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2013-05-18 at 22:02 UTC
YEAH! thanks :3
2013-05-18 at 22:06 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:07 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:07 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:08 UTC
Arigato :D
2013-05-18 at 22:08 UTC
Titan titties bitches yeahh. thanks gg.
2013-05-18 at 22:09 UTC
I Eotened
2013-05-18 at 22:09 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:12 UTC
Eren dies
2013-05-18 at 22:13 UTC
I can fap to this.
2013-05-18 at 22:16 UTC
V2 when?
2013-05-18 at 22:18 UTC
Why v2?
2013-05-18 at 22:19 UTC
It's always good when the best release comes out first.
2013-05-18 at 22:20 UTC
Based gg
2013-05-18 at 22:25 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:30 UTC
2013-05-18 at 22:34 UTC
PRO!! NICE... I was just about to watch the RAW because I couldnt wait. Glad I didnt yet. :D
2013-05-18 at 22:36 UTC
It's here.........Thanks!
2013-05-18 at 22:40 UTC
Arigatou gozaimasu....
2013-05-18 at 22:42 UTC
Thank you kind sir
2013-05-18 at 22:49 UTC
Time for eotans
2013-05-18 at 22:51 UTC
Thank you!
2013-05-18 at 23:07 UTC
Thank you!
2013-05-18 at 23:10 UTC
this episode .... O_O
2013-05-18 at 23:17 UTC
the xdcc is much better than this torrent.
past this code in your IRC client: /msg gg|Arutha XDCC SEND 937
great speed.

thank you gg for your great job this anime and also the manga are the best of this season
2013-05-18 at 23:26 UTC
this show needs more potato-girl
2013-05-18 at 23:28 UTC
Whoa speedy release today! Thanks gg. :)
2013-05-18 at 23:30 UTC
2013-05-18 at 23:44 UTC
2013-05-18 at 23:56 UTC
Amaaaaazing, thanks!
2013-05-19 at 00:03 UTC
Rushed translations. So many errors it isn't even funny.
5:42 (minor): "I understand how they feel" -> "Not that I don't understand how they feel"
5:48 (moderate): "But I doubt they've abandoned their mission and barricaded themselves away in the HQ" -> "But to abandon their mission and barricade themselves away in the HQ like that..." or something similar, i.e. "I can't believe they're ditching us."
6:09 (minor): "Once we lose our agility, it'd really be over!" -> "Once we lose our maneuverability, it'd really be over!"
6:53 (moderate) "If someone told me beforehand..." -> "If it was going to be like this I would've confessed/told [Mikasa] [my feelings]".

etc etc, all shit like this. Half-assed translations.
2013-05-19 at 00:07 UTC
NOW my life loses it sense...
2013-05-19 at 00:31 UTC
mlcloud, thanks for the input
2013-05-19 at 00:49 UTC
Dam that was good thanks GG
2013-05-19 at 01:15 UTC
Sie sind das Essen GG sind die Jäger!
~Boss instrumental and vocals~
Thanks GG!
2013-05-19 at 02:12 UTC
I don't understand Japanese but, after seeing the (moderate) mistakes as pointed out by mlcloud, seems like a v2 is needed. Seeing how the v2 joke has been going around, I doubt that will happen though.

Despite of being a speed subbing group, gg should realize that there will be many who will wait for their subs to come out instead of other speed subs. Compromising a couple of hours to get better subs out will make a lot of difference and will make the anime all the more enjoyable.

I am sure most of us will patiently wait. Anyways, thanks for the release.
2013-05-19 at 02:18 UTC
i always wait for gg :)
2013-05-19 at 02:30 UTC
shani-san, a v2 isn't needed for minor script issues. Minor errors like that will hardly make your experience better.
2013-05-19 at 02:31 UTC
the only real mistake here is:
>6:53 (moderate) "If someone told me beforehand..." -> "If it was going to be like this I would've confessed/told [Mikasa] [my feelings]".
2013-05-19 at 02:33 UTC
I'm not very adept at Japanese to watch without subs but when I saw the agility line I knew that made no sense at all, even if minor "error" it would have bugged the crap out of me.
2013-05-19 at 02:36 UTC
>5:42 (minor): "I understand how they feel" -> "Not that I don't understand how they feel"

this is the same thing...............

