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Idol/Promotional VideoSKE48 170418 KII5 LIVE 1830 720p HQ (Oba Mina Birthday).mp4DL6.01 GiB134640
Idol/Promotional VideoSayuri - Heikousen MV [Full Ver.]DL23.5 MiB108420
Idol/Promotional Videoゆいかおり - Live Rainbow Canary [Only Main Title] 1080pDL6.91 GiBStatus unknown11550
Idol/Promotional VideoUtada Hikaru Non-Stop Video & Live Special Sound Repair ver.mp4DL5.84 GiBStatus unknown12070
Idol/Promotional Video[MTV] HIKARU UTADA 宇多田ヒカル:Non-Stop Video & Live Special MP4 1440x1070DL3.75 GiBStatus unknown16430
Idol/Promotional VideoBABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016 LEGEND -METAL RESISTANCE- RED NIGHT (WOWOW PRIME 2016.12.18).tsDL9.45 GiB5040112
Idol/Promotional Video[PV]claris - again.tsDL167.7 MiBStatus unknown7260
Idol/Promotional Video140802 HKT48 - TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014 (Hot Stage, LIVE)DL534.5 MiB208140
Idol/Promotional Video161201 欅坂46 New MV - M-ON! HD keyakizaka46DL592.8 MiB0124320
Idol/Promotional Video[MV] AKB48 - High Tension Type ABCDE [DVDrip]DL628.5 MiBStatus unknown23450
Idol/Promotional Videoangela×fripSide - Boku wa Boku de Atte (1280x720 h264 AAC)DL134 MiBStatus unknown12270
Idol/Promotional Video「abnormalize 」 - 凛として時雨 PV - Lyrics [JP, PT-BR]DL74.8 MiB106501
Idol/Promotional VideoNamie Amuro - FIGHTER (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.10.26].mp4DL83.7 MiB2026570
Idol/Promotional VideoUtada Hikaru - Hanataba wo Kimi ni -New ver.- (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.09.28].mp4DL65.3 MiB0025530
Idol/Promotional VideoNogizaka46 - Sayonara no Imi (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.11.09].mp4DL146.1 MiB2027140
Idol/Promotional VideoBatten Show-Jo Tai - Yoka Yoka Dance (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.09.14].mp4DL165.2 MiB107770
Idol/Promotional Video161022 AKB48 FES 2016DL4.13 GiBStatus unknown13290
Idol/Promotional VideoKana Nishino - Dear Bride (SSTV) [720p] [2016.10.26].mp4DL131.8 MiB1024430
Idol/Promotional VideoNamie Amuro - Dear Diary (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.10.26].mp4DL52.9 MiB4027300
Idol/Promotional Videomiwa - -Yui- (SSTV) [720p] [2016.10.05].mp4DL99 MiB0013250
Idol/Promotional VideoUtada Hikaru - Nijikan Dake no Vacance featuring Shiina Ringo (MTV) [720p] [2016.09.28].mp4DL90.1 MiB0018960
Idol/Promotional Video20160921 OjaMAP SP Katori Shingo Ueno Juri 720pDL2.77 GiB107010
Idol/Promotional VideoGirls' Generation (SNSD) - 4th Tour Phantasia (WOWOW 2016.02.27 1080i HDTV MPEG2-TS AAC)DL11.81 GiB026880
Idol/Promotional VideoGirls' Generation (SNSD) - 4th Tour Phantasia (Blu-ray 2016.05.04 720p H264)DL8.68 GiB0314800
Idol/Promotional VideoGirls' Generation (SNSD) - 4th Tour Phantasia (WOWOW 2016.02.27 1080i H264)DL5.28 GiB109172
Idol/Promotional VideoWALKURE Zettai Reido Novatic.mp4DL15.1 MiB2011400
Idol/Promotional Video160827 (480p) NMB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 235 2016 (NicoNico Live)DL2.4 GiB0013150
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 - Hikari to Kage no Hibi - (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.08.31].mp4DL276.4 MiB1229830
Idol/Promotional VideoJY - Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.08.31].mp4DL167.2 MiB1011890
Idol/Promotional Video[EBA] 井仲田吾作の憂鬱 第01-02話DL50.1 MiB0113470
Idol/Promotional VideoFLOW - Kaze no Uta (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.08.24].mp4DL169.9 MiB1012630
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei subtitulada al españolDL2.38 GiBStatus unknown3390
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB49: Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei DVD raw Owada Nana version.DL3.21 GiBStatus unknown4210
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 - LOVE TRIP [YouTube 1080p] [2016.08.31].mp4DL222.8 MiB1032580
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 - Shiawase wo wakenasai (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.08.31].mp4DL153.7 MiB2026230
Idol/Promotional VideoFairies - Crossroad (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.08.10].mp4DL160.1 MiB108850
