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Name:Campione! [BD] 720p Dual AudioDate:2013-09-16, 06:47 UTC
Stardom:Only 1 fan.File size:9.52 GiB
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The jap bd with FFF subs.

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2013-09-17 at 05:41 UTC
Campione in Dual Audio you sir are my hero ! Thanks so much
2013-09-17 at 13:52 UTC
Is it me or is Episode 7 English a audio off.
2013-09-17 at 15:59 UTC
If you use VLC Media Player you can Press 'J' or 'K' to either delay or speed up the audio track.
2013-09-17 at 21:58 UTC
how did you get this so early. :)
2013-09-18 at 18:34 UTC
@Raizel well if your a premium member at 'The Anime Network' I think its like 7 bucks a month, you get hd streaming of anime and this is a series they got the rights to stream Subbed and Dubbed. It was available Sept. 13th I believe. Im not a premium member tho : (''''''' lol
Lupin the Nerd
2013-09-18 at 22:12 UTC
They have the physical and streaming rights to the series, and yes it was streamed on the 13th. The series listed below are all the upcoming series so far that they will be streaming on the site. Funimation has also started updating info for upcoming series and will be streaming Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero dub episodes 1 and 2 on october 22nd.

Kokoro Connect 1-13 Dub 09/20/13
Queen's Blade Rebellion 1-12 Dub 09/23/13
Hiiro no Kakera (Season 2) 1-13 Dub 10/07/13
Mobile Police Patlabor (TV) 26-36 Dub 10/11/13
Gatchaman (TV) 1-13 Dub 10/18/13
NAKAIMO - My Little Sister is Among Them! 1-12 Dub 10/18/13
Phi-Brain ~ Kami No Puzzle 43-50 Dub 10/21/13
Little Busters! 1-13 Dub 10/25/13
*this all they have so far before you ask about other titles*
2013-09-18 at 23:02 UTC
well ill be doin the upcoming ones from sentai, but as for the funnimation ones i cant seem to rip them just yet
Lupin the Nerd
2013-11-07 at 09:31 UTC
Will be uploading the real audio from the DVD for this soon to replace that streaming audio mess.
2013-11-15 at 08:38 UTC
Just to verify, the video is from FFF, correct?
2013-11-21 at 05:09 UTC
2014-03-02 at 22:39 UTC
hey guys:) seed plz? :3