>5:48 (moderate): "But I doubt they've abandoned their mission and barricaded themselves away in the HQ" -> "But to abandon their mission and barricade themselves away in the HQ like that..." or something similar, i.e. "I can't believe they're ditching us."
if you read the next line, it means the same thing...

>6:09 (minor): "Once we lose our agility, it'd really be over!" -> "Once we lose our maneuverability, it'd really be over!"
we used agility instead of maneuverability; word choice problem

>6:53 (moderate) "If someone told me beforehand..." -> "If it was going to be like this I would've confessed/told [Mikasa] [my feelings]".
this is valid.
2013-05-19 at 02:38 UTC

how does it not make sense? their 3dmg provides them with agility to move around... without gas, their 3dmg won't work. thus, the titans can catch them.
2013-05-19 at 02:41 UTC
actually, whoops, now that I think about it some more: for 5:48, it should've been "I doubt they would've just"
2013-05-19 at 02:47 UTC

The only similarity the words have are they're states of being, 3dmg makes them more maneuverable rather then agile, IE they maneuvered to get close to the titans neck.
2013-05-19 at 02:51 UTC
i see your point
Black Ace
2013-05-19 at 03:38 UTC
well maybe v2 will coming
2013-05-19 at 03:52 UTC
oh its out, thanks gg. commie's been late so...
2013-05-19 at 04:07 UTC
2013-05-19 at 04:26 UTC
uh, why did my download stopped? -_-
2013-05-19 at 04:59 UTC
thank you!!
2013-05-19 at 06:41 UTC
2013-05-19 at 09:10 UTC
gg, start trollsubbing this since people don't really appreciate.
2013-05-19 at 10:10 UTC
2013-05-19 at 11:06 UTC
gg consistently releases subs at break-neck speed, but riddled with errors. I wouldn't be surprised if people thought characters were being extremely inconsistent when in reality it was gg introducing those inconsistencies.

Not that I mind. They still translate some of the tougher words that I don't pick up on my first raw run (and I'm too lazy to try and look up), so I'm happy. Just feel bad for everyone else who doesn't speak as much Japanese.
2013-05-19 at 11:11 UTC
Also, @gg

>>5:48 (moderate): "But I doubt they've abandoned their mission and barricaded themselves away in the HQ" -> "But to abandon their mission and barricade themselves away in the HQ like that..." or something similar, i.e. "I can't believe they're ditching us."
>if you read the next line, it means the same thing...

No, it doesn't. The first line expresses a "faith" in them, i.e. "I doubt they ditched us, but I guess they did because titans." Whereas in reality he's saying "I can't believe they ditched us" (expressing both disappointment and disbelief), "but I guess they did because titans."
2013-05-19 at 11:12 UTC
If you think the two statements are equivalent, then you need a better editor or translator who understands the connotations behind phrases and the nuances between word choices. This is the same reason why you guys are making the maneuverability->agility error. They are not equivalent.
2013-05-20 at 14:13 UTC
OMG, did I ever watched a series this good?
This series is just mindblowing, hope the Live-Action film will be good!!!! :D

This episode 10/10!!!
2013-05-21 at 07:52 UTC
Loving this series


Also noted that it has jumped right up to #10 on MyAnimeList!
2013-05-23 at 07:29 UTC
Arigato =)

