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Name:[Musica_MaGiC] angela - ZERO [Album]Date:2013-04-23, 23:13 UTC
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Description: Sixth album release from J-pop duo Angela featuring their 10th career anniversary. Includes PSP "Heroes Phantasia" Theme Song, TV Anime "K" Opening Theme - Ep 13th Ending Theme - Image Songs - Insert Song, Musical "Soukyuu no Fafner" Theme Songs & TV Anime "Valvrave the Liberator" Ending Theme in eps 02nd.
Released: April 24, 2013
Catalog No. KICS-1904
My Own Personal CD-Rip, write my name for credit.

Track List:
02. Boku Ja nai
03. So sweet memories
04. Remember me
05. 生命 -イノチ-
06. 境界線 Set me free
08. This is my wish
09. Always 好きだよ
10. Itsuka no Zero Kara
12. To be with U!

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2013-04-24 at 00:23 UTC
Thanks, I've been waiting for this one. Especially Boku janai

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[12-26, 13:56] <commieis4niggers> do people actually unironically like commie
[12-26, 12:21] <[TRVE]> Indeed.
[12-26, 12:08] <jerxou> shrine is all that matters
[12-26, 11:39] <Diumlol> damn ! i messed up!
[12-26, 11:38] <Diumlol> nice superman torrent bro :)
[12-26, 10:48] <(⌐■_■)> anybody knows what this means? ???
[12-26, 10:32] <[TRVE]> You can also read the manga. It's complete.
[12-26, 10:31] <kuru> I can't wait for Rurouni Kenshin - The Legend Ends to get it's ass on dvd so we can all watch it :).
[12-26, 10:31] <kuru> Good evening gentlemen, how was everyone's Christmas?
[12-26, 10:23] <xbox1> anybody can upload PS3 GAME: Kamen Rider - SummonRide ?
[12-26, 09:29] <vivan> >xbox asks for ps3 games
[12-26, 08:41] <xbox1> Is there have share PS3 GAME:Kamen Rider - SummonRide ???
[12-26, 08:39] <SpencerNW> Oha! Hey can AnyBody help me with what tracker should I Put ?
[12-26, 08:10] <Lordsarito> echo
[12-26, 08:09] <Lordsarito> Yibis Fansubs website account suspended apparently O.o
[12-26, 08:09] <Lordsarito> Yibis Fansubs website account suspended apparently O.o
[12-26, 07:26] <ravenleaf182> I drank two four lokos, and I have to be up in 4 hours. oops. but hey, I can type straight. I think.
[12-26, 07:07] <Minisungam> Damn, you're right, I concede. Didn't even notice the prequel and sequel buttons on MAL (my truly one and only source)
[12-26, 07:02] <Rin2K> That's S01. They dropped Purezza. Shit happens when you only look at one source.
[12-26, 06:51] <Minisungam> ??
[12-26, 06:48] <ReDone-Subs> @Minisungam: Coalgirls only released the 1st 2 eps of Purezza and dropped the show. Only that other group released a full BD version.
[12-26, 06:43] <Rin2K> Those glasses really don't suit you.
[12-26, 06:42] <ravenleaf182> Wait. I can get my visual novels from here? why the fuck am I spending like 3 hours on like media fire and shit to get like 10 part downloads T.T
[12-26, 06:40] <kisukemahanama> still no Initial D movie??
[12-26, 06:29] <Minisungam> yeah, but if he's looking for the game he'd have to go to sukebei for it to even show up
[12-26, 06:27] <herkz> both are uploaded anyway
[12-26, 06:25] <Minisungam> @dannyngxp the game or the show?
[12-26, 06:23] <dannyngxp> can someone upload the fruit of grisaia
[12-26, 06:21] <Minisungam> If you actually did search, you would find out that both Doki and Coalgirls made BD releases of Purezza. BakaBT is a perfectly ok resource btw
[12-26, 06:14] <(⌐■_■)> BTW the know-it-all who says I didnt search apparently didnt try searching himself....there are NO BD releases for Purezza only shitty tv recordings (and NO bakabt sucks balls)
[12-26, 06:09] <DrkStr> i believe the first part came out end of 2011 and the 2nd came out mid 2012
[12-26, 06:05] <ravenleaf182> my box sets are definitely older than 2012
[12-26, 06:04] <DrkStr> on #606488 it says "The Special Edition of New Kyoto Arc features new footage throughout the feature that wasn't in the original 2 part OAV released back in 2012"
[12-26, 05:47] <ravenleaf182> its kenshin, I highly doubt its cut that much. edited however may be a separate issue
[12-26, 05:46] <ravenleaf182> @DrkStr I am not sure what footage you mean, but I own all 3 box sets, there is a lot of extra stuff, but its mostly like out takes and stuff
[12-26, 05:45] <ravenleaf182> vagina canoes: artistic creativity, or obscene material. Loli's and under aged school girls will decide.
