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Name:[MP4] Hatsune Miku 2011 mikupa LIVE IN TOKYO- WEB LIVEDate:2011-03-10, 15:28 UTC
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Torrent description:

This is a cut MP4 version of the following torrent: #198987
The video stream was copied to the mp4 container, while the audio had to be transcoded from mp3 to aac.

I have cut out dead time (intermission etc) and split the concert in to three parts, which are:
Opening act: Aizawa Mai warming up the crowd. (
First half: From the first song by Miku, to the start of the intermission.
Second half: From the end of the intermission to the final song and announcers speaking.

There is a small skip at the start of Miku singing Melt, due to a desynch that appeared when transcoding that part from the original file in the other torrent.
To fix it I had to cut the audio by 0.734 seconds to synch it to the video.
That's better than the remaining 14 minutes being out of synch though.

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User comments:

2011-03-11 at 01:44 UTC
OMG, thank for you work!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-03-12 at 00:34 UTC
I officially support this torrent. :D
2011-03-12 at 03:11 UTC
i have made a patch which does the following to the first and second parts:
converts to mkvs
adds segment info (appears as one continuous video file)
adds chapters
any problems with it, let me know
2011-03-25 at 22:19 UTC
The Godzilla USA film starring Mathew Broderick wasn't BAD. It was, in fact, entertaining. It DID make lots of money and there were figurines made which also sold fairly well. However, if you HAVE seen a Godzilla film before, it was an insult on just about every level.
Now, swap out "The Godzilla USA film starring Mathew Broderick" with "Miku's 2011 concert" and the "a Godzilla film" with "Miku's 2010 concert" and you have my feelings about this.

Still, thanks for the raw and the patch, you guys. It'll come in handy when I eventually try subbing this (assuming nobody else does it before me). I'm just going to do the 2009 concert first so I can work up to it.

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