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Name:ALI PROJECT - Keikan Shijin [VTCL-60080] (mp3)Date:2009-02-15, 14:59 UTC
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Torrent description:

Still no release... Have they become that unpopular?.. -_-

LAME Encoder v3.98.2, 320kbps CBR, MQ cover only.

Lossless version when I find scans. You can speed up that moment by helping me finding it. Just post in torrent's comments.

Files in torrent:

01 - Waga Routashi Aku no Hana.mp310.33 MiB
02 - Aragawa.mp310.83 MiB
03 - Yuukyou Seishunka.mp310.05 MiB
04 - Chinkonshou.mp313.87 MiB
05 - Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis.mp310.51 MiB
06 - Suigetsu Kyouka.mp39.91 MiB
07 - King Knight.mp39.88 MiB
08 - Hakua Byoutou.mp311.81 MiB
09 - God Diva.mp39.72 MiB
10 - Kegare Naki Akui.mp310.93 MiB
11 - Shoujo Junketsu.mp311.27 MiB
12 - Mother.mp312.13 MiB
13 - Keikan Shijin.mp311.29 MiB
14 - Kitei no Tsurugi (Orchestral Arrange Ver.).mp310.61 MiB
cover.jpg0.04 MiB

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User comments:

2009-02-20 at 11:49 UTC
I think it's because there weren't full scans in the EAC, that it didn't get released earlier.

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