[12-26, 05:44] <DrkStr> anyone know if the extra footage on the special ed. of rurouni kenshin (kyoto arc) is on the american dual audio BDs? or if that was just for the special jp release? i got the dual audio BD but i wanna have the one with the most footage
[12-26, 05:43] <ravenleaf182> so vagina canoes are a thing now. apparently Megumi Igarashi is being charged as thats a crime. I'm kinda wondering how the law is stated that it actually is a crime to have vagina canoes, like it was something they thought would happen.
[12-26, 05:36] <dannyngxp> can someone upload dai shogun great revolution
[12-26, 05:31] <dannyngxp> can someone upload anime bladedance of elementalers
[12-26, 05:03] <xell17> If only you knew how to search
[12-26, 04:53] <(⌐■_■)> this sucks! I`m interested in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu but apparently no one is working on the BD of Purezza #sadface (T~T;。) I blame Durarara for making me search for this anime
[12-26, 03:39] <sarachikorita> and some people think my use of 18 (instead of 16 or even 13) is daft.
[12-26, 03:39] <sarachikorita> the fail, it burns.
[12-26, 03:38] <sarachikorita> >crf22
[12-26, 03:01] <vivan> >threads=3
[12-26, 02:55] <OnDeed> I saw that in some coalgirls files, specifically, but there is going to be more encoders like that
[12-26, 02:54] <OnDeed> how many threads used, btw? some people encode on dual servers, and the encode can have like 36 threads, which can start to hurt the compression (-> quality) significantly
[12-26, 02:43] <vivan> all encodes from "trusted" IEgg are like that
[12-26, 02:42] <vivan> wow, I've never seen such retarded encodes before. FLAC + Hi10P + ... --preset veryfast --crf 22.
[12-26, 02:33] <vivan> hdpc, go away
[12-26, 01:31] <xell17> In Japanese theaters,
[12-26, 01:20] <newbsrus22> anyone know where I can find the K Project movie
[12-26, 01:18] <x265> When it comes to computer usage, x265 is never going to beat x264, I'd be really surprised, x265 1080p at <0.4fps and x264 1080p ~5fps at veryslow, no match here xD
[12-26, 01:15] <x265> @OnDeed From low to med bitrate, x265 > x264. Now x265 encoders are getting better (still a not so long way to beat x264, a year maybe?) in high bitrates
[12-26, 01:07] <OnDeed> formats are one thing - they are a potential. THe actual quality you get from it depends on how well is the encoder made. x265 was only better for low bitrates last time I tried (2 months ago I think)
[12-26, 01:06] <MisterDonut> I'll wait for the Daiz seal of approval
[12-26, 00:33] <xell17> I hate you guys
[12-26, 00:01] <x265> @lotusgg Theoretically, x265 (HEVC standard) is better than x264, from the beginning; the x265 encoders are slow (around x15 slower), but the codec itself hasn't changed
[12-25, 23:47] <lotusgg> It's just slow
[12-25, 23:46] <lotusgg> Actually, x265 is already better than x264
[12-25, 22:37] <x265> it runs fine but I can't notice any difference with default mpv (master branch)
[12-25, 22:36] <x265> now that you talk about smooth motion, has anyone else tried ?
[12-25, 20:58] <croze-nb> lags to hell and back with madVR Spline 3 taps. Intel HD Graphics P4600
[12-25, 20:50] <MisterDonut> try it.
[12-25, 20:33] <croze-nb> is smooth motion possible with integrated graphics?
[12-25, 20:27] <xell17> Shingeki no Fire Nation
[12-25, 20:11] <Armin Shuichi> Okay ! Thank You Very Much, Bye.