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[08-31, 08:31] <shaddrag> Omg am I dreaming
[08-31, 08:30] <HikariNyan> yay! nyaa is back
[08-31, 08:30] <bashrc> What kind of asshole would throw away a few thousand bucks per day just to put down a tracker like Nyaa?
[08-31, 08:29] <falconaccelerator> working!! WOW!!
[08-31, 08:29] <vidy> shocked
[08-31, 08:29] <OneCrazyRussian> >bayan THNK YOU GOD
[08-31, 08:28] <junh1024> itworks!
[08-31, 08:26] <Kips> i like how the ddos was more effective then the anti piracy shit japan put out the other month
[08-31, 08:25] <khayali> these good for nothing ddos attackers first it was psn now nyaa m***f
[08-31, 08:25] <bayan> СПАИБО ГОСПОДИ
[08-31, 08:24] <hazardous> Nyaa wins the ddos war \o/
[08-31, 08:24] <AndyAlex> will go down again?
[08-31, 08:23] <eraser> inb4 dead again
[08-31, 08:23] <blind51de> DAIIIIIZ
[08-31, 08:23] <Muzs_NY> shock and awe.
[08-31, 08:22] <donmega> nyaa ha vuelto ! nyaaaaa !!!!! 僕は猫です
[08-31, 08:21] <Res> ugghhh finally, ok where are the stickys?
[08-31, 08:20] <Dat Size> Nyaa, will you add magnets anytime soon?
[08-31, 08:19] <Dat Size> :'(
[08-31, 08:19] <Skrrr> #StopAnime2014 has begun
[08-31, 08:19] <Akki> \o\
[08-31, 08:18] <Shinsekai Fansub> geronimo
[08-31, 08:18] <Hobichan> ( ง͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
[08-31, 08:17] <khayali> welcome back Nyaa ^^
[08-31, 08:16] <Reijssss> i was panicking all day thinking that this site is down
[08-31, 08:16] <rocky1991> yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhh
[08-31, 08:16] <MisterDonut> kek
[08-30, 18:38] <DEIsubs> Wow that was a close one almost thought the chings managed to kill yalls
[08-30, 18:38] <omninoob> rip nt
[08-30, 18:38] <opabato9000> why aint you dead
[08-30, 18:37] <Liveloulis> What happend?
[08-30, 18:37] <Liveloulis> What happend?
[08-30, 18:37] <anime90> I admit, that was scary
[08-30, 18:37] <JohnVaughan> You would seriously doubt the omincat? He is eternal!
[08-30, 18:37] <KingBaconator> I WAS SO SCARED
[08-30, 18:37] <AndyAlex> went to a chinese hooker for 2 hours to resolve my desperation of nyaa being offline but now its all good
[08-30, 18:37] <Koahku> rip
[08-30, 18:36] <mirrorin> rip
[08-30, 18:36] <Anko> rip nt
[08-30, 18:36] <MisterDonut> rip
[08-30, 18:36] <AoiNeko> I nearly died , all sites are down !
[08-30, 17:33] <firespikez> I shat myself... Nyaa, Horrible, Commie and GG were all down. I died inside... :S
[08-30, 17:32] <slurxz> Okay I admit! You had me there for a minute. B-but it's not that I'm worried to nt or anything o-okay? baka!
[08-30, 17:32] <Eldaren> i thought it was going to be chinyaa after the takeover?
[08-30, 17:31] <hack23> Doomed for a while...
[08-30, 17:31] <razorswt> the cat*
[08-30, 17:31] <razorswt> PRAISE THE LORD :')
[08-30, 17:31] <rizenfrmtheashes> yeah, @Dat size I almost thought it was over. Guess not.
[08-30, 17:30] <rizenfrmtheashes> Couldnt access the site since 10 AM (PDT)
[08-30, 17:30] <Dat Size> WHAT HAPPENED
[08-30, 17:30] <BakaProxy> nyaa isn't dead?
[08-30, 17:29] <rizenfrmtheashes> were you guys down for a while?
[08-30, 16:27] <Dangalang> dragonbowl
[08-30, 16:25] <[TAÇE] TürkAnimeÇeviriEkibi-Setsuna> Ano Natsu OVA where???
[08-30, 16:24] <[TAÇE] TürkAnimeÇeviriEkibi-Setsuna> Ano Natsu OVA where
[08-30, 16:01] <shaddrag> Hi herkz
[08-30, 15:59] <NeVe12p4wNeD> aldnoah atos
[08-30, 15:44] <Laho> Ao Haru Ride: Unwritten (OVA) where
[08-30, 15:40] <Dat Size> herkz, this isn't working.
[08-30, 15:38] <herkz> aren't you guys glad i found that? huehuehue
[08-30, 15:37] <shaddrag> Poor xDev
[08-30, 15:34] <[TRVE]> "Hidden" is something like this.
[08-30, 15:13] <JRR_STuDios> [IMG: ]
[08-30, 14:48] <MisterDonut> there is no japanese version.
[08-30, 14:46] <falconaccelerator> That is in English only. Please tell me Japanese site......
[08-30, 14:45] <MisterDonut> you can use whatever torrent client you want to create torrent files.
[08-30, 14:44] <MisterDonut> read.
[08-30, 14:39] <falconaccelerator> What is "nyaa tracker"?
[08-30, 14:35] <falconaccelerator> What is this{Hidden:Hide torrent from view.,Remake:Refer to Orange entries.,Anonymous:Upload torrent pseudo-anonymously.}?
[08-30, 14:34] <hazardous> 1st. you need utorrent 2nd. select files & add nyaa tracker 3rd. create .torrent file upload.
[08-30, 14:30] <falconaccelerator> So, Would you please tell me it.
[08-30, 14:29] <falconaccelerator> I want to upload torrent files. But I don't know how to do it,
[08-30, 14:23] <deanzel> So I'm assuming no Sailor Moon today?
[08-30, 13:21] <DVampire> I want more episodes on "Love Stage!" and "DRAMatical Murder" and of course on "Psycho Pass Edition" ~
[08-30, 13:14] <vicryavka> nyanyanya
[08-30, 13:00] <Mashuqur> Boku no Pico --> anime of the century!
[08-30, 12:33] <qrazed> So yeah. There's 4 tv series' and 1 film.
[08-30, 12:18] <qrazed> @54645645654: Which Astro Boy did you want subbed? There's like the 1959, 1963, 1980, 2003 and the 2009 film. So I don't know which one you're talking about.
[08-30, 12:17] <hequn> this
[08-30, 12:15] <SneakiestNEG> But we can at least agree that its not Naruto ;)
[08-30, 12:12] <SneakiestNEG> Just do your research I like the reviews at
[08-30, 12:11] <SneakiestNEG> Hmmm best anime? Ghost in the shell? Escaflowne? Galactic Heroes? Gundam 08?
[08-30, 12:09] <Jiru> No BD Sub for Mangaka san to Assistant san?
[08-30, 12:04] <54645645654> someone sub astroboy plz ty
[08-30, 11:57] <sarachikorita> You want good song translations, hunt down bluesun =P
[08-30, 11:49] <GrougHaluragran> Test
[08-30, 11:46] <[TRVE]> >caring about anime song lyrics
[08-30, 11:45] <[TRVE]> >fansubbers in charge of song translations
[08-30, 11:38] <Senfu> Anime-Koi completely butchered the Barakamon ED lyrics >:
[08-30, 11:37] <hazardous> keep checking here if it will air this fall or not
[08-30, 11:15] <Dat Size> Still no confirmed air date.
[08-30, 11:09] <DaDiRa> Well I wouldn't be here if I hadn't googled it before...
[08-30, 11:04] <MisterDonut> google