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Name:[Over-Time] ZERO - Black Blood [BD-720]Date:2014-10-20, 21:12 UTC
Submitter:Over-Time [Subscribe]Seeders:2
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Here's the movie edition of ZERO: Black Blood, the Zero spinoff that aired on TV this spring. As it happens, it was also on theaters around that time, with the six episodes pasted together into two movies: the White and Black Chapters. The blurays for ZBB were also edited this way.

If you've watched the show already, you can skip this version safely; the "Director's Cut" label doesn't actually include new dialogue or new scenes, from what we could tell. Judging by the runtime, there are a couple extended scenes, but that's about it.

1080 ~later today~ because there's some manual fuckery that needs to be done on those. SDs ~later someday~ because the encoder's afk.

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