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English-translated[BluDragon] Roots Search [465460CE].mkvDL1.27 GiB206350
English-translatedFuture GPX Cyber Formula ZERO (DVD) [BluDragon]DL8.64 GiB106830
English-translatedFive Numbers (2011) (BD 1080p, Dual) [BluDragon]DL2.25 GiB307400
English-translatedCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion [BluDragon] [BD] [h.264] Bakabt torrentDL6.75 GiB0119225
English-translatedMacross Plus OVA 1994 480p Bluray x264 AAC AC3 - BluDragonDL3.11 GiB024992
English-translatedThe Garden of Words 2013 480p Bluray x264 AC3 - BluDragonDL1.49 GiB012581
English-translatedFullmetal Alchemist the Movie Conqueror of Shamballa 2005 1080p Bluray x264 TrueHD - BluDragonDL9.65 GiBStatus unknown33947
English-translatedBlue Submarine No. 6 (1998) 720P Blu-Ray x264 Dual - BluDragonDL3.39 GiB0124252
English-translatedThe Secret World of Arrietty (2010) 720p Blu-Ray x264 Dual - BluDragonDL2.7 GiB01426445
English-translatedTrigun Badlands Rumble (2010) [BD 720, x264, Dual] - BluDragonDL5.83 GiB0132092
English-translatedLoups=Garous (2010) [BD 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL2.44 GiB0113913
English-translatedHighschool of the Dead (2010) [BD 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL9.08 GiB0122623
English-translatedBlood The Last Vampire (2000) [BD 720, x264 Dual] BluDragonDL1.57 GiB0624573
English-translatedFreedom (2006) [BD 720, x264, Dual] - BluDragonDL6.87 GiB10207603
English-translatedAppleseed Ex Machina (2007) [BD 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL3.46 GiB2132880
English-translatedAppleseed (2004) [BD 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL5.2 GiB0323814
English-translatedSword of The Stranger (2007) [Blu-Ray 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL2.7 GiB0313256
English-translatedThe Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004) [Blu-Ray 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL2.21 GiB10422973
English-translatedNaruto Shippuden the Movie 2: Bonds (2008) [Blu-Ray 720, x264, Dual] BluDragon.mkvDL2.41 GiB0117061
English-translatedFive Numbers! (2011) [Blu-Ray 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL559.6 MiB01675250
English-translatedCoicent (2010) [Blu-Ray, 720, x.264, Dual] BluDragonDL830.8 MiB016702
English-translated5 Centimeters Per Second [BD 1080, x264, Dual, DTS-MA] BluDragonDL3.85 GiB03199151
English-translated5 Centimeters Per Second [BD 720, x264, Dual] BluDragonDL1.56 GiB0142230
English-translated[BluDragon] Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior [BD 480, x264, Dual Audio]DL3.71 GiB0122871
English-translated[BluDragon] Ergo Proxy [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL10.93 GiB0176951
English-translated[BluDragon] Pokemon The Movie 6 - Jirachi Wish Maker [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.9 GiB2019322
English-translated[BluDragon] Pokemon The Movie 5 - Heroes Latias and Latios [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.41 GiB0116525
English-translated[BluDragon] Pokemon The Movie 3 - Spell of the Unown [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.07 GiB0114202
English-translated[BluDragon] Pokemon The Movie 2 - The Power of One (The Movie 2000) [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.34 GiB0320824
English-translated[BluDragon] Pokemon The Movie 1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back (The First Movie) [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL3.03 GiB0127855
English-translated[BluDragon] Highlander The Search for Vengeance Director's Cut [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL1.85 GiB2347902
English-translated[BluDragon] Toki no Tabibito - Time Stranger [R2, x264, FLAC]DL2.51 GiB018121
English-translated[BluDragon] The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk & The Sword of Uruk [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL9.82 GiB734850710
English-translated[BluDragon] Golgo 13 - Queen Bee [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL1.63 GiB0115952
English-translated[BluDragon] Naruto the Movie 3 - Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL1.91 GiB0129765
English-translated[BluDragon] Naruto the Movie 2 - Legend of the Stone of Gelel [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.45 GiB0127042
English-translated[BluDragon] Dot Hack Sign [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL13.75 GiB3210042710
English-translated[BluDragon] Naruto the Movie 1 - Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL1.54 GiB0123573
