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Name:Corpse Party: Tortured Souls [720p] episode 1-2 fan translationDate:2013-08-03, 08:40 UTC
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:503.5 MiB
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Some lines are missing.
I am not the author of translation.

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Corpse Party Tortured Souls Episode 1 Subbed.wmv264.5 MiB
Corpse Party Tortured Souls Episode 2 Subbed.wmv238.5 MiB

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User comments:

2013-08-03 at 20:40 UTC
woo thanks, where did you get it man i was looking forward to this i saw the bludisks release about 2weeks ago, still thanks lol
2013-08-03 at 22:56 UTC
thank youu! <3
2013-08-04 at 05:40 UTC
episode 3 and 4?
2013-08-04 at 18:54 UTC
This has been released weeks ago, so why isn't it released on translated by any oldfags group still?
2013-08-04 at 19:57 UTC
@Take-kun, hmm you mean the buy-able raws? those are 150 dollars for bd's if you have to money my group would love to fansub it, or do you perhaps got an link where we can get bd raws?
2013-08-06 at 20:07 UTC
Thanks for postin' a torrent for these two!
Haven't had much time to do 3 & 4, but 3 should be out tonight or tomorrow night.
Surprises me no 'offical' fansub groups have picked this up.
2013-08-09 at 12:46 UTC
Where did you get the raws for these?
None of the fansub groups picked it up because no one has any idea where to find the raws.
2013-08-10 at 05:07 UTC
I found these raws on a random site that was streamin' them.
Fansub groups probably wouldn't touch raws like these, though.
2013-08-14 at 08:59 UTC
Anondesu, thanks for the english translation. I wouldn't had been able to translate these to spanish without you, after searching a little bit I found you translated the episode 3, cool! It'd be great if you could send me the subtitule file though, so I can skip the timing part.

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