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Name:[Underwater-Vivid] Nagi no Asukara - 01-26 (TV 720p) [Batch]Date:2014-09-13, 16:07 UTC
Submitter:Vivid [Subscribe]Seeders:13
Information:Underwater OR VividDownloads:14254
Stardom:13 fans.File size:11.89 GiB
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Torrent description:

TV batch of Nagi no Asukara, brought to you by Underwater and Vivid. This batch includes song updates and consistency fixes to all episodes, as well as a new encode for episode 1. Patches for 2-26 are provided.

Includes two subtitle tracks - without and with honorifics. To switch tracks using the recommended CCCP setup, press the S key on your keyboard or right-click the green arrow icon in the system tray.

This is a 720p release encoded in 10bit h264. If you have any problems with playback or subtitle rendering, please make sure you're using the latest version of the CCCP.

Translation: CR, fnord (1)
TLC: fnord, Futsuu (1, 13)
Editing: Devana, Xythar (10-13, 23, 25)
Timing: archdeco, unanimated (17-18)
Typesetting: unanimated
Song translation: fnord
Song styling: Xythar
Encoding: Daiz
QC: Xythar

Patches available here.

Thanks for choosing Underwater-Vivid!

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User comments:

2014-09-14 at 15:01 UTC
About time Daiz
2014-09-16 at 07:36 UTC
ebb and flow, also nami's w ability in Lol. I really enjoyed this anime, the feels! thank you for subbing this and providing honorifics track!
2015-03-24 at 13:00 UTC
Thanks !!!!
2015-04-06 at 04:03 UTC
Thank you :)

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