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Name:Someday's Dreamers (H.264) (R2DVD) (Eng Subs) [Yume]Date:2011-01-08, 01:09 UTC
Submitter:kunisakiyukito [Subscribe]Seeders:2
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
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Torrent description:

As far as I am aware, this is the only proper H.264 release of Someday's Dreamers on the Internet. Other groups' releases are all XviD with poorly QC'd SRT subtitle scripts.

Torrent contents:

- Episodes 1 - 12
- Clean OP
- Clean ED

File info:

Source: R2 Japanese DVD

Video: H.264 640x480

Audio: 2.0 Vorbis (Japanese)

Subtitles: Advanced Substation Alpha (.ass) (English)

Original Translation: R1 English translation, edited, scene-timed, typeset

Matroska (.mkv) with Chapters

The releaser's website is

Go there for direct download links and screenshots.

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2011-01-08 at 01:22 UTC

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