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Name:[Raizel] Is This a Zombie Of the Dead (BD 1080p Dual Audio)Date:2013-09-26, 02:02 UTC
Stardom:Only 4 fans.File size:10.46 GiB
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Torrent description:

Video: 1920x1080 10bit
Source: JP BD
Audio 1:English 5.1 AC-3 (US DVD)
Audio 2:Japanese 2.0 AC-3 (US DVD)
Audio 3:English Commentary 2.0 AC-3 (US DVD)
Subtitles: Signs/Songs (Commie)
Subtitles: English Dialogue (Commie)

Files in torrent:

[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_00_(576p_Dual_Audio)_(EAC5A547).mkv392.5 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_01_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(3B9D6FC0).mkv875.3 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_02_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(27623575).mkv840.3 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_03_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(499C7B54).mkv873.7 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_04_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(A5305F49).mkv787.1 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_05_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(455C3B3C).mkv642.4 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_06_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(F45BF161).mkv788.4 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_07_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(68BFBBBB).mkv902.4 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_08_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(52C6BA66).mkv976 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_09_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(EE034022).mkv799.2 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_10_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(D2E360D4).mkv1531.2 MiB
[Raizel]_Is_This_A_Zombie_Of_The_Dead_11_(BD_1080p_Dual_Audio)_(55AD9504).mkv1302.2 MiB

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User comments:

2013-09-26 at 02:35 UTC
Any plans to do the first season?
2013-09-26 at 02:42 UTC
2014-07-09 at 14:15 UTC

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