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Name:[SkewedS] Shinigami no Ballad Live Action ep01 HD (5th Anniv Release)Date:2011-11-18, 02:09 UTC
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With the coming of newer computers, better codecs and larger resolutions, many prefers to download and acquire fansub releases that are in HD resolution (that are at least in 720p or better). We've also mentioned awhile back that we'll have HD "remasters" of our first series we've worked on - namely, Jigoku Shoujo Live Action and Shinigami no Ballad Live Action. Here is ep1 of one of the two ;D And I more than think it's right that we release it in accordance to the time we celebrate our fansub group's anniversary - which is today :D Damn. To think the group existed for half a decade now - whoa :o Cheers to more years of quality fansubbing and happy anniversary to SkewedS Subs-Scans! ;D


PS: Props to Azazel-dono for leading the HD fansubbed remasters of this series. He corrected the timings, typesetted and also did the encoding for this release which is a lot of work 8) The rest of the episodes are underway so stay tuned for ShiniBara HD remasters (and soon JiSho too X3b).

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2011-11-18 at 02:44 UTC
looks sweet arigato :D

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