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Name:[Exiled-Destiny][WAF] Happy Lesson OVA {dual audio 1-3 & raw 4-5}Date:2008-11-17, 18:45 UTC
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Title: Happy Lesson ( HAPPY☆LESSON )
Comedy, School Life, Romance, Harem

Producers: VENET, KSS
Year: 19.07.2001 till 23.05.2003

Group: Exiled-Destiny, We Are Family
Files: E-D mkv/WAF avi
Episodes 1-3:
-Video: 640x480 4:3 VFR H264/AVC (1694-2011 kBit/s)
-Audio: japanese/english 2.0 Stereo/5.1 Surround AC3 (224/448 kBit/s)
-Subs: english imagesubs/styled/unstyled softsubs
Episodes 4-5:
-Video: 720x480 DAR 1.5 25 fps XviD MPEG-4 (644/1218 kBit/s)
-Audio: japanese 2.0 Stereo CPR MP3 (190 kBit/s)
Size: E-D 509MB, WAF 182/281MB /episode
Length: ~29min/episode
Source: DVD

Only episodes 1-3 have ever been subbed/released officially in R1, however I've included raws of the last two episodes of the OVA for completeness sake so anyone interested can take a look, as it's unlikely either one will ever get subbed. Even if you don't watch them the episodes are pretty self-contained so you won't be missing any major plotlines, they're merely here as a bonus...
Do note that the quality of the WAF encodes is rather mediocre, for being DVD-rips, and especially in comparison with E-D's encodes... If you do watch them however it's adviced you turn on deinterlacing in your player...

Chitose Hitotose is an orphaned high school student who lives with five female teachers that double as mother figures for him. As he attempts to live a normal life, he must keep his unique home situation secret from interested outsiders such as his class president, Fumitsuki Nanakorobi. As if that weren't enough, he must withstand comical abuse at the hands of his well-intentioned but highly eccentric "teacher mamas." Included in Chitose's adventures: surviving a "motherly affections" contest to determine who gets to act as his mother at school conferences, going to the beach, sorting out his feelings for his childhood friend, practicing a song for a school event, and being possessed by a mischievous spirit.
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2010-10-24 at 19:53 UTC
Seed Please!
2011-01-05 at 17:23 UTC
Actually, I did sub both episodes 4 and 5:

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