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Name:[Aho-Taku] Ro-Kyu-Bu! - 09[720p][7DCEEA41].mkvDate:2011-09-03, 09:02 UTC
Submitter:ahodomo [Subscribe]Seeders:1
Stardom:5 fans.File size:339.2 MiB
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
Playback help is right here. :3

Torrent description:

Sup, Ahodomo and EveTaku here.

Er,no one saw that derp torrent that was only up for 15 seconds... right?

In other news, TENTACLESSSSS.

Visit Ahodomo at
Or our IRC at
Or our twitter at!#/AhodomoFansubs

Visit EveTaku at
Or their IRC at

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User comments:

2011-09-03 at 19:14 UTC
First to comment :)
u just posted it hahah :D
now I'm leeching.

Are you guys considering 10 bit at some point ? or you want to remain on 8 bit encode ?
2011-09-04 at 03:09 UTC
We'll be doing 10 bit for any releases we can grab a transport stream on. Though I personally (w0lf/pingryanime) would prefer to wait until CoreAVC 3 comes out.

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