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[Omnicat] <Nyaa> Shh, no tears. Only dreams now.
[Omnicat] <Nyaa> We will of course be playing Star Citizen. If you have a game package with alpha access, you can join our subversion efforts right here. See you in the 'verse!
[Sticky] <Daiz> It's all over. This is the end.
[Sticky] <furzee> This website has been sold to the japanese government, data purging will begin in 24 hours from now. RIP NT.
[Sticky] <herkz> rip nt
[08-01, 07:48] <TheCatWalk> i hope nothing will happen..but the japs aint that stupid. they SHOULD have something up their sleeves i guess...and if china actually agrees to help them (some secret deals maybe) the its all over
[08-01, 07:35] <MoJo-X> Well it looks like the conservative is still going full fucktard. U mad bro? :3
[08-01, 07:34] <hazardous> to be serious, nothing will happen period!
[08-01, 07:34] <jofs> live long and prosper
[08-01, 07:34] <stinky> Democrats were all old KKK southern homeboys who wanted to keep blacks slaves. REpublicans are the ones who fought and frred them . Fuckyou you nazi revisionst commie libtard. Children please learn from this. This is all Commitard libs ever do in politics. And they are never wrong!!
[08-01, 07:33] <hazardous> shit
[08-01, 07:32] <hazardous> whati
[08-01, 07:30] <hazardous> spock will deal with them
[08-01, 07:26] <stinky> Spook!!!!! The Cia Spooks are listening!!! They are capturing your keystrokes!!! Do you understand yet maggot shit calling Libtard!?!?!
[08-01, 07:25] <stinky> I sont bother correcting my spelling for shithell like you, caus u are a libtard assclown who is morally superior to everyone on earth.
[08-01, 07:23] <stinky> Raving libtard rants on!!! Osama Obama is your god!!! I heard he sucks off John Baynor or Baynor him. One again do you, or can you even register that "spook" is also a word for a spy, or intelligence gatherer. One a gain you knee jeek libtard assclown, plays the jewbaiting race card to sound like you are some moral superior. Children pay attention here. Don;t be a raving commie Libtard like Mojo Nixon.
[08-01, 07:11] <sillybean> well then....let's stroll in the troll
[08-01, 07:01] <dub> TFW people worried that NT is going to be shut down when it's hosted in the same area as TPB. TOP LEL
[08-01, 07:00] <hazardous> if y'all make same wish, it will come true. Nyaa will not shut in 24 hours. majority rules. ;)
[08-01, 06:59] <allelujahhaptism> that's the best part of no timestamps for stickies, it's never 24 hours from now, it's always now
[08-01, 06:59] <Horuhe-kun> notice*
[08-01, 06:59] <Horuhe-kun> :v I think NT is just trolling with the sticky noticw
[08-01, 06:58] <hazardous> i collected dragon balls. make your wish Now!
[08-01, 06:55] <ratzzo> well, it says 24 hours from now but when exactly is now?
[08-01, 06:49] <TheCatWalk> this is the japs 2nd biggest international screwup since pearl harbor....god i am hating them now sooo damn much
[08-01, 06:44] <anime90> hey guys, you're not serious are you?
[08-01, 06:22] <amegun> what?
[08-01, 06:18] <MoJo-X> To everyone: this is what happens when the internet is plagued by assfucks who can't write for shit like stinky. Now have a nice ride on the Troll Train sponsored by NT. =P
[08-01, 06:16] <TheCatWalk> KILL ME NOOOW!!!!
[08-01, 06:16] <MoJo-X> And don't tell me that your shitarded ass didn't know that spook was a racial slur, you faggotry infested assclown.
[08-01, 06:14] <MoJo-X> Okay, now you just went full conservative fucktard, thus proving that your intelligence is that of a cat fart that was raped buy your wife, oh, I mean sister. So sit down and have a glass of your dogs jizz that you love so much. Happy now? :3
[08-01, 06:13] <sarachikorita> It IS autism. And even I, a textbook aspie, can figure out what's going on.
[08-01, 06:10] <hazardous> so everyone rioting on streets in japan?
[08-01, 06:06] <stinky> Knee jerk libtard trollin whore!!! Did you know the spooks at the NSA are reading all this??? They are laughing at your ignorance!!!
[08-01, 06:03] <stinky> Mojo x you are just a two year old jew baiting troll, who can't understand that I did not mean it as a slur. Libtard, they will ove your ass in college. The "spooks" in my dream were white!!! Moron!!
[08-01, 05:52] <bibokun> احيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييه
[08-01, 05:48] <Horuhe-kun> Ok, so...let's make a massive suicide. Yay!
[08-01, 05:48] <Genki-Girl24> Is this the new meta?
[08-01, 05:42] <Stefanus_E> This is the end of the universe
[08-01, 05:37] <Horuhe-kun> Yeah man, they'll tentacle rape this site.
[08-01, 05:36] <MasahiroKun> hmmmm is Japanese government buy this site?
[08-01, 05:32] <Mega> ke
[08-01, 05:32] <Frederick888> Putting aside the high price of servers in China, it may be a nice choice ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
[08-01, 05:30] <Horuhe-kun> Move this site to Mexico, no shit is given about piracy in there :v
[08-01, 05:28] <gravediggernalk> All this autism in the chatbox is kinda scary; It's almost like some of you actually believe something is going to happen
[08-01, 05:28] <Proxi> Please don't shut this down! D: T^T :( ... This site is like, half of my life.