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[10-21, 01:56] <Senzura> single isn't out yet
[10-21, 01:55] <Senzura> performer is named SiM
[10-21, 01:38] <kill_la_kill> Shingeki no Bahamut OP, were can download album or who the singer?
[10-21, 01:33] <Groom> @Abunja: i think Gintama good chose tnx d(o_-)b
[10-21, 01:10] <Abunja> It's not even magic, Mr. Nyaa. Means that they aren't smart (or rich) enough to have a "smart" TV.
[10-21, 00:39] <fibre> Am I expecting additional black circles around the karaoke lyrics or what?
[10-21, 00:33] <HerbalNekoTea> @FourChannel Too late, but you missed nothing but shitsub.
[10-21, 00:32] <Nyaa> My "smart" TV does MKV via HDMI. It's like magic.
[10-21, 00:22] <Prazision> 't say i'm surprised, tbh
[10-21, 00:21] <Prazision> can
[10-21, 00:21] <Prazision> >trve >having shit taste in music
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[10-21, 00:19] <NoobSubs> Lmao!
[10-21, 00:13] <crf> Thank god NoobSubs does re-encodes. I don't want anyone being exposed to quality.
[10-21, 00:10] <Groom> prefer anime to watch (old) more then 50 episode ?
[10-21, 00:01] <SneakiestNEG> Deadfish clearly names their source of the subs. If it comes from Commie they say it. They are not passing ither people work as their own AFAIK.
[10-20, 23:58] <SneakiestNEG> Yellow subtitles are the worst. I saw them a lot with dvd rips of old shows. Deadfish is great for smart tv since those don't do MKV. Deadfish uses Commie fansubs a lot.
[10-20, 23:50] <Artemix> I thought Gintama was the only anime that featured profanity in their songs.
[10-20, 23:39] <NoobSubs> Thank god Commie censored the OP lyrics for episode 04 of TERRA FORMARS. I don't want children being exposed to such offensive language.
[10-20, 23:20] <Groom> after watch Akame ga Kill - Log Horizon - Sword Art Online... end of life +_+' gloomy also
[10-20, 23:07] <FourChannel> Anyone know where I can torrent Tamako Love Story (Tamako Markets movie) at?
[10-20, 22:39] <[TRVE]> More like musical sleeping pill.
[10-20, 22:20] <jofs> #drunkassfuck
[10-20, 21:54] <junh1024> repair as in ...?
[10-20, 21:53] <shaddrag> Chibi specials FTW
[10-20, 21:38] <cyatek> just the first
[10-20, 21:37] <Artemix> Are AOT OVAs worth watching?.
[10-20, 21:32] <shaddrag> Boku no Pico
[10-20, 21:24] <HerbalNekoTea> Anyone know how to repair a m4a audio track ?
[10-20, 20:46] <shaddrag> Sorry NoobSubs, maybe next time ^^
[10-20, 20:45] <NoobSubs> nvm then.
[10-20, 20:41] <shaddrag> OVA 2 is only coming in February 2015.
[10-20, 20:36] <kill_la_kill> were can found Nisekoi OVA "2" i just found first episode ?
[10-20, 19:54] <shaddrag> Cadbury Top Kek
[10-20, 19:49] <Senfu> top kek
[10-20, 19:44] <MisterDonut> kek
[10-20, 19:37] <NoobSubs> Does anyone need help seeding? I can temporarily help.
[10-20, 19:36] <shaddrag> And she does Gohan amd Goten's voices, as well as Bardock. She got skills.
[10-20, 19:35] <sarachikorita> His VA's 77 and still voicing him, screams and all.
[10-20, 19:30] <Artemix> The only thing I hate about DBZ with Japanese voices is Goku's voice.. he is like 20+ and speaks like if he is 5.
[10-20, 19:19] <shaddrag> Nope, it was just after I released my v1 of it because I couldn't wait for EveTaku who is only just getting started on it now.
[10-20, 19:17] <webtax> i think there were only raws here when they posted it, i'll keep an eye on the next one
[10-20, 19:02] <shaddrag> Well yeah, they got the Nisekoi OAD subs from here too.
[10-20, 18:54] <webtax> it's possible, tough they published last tuesday (14), it's been the same with ovas from nisekoi, noucome, mangaka-san and couple others i have been keeping an eye