Idol/Promotional VideoNMB48 - Boku wa Inai (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.08.03].mp4DL97.2 MiB0025520
Idol/Promotional VideoNogizaka46 - Secret Grafitti (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.07.27].mp4DL262.4 MiB2028850
Idol/Promotional VideoNogizaka46 - Offshore Girl (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.07.27].mp4DL164.8 MiB1028400
Idol/Promotional VideoFLOW - BURN (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.08.24].mp4DL148.7 MiB1124570
Idol/Promotional VideoIkimonogakari - Last Scene (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.08.24].mp4DL143.9 MiB1027450
Idol/Promotional VideoLapis Lazuli Vostfr FHD [Eir Aoi]DL60.2 MiBStatus unknown4140
Idol/Promotional VideoNamie Amuro - Hero (MTV) [720p] [2016.07.27].mp4DL187.9 MiB3027070
Idol/Promotional VideoEir Aoi - Tsubasa (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.07.20].mp4DL72.7 MiB1133040
Idol/Promotional VideoORANGE RANGE×MONGOL800 - Ishin Denshin (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.07.20].mp4DL176.3 MiB0025750
Idol/Promotional VideoNana Mizuki - STARTING NOW! (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.07.13].mp4DL150.7 MiB1036560
Idol/Promotional VideoGLIM SPANKY - Ikari wo Kure yo (SSTV) [720p] [2016.07.20].mp4DL93.4 MiB309790
Idol/Promotional Video160710 AKB48グループ夏祭り×ニコ生DL3.15 GiBStatus unknown14872
Idol/Promotional Video神田沙也加×インディナ・メンゼル - 生まれてはじめて / Let It Go (第65回 NHK紅白歌合戦 2014.12.31).mp4DL199 MiBStatus unknown5280
Idol/Promotional Video神田沙也加 May J. - 雪だるまつくろう / 生まれてはじめて / Let It Go [アナと雪の女王メドレー] (MUSIC STATION 2014.07.25).mp4DL302 MiBStatus unknown7480
Idol/Promotional Video松たか子 - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (1番ソングSHOW 2014.07.02).mp4DL97.4 MiBStatus unknown7600
Idol/Promotional VideoSMAP×May J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (SMAP×SMAP 2014.05.26).mp4DL88 MiBStatus unknown4730
Idol/Promotional VideoMay.J - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (第65回 NHK紅白歌合戦 2014.12.31).mp4DL96.6 MiBStatus unknown4230
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. with 幕張総合高校合唱団 - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ [Mステ特別バージョン] (MUSIC STATION 2014.05.16).mp4DL196.9 MiBStatus unknown4140
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ [Heartful ver.] (MUSIC STATION 2014.04.25).mp4DL222.4 MiBStatus unknown4190
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ [Heartful ver.] (MUSIC FAIR 2014.05.17).mp4DL108.6 MiBStatus unknown4040
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ [Heartful ver.] (1番ソングSHOW 2014.05.14).mp4DL163.2 MiBStatus unknown3650
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (僕らの音楽 2014.06.20).mp4DL67.3 MiBStatus unknown3610
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (テレ東 音楽祭 2014.06.26).mp4DL103.8 MiBStatus unknown3270
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (FNSうたの夏まつり 2014.08.13).mp4DL108.6 MiBStatus unknown3390
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let it Go ~ありのままで~ (CDTVSP PREMIER LIVE 2014→2015 2014.12.31).mp4DL219.6 MiBStatus unknown3600
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go ~ありのままで~ (1番ソングSHOW 2014.07.02).mp4DL214.2 MiBStatus unknown3500
Idol/Promotional VideoMay J. - Let It Go (音楽のちから 2014.07.12).mp4DL173.1 MiBStatus unknown3650
Idol/Promotional VideoKana Nishino - Have a nice day (SSTV) [720p] [2016.07.13].mp4DL168.7 MiB2054650
Idol/Promotional Video160703 NMB48 渡辺美優紀卒業コンサート '最後までわるきーでゴメンなさい' NicoNico VerDL2.03 GiB2018750
Idol/Promotional Video160629 TV Tokyo Ongakusai AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 nogizaka46 keyakizaka46 partDL1.36 GiB0017360
Idol/Promotional Video[H!P]Morning Musume '15 Sayashi Riho & Sato Masaki Birthday EventDL1.1 GiB408352
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 The 8th AKB48 Sousenkyo SP (Fuji-TV 2016.06.18)DL2.55 GiB5014521
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 45th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo (BS-Sky Ver. 2015.06.18)DL7.56 GiB2017143