[08-01, 05:23] <AChannelSideB> Move the Website to China, and China would be like, "Fuck you Japan, we hate you anyways"
[08-01, 05:22] <Frederick888> They have to gain the support of the local government if they want to close it by force. Even so, NT can just copy all data to another server in another country (this is what happened to pirate bay
[08-01, 05:19] <Horuhe-kun> OMG! That sounds serious...
[08-01, 05:18] <lifebaka> They'll shoot it with the tentacle cannon, Horuhe-kun. Nyaa won't be able to move after the tentacle cannon finishes (repeatedly, all over).
[08-01, 05:16] <Horuhe-kun> Wait but....Nyaa Torrents is not hosted in Japan, can they shut it down anyway?
[08-01, 05:13] <svm> NT it's over? really?
[08-01, 05:12] <Frederick888> "buy" it
[08-01, 05:11] <Frederick888> ↓ I don't really believe it. If the Jap goven's going 2 kill nyaa, they should do this in a "legal" way but not "but" it
[08-01, 05:10] <Katsu-Baka> It's the end ?
[08-01, 05:06] <psi237> So is it real that nyaa will be closed?
[08-01, 05:05] <Sparklez> RIP NT
[08-01, 05:05] <kurudoj2k14> Its hurts!! its hurts more than i've been trolled that this site will close
[08-01, 05:05] <kurudoj2k14> Its hurts!! its hurts more than i've been trolled that this site will close
[08-01, 05:04] <Yompy> No, the Japs are going to steal all the bytes
[08-01, 05:03] <Horuhe-kun> Can't they just do a backup and make another site :v?
[08-01, 05:01] <MoJo-X> Proxi: They're mods that are trying to scare us for shits and giggles.
[08-01, 05:01] <AChannelSideB> It's not free, we still pay for our internet to download this anime.
[08-01, 05:01] <Hobichan> aers where's your sticky?
[08-01, 04:59] <master_gtr> i mean nyaa
[08-01, 04:58] <master_gtr> i'm sorry..
[08-01, 04:58] <master_gtr> is this really the end of Naa?
[08-01, 04:56] <Proxi> @MoJo-X Are those sticky notice really trolls? I'm crying for real right now T_T
[08-01, 04:54] <MoJo-X> Nope. Trolls be trolling.
[08-01, 04:49] <Horuhe-kun> Is the sticky notice for real?
[08-01, 04:49] <MoJo-X> Then you shouldn't have said it in the first place, dipshit. You're the ignorant one if you didn't know that term was a racial slur, you retarded stinky piece of shit.
[08-01, 04:49] <MasahiroKun> hmmm i still can open this site and download some anime... i hope Nyaa can long life..
[08-01, 04:48] <Abunja> By that, is it only limited to music media? Or you also do everything? That's a ton of work lol
[08-01, 04:41] <RobbyLob> Abunja: Because it's incredibly wrong and unethical to share people's hard work for free. Unrelated note, here's the album I uploaded for the day: #582309
[08-01, 04:40] <Milliardo Have Money> i can always go to TT
[08-01, 04:39] <stinky> mojo x you ignorat faggot STFU
[08-01, 04:38] <stinky> By spooks I meant, CIA intelligence operatives were called spooks or Spooky in the 50's and 60's
[08-01, 04:36] <aers> Beep boop.
[08-01, 04:36] <Mingfang47> Sooo..... now what?? How NT did not stand its grounds to defend??? RIP NT!!!! T____T
[08-01, 04:31] <Abunja> Rob, why are you selling us? lol
[08-01, 04:30] <hazardous> herkz Diaz furzee were always the government of Nyaa lol
[08-01, 04:27] <Proxi> NOOOOOOOOOO D: My life ends here.
[08-01, 04:27] <vampiregirl> is true this close this website?, noo please t_t
[08-01, 04:27] <jarcinas777> correction* ha?? how this site has been sold to japanese government
[08-01, 04:25] <RobbyLob> Zatheyll: I don't know about that, but I'm constantly reporting copyright infringement on this site.
[08-01, 04:24] <jarcinas777> ha?? how this site to japanese government
[08-01, 04:22] <Proxi> What time did those sticky messages show? :/
[08-01, 04:21] <RobbyLob> xell17: For a while my job was translating into English for a Japanese newspaper, and when Miyazaki did all his crazy shit and I had to write about all the time, it made me quit that job lol.
[08-01, 04:21] <Proxi> No! Don't! NOOOOOOOOOO D:
[08-01, 04:20] <Zatheyll> Jesus Fucking Christ guys. You think the Jap government is posting under Daiz, herkz, and Furzee's accounts? Holy shit.
[08-01, 04:19] <xell17> Tsutomu Miyazaki seems like a nice guy. Thanks for the great wikipedia read, ugh.
[08-01, 04:14] <hazardous> Nyaa still up! figures, gov is messing with y'all. keep calm & pirate. ;)
[08-01, 04:09] <vampiregirl> i'm stresed now, noooooo t_t
[08-01, 04:06] <goldenyears> LOL ur Troll is so :9
[08-01, 04:04] <SCRND> Really going to close?
[08-01, 04:04] <SCRND> Really going to close?
[08-01, 04:03] <aaaa54228> so sad:(
[08-01, 03:57] <freeosiris> Hope a better day for Nyaa ... or a few little hours.
[08-01, 03:55] <MoJo-X> Pedobear says hi
[08-01, 03:54] <RobbyLob> mouretsu: Ask some of Tsutomu Miyazaki's friends. I'm sure they know where you can find some.