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Name:[PPP-SUB] Mospeada - Love Live Alive v1.0Date:2011-06-25, 13:59 UTC
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Mospeada - Love Live Alive v1.0 (Video version 2.0, script revision "A")

Plot synopsis:
A music video follow-up to the TV series Genesis Climber Mospeada. The war with the Inbit is over, and Yellow Bellmont throws a concert!

Project notes:
TL;DR VERSION: There are three subtitle tracks for you to enjoy, and Shin Newtype is available for hire to do translation work at shin_newtype

Normally, I do not work on projects to titles I do not actually own the laserdisc for (or potentially the R2 DVDs, but the only R2 DVDs I own are for The Rose of Versailles, and that’s only because its one of my all-time favorites and the LDs for that are extremely rare). If you want to be bored with my philosophies as to why that is, see the “About me” page on my website. Anyhow, this project is a rare exception.
Shin Newtype had translated this for somebody else. That somebody else then either vanished and/or dropped out of the subbing scene, so Shin Newtype had kinda wasted his time. And that’s a real shame, because translators are always the rarest commodity in the subtittling world. He asked if I’d be willing to work on it. Normally I’d have said “no,” but 1) he also pointed me to a DVD .iso, that he had worked from, 2) he had already done me some favors, and 3) he thought he had a fully timed script. Well, it turned out point 3 was wrong, it was just a raw script, so this got pushed down my priority ladder for a while.

I used this as on opportunity to perform some experiments. Shin Newtype had not only provided translations and Romaji, he had also included the original Kanji. I decided to make use of it all! But then I thought maybe the screen was getting a little cluttered. So, I made three subtitle tracks - one with the Romanji, one with the Kanji, and one with both. Along the way, I learned that some, perhaps most, media players do not properly respect .mkv standards, namely what constitutes the "default" track. VLC Player does it correctly, but Totem Player and Banshee Player do not. I jiggered the script order so that the Romaji would PROBABLY be the default for those players anyhow, but no promises.

I tried to add chapters to the .mkv file as well, but for some reason that would cause VLC Player to then skip certain subtitles for no good reason I could determine, so unfortunately I had to drop that.

AVISynth script (video 2.0):
AnimeIVTC(mode=4, omode=1)
FFT3DFilter(sigma=2.0, plane=4, bw=48, bh=48, bt=4, ow=22, oh=22, sharpen=0, interlaced=false)

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