[12-25, 20:02] <OnDeed> forget about opencl encoding on GPU, it is not going to happen. you can only write crap quality encoders for gpus, but for doing proper encoding, you need to use proper cpu encoder (today, that is x264, in the future, possibly x265)
[12-25, 20:00] <OnDeed> btw, I think scripts run faster with cpu fft3dfilter anyway, on today's CPUs
[12-25, 20:00] <Armin Shuichi> @MisterDonut - I am Buying W5100 becuase I need it for Rendering in 3Ds Max and Maya... and W5100 has OpenCL 2.0 so I can use it for Encoding ?
[12-25, 19:58] <Armin Shuichi> @mister
[12-25, 19:58] <OnDeed> opencl option in x264? That doesn'T have any reason to be used. It doesn'T realyl increase speed today, quality is same or worse. CPU is only thing you need, really. Also, it doesn't really matter if it is xeaon or core, both can take 24/7 usage. The only thing that could die on you is motherboard or psu anyway.
[12-25, 19:52] <MisterDonut> gpu only matters if you use the opencl option in x264 for 8-bit encodes or FFT3DGPU in avisynth. besides that nothing comes to my mind right now
[12-25, 19:49] <[TRVE]> You're welcome to do it yourself though.
[12-25, 19:49] <[TRVE]> in2sky, because nobody wants to waste their time retiming and restyling the existing subs.
[12-25, 19:46] <aDi> what the hell .. gpu does not matters ... but why ? and also i think Xeon will be better because ... xeons are made to work for 24\7 on full load and also xeon e3-1246 v3 which i mentioned earlier is same as i7 4790k (devils canyon)
[12-25, 19:42] <OnDeed> @Armin - BTW I guess you need that FirePro for something else, but just to make it clear, GPU is 100% irrelevant for both video encoding and for video filtering. CPU is the only thing that matters
[12-25, 19:38] <lotusgg> veryslow with some tweaks. Some are Slower, but mostly veryslow
[12-25, 19:34] <in2sky> hey guys, any idea why SLAM DUNK's BDrips have not been subbed to english yet? thx!
[12-25, 19:20] <x265> @lotusgg did you use veryslow preset? or custom?
[12-25, 19:18] <x265> I would like to encode more x265 for testing, but my PC shutdowns randomly (I think it is a motherboard issue), but I'll be back with new PC and encoding with x265
[12-25, 19:14] <shaddrag> gr8 b8 m8
[12-25, 19:12] <lotusgg> check my torrentes, filtered x265
[12-25, 19:11] <lotusgg> x265 is great, mate
[12-25, 19:10] <x265> DDR4 and i7-5xxx are too expensive atm, I'll buy a 4790k + ddr3 2400 in 2 months and get started with encoding movies with x265 again (last movie needed about 80h per video hour, 1080p and veryslow, using a i7 950)
[12-25, 19:09] <MisterDonut> just don't filter the shit out of it.
[12-25, 18:47] <shaddrag> Would anyone be willing to teach how to encode properly? MD-senpai, pls.
[12-25, 18:45] <Werebeast> Merry F@@kin Christmas
[12-25, 18:34] <MisterDonut> might help for 8-bit encodes but i dont think it will speed up 10bit (maybe a bit if you use gpu accelerated filters)
[12-25, 18:09] <Armin Shuichi> Okay ! But I am asking about time because W5100 is Workstation Graphic Card which is awesome for rendering so I thought it would take some less time
[12-25, 17:56] <MisterDonut> Armin Shuichi i would just stick to x264 for now. the time depends on what you encode (obviously). 8-bit encodes take about ~30min (unfiltered) to ~90min (filtered) at veryslow with some other other settings. 10-bit varies for me (high motion vs almost still image). 3-6hours (filtered) on my 3770k.
[12-25, 17:45] <shaddrag> In TRVE we trust.
[12-25, 17:42] <[TRVE]> Forget x265 for a few months.
[12-25, 17:41] <Armin Shuichi> and suppose if I go with that Xeon E3-1246 V3 + Firepro W5100 + 8GB RAM... how much time will it take to encode a single Episode with x265 ..
[12-25, 17:40] <Armin Shuichi> And please don't tell me about i7 5820k as it costs too much and also for that I will have to Change all the Configuration (LGA 2011-V3 Socket Motherboard + DDR4 RAM)
[12-25, 17:35] <Armin Shuichi> And I won't go with AMD FX series as they consume too much Power and I keep my PC running all the day !
[12-25, 17:32] <Sdawg> Urgh does anyone know where I can download SAO II OST Vol.1?
[12-25, 17:32] <Armin Shuichi> and as for GPU part I'm buying this AMD Firepro W5100 (