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Name:Guilty Crown [1080p][DD5.1][Dual-Audio][Commentary]Date:2013-08-31, 05:28 UTC
Submitter:ChaosBladesSeeders:Status unknown (0)
Tracker:udp:// unknown (0)
Stardom:Only 3 fans.File size:20.79 GiB
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Torrent description:

Source: Untouched BDMV
Format profile: High@L5.0
Bit depth: 8 bits
Bit rate: 3,890 - 5,723Kbps
Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920x1080

English Audio...
Format: AC3
Bit rate: 640 Kbps
Channels: 5.1 Surround Sound

Japanese Audio...
Format: AC3
Bit rate: 320 Kbps
Channels: Stereo

English Commentary Audio (EP 2, 4, 15, and 19)...
Format: AC3
Bit rate: 192 Kbps
Channels: Stereo

PGS Subs, Sign / Title and English Subtitles.

Files in torrent:

S01E01 - Genesis.mkv1006.4 MiB
S01E02 - Survival of the Fittest.mkv1027 MiB
S01E03 - Void-Sampling.mkv854.7 MiB
S01E04 - Flux.mkv987.3 MiB
S01E05 - Preparation.mkv867.3 MiB
S01E06 - Leukocytes.mkv878.8 MiB
S01E07 - Temptation.mkv967.9 MiB
S01E08 - Courtship Behavior.mkv1092.4 MiB
S01E09 - Prey.mkv1104.8 MiB
S01E10 - Retraction.mkv1066.6 MiB
S01E11 - Resonance.mkv1067.5 MiB
S01E12 - Resurrection- The Lost Christmas.mkv1011.6 MiB
S01E13 - Isolation.mkv888.1 MiB
S01E14 - Election.mkv923.2 MiB
S01E15 - Sacrifice.mkv981.3 MiB
S01E16 - The Tyrant.mkv881.1 MiB
S01E17 - Exodus.mkv844.3 MiB
S01E18 - Dear....mkv979.6 MiB
S01E19 - Rebirth.mkv988.1 MiB
S01E20 - A Diary.mkv809.4 MiB
S01E21 - Emergence.mkv942.6 MiB
S01E22 - Convergence.mkv1115.3 MiB

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User comments:

2013-08-31 at 05:44 UTC
Thanks for this.
2013-08-31 at 06:09 UTC
Mines will be up in a couple of hours :)
2013-08-31 at 08:52 UTC
Nice, thanks ChaosBlades and Raizel. I was wondering though, do either of you have an IRC channel or DLL downloads for these?
2013-08-31 at 10:12 UTC
I love you
2013-08-31 at 11:32 UTC
Thanks for the upload
2013-08-31 at 18:09 UTC
I do not have IRC or DDL.
2013-08-31 at 20:43 UTC
Oh okay, thanks a lot.
Toddler Naruto
2013-09-02 at 01:16 UTC
@ChaosBlades: May I request for you to upload Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan to

I know there's a complete Dual Audio torrent on here already, but the English audio is from Neon Alley, not the R1 BD/DVD sets.
2014-02-12 at 23:26 UTC
Thanks. made an account to thank you
2014-03-29 at 13:32 UTC
What happen to this link? and to Raizel's?

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