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Name:Kamisama Kiss [1080p] Dual AudioDate:2014-02-06, 01:30 UTC
Stardom:Only 3 fans.File size:11.16 GiB
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2014-02-06 at 05:29 UTC
Can you post an updated schedule of shows that you're going to upload with dates?
2014-02-16 at 15:47 UTC
the start of eps 13 is out of sync. but returns in sync afew moments after..

The last update was a few torrents back.

Here u go
Jormungand - Season 1 1-4 Dub 12/23/13
Kamisama Kiss - Season 1 1-2 Dub 12/30/13
MM! 1-12 Dub 1/10/2014
One Piece - Season 5 313-324 Dub 1/14/14
Robotics;Notes - Season 1 1-4 Dub 1/14/14
Fairy Tail - Season 3 85-96 Dub 1/21/14
Kamisama Kiss - Season 1 3-13 Dub 1/28/14
PSYCHO-PASS - Season 1 1-4 Dub 1/28/14
Robotics;Notes - Season 1 5-11 Dub 2/04/14
Jormungand - Season 1 5-12 Dub 2/04/14
Jormungand - Season 2 13-24 Dub 2/04/14
PSYCHO-PASS - Season 1 5-22 Dub 2/25/14
2014-02-17 at 21:54 UTC
That's not accurate anymore. Jormungand for instance is pretty late and Kamisama came out on the 6th of this month not the 28th of January.
2014-02-22 at 17:39 UTC
It seems that randy1925 has stoped posting any new anime torrents.
2014-02-24 at 17:03 UTC
Lets just w8 and see.. I'll still w8 for good work from randy. might have some cumputer problems. Who knows ;)
2014-02-27 at 02:27 UTC
sadly that seems so, we have really great guys come in to post torrents for a few months then disappear back to work or study.
I hope we see these releases soon. ^_^
2014-02-27 at 22:31 UTC
Sorry guys been kinda busy watching all 600 episodes of one piece and with school but i should start uploading again soon
2014-02-28 at 01:44 UTC
that's cool man we all need our breaks from time to time
2014-03-01 at 01:31 UTC
Yay, I don't think anyone else is doing Jormungand and Psycho Pass dual audio.
2014-03-02 at 05:16 UTC
Will you be uploading psycho pass dual audio in 1080p anytime soon?
2014-03-06 at 22:20 UTC
it's not 1080p but it's 720p dual audio


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