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Name:[Vivid] The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc - 02v2 [BC164B55].mkvDate:2013-07-17, 15:47 UTC
Submitter:Vivid [Subscribe]Seeders:1
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Vuze with the Mainline DHT plugin is the recommended client.
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Torrent description:

Episode 2 of The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc, brought to you by Vivid.

By popular demand, we have added a second sub track with honorifics and Japanese titles (e.g. "Kami-nii-sama"). To use these subs, right-click your player or the green DirectVobSub icon in your system tray and choose the "Honorifics" track. (Refer to this image if you're using the CCCP).

This v2 also contains updated ED styling. If you already have the original version, you can download the patch.

This is a 720p release encoded in 10bit h264. If you have any problems with playback or subtitle rendering, please make sure you're using the latest version of the CCCP.

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User comments:

2013-07-17 at 17:22 UTC

Any script changes on the sane subtitle track? Besides the ED styling.
2013-07-18 at 00:37 UTC
I appreciate this.

Also, you guys are now the only one that didn't mess up Keima's line right before he got kicked.
The "huh" was too strange.
2013-08-12 at 16:53 UTC
Had already started getting CMS because they did this from the start, but thank you for providing the much-needed secondary track as well. Good to have two groups to choose from in case one goes MIA.

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