Idol/Promotional VideoFujiwara Sakura - Soup [1440x1080i h264 M-ON! HD].tsDL235.3 MiB217351
Idol/Promotional Video偶想Drop - ひらり、ひらひら (Guso Drop - Hirari Hira Hira) [Live, DVD-Rip, h264]DL79.2 MiB013310
Idol/Promotional Video160605 Keyakizaka46 - Keyakitte, Kakenai ep34.tsDL2.49 GiB104570
Idol/Promotional VideoAtsuko Maeda - Selfish (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.06.22].mp4DL97.9 MiB1027430
Idol/Promotional VideoPorno Graffitti - THE DAY (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.05.25].mp4DL60.9 MiB1034030
Idol/Promotional VideoFlower - Yasashisa de Afureru You ni -Movie Shokubutsu Zukan Unmei no Koi, Hiroimashita Theme Song ver.- (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.06.01].mp4DL89.7 MiB0030910
Idol/Promotional VideoBOOM BOOM SATELLITES - LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME (MTV) [720p] [2016.06.22].mp4DL244.1 MiB1010600
Idol/Promotional VideoZARD DAN DAN 心魅かれてく カラオケで歌ってみた②(´ω`).mp4DL271.5 MiBStatus unknown4710
Idol/Promotional Videomiwa - Princess (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.06.22].mp4DL203.8 MiB2030230
Idol/Promotional Video[48G] [DVD] Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 - Watarirouka Hashiritai Kaisan Concert [2014.09.03]DL6.63 GiB103600
Idol/Promotional Video2016.02.17 [KICS-93308] ももいろクローバーZ - AMARANTHUSDL22.14 GiB006610
Idol/Promotional Video2016.02.17 [KICS-93309] ももいろクローバーZ - 白金の夜明けDL20.23 GiB006150
Idol/Promotional VideoDj Night 21s 2016 Studio vol.7 Extended Remix - Full HDDL4.83 GiBStatus unknown3860
Idol/Promotional VideoEGOIST - KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS (SSTV) [720p] [2016.05.25].mp4DL177.8 MiB1070663
Idol/Promotional VideoAKB48 - Tsubasa wa Iranai (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.06.01].mp4DL168.3 MiB0037340
Idol/Promotional VideoNamie Amuro - Mint (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.05.18].mp4DL98.9 MiB0023830
Idol/Promotional Video[160406] 欅坂46(Keyakizaka46) - サイレントマジョリティー(Silent Majority)[DVDISO Type-C]DL1.94 GiB5021720
Idol/Promotional Video[160406] 欅坂46(Keyakizaka46) - サイレントマジョリティー(Silent Majority)[DVDISO Type-B]DL1.99 GiB1120820
Idol/Promotional VideoNMB48 - Amagami Hime (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.04.27].mp4DL134.7 MiB0134361
Idol/Promotional VideoNicole - HAPPY (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.04.27].mp4DL134.8 MiB018450
Idol/Promotional Video[160406] 欅坂46(Keyakizaka46) - サイレントマジョリティー(Silent Majority)[DVDISO Type-A]DL2.83 GiB2135580
Idol/Promotional VideoUtada Hikaru - Manatsu no Tooriame (SSTV) [720p] [2016.04.15].mp4DL153.3 MiB1024770
Idol/Promotional VideoKana Nishino - Anata no Sukina Tokoro (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.04.27].mp4DL114.4 MiB00147300
Idol/Promotional VideoTomomi Itano - HIDE & SEEK (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.04.20].mp4DL50.6 MiB1030300
Idol/Promotional VideoHKT48 - 74 Okubun no 1 no Kimi e (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.04.13].mp4DL166.8 MiB1013640
Idol/Promotional VideoSKE48 - CHICKEN LINE (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.03.30].mp4DL213.2 MiB0131630
Idol/Promotional VideoNogizaka46 - Kyuushamen (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.03.23].mp4DL101.2 MiB0033940
Idol/Promotional VideoNogizaka46 - Tsuyogaru Tsubomi (SSTV+) [720p] [2016.03.23].mp4DL104 MiB0113570
Idol/Promotional VideoIkimonogakari - Sweet! Sweet! Music! (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.03.15].mp4DL115.3 MiB1036920
Idol/Promotional VideoIkimonogakari - Bokura no Yume (M-ON!) [720p] [2016.03.15].mp4DL134.4 MiB2035050
Idol/Promotional Videoaiko - Motto (SSTV) [720p] [2016.03.09].mp4DL114.6 MiB0130700
Idol/Promotional VideoPerfume - FLASH (SSTV) [720p] [2016.04.06].mp4DL83.5 MiB2039250
Idol/Promotional Video欅坂46(Keyakizaka46) - サイレントマジョリティー(Silent Majority) [Full Size Music Video]DL136.6 MiB2043220
Idol/Promotional Video(DVD)ファイナルファンタジー アドベンチャーバイブル Disc3.isoDL4.23 GiBStatus unknown7931
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