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Name:[PPP-RAW] Yamato 2520 0-3 (plus) (DVD)Date:2013-11-11, 02:42 UTC
Submitter:snarfies [Subscribe]Seeders:1
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Torrent description:

Piyo Piyo Productions presents:

Yamato 2520 0-3 (RAW video v2.0) (DVD conversion)

Tokio in Yamato 2520 (RAW video v2.0) (DVD conversion) (Damaged source - SEE LAST PARAGRAPH OF ORIGINAL PROJECT NOTES)

Space Battleship Yamato - The Mirror of My Eternal Memory (RAW video v2.0) (DVD conversion)


Please refer to #488309 for the X264 conversion I performed from the same rips, and for the original notes.

Project Notes (DVD):

So, I had some delays due to health issues, but here at last is the DVD converison of Yamato 2520. I intended for the releases to be a week apart, but I had health issues. Some were personal, and the rest were from my computer - I got the first computer virus I've ever had in 25+ years of using a computer. Fuck you ImgBurn, and fuck you Avast "Antivirus." Yeah, I got virused trying to make these very DVD conversions.

I don't have any experience with making DVD files, so I hope I did everything right. I just took the raw DV files captured from my LDs and converted them into DVD using the top quality settings. If you plan to use these for any sort of re-encoding for future subtitling projects (like, say, when x265 is ready), do be sure to run an IVTC filter at the minimum.

In the end I decided against making .iso files due to my poor experience with ImgBurn and general inexperience. Instead I just zipped up the folders. Go make your own .iso files if you care.

I was going to upload to, but they're such picky pains-in-the-asses that I just said "fuck it." They rejects my torrent outright because it had .7z files in it, so fuck those guys. I'm here to preservse some anime, not play games.

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Lupin the Nerd
2013-11-11 at 04:32 UTC
They have the rules there for a reason so stop your bitching.
2013-11-11 at 04:34 UTC
Cool. Well, I think their rules are bullshit, so not only will I bitch about them, I'm going to skip them for any future uploads. So you can just bite me.

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