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Name:[Bunny Hat Raw]Beast Wars II Super Lifeform Transformers (DVD) (10-bit x264,AAC)Date:2015-02-07, 23:13 UTC
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New encodes for Beast Wars II Super Lifeform Transformers. Includes all content from the DVDs, and the movie and trailer from the Beast Wars Special.

I've gone and redone this because I wasn't quite happy with the first set.

Both this series and Beast Wars Neo were cel-animated, but the final editing was done on tape. Unlike some of Toei's live-action stuff from the same time, most of the telecines done prior to that final bit of editing were free of blending, but there were still parts with blending, especially on stock sequences. On the earlier encodes, I used some auto-detecting for deinterlacing the parts affected by blends, but that really didn't work out that well. For these, I went back to the method I've used for other blended material.

There are three exceptions: the creditless ending, the creditless opening, and the movie.

The creditless ending was easy. It's a much hire quality transfer than the episodes (there's even grain!) and has no blending at all.

The movie, being a movie, was entirely film edited. However, the DVD is a VERY early release and uses a shitty blended analog transfer. But since all editing was done on film, I did the same thing AzraelNewtype is doing with Timeranger. It's much easier with this movie since there were just three pattern changes to deal with.

The creditless opening is the one that took the most time. Over half of the footage is the same quality as the creditless ending. However, the rest is the same quality as the episodes, some without blending and some with. (the first 11 seconds is 30fps here, but somehow isn't in the actual episodes?) On the segments with blending, I did the Timeranger approach again, and ended up spending well over an hour trying to fix the same off-by-one-frame problem that AzraelNewtype describes in the linked post. And this was just on a minute and a half of footage. No way am I going to do this for entire episodes.

TL;DR: >Toei

Video: 10-bit x264
Audio: AAC 50%
Source: DVD9

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User comments:

2015-02-08 at 02:55 UTC
Downloading at the moment. Once I've finished I'll keep it seeding so that someone can Sub this. If they can translate the Japanese to English (properly marking who's speaking) I'll sit down and do the timing.
2015-02-08 at 06:05 UTC
So, should I download this, and delete the previous torrent I already Dl'ed?

Stupid question, but what's the difference with this torrent and the previous torrent for this?
2015-02-08 at 23:03 UTC
Thank you for these. This should come in handy ;)
2015-02-09 at 02:06 UTC
@karyuudo Yes yes, 100x yes. :D
2015-02-09 at 21:49 UTC

These are somewhat better than the previous batch. There's less deinterlacing artifacts on the episodes, and I managed to get rid of most of the ghosting on the movie.
2015-02-10 at 01:49 UTC
@karyuudo: Get to work on Galaxy Force, slave!! :)
2015-04-02 at 03:17 UTC
Sorry ThunderFoot too busy subbing this right now:

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