Is the parasyte manga following the anime, could I just pick up where episode 3 ended
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[10-22, 22:58] <paulo27ms> Because you touch yourself at night.
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