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Name:[PPP-SUB] Exper Zenon v1.0Date:2011-03-15, 23:41 UTC
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Torrent description:

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:
Exper Zenon v1.0 (Video version 4.0, script version "C")

Plot synopsis:
Zenno, a master gamer, has been offered a chance to play the newly-released game, “Expers.” But when a naked girl appears in his classroom to give him his Expers Suit, complete with real superpowers, he learns that “Expers” is not just a simple computer game – its a real-life kill-or-be-killed PvP game. Only the “main character” of the game can survive until the end – but who is the main character? And, perhaps more importantly, who is controlling the game?

Project notes:
I captured the video from my laserdisc (see scans below). This was my first “serious” attempt at video cleanup, and it turned out to be unusually difficult. My “usual” methods that I developed only later really didn’t work well here. I had a lot of trouble with artifacts, but I got most of them cleaned up. There is still a problem with anti-aliasing in some scenes, which was introduced during the (imperfect) deinterlace. But I swear, this is cleaned up as much as I am able with my current level of experience. Perhaps I need to defeat some AV Expers.
The script was timed by "inactive," who also arranged for the translation, and I did a lot of script editing. Unfortunately, I lost contact with inactive, so I am now proceeding on my own.
I do not currently consider the script to be 100%. There are some segments that are a bit weird, and the ending song is not translated or even romanized, which I strongly prefer. But I never had any direct access to the translator who worked on this, and my contact who I was originally working with on this has vanished for now. I hope someday I can get somebody to help me correct these faults.

AVISynth script (video 4.0):
TDeint(mode=2, mtnmode=1, blim=100, type=1, sharp=true, denoise=true, tryWeave=true, slow=2)
FFT3DFilter(sigma=3.0, plane=4, bw=48, bh=48, bt=4, ow=16, oh=16, sharpen=0, interlaced=false)

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2011-03-16 at 20:00 UTC
Great! thank you for missing ova!
2011-03-17 at 09:27 UTC
Thanks you in any case, and yes, LaserDisc ripping is not what is easy. I've done it too.

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