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Name:[DB-BR] Naruto 121 até 220 e Filmes 1, 2 e 3Date:2011-12-09, 10:04 UTC
Stardom:0 fans.File size:18.04 GiB
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2015-11-20 at 22:01 UTC
The 2nd Movie "[DB-BR]_Naruto_Filme_2_[A1263215].avi" CRC32 doesn't match the filename (i.e., it's a damaged/corrupt file, and already were when the torrent file was created). For this movie, get the one from // whose CRC32 is ok and is also A1263215 (however, the link is for a single-file private torrent whose tracker is dead, so you should add the nyaa public tracker manually, see my comments there for more info). All the remaining files from this public torrent are ok, and are somewhat hard to find elsewhere.

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