English-translated[BluDragon] InuYasha Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island [R2, x264, Dual Audio] V2DL1.5 GiB016291
English-translated[BluDragon] Blade of the Immortal [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL4.51 GiB0931835
English-translated[BluDragon] Sekirei [BD 480, x264, Dual Audio] Season 1 & OVADL5.19 GiB0121594
English-translated[BluDragon] Project A-ko: The Movie [LD, R1, x264, Dual Audio] LaserDisc.mkvDL2.37 GiB4027782
English-translated[BluDragon] Naruto Shippuuden [R1, x264, Dual Audio] Season 1: Kazekage RescueDL11.41 GiB0232302
English-translated[BluDragon] Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie ~ Pyramid of Light [R5, x264, English Audio]DL2.53 GiB0330843
English-translated[BluDragon] Revolutionary Girl Utena ~ The Adolescence of Utena [R2 Remastered, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.24 GiB2032242
English-translated[BluDragon] Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage [BD 480, x264, Dual Audio]DL3.14 GiB0120002
English-translated[BluDragon] Black Lagoon [BD 480, x264, Dual Audio]DL3.38 GiB0116402
Anime Music Video[BluDragon] On Your Mark (Music Video ~ By Chage & Aska)DL244.5 MiB1028150
English-translated[BluDragon] Princess Mononoke [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL3.54 GiB0118661
English-translated[BluDragon] Kiki`s Delivery Service [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL4.58 GiB0122341
English-translated[BluDragon] Ninja Scroll [R2, x264, Dual Audio]DL2.61 GiB0116951
English-translated[BluDragon] Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie [R1, x264, Dual Audio]DL1.59 GiB4019695
English-translated[BluDragon] Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion [BD 480, x264, Dual Audio]DL7.16 GiB0115772
English-translated[BluDragon] Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War In The Pocket (R2 DVD, Dual Audio)DL6.42 GiB22363351
English-translated[BluDragon] Elfen Lied (R2 DVD Dual Audio)DL8.47 GiB32284947
English-translatedNaruto Shippuuden - Movie 1 - BluDragonDL3.16 GiB018953
English-translated[BluDragon] Fate Stay NightDL7.26 GiBStatus unknown7590
English-translatedRosario.+.Vampire.(2008).DVD.x264.AC3-BluDragonDL3.46 GiB019810
English-translatedX.The.Movie.(1999).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.14 GiB2022070
English-translatedTwilight.Of.The.Dark.Master.(1998).DVD.x264.Ac3.480P-BluDragonDL571 MiB0113790
English-translatedBlood.The.Last.Vampire.(2000).DVD.x264.Ac3.480P-BluDragonDL589 MiB0190870
English-translatedFatal.Fury.The.Motion.Picture.(1994).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1007 MiB0128640
English-translatedFatal.Fury.Double.Impact.(1992).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.2 GiB0122600
English-translatedExplorer.Woman.Ray.(1989).LaserDisc.x264.Ac3.480P-BluDragonDL551 MiB014120
English-translatedCrystal.Triangle.The.Forbidden.Message.(1987).LaserDisc.x264.Ac3.480P-BluDragonDL799 MiB106660
English-translatedWicked.City.(1992).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1001 MiB0124500
English-translatedSubmarine.707.Revolution.The.Movie.(2004).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.41 GiB058390
English-translatedStreet.Fighter.IV.The.Ties.That.Bind.(2009).BluRay.x264.Dual.480P-BluDragonDL1.87 GiB0147010
English-translatedThe.King.of.Fighters.Another.Day.(2006).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL463.5 MiB0147070
English-translatedRed.or.Die.The.Movie.(2003).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.37 GiB016241
English-translatedAfro.Samurai.Resurrection.(2009).BluRay.x264.AC3.480P-BluDragonDL1.21 GiB0019901
English-translatedAfro.Samurai.UnCut.(2007).BluRay.x264.DTS.480P-BluDragonDL2.02 GiB0110500
English-translatedNaruto.Shippuuden.The.Movie.(2008).DVD.x264.AC3.480P-BluDragonDL1.02 GiB0156212
English-translatedNinja.Scroll.(1993).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL1.26 GiB0167241
Non-English-translatedRosario.+.Vampire.(2008).DVD.x264.AC3.480P-BluDragonDL3.08 GiB013400
English-translatedThe.Tower.of.Druaga.Aegis.of.Uruk.(2009).DVD.x264.AC3.480P-BluDragonDL3.5 GiB0120960
English-translatedSpice.And.Wolf.(2009).DVD.x264.AC3.480P-BluDragonDL2.83 GiB018490
English-translatedPlease Twins (2004) DVD x264 Dual Audio 480P-BluDragonDL3.16 GiBStatus unknown16980
English-translatedErgo.Proxy.(2006).DVD.x264.Dual.Audio.480P-BluDragonDL12.27 GiBStatus unknown93772
English-translatedElfen Lied (2004) DVD X264 AC3 480P-BluDragonDL4.34 GiBStatus unknown32011
English-translatedBlack.Lagoon.(2006).DVD.x264.DUAL.480P-BluDragonDL5.56 GiB017160
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