[10-20, 18:53] <shaddrag> cyatek is probably right. I watch Kai and enjoy it, if you love DBZ, there's no reason not to. Also watching in Jap is a different experience completely if you're used to English Dub, so it's almost like a second first time xD
[10-20, 18:50] <cyatek> they probably used the one that was here earlier
[10-20, 18:42] <Artemix> Because its the same..?
[10-20, 18:41] <webtax> oh but i'm talking about OADs and movies for example tamako
[10-20, 18:26] <frostyon420> been a dbz fan for years. any reasons not to watch kai?
[10-20, 18:10] <MisterDonut> they just rip CR webtax
[10-20, 18:05] <shaddrag> Random peeps who do TLs who are afraid of NT hate and herkz. People who left before like F.B.I. xD
[10-20, 18:03] <webtax> how come those unofficial streaming sites have translations so early? do they have like their own paid translation staff ?
[10-20, 18:03] <MisterDonut> Deadfish is good if you're watching cartoons on your phone/tablet for some reason. saves battery.
[10-20, 17:48] <vivan> the only good thing about remakes is that you can filter them out.
[10-20, 17:40] <Senzura> Artemix because everyone but Underwater is shit
[10-20, 17:39] <HerbalNekoTea> The only good thing about remake's when some seedless old show got a remake.
[10-20, 17:29] <shaddrag> convert*, they don't translate anything. And yes, mkv seems fine to you so you can filter remakes in your user settings as you have no need for them.
[10-20, 17:27] <Artemix> I see, so they translate it to mp4. Maybe I never needed other format because I always play anime on my PC.
[10-20, 17:19] <cyatek> ah k, thanks for the warning
[10-20, 17:17] <HerbalNekoTea> Yep, herkz and some other member of commie looked at the sub, it was chinese to english translated with google and they added honorific.
[10-20, 17:07] <cyatek> wait so the tamako sub that was here before is shit?
[10-20, 17:00] <jofs> Time to get drunk on chocolate stout and watch some glorious harem.
[10-20, 16:59] <nyaauser4848> blub
[10-20, 16:50] <shaddrag> Artemix, you're not new to NT, you should know the point and no, it isn't sad. Some re-encodes/releases are pointless, but DeadFish's are not.
[10-20, 16:50] <cyatek> they change it to mp4, so tvs and whatnot can play it
[10-20, 16:40] <Artemix> What is the point of distributing subs that other group made?, attention?. Sounds kind of sad.
[10-20, 16:36] <herkz> yes...
[10-20, 16:28] <HerbalNekoTea> So, i saw on twitter the sub of tamako love story was made with google translator ? That why they got removed ?
[10-20, 16:25] <tamako1986> ̿ ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
[10-20, 16:19] <shaddrag> They get it from the best subs available at that moment in time, in their opinion.
[10-20, 16:03] <herkz> chyuu, obviously.
[10-20, 16:01] <Artemix> Yeah I mean, the sub quality, if they don't make the sub, then where do they get it from?.
[10-20, 16:00] <HerbalNekoTea> If you have an old toaster or an old dual-core or single core android device, deadfish are the best.
[10-20, 16:00] <giratina2009> deadfish good! mp4 smaller file, and easier to watch on tv compared to soft sub and mkv
[10-20, 15:59] <herkz> that's not saying much
[10-20, 15:55] <Groom> (ʘ_ʘ) ̿̿ ̿’̿’̵͇̿̿з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿(╯°□°)╯
[10-20, 15:53] <shaddrag> Who said they suck? They're the best mp4 re-encoders.
[10-20, 15:52] <sarachikorita> Deadfish doesn't sub anything, they just re-encode for toasters
[10-20, 15:40] <Artemix> Is Deadfish any good?, they subbed Nanatsu.. but.. everyone say that they suck donkey balls.
[10-20, 15:05] <Senzura> 8===========D
[10-20, 14:51] <nitekatt> Tip of the day: Dont eat yellow snow!