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Name:[C1]Perrine_-_01-26[XviD] Perrine Monogatari: The Story of Perrine. 26/52 episodes 1978 seriesDate:2012-02-11, 21:29 UTC
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Saw this listed at

C1 has also done 27-34. 27-32 are not here yet. I may add them as a batch if I can obtain them.

33: //
34: //

The entire series also appears to be here by another group: #234527

So that may be a better choice.

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2012-02-11 at 22:47 UTC
Hi, tyciol
See my ancient torrent of this anime serie here (#145754).
2012-07-18 at 15:13 UTC
Nice raw, although 2010 isn't THAT ancient.

#8649 how 'bout 2008 bra?

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