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Torrent description:

TRANSLATORS WANTED FOR EPISODE 1-2 OF TOMOE'S RUN (and other projects) - contact if you would like to help, please!

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:
Tomoe's Run 1-2 (Raw video v2.0)


Plot synopsis:
(lifted from Baka-Updates Manga -
"After the death of a close friend, Tomoe, a former roller skater, joins a famous stunt men troupe, the Green Ship. Also, the head of this troupe, Kazusa, becomes her lover. But soon Tomoe has to find out that the Green Ship is a sinister crime organisation and that her dear Kazusa is a cold-hearted killer. This starts a hard fight for Tomoe, not only against the organisation, but also to get away from Kazusa, who wants his lover back, dead or alive!"

Project notes:
Yeah, I know it isn’t the most “accurate” translation of the title, but 1) it gets the idea across, 2) it sounds a hell of a lot better than HURR HURR There Goes Tomoe, 3) it involves roller skates, which makes me think of the 70s, which makes me think of Logan’s Run, and 4) as they say on MST3K, “bite me, its fun.”

I processed the video for this a little early on, was still learning what I was doing. It came out fairly well, but I can (and WILL) run a different filter set for the subtitled version. The main difference is I can now IVTC without it looking like total crap as opposed to the straight deitnerlacing I was doing before. I also now know how to denoise more effectively and sharpen more effecitvely as well. You may notice there is also a slight horizontal jitter in a lot of the scenes, which I have also since leanred how to correct (but have not done yet).

Subtitling will being when/if I can get a translation.

Avisynth script (for video version 2.0):
TDeint(mode=2, mtnmode=1, type=1, sharp=true, denoise=true, tryWeave=true, AP=25, APType=2, slow=2)
FFT3DFilter(sigma=2.0, plane=4, bw=48, bh=48, bt=4, ow=16, oh=16, sharpen=.5, interlaced=false)

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