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Anime Music Video[Wizard] Amaenaideyo!! [fanservice compilation] (Dual Audio) (720x408).mp4DL535.4 MiBStatus unknown127110
Anime Music Video[ReinForce] Tokyo Ghoul - 01 (BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC).mkvDL1.19 GiB016472
Anime Music VideoELISA 劇場版 楽園追放 -Expelled from Paradise- 主題歌 「EONIAN -イオニアン-」 (DVD 848x480p AVC FLAC)DL185.9 MiB0254250
Anime Music Video[Doremi].Hatsune.Miku.Expo.2014.New.York.[HDTV].[1280x720].[5D6704C0].mkvDL2.04 GiB401357719
Anime Music Video【Kart】karaoke effects collection(2014)DL4.86 GiBStatus unknown7920
Anime Music Video【Kart】THE IDOLM@STER『765PRO ALLSTARS - M@STERPIECE』[furiganaed - ass]DL446 MiBStatus unknown8660
Anime Music Video[romantisme] NS Cascade By Unlimits (fandub) Dance (Hatsune Miku) [640x480 H264 FLAC][0270C467].mkvDL61.5 MiB004753
Anime Music VideoDragon Ball Z Kai 136 VFDL478.5 MiB015883
Anime Music VideoOne piece 616-633DL4 GiBStatus unknown11860
Anime Music Video[Commie] Hana wa Saku - Flowers Will Bloom [8B6A9066].mkvDL131.4 MiB2022664
Anime Music Video[Wizard] To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 05 [fanservice compilation] (848x480).mp4DL80.3 MiBStatus unknown124240
Anime Music VideoAiry Me (2013)DL101.8 MiB016760
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Seikoku no Dragonar - Vol.05 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL182.1 MiBStatus unknown117600
Anime Music VideoJin Sheng Yuan [今生缘]DL15.1 MiB016210
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan [fanservice compilation] (768x576).mp4DL199 MiBStatus unknown124700
Anime Music VideoWizard Barristers 11 TV vs BD comparison.mp4DL353.2 MiB008432
Anime Music Video[Kantai]_Kantai_Collection_CM_(1280x720_AAC)_[9CA3A9E8].mkvDL4.7 MiB4075911
Anime Music Video[UNC] Miku Hatsune - Irony [CEC98E75].mkvDL46.2 MiBStatus unknown6030
Anime Music Video[猪猪字幕组][火影疾风传][609-610][GB][848x480].rmvbDL186.5 MiB019250
Anime Music Video[猪猪字幕组][火影疾风传][607][Big5][848x480].rmvbDL103.1 MiB0211200
Anime Music Video[EE] 「ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko」 TeddyLoid [720p] [Cut].mkvDL94.3 MiB4045334
Anime Music VideoME!ME!ME! ScreensaverDL95.4 MiB018860
Anime Music Video[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_SHIROBAKO_OP_ED_-_COLORFUL_BOX_Animetic_Love_Letter_[EXTRA].rarDL170.5 MiB1010470
Anime Music Video[ASL]_EGOIST_-_PSYCHO-PASS_2_ED_-_Fallen_[EXTRA].rarDL455.1 MiB1016400
Anime Music Video[Adhiesc] The IDOLM@STER Shiny Festa Musics + VideosDL2 GiB109284
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs] Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso OP01 - Hikaru nara (DVD x264 FLAC)[F3D30BFE].mkvDL112.9 MiB018740
Anime Music Video[Flower's Garden] Tamayura OVA (BD 480p)DL374.3 MiB016550
Anime Music VideoWorld is Mine ワールドイズマイン アニメーション MV (YT 1280x720 AVC AAC)DL81.4 MiB1019451
Anime Music Video[Choppedcity] The Best of Detective Conan 5 DVD [Creditless Openings and Endings] [v2]DL430.5 MiB029382
Anime Music Video[ASL]_Rin_Toshite_Shigure_-_PSYCHO-PASS_2_OP_-_Enigmatic_Feeling_[EXTRA].rarDL369 MiB0012251
Anime Music Video[non_raw] 魔法科高校の劣等生 (Mahouka) OP [Rising Hope] SD.mp4DL8.7 MiB016940
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Queen's Blade - Vanquished Queens [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL1.73 GiBStatus unknown144221
Anime Music Video[ASL]_Ayano_Mashio_-_Fate_stay_night_Unlimited_Blade_Works_OP_-_ideal_white_[EXTRA].rarDL89.1 MiB0116630
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Seikoku no Dragonar - Vol.04 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL327.4 MiBStatus unknown120120
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Gokukoku no Brynhildr [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL279.2 MiBStatus unknown128673
Anime Music Video(MV) Sound Horizon よだかの星 (BD 多分無圧縮)DL1018.7 MiB1211290
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs] Psycho Pass S2 Ling tosite sigure - Enigmatic Feeling [MV][OP][MP4]DL97.4 MiB108100
Anime Music Video[non_raw] RAIL WARS! ED FULL (OVERDRIVER) 【ZAQ】 [MV].mp4DL5.3 MiB016470
Anime Music VideoSOUNDHOLIC PVD5DL3.55 GiB2012610
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Strike the Blood [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL489.9 MiBStatus unknown135852
Anime Music Videoahh, Nagarekawa song.mp4DL81.9 MiB016232
Anime Music Video[non_raw] ばらかもん (Barakamon) NCOP/NCED [MP4]DL16.5 MiB027940
Anime Music Video[non_raw] SUPER BEAVER 「らしさ」 MV HD.mp4DL44.2 MiB018021
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Seikoku no Dragonar - Vol.03 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL401.5 MiBStatus unknown122560
Anime Music Video[JRR] Sword Art Online II OP1 - IGNITE (English Cover) [TYER] [feat. Angela].mp4DL9.8 MiB1010620
Anime Music Video初音ミク新型3Dモデル登場!『ぶれないアイで』_Burenai ai de_ ARライブもう見た? 【デジアイ】[1080p]DL77.2 MiB0113930
Anime Music Video[DameDame!] Log Horizon OP - DATABASEDL18.3 MiB0037626
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs] Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei 「Mirror 」 - Rei Yasuda [MV + ED2-NonCredit][MP4]DL107 MiB028870
Anime Music VideoMoon Pride Music Video[1920x1080 10bit FLAC][EGGS][4F143592].mkvDL222 MiB109590
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs] Ao Haru Ride Insert Song - I will /Chelsy [DVD+M4A]DL97.6 MiB017840
Anime Music VideoOne Piece 328 - English Dub(Dual audio + SoftsubsEng) 720pDL389.2 MiBStatus unknown8534
Anime Music VideoJewelpet Twinkle Fan Disc BDDL76.5 MiBStatus unknown8220
Anime Music VideoOne Piece Opening 05 - Kokoro No Chizu [Qrazed][408198F6].mkvDL51.3 MiB0110730
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Dance in the Vampire Bund [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL531.3 MiB80132860
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs]SAO II - Luna Haruna「Startear 」[CD+DVD][Single+ED-NonCredit].rarDL85.5 MiB0112923
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs]Hanayamata - Hanayuki [MV][ED-NonCredit]DL114.5 MiB029330
Anime Music Video[AnimeSongs]Hanayamata - Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho[MV][OP-NonCredit]DL166 MiB0113420
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Seikoku no Dragonar - Vol.02 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL178 MiB20128130
Anime Music VideoTouhou Kinema Kan (BDRip.1080p.10bit.FLAC.AC3)DL1.28 GiB3018140
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (seasons 1-2) [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL729.7 MiB40132770
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Maken-Ki! Two [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL3.02 GiB81162600
Anime Music Video艦娘想歌【弐】 KanColle Vocal Collection vol.2.zipDL18.1 MiBStatus unknown36710
Anime Music Video艦娘想歌【壱】 KanColle Vocal Collection vol.1.zipDL13.9 MiBStatus unknown36090
Anime Music Video艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- KanColle Original Sound Track 暁.zipDL46 MiBStatus unknown92070
Anime Music Video[YTG]-Barakamon OP Opening ばらかもん OP.mp4DL17.1 MiB0111460
Anime Music VideoSailor Moon Crystal - Moon Pride MV 480p [EGGS]DL78.3 MiB019630
Anime Music VideoSailor Moon Crystal - Moon Pride MV 720p [EGGS] [PATCHED]DL130.3 MiB1012090
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL307.6 MiB31135360
Anime Music VideoSailor Moon Crystal - Moon Pride MV 720p [EGGS]DL130.2 MiB009841
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Softenni [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL906.2 MiB40133510
Anime Music Video[YasumiSubs] AMV Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel [1280x720.Dual Subtitle].mkvDL42 MiB0213580
Anime Music Video[UNC] Luka Megurine - Interviewer [7B25285C].mkvDL11.1 MiB1011490
Anime Music Video[UNC] Miku Hatsune - When the First Love Ends [925EE3C3].mkvDL66 MiB0112170
Anime Music Video[UNC] Miku Hatsune - SPiCa [CD093372]DL100.8 MiB0112300
Anime Music Video[UNC] Miku Hatsune - Nisoku Hokou [466BF562].mkvDL12.2 MiB0111980
Anime Music Video[UNC] Luka Megurine - Just be friends [DF8F0FA8]DL13.9 MiB1011080
Anime Music Video[UNC] Dixie Flatline ft Hatsune Miku - Andante [865E11ED].mkvDL14.7 MiB1010460
Anime Music Video[SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal - Moon Pride MV (1080p.x264.FLAC) [E3D4C7B4].mkvDL496.3 MiBStatus unknown26531
Anime Music Video[SMC] Sailor Moon Crystal - Moon Pride MV (720p.x264.FLAC) [DD86CAC3].mkvDL231.4 MiBStatus unknown17720
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Manyuu Hikenchou v2 [fanservice compilation] (1920 x1080).mp4DL2.1 GiBStatus unknown149530
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Utawarerumono [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL209.6 MiB30131340
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Walkure Romanze [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL616.4 MiB60141250
Anime Music Video[Al3asq Team]Zankyou no Terror - (02) WSDL458.9 MiBStatus unknown10720
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Seikoku no Dragonar - Vol.01 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL178.6 MiB10130520
Anime Music Video[NazusaSub][Sword Art Online II][03][BIG5][MP4][720P]DL167.4 MiB0213250
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Maken-Ki! Two - Vol.04 BD [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL536.7 MiB11144733
Anime Music Video[Miss Dream] Momoiro Clover Z - Moon Pride Youtube RipDL105.6 MiB1021161
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Unbreakable Machine-Doll [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL558.5 MiB40137180
Anime Music Videoソードアート・オンラインII Sword Art Online II OP「IGNITE」VOSTFR HDDL75.6 MiB0024110
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Yuushibu [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL1.27 GiB31144340
Anime Music Video[NazusaSub][Sword Art Online II][02][BIG5][MP4][720P]DL172 MiB019880
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Ladies versus Butlers [fanservice playlist] (1920x1080)DL542 MiB30131871
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Ladies versus Butlers v2 [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL1.3 GiB60153240
Anime Music Video[kanra] Kagerou Project - 01 - Children Record [720p][BD]DL98.8 MiB0112990
Anime Music VideoHatsune Miku 初音ミク - Project DIVA F 2nd Music Video (HD 1920x1080 AAC)DL7.98 GiB1043327
Anime Music Video[Wizard] FREEZING [fanservice playlist] (1920x1080)DL1.85 GiB11127300
Anime Music Video[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_Ciel_nosurge_Genometric_Concert_Vol_2_Soukai_no_Uta_[EXTRA].rarDL1.98 GiB3022710
Anime Music Video《动感DVD》Vol.134【动心MTV】[DualAudio][872x480][x264][DualAudio][AAC][MP4]附动心一刻声乐版Vol.96DL400.8 MiBStatus unknown15260
Anime Music Video[Wizard] FREEZING seasons 1-2 [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL3.57 GiB31144481
Anime Music Video[Wizard] Kenzen Robo Daimidaler (TV) [fanservice compilation] (1280x720).mp4DL665 MiB10132371
Anime Music Video[Kart][PV][OP][とある科学の超電磁砲 S][To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S][fripSide][sister's noise]DL336.5 MiB1022910
Anime Music Video[Wizard] FREEZING Vibration [fanservice compilation] (1920x1080).mp4DL2.67 GiB50138251
Anime Music Video[DBMASTER] M.O.E.V - GRAVITY (INITIAL D AMV) M.O.V.E ParodyDL104 MiB1018420
Anime Music Video[Kart][黒塚][ED\Ending][シギ - ハナレバナレ][Kurozuka][ASS]DL73.5 MiBStatus unknown19330
Anime Music Video[Railgun Project] Mekaku City Actors - Kagerou Daze(720p)DL15.4 MiB1013970
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