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Name:[Over-Time] Tokyo Encounter - 17 [BD75696B].mkvDate:2012-10-28, 15:08 UTC
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We're starting with episode 17 because HeatMetal was very adamant on doing the Metal Wolf Chaos episode. Fortunately, these kind of game shows don't really have a continuity to speak of, so you ain't missing much besides "these two dudes played 16 episodes worth of games with people prior to this episode". The plan is to move on to the latest episode (that'd be ep20 at the time of writing) and then go back and fill in the rest.

Also, we don't have caps for this, so we'll be using whatever PD, Share and the guy who posts raws on nyaa throw at us.

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2012-10-28 at 16:35 UTC
Finally! Warmly waiting for the completion of all episodes

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