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Name:[PPP-Sub] Yagami's Family Problem ep2 v1.0Date:2011-04-05, 02:16 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:
Yagami's Family Problem episode 2 (of 3) v1.0 (Video version 3.0, script revision "B")

Plot synopsis:
Yagami has a problem with his family. It isn’t the usual kind of problem. Its just that he’s noticed that his mother is a bit of a MILF.
Like, really noticed. A lot.
Unfortunately (or not, depending on how you view such things), Yagami isn’t the only one who has noticed…

Project notes:
Episode 2, like episode 1, was based on an old Lupin Gang Anime script. Unlike episode 1, this one was hadn't been worked on as much, and it absolutely needed to be ramped. What does that mean, you ask? Its a concept that is so irrelevant to digital subtitling that Aegisub doesn't even support it, but here it is in a nutshell (from my extremely WIP "technical" page):
"A quick lesson on computers is in order. Let us say two people build their own computers at the same time. They order the identical parts together, they put them together the exact same time and the exact same way. No matter what, the two computers will run at different speeds. The difference will be very subtle. The difference in speed will probably only be hundreths of a second and will probably never be noticed under most conditions – including digital subtitling.
But consider this – in classic subtitling, the computer had no direct connection to, nor control over, the video source. So, if I timed a script on one computer, and then tried to play the script back on the other computer, it would just fine at first. But the hundreths of difference in time slowly adds up, so that by the end of the script the subtitles are off by tenths of a second or worse, and the exact same thing will occur if you try to apply on old analog script to a digital video source.
The way to compensate for this difference is with ramping. Ramping adjusts the times throughout the entire script. If, at the end of your script the drift has added up to subtitles being 1.5 seconds off, you apply a 1.5 second ramp, and it will fix everything. Unfortunately, modern subtitling software like Aegisub doesn’t support this function, because… actually, I don’t know why it doesn’t. Maybe the author(s) didn’t think anyone would want to watch those dumb old shows anymore. Maybe they just didn’t understand the concept. So, to apply a ramp we need to install an ancient copy of Substation Alpha."
And so that's precisely what I had to do.
I have also tweked my filtering method a bit - same filters, just enhanced settings. My filter chain now takes about 9 hours to process 1 hour of video (on my Q9450) (no, it isn't taking much advantage of all four cores, I got an experimental multicore version of Avisynth but the thing is massively unstable). I actually meant to replace vmtoon with internal line darkening in AnimeIVTC, but I seem to have, ah, forgotten that in episode 2. Episode 3 will have it though. I'll probably release updated version of episodes 1-2 along with a 3, so you could just grab 3, or grab the updated three-pack.

AVISynth script (video 3.0):
AnimeIVTC(mode=4,omode=1, aa=4)
FFT3DFilter(sigma=2.0, plane=4, bw=48, bh=48, bt=4, ow=22, oh=22, sharpen=0, interlaced